Carrie Gets A Dicking From Dog

Carrie loves it when she gets a dicking backdoor, even from a dog. Witness as she enjoys being pleasured to the hilt by this dog. Not only that, see her give back the pleasure to the mutt in spades only at






# Another Exciting Experience

Well I would just like to say that Bear has made an incredible impression on my sex life. For those
of you who don’t know who Bear is, he’s my adorable, black furred chow. If you read “An
Incredible Experience,” you will know who he is, and how it all got started.

The day after my encounter with Bear, my husband and I had came home from work, and Bear
had done a very bad thing. He hiked up his leg and marked the couch. My husband was so
outraged that he threw him outside and chained him up, which, as you can imagine, upset me
deeply, because I had been playing with the idea of having another sexual encounter with him
(his cock had felt so good). A few days passed and I was begging him to let Bear come back in. I
didn’t feel it was right to punish him in that way for that long. Finally, after 3 days my husband
agreed to let him back in.

It was just an ordinary Monday, like any other. I had put Bear outside to get the cleaning done.
My house usually gets destroyed almost every weekend. During that time, we have company
over. Mondays I always have the house to clean. Anyway I like to sit and watch the soaps on
Mondays and Fridays to keep up with what is going on. I lay down on the couch and turned on
the tube, just in time to see the opening credits. I heard a scratching at the door, and
remembered I had put Bear outside to run around while I cleaned. I hopped up and opened the
door for him, walked back to the couch, and lay back down. He came over and nudged my hand
for me to pet him so I did.

As I was petting his head I started to remember what had happened just a week earlier. I felt a
tingling between my legs, and just looked at him and smiled. Bear seemed to sense this, because
he cocked his head to the side and stared at me for a moment. I stopped petting him and thought
he might lay down on the floor beside the couch, but instead he leaped upon the couch and was
straddled over me like a mad man.

Surely, I thought he wouldn’t have remembered what had happened the week before. No it’s not
possible, I thought, and put it out of my head. I told him sternly to “get down!” But he wouldn’t
move he just stood there wagging his tail. “OK boy that’s it, Moma’s had enough” I sat up and he
draped his body over my legs like a rag doll.

He was very heavy on my legs so I spread them enough for his body, to slide between them.
When he touched the couch he rolled over laying on his back. I scratched and massaged his belly
for him. I saw him sticking out of his sheath, and remembering how we played together last week
I began to get wet. As I neared his penis I rubbed over his sheath and nudged his balls with my
hands. He must have really liked it because he pointed his nose straight up towards my cunt and
started licking his snout, as if an anticipation of tasting me.

At this point I started to get very excited, and felt the wetness gathering in me, as a tingling
sensation hit my lower spine. I then slid one leg off the couch, and opened it out to the side.
Turning his head, he started digging and rooting at my panties with his cold wet nose. All of a
sudden his nose darted in one side of them, rubbing past my clitoris, causing a chill through my

Standing up, I then took off my panties, to see what he would do. When I got them off, I was
over him, with one leg resting on the couch, so that he’d be in between my legs. He rolled over
and lifted his head. As I eased my lips open with my fingers, he began to lick my clitoris. With
each stroke, he rubbed harder and more intense. He started ramming his tongue into my moist
hole. I felt my excitement build.

I spread my leg even more for him to indulge in me, as I moaned and said “lick moma’s clit. . . . .
good baby. . . . . oh yeah. . . . .do it. . . . . yeah that’s it. . . . . lick me good.” I started
trembling, and waves of pleasure ran through my body, as he licked my soaking pussy. I was so
excited that I came hard. My juices just squirted out of me and started to run down my leg, as he
continued to lick me.

Lowering my leg, kneeling in front of the couch, I started to rub and play with his dick. Getting it
rock hard, I pulled the sheath back, wanting to taste every bit of it. Licking slowly up the
underneath side of his pulsating cock, I took it in my mouth and sucked down on it as far as it
would go. I pumped it 3 or 4 times, while gently massaging his balls. Once more, holding it deeply
in my warm mouth, his cock began to swell. I then rotated my head in a circular motion, while I
countered this motion with my tongue.

He started humping my face and it happened. I felt hot liquid enter my mouth. I became
motionless and raised my head up off of him, not wanting him to cum.

He quickly hopped down and I got on all fours. Then I spread my legs for him, as he mounted my
backside, entering me on the first stab of his hard penis. I could feel his thick warmth opening my
pussy, as it stretched around him.

Unlike the week before I wasn’t afraid, and was determined to let that big knot go inside of me,
as Bear pumped me furiously. While pushing my body forward with every stroke, his knot started
entering in and out of my tight pussy hole. I could feel my breasts shake with every jolt of his fat
cock. I could feel that his knot had enlarged so much, that once it finally gotten past my tight
opening, it got stuck in me, and still got larger with every pump. It hurt so much, yet gave me so
much pleasure, I moaned loudly and cried out in pain at the same time. Waves of contractions hit
me as I came on every inch of his enormous dick sliding against my walls.

All of a sudden Bear slowed down and came to a full halt. Then I felt gush after gush of hot cum
pouring into me. There was so much juice, that it started running back out and dripped out of the
crease of my pussy lips, onto the floor. I tried to move forward as to move away from him and try
to get up, but it was useless. I was stuck in that position until he shrank.

He tried to pull away, but as he moved his penis, it felt like I was being fucked all over again. I
started cumming once more and pumped my body against him. We continued this escapade for a
few minutes, then Bears dick made a wet plopping sound as it dropped out of me. I had sticky
dog cum running out, down both my legs and onto the floor as I rose to go get cleaned up.

As I walked to the bathroom, I looked over at him, where he was curled in front of the television,
licking himself clean of his and my cum.

I enjoyed fucking my husbands dog, and they both enjoyed fucking me. Maybe someday I will get
up the courage to tell my husband about Bear and he just might let Bear join in. Until that time I
will continue to enjoy my little sexual escapades with Bear alone.


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