A Zoo Trio

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A Tale of Kink Ch. 3

Nadine was lowered from the harness hanging from the ceiling. Several strong hands reached forth to help her right herself as she looked about in wonder, her knees like rubber, cum still clinging wetly to her delicate skin. Nadine was then escorted to the cottage’s bathroom. There at least ten men ushered her into the shower to aid her in bathing.

Hot water ran freely from the shower, coursing over Nadine’s well used body. Soothing the aches and replenishing the spirit.

Twenty soapy hands caressed and fondled as they cleansed. Leaving not an inch of Nadine’s supple body untouched. Fingers slipping between her thighs to stroke and tease. Fingers down the crack of her delicious ass, tickling sensitive areas. Fingers running up and down her spine.
Multiple hands manipulating muscles and molesting tender, luxurious flesh.

Nadine moaned under their attention. Her heart started beating faster even as she began to pant heavily. Her thighs quivering as she felt the telltale signs of her encroaching orgasm. Nadine reached forward, bracing herself against the shower wall as she felt the first bulbous cock head join the fingers now digging into her tight ass. Eight fingers were stretching her ass wider, forcing her back passage to yield. She whimpered, feeling the intrusion as fingers and cock tunneled within her rosy pucker. Then hard, insistent thrusts as all sought penetration deep into her sweet ass.

At roughly the same time, several meaty men had slipped in front of her soapy body. Cocks in hand, an insatiable hunger in their eyes. Nadine was bent forward at the waist. Strong hands gripping her hips as they sawed into her from behind.

“Open your mouth bitch.” An especially neanderthal-looking man growled. His fleshy cock
thickening in his hand as he fondly pumped it in front of Nadine’s parting lips.

Nadine grabbed a deep breath before neanderthal man plunged his hot rod down her soft throat, making Nadine gag and choke. Another man soon stuffed his juicy cock into Nadine’s delicate palate as well. Filling her mouth with choice cock. Punching in and out between her velvet lips repeatedly, while they uttered low, guttural moans.

Three men pumped their thirty fingers in and out of Nadine’s wet pussy. Pistoning in unison, while three more beat their mammoth cocks on her sweet ass.

Soon a hot volley of cum filled Nadine’s dark passage, coating her bowels as cocks jumped and quivered. This was followed by strong pulsings, the cocks in her mouth shot thick wads down her throat as Nadine swallowed. Her pussy trembled as she too came around the probing fingers in her tight cunt.

Nadine sighed as she was again washed clean and herded from the shower stall. Her hair washed and fresh. Harry met her just outside the bathroom door with a smile. He held his arms open to her as she readily went to him. He pulled her close and whispered in her ear as he nuzzled her.

“Have you been enjoying yourself my sweet Nadine?”

“Oh, yes Harry. I’ve always had a fantasy of being used so completely. To be made to feel like the woman I am. To be filled, to be nothing more then a toy for a mans pleasure. This is a dream come true Harry!” Nadine whispered back, her voice filled with the passion she felt.

“It has long been my fantasy as well Nadine. It gladdens me to hear we share the same desires”
Harry smiled slowly as he hugged her even closer.

“Please Harry, I want more. I want to be used in every way possible. Nothing is too far fetched, or outrageous. I will do anything you ask of me without complaint. Please darling.”

“Anything Nadine?” Harry murmured in her ear.

“Yes! Anything. Please Harry. I want to be your slut, your whore. To be used every second of every day, repeatedly. Nothing too bizarre to be discarded.”

“You don’t know how happy it makes me to hear you say these things Nadine.” Harry released her and stepped back, still smiling adoringly at her. His hand smoothing back an ebony lock from her forehead.

Nadine too smiled. Giving herself completely to her husband in her mind, for he truly owned her body and her heart. There was nothing she wouldn’t do for him, or give to him were he to ask her.

Harry then took Nadine’s hand and led her from the pool house. She followed docilely, as tamely as a lamb while they approached the vast stables Harry owned.

He bred horses on their estate, and for amusement he had a few ponies, and larger animals like the Clydesdales. He brought Nadine into the barn where he had a wooden frame erected dead in the center. A sturdy wooden contraption that filled Nadine with excitement the moment she saw it.

“Come closer Nadine” Harry bade as he tugged lightly on her hand.

Nadine complied, stepping closer as she shivered with anticipation, for not only the wooden frame caused her titillation, but seeing the beefy men behind it.

Nadine whimpered softly even as she felt her honey begin to flow between the warmth of herthighs, getting her ready for what was to come. She allowed Harry to lead her to the wo oden frame and there, strap her in.

The frame was constructed to hold Nadine face down in a bent position, elevating her deliciously rounded ass high in the air for its use. Directly above her back were heavy beams to keep the weight of a heavier force off her back. Nadine’s smooth flesh was pressed down into the frame as her ankles and wrists where restrained. A thick leather strap was secured across her back to keep her from siding forward.

Harry nodded in satisfaction as Nadine was tied down. He admired his wife’s shapely form, so vulnerable in the wooden frame. So delectable. Harry gave a firm swat to Nadine’s ass before turning away.

A pony, tethered near by, was led to the framed structure. It was first brought to mount at
Nadine’s head. Its gigantic cock protruded from its sheath, having been manipulated into a
semi-erect status by several hands but moments before.

Nadine was ordered to open her mouth.

“Open wide slut. We have some fine pony cock for your bitch mouth.” A brutish type cackled as he maneuvered the juicy, fat cock closer to Nadine’s lips, the tip oozing precum.

“That’s a good whore. Wider Nadine! This cock is BIG. That’s it baby, WIDER!”

Nadine strained to get her lips around the enormous head of the ponies cock. She mewled as it stretched her lips, forcing its way into the heated confines of her mouth, her eyes wide and wild as she wondered how she would be able to breath if they punched that gargantuous cock down her throat.

“WIDER Nadine! Take it all baby! Every inch now like a good girl!” He grabbed Nadine by the hair, pulling her head back so her throat would open up, allowing that thick hard pony cock to push its way deeper as Nadine gagged. Tears filling her eyes even as the cock filled her mouth.

“Yes baby, that’s right, more now bitch, take ALL of that tasty cock! Swallow it whole! That’s it.
Mmmmm yes, you like that don’t you whore? You dirty slut. You LOVE sucking on that fat pony dick!?”

Nadine gurgled and whined as she sucked that enormous cock, gobbling it down whole as her tongue slithered up and down the shaft. The pony humping into her face. Her eyes fell closed as she was face fucked, that giant cock pumping itself between her lips, hammering at the back of her tender throat.

“I want to see pony cum spewing from the corners of your mouth Nadine! Suck that cock!”

Nadine sucked harder. Nursing greedily upon the cock thrusting between her lips. Devouring it whole like the whore she was, insatiable.

The pony whined loudly and began to buck against Nadine’s sweet wet mouth as it poured a river of hot cum right down her throat, almost drowning her. Cum flowed from between her lips around that pulsing cock, running freely down her chin and splashing onto her heaving breasts as she drank.

“Good girl Nadine.” The man before her petted her head as she slurped and lapped at the squirting cock. One would think she the beast and not the pony.

The cock then slithered wetly from her mouth, still oozing its pleasure as Nadine licked hungrily at it, even as it was withdrawn.

The loud whiny of a stallion being brought forth turned Nadine’s attention from the pony, who was now being led away. She turned her head to spy the fine roan being positioned behind her.

It reared upon its hind legs, the musky smell of hot, wet pussy causing it to chomp at the bit.

The need to rut overwhelming the beast. Soothing words were whispered, a flank caressed, and the beast calmed enough to be led closer to where Nadine’s heart-shaped ass waited, bared for the beasts usage.

The stallion was aided as it was carefully mounted upon the beams, its cock jabbing forward in search of Nadine’s glistening pussy. So pink and wet. So hot to be filled.

Nadine grew a bit apprehensive as she watched that thick arrow-like cock targeted at her tight vulnerable pussy. Her lips already swollen with her need. She wondered how she could possibly accommodate the stallions cock. So enormous, thicker then a mans arm!

Nadine drew a deep breath and steeled herself for what was about to come. Her fingers gripped tightly the leather straps about her wrists as she squeezed her eyes closed, gritting her teeth.

The stallion knew what to do as the tip of its cock brushed those fleshy lips. It immediately gave a mighty thrust, allowing no preamble as it rammed its cock deep into Nadine’s fragile pussy.

Nadine screamed as that meaty cock tore into her, relentlessly assaulting her tender flesh. Boring in and out repeatedly as the stallion rutted above her, snorting and tossing its head. The insanely thick cock of the stallion slamming with enough force to propel Nadine forward, only the leather straps held her in place as she howled and keened.

The stallion drove its pussy-splitting cock deeper and deeper inside of Nadine amid her gasps and sobs, the pain mingling ever so sweetly with the pleasure.

Harry watched with a crooked smile on his face, his hand absently rubbing at the protruding bulge in his pants even as he whispered, “that’s it, fuck her good! Ream her tender pussy! Fuck her deeper! Harder! Show that cunt what it is to be fucked properly!”

The beast brayed loudly as its flanks began to tremble, its hips bucking mercilessly against
Nadine’s delicate ass. It began to discharge gobs of thick ropish cum intimately into Nadine’s quivering pussy. Its jism poured down the back of Nadine’s thighs as she cried out at the sheer intensity of the beasts orgasm, it rocked her to the very core!

Nadine was stretched wider then she thought possible as that dense cock slide free of her
dripping pussy. Her cunt but a gapping hole where the stallions enormous cock once filled.

The beast was lead back to a stall with a satisfied snort.

Nadine shivered as next a Clydesdale was brought forth. A magnificent beast. Rippling muscles compacted into a perfect example of horse flesh. Nadine could not tear her eyes away, she found her gaze riveted upon the tremendous cock and huge ball sac swinging from between the beasts aft legs.

Nadine began to beg, “Harry, oh god Harry! I won’t survive it!”

Harry stepped closer, soothing Nadine with soft words, “Yes, yes you will my little slut.”

“Harry! My pussy is soooo sore! Please baby, just let me have some time to ready myself?” Nadine pleaded.

“Oh my darling whore, I wouldn’t dream of ravishing your sweet pussy so soon after having had such a mighty cock.”

Nadine sighed with relief and smiled. Yet the Clydesdale was being mounted upon the frame such as the stallion had even as Harry spoke.

“But…..but why…..?” Nadine’s eyes rose to meet Harry’s as the question hung in the air.

Harry whispered so very softly, “Your ass my darling slut is still virginal to our fine beastly friend.”

“Oh Harry!” Nadine moaned as she turned her head to watch. The Clydesdale was at that moment begin stroked by a multitude of hands, coaxing its cock to harden to incredible proportions.
Nadine began to pray.

A cock the size of which she had never seen before, at least 15″ long and 7″ in girth. A dark
purple color, the veins prominent and pulsing. The head the size of a cantaloupe, wet and eager.

Nadine grunted and howled as the head was pressed to her tight ass, penetration imminent. The huge head like a battering ram as it repeatedly mauled Nadine’s rosy hole. Stretching her ass wider and wider as it fought for entrance. Sledge hammering ruthlessly at her ass, again and again. Nadine’s ass opened wider, desperately trying to accommodate the immense size of the Clydesdales cock as it declare firmly its intent and that was to fuck her tight hole.

Nadine was sweating and squirming in her restraints, her grunting growing ever louder as the elephantine head of the Clydesdales cock continued to battle at the opening to her ass. Dilating Nadine extensively as the crown applied ever more pressure. Till finally, with a tumultuous popping sound, the head broke through.

Nadine screeched and howled, her knuckles white as she desperately clutched the binds. The pain was all consuming. Her sweet ass spread to unimaginable proportions. It was indeed a sight to behold. Her silken flesh coated with a fine sheen of sweat. Her body undulating in the delicious dance of pain. Her ass jerking and hitching, almost as it trying to escape the splitting girth of the extensive cock impaling her almost totally immobile. Her muscles tense in her pain. Her eyes wide and wild as they darted about, searching for relief.

The beast cared not about her discomfort as it gave a tremendous thrust, and buried its length deeply within Nadine’s bruised and ravaged hole. Nadine cried out, but what an incredible feeling to be filled so completely, to be opened in ways never thought possible by normal means. She was being fucked roughly by that beast. Its own pleasure its only concern as it plowed repeatedly within her. Raping her fragile ass cruelly. Rutting deliberately as it snorted and brayed its pleasure.

Nadine squealed and tensed as the beast screamed, projecting inconceivable amounts of hot horse spunk up Nadine’s ass. A jism enema as it swirled hotly, almost spewing violently up her ass while Nadine jerked and writhed.

Then all was quiet save for the ragged breathing of Nadine and men standing with hardened cocks in hand. All eyes feasting upon Nadine’s ravished ass as the horse was led away. Watching the stream of cum leaking from her ravaged hole.

Harry stepped forth to tenderly kiss Nadine’s pain parched lips. Then whispered, “Well done my love, well done.”


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