Woman and Dog on Fire

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# Cindy’s Best Friend

Cindy lived in the downstairs apartment one door over from me. She was an extremely attractive looking girl. She
was about 5′ 7″ tall, very thin with long slender legs. She had black hair down to her shoulders. I loved the way
it flowed across her face accenting those deep mysterious eyes. Cindy always wore a dress, skirt or suit. I never
saw her in jeans or shorts. Whenever she took her dog for a walk I would always take the time to watch her. On
some occasions I would deliberately walk outside just to get a closer look. I would say “Hi” to her, but most times
would barely get a response. Even after months of passing her by and saying “Hello”, only sometimes would she
comment back.

I finally gave up trying to meet her. She obviously was too stuck up or felt she was too prim and proper for
someone like me. From then on every time I saw her I used to think that what she needed was someone to give
her a good fuck. Maybe that would knock her down a few pegs. I never saw her with any guys. Maybe she was
a lesbian. What a waste of a nice piece of ass that would be.

I found out that she not only worked a full time job but was also attended the local community college in the
evenings. Maybe with her busy schedule she was just too tired to stop and chat with anyone or maybe she
didn’t want to start any relationship with anyone. Anyway, I was still dying to meet her.

One evening about 10 PM I decided to take a walk around the complex as I normally do every night. On the way
back I usually stroll around the back of the buildings. I noticed some movement inside one of the apartments
through the bedroom window. As I glanced over I realized it was Cindy’s apartment, so I went closer to see what
was going on. Carefully, I walked near the window and peeked in. I couldn’t believe my eyes what I saw. Cindy
was sitting on the bed with her dog and she was fondling its’ groin area. I could see the dog’s cock start to
appear as she rubbed her pet’s genitals. My heart was pounding like crazy. This bitch wouldn’t give me the time
of day, but she would play around with a dog. I just stared in amazement watching this beautiful young thing
jerking off her dog.

As I watched I thought how great it would be to get all this on a video. So, I quickly ran to my apartment to get
my video camera, hoping all the way that Cindy would still be there when I returned. I just had to get this on
film. I was back at her window within five minutes. Cindy was already naked. What a lovely body she had. Her
black hair flowed so nicely across her face and those slender legs were gorgeous. When she turned her back to
me I could see how tight her ass really was.

She was still jerking off her dog whose cock had grown immensely since I saw it last. The dog cock had to be 9
or 10 inches long and was really thick as it filled her hand while she stroked it. Cindy looked like she was really
enjoying herself. I had my camera running and zoomed in as close as I could. I knew the quality would not be
that great. I had to depend on the light in the bedroom and hopefully everything would record okay.

Cindy continued jerking the dog cock while the dog just laid there. Then she grabbed this large dildo that was
next to her on the bed and proceeded to push it into her cunt with the other hand. I couldn’t believe I was
getting this all on film. Cindy, the prim and proper stuck up was fucking her cunt with a giant dildo while
masturbating her dog. I watched her show for at least five minutes when finally the dog started spurting thick
strings of cum right at Cindy hitting her on the chest. Spurt after spurt hit her splashing down Cindy coating her
breasts. When her dog stopped cumming, she used her hand to smear the gooey white dog sperm all over her
tits. She rested for a few minutes and disappeared into the bathroom.

I realized my heart was pounding now that the show was over. I returned to my apartment to view the tape of
this amazing show. I watched the tape over and over still trying to believe what I had just seen earlier in the
evening. Then an idea hit me. This could be my opportunity not only to meet her, but if I handled this right, I
might be the one cumming on her. The rest of the night I thought about how I would approach her on what I had

Before I went to bed for the night, I made an extra copy of the videotape. Then, the next morning I started with
my plan. I wrapped the tape up in a small box and included a note stating,

“I think you will enjoy what’s on this tape. I know I did. I have another copy. I’ll be visiting you tonight at 8pm. I
suggest you tell no one and be home at that time. If you don’t do as I say, additional copies can be easily sent
to your family and friends at school.”

I then put the package in her mail slot in her apartment door.

That evening I was anxious for her to get home from work. She finally arrived about six o’clock. That left two
hours for her to view the tape and calm down a bit after seeing it. I knew she wouldn’t be too happy when she
saw what was on the film. Eight o’clock arrived and I headed for her apartment.

I knocked on the door to Cindy’s apartment. She opened the door for me to enter and I locked it behind us.
Cindy immediately started screaming hysterically,

“I can’t believe you did this to me.” “How could you?” “Please! can’t we just forget about everything that
happened?” “If any one found out I would just die” Won’t you give me the other copy and forget this whole

“Certainly,” I said. “Only after tonight.” “Now, I suggest you just calm down and accept the fact you’re going to
do whatever I say or that video may fall into the hands of your friends and relatives.”

With that Cindy didn’t say a word. She just stood there scared and shaking.

“What are you going to do to me?” She asked.

“I just want a closer look at you. You’re very pretty.” “I’ve always thought you were pretty, but you never gave
me a chance to say anything to you.” “Actually, you’re kind of wasting all that beauty on a dog, don’t you

Cindy didn’t answer, she just stood there looking embarrassed and humiliated. “Now, take your clothes off, Cindy.
I want to see more of that gorgeous body you have.”

Cindy hesitated at first then began to undress finally winding up in just her bra and panties, which I helped her
remove. When she was naked, I stripped my clothes off and we both sat on the sofa.

Cindy pleaded again, “Please…do we have to?” “Look, I’ll pay you for the tapes.” “How much do you want?”

“I don’t want money,” I replied. “I want you. And you have no choice.”

Cindy just sat there in her nakedness, knowing she didn’t have much of a choice except to do my bidding. I
reached out touching her beautiful breasts and squeezing her nipples. I ran my hands across her thighs stopping
to play with her pubic hair between those tightly closed legs.

“Okay, Cindy, suck me.” Let’s see if you enjoy a mans’ cock as much as your dogs’.

Reluctantly, Cindy slowly leaned down and took me in her mouth. I helped her along by holding her head with my
hands while guiding her face up and down my growing cock until I was hard. She apparently sucked cock before,
she was doing a good job. I could feel her tongue on my cock as it penetrated her lips with each stroke.

“You’re a pretty good cocksucker, Cindy. Now lick my balls.”

Cindy responded without hesitation using her wet tongue on my nut sack. I made her suck my balls into to her
mouth and then lick all her saliva off when she finished. I returned my cock to her mouth and started fucking her
face. I helped her by pushing my hips up to meet her bobbing head. I couldn’t help myself as I watched my hot
cock fucking this pretty young face. I started cumming. Giant streams of sperm hit the back of her mouth as I
flooded her with my hot cum. Some dripped out of the corners of her mouth as my cock slid in and out. I held her
head tight keeping my cock in her mouth till I was done and waited for her to swallow my sperm. Watching her
eat my hot creamy load aroused me all over again. When I removed my cock from her it was still hard.
“Turn around and let me see that tight ass.”

Cindy knelt on the floor with her ass toward me. What an ass. It was so compact and tight. I knew I would have
to fuck that tight piece. I played with her ass for awhile, first fingering her cunt shoving in a couple fingers and
then doing the same with her asshole. She was starting to become aroused as I continued probing both of her
holes. I could tell she wasn’t used to having anything in her ass. She tightened it up every time I pushed a finger
in her.

“Where’s your dog?” I asked. “I want a closer look at what you do with him.

“You have to be kidding,” she said rather startled.

“No, I’m not kidding.'” “Now, call him.”

Cindy called to him, “Buster,” “Buster” and he pranced into the room and went right to Cindy. Buster was a large
great dane which seemed very friendly. Then again I’d be very friendly too if I had Cindy playing with my cock
every night.

“Go ahead, start playing with him. Get him hard.”

Cindy reached between Buster’s legs and started massaging his groin area. Shortly the dog’s cock began to
grow. I was watching amazed how large the cock was getting. I started playing with Cindy’s cunt and asshole
again keeping her aroused while she fondled her dog. The dog cock was easily 10 inches long and very thick,
dark red and veiny. At the base of its’ shaft it swelled to a huge knob. Cindy made her dog lie down so she could
jerk it off easier, since her head was near the floor. Meanwhile I concentrated on fingering her butt.

“Suck it,” I ordered. “What?,…” she replied. “You heard me, suck that big dog cock.”

“That’s digusting, I’ve never done that. I’ve only jerked him off for fun.”

“Well, now you can have even more fun with it in your mouth. Now do it.”

“No, I can’t. I can’t do that.”

“Well, you better. Remember, you don’t have much a choice.”

Reluctantly, Cindy took the big red piece of meat in her mouth. Gingerly, her lips wrapped around the end of its’
thick red cock.

“Come on Cindy, suck it in. It won’t kill you. Suck on it like the slut you really are.”

Cindy took more of the hard dog cock in her mouth. She slid it back and forth through her lovely lips taking about
3 or 4 inches in each time. I could tell she wasn’t sucking it like she had done mine earlier.
“I guess I’m just going to have to help you.” “I know you can do better than that.”

I grabbed Cindy’s head in my hands and pushed her head forcing more of the animals’ cock in her mouth. I was
fucking the dog’s hot meat with her mouth, bobbing her head up and down guiding the dog prick in and out.

“How’s it taste, baby. Do you like the taste of a slimy dog cock? Come on, lick it good. Get a good taste of it.”

Cindy was fighting the deeper entry to her mouth especially when it hit the back of her throat, but I kept
working her head up and down on the big red piece of dog cock. I was getting so turned on by the sight of
humiliating her like this, my cock was rock hard. I squatted over Cindy’s ass which was still up in the air and
began squeezing my 9-inch cock into her tight anal hole. I pushed hard to get the head of my prick into her
puckered little hole. When it pushed through her tight anal ring Cindy let out a little scream which was muffled by
the dog cock still stuffed in her mouth. I penetrated her asshole fully forcing my hot cock all the way up her ass.
I literally had to cram my cock up her rear hole. Her anus was extremely tight because she was fighting it all the
way. As my stiff cock forced it’s way up her bunghole, Cindy whimpered her discomfort the whole time from the
corners of her stuffed mouth. And I was still fucking her face with the dog cock as her moaning continued.

Slowly I began to fuck her ass. I withdrew my hard cock slowly a bit, then shoved it back in until she loosened
up. Then I began taking longer strokes. Eventually, I was able pump all of my 9-inch shaft in and out of her tight
anal opening. I was really beginning to slam her ass pretty hard and at the same time I kept pushing her mouth
on to her dogs’ hot shaft. My anal fucking of Cindy’s ass felt so good that I started pushing harder on her head. I
knew the dog cock was hitting the back of her throat as she pulled back from it each time I forced her head
down. With my next thrust up her ass, I pushed her head all the way down between the dog’s hind legs impaling
Cindy’s throat with the thick, hot, red, dog cock. Her lips were right up against the thick knob at the base of
Buster’s cock. As it squeezed down her oral cavity, I could hear Cindy making faint gurgling sounds as she
gagged on the monster dog prick. I let her come up for a quick breath and then drove the cock down her throat
again. Her gagging only turned me on more as I continued to force feed the hot dog prick to Cindy. I lost count
on how many times I rammed it down her throat. After I felt she had a good enough throat fuck, I left it buried
deep in her mouth.

“How do you like that, you fucking slut. Do you like hot dog prick stuffed in your throat?” “That’s it. Swallow that
big hot dog cock.”

Cindy was desperately trying to back off of the thick meat that was stuffed down her. The more she fought me
the tighter I held her there. I slammed her ass again and pushed her face harder between the animals’ legs. I
almost came in her ass when I saw her lips start to wrap over the giant knob at the base of her dogs’ shaft. I
hadn’t realized I was forcing her head that hard, but she was taking it. I didn’t think it was possible for her to
get that giant knob into her mouth. I pushed just a little more and the whole knob on Buster’s cock slipped into
Cindy’s mouth. That forced Cindy to swallow another two or three inches of Buster’s hard meat down her throat.
Her mouth was stuffed full and every inch of the thick red dog prick was stuck in her throat.

The sight of her impaled on the animal cock made me so excited, I couldn’t hold it any longer and started
cumming in her ass. My cock was buried all the way up her butt and it felt fantastic throbbing and throbbing,
while being held by her tight asshole. Cindy was fighting desperately to back off her dogs’ cock, but I kept her
impaled as my cock spurted gobs of thick cum deep in her ass. It felt like gallons of sperm pouring into her, as
her tight anus milked me dry. Finally drained, I eased out of Cindy’s ass, then backed her face off the dog’s cock
letting her catch a breath. I let her take a few quick breaths then I started fucking her face on the dog cock
again to make Buster cum.

“When he cums, make sure you don’t spit it out.” I commanded. “Catch it all in your mouth.” “Do you

She grunted that she understood just in time to feel the dog start shooting in her mouth. Her grunts continued
and I knew her mouth was filling up with the dog sperm. When she stopped her sound effects, I pulled her off
the dog cock and let her kneel up.

“Let me see it,” I asked.

Cindy opened her mouth and the dog’s thick cum started running down her chin. Her mouth was full and
overflowing with the hot sticky animal cum. It was amazing how much was in her mouth. Her tongue was
covered with it. It was completely covered in gooey dog cream. Big gobs that stuck to the roof of her mouth
slowly dripped down forming web-like strings in her mouth.

“Swallow it, Cindy.” I commanded. “Eat Buster’s cum.”

Her eyes got big as saucers as she shook head no.

“I’m not going to say it again.” Swallow it now.”

Cindy closed her eyes and mouth, then her throat muscles moved as her dog’s hot jism began flowing down her
throat. She shuddered and got goose bumps as she got the taste of the dog’s slimy spunk.

“Good girl,” I replied. “How’s it taste?” “Pretty good, huh?”

“I bet you’ll be sucking your dog off every night now.”

“Tell me how much you like eating dog cum.” “Come on, Tell Me.”


In a whisper she got the words out.

“I like eating dog cum. It tastes so good. It’s so hot and sticky when I swallow it.”

“Good girl, Cindy.”

I noticed that Buster’s cock was still pretty hard, so I pushed Cindy down to get her ass up again and brought
her dog behind her. Cindy was still dazed from being throat fucked by her dog’s massive tool and from swallowing
its’ huge load. Before she realized what was happening, I guided Buster onto Cindy’s back bringing his cock up to
her ass. Buster was getting the idea already. I grabbed the semi-hard dog cock and placed at Cindy’s backdoor

Aware of what was about to happen, Cindy began pleading, “Please, no.” “Please no, not that.”

Before she could say any more, Buster penetrated Cindy’s ass. His cock went in easily as my cum was still oozing
from her asshole. Fortunately for Cindy it made for good lubrication because her dog started humping her ass
pretty hard.

“How’s that, Cindy.” “Your second cock up the ass tonight.” “You’re getting to be a real pro.” “How’s Buster feel
in your ass.” “Make him cum in your asshole.” “Come on, grind that ass, baby.” “Fuck that dog cock up your

Buster pumped her for a good two minutes before finally depositing another load of hot sticky cum, this time in
Cindy’s ass. Buster dismounted Cindy and I let her sit up. She just sat there dazed.

I reached under Cindy to poke a finger in her well-fucked asshole. Buster’s cum was already oozing out of her. I
pushed my finger in feeling how hot and slippery her anal hole was and pulled it out coated with a mixture of my
sperm and Busters’. I wiped it across Cindy’s lips and pressed it in her mouth giving her a taste of the cum

“Here baby. One last taste before I have to go.”

Cindy sat there totally exhausted. I pushed my finger into her mouth and she responded by licking my finger

“I hope you got what you wanted,” Cindy replied in a soft whisper.

“You were great, baby.'” “I loved every minute of it.”

I handed her the videotape as I promised and left her naked on the floor with her dog by her side.

I was awake all night recalling my incredible experience. The next morning I left my apartment and headed for my
car. On the way I saw Cindy come out of her apartment and as usual ignored me. Only now, I just remember
back to how great it was fucking her and how I enjoyed forcing her on the dog.


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