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# The Horse in Me

It was a hot, summer day when the farmer and his daughter, Daisy Mai, were working on their farm. Farmer John was riding on the tractor
plowing the crops and Daisy Mai was milking the cows. Daisy Mai was beautiful. Every guy wanted her. She was 5’2, brown straight hair,
brown eyes, brown freckles on her nose and cheekbones, and a cup A. She was pretty small for 18 but everyone fell for her. Daisy Mai’s
mother had died when she was 4 working on the farm so Daisy Mai owns her mother’s horse that was named Galloper because he galloped a

Daisy Mai and Galloper were very close since Daisy Mai and her mother had Galloper since he was a pony. Galloper was a black horse and his
mane was black and his tail was black and he had black hoofs.

One night, Daisy Mai and her friends were going to a party. Daisy Mai was surrounded by a lot of city boy punks and Farmer John didn’t trust
them with his daughter but he let Daisy Mai go to the party anyway. Daisy Mai got to the party and was offered a beer and she said yes so
she drank about 4 beers that whole night. She was really horny when she was intoxicated. Daisy Mai started to call herself Scarlet Fever
because she wanted to go pick up some guys. The guys that went with her to the party were in bedrooms having sex or smoking weed so
Daisy Mai sat downstairs with nothing but her red silk bra and red thong on. Everyone didn’t seem to notice Daisy Mai so she just got up and
left in her bra and thong.

Daisy Mai finally reached the farm and she saw Galloper fucking her horse Gwendolyn. Gwendolyn was pure white, had a white mane, white
tail, and white hoofs. Galloper fucking Gwendolyn turned her on so much that she sat on the ground and masturbated. She took off her bra
and played with her nipples. She pinched them and squeezed them and moaned a little. She then lifted her right breast and started sucking on
it. She sucked on her breast real hard and then she rubbed her pussy through her thong. The horses were moaning a lot and then Gwendolyn
had stopped fucking she had climaxed and lay down.

Daisy Mai got up and felt Galloper’s cock was still hard. Daisy Mai went under Galloper and started sucking his 11-inch dick (since horse’s dicks
are bigger than human dicks). She licked Galloper’s head and licked his balls; she then took his dick in her mouth and sucked really hard and
fast. Galloper made a lot of noise, so she took his cock out of her mouth and grabbed a whip that her father has used to beat the horses to
take the food into town. She took the whip and ordered Galloper to lay down, and Galloper obeyed and laid down.

Daisy Mai then put Galloper on his back and she took off her thong and started riding the horse. Daisy Mai was moaning “OHHH GOD YES! OH
GALLOPER YOU’RE SUCH A STUD!” while she was bouncing up and down his dick. While she was about to climax, Farmer John went inside the
barn and noticed his daughter fucking the horse. Farmer John got a hard-on right there so he took the whip and whipped Daisy Mai and
ordered her off the horse. She had tears in her eyes because her pussy was in pain from the horse’s big fat cock.

Farmer John carried Daisy Mai into the house and took her up to his room.

“So you need a good lay Daisy Mai?” Asked Farmer John.

“Oh yes daddy even though Galloper hurted me.” Daisy Mai replied.

“Well then, wouldn’t you like to fuck your daddy?” Farmer John asked.

“Oh daddy I have thought about this before but are you REALLY sure you wanted me to fuck you? I lost my virginity to Galloper!” Daisy Mai

“I don’t care about your cherry, you are so sexy and I need you and since your mother has died, I have been so lonely, please honey, just this
once?” Farmer John asked with the sad eye puppy look in his face.

“OK…just this once daddy.” Daisy Mai said with a sigh and a fake smile.

Daisy Mai stripped Farmer John’s clothes and pushed him down on the bed. Daisy Mai went on top of Farmer John and started to ride him.
“OHH DADDY OH GOD YES! I LOVE THIS! OH YESSS!” Daisy Mai moaned. Farmer John had a lot of groans and he finally shot his load into Daisy
Mai’s pussy.

“You know what daddy?” Daisy Mai asked.

“What baby?”

“How about if I fuck the horse and you do my ass? My ass is still a virgin and I think it needs to lose its virginity also.” Asked Daisy Mai.

“Great idea pumpkin! Let’s put on these coats and head out to the barn.” Farmer John said pointing to the trench coats that were hanging on
the coat rack.

Farmer John took Daisy Mai’s hand and turned her around and gave Daisy Mai a small, tender kiss on the lips. Daisy Mai took off her trench
coat and through it on the ground. Galloper was still on his back but he was sleeping so Daisy Mai started to mount over Galloper and riding
him real hard and fast. Galloper woke up and saw Daisy Mai fucking the living day lights out of him. Galloper returned the hump to Daisy Mai
and then Farmer John held up Daisy Mai’s tiny ass. He slid in his 8-inch dick in her ass. Farmer John could feel Gallopers dick grow harder inside
Daisy Mai’s pussy.

“OHHHHH YESS! I LOVE YOU GALLOPER!” Daisy Mai said as she cummed all over the horse’s dick. Galloper shot his load into Daisy Mai’s pussy
and then Farmer John started ramming her ass.

Daisy Mai screamed as Farmer John was raping her asshole. Daisy Mai came again and Farmer John felt the warmth of her cum and he climaxed
in her ass.

Galloper, Daisy Mai, and Farmer John all fell asleep in the barn together after a great night of fucking.


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