She’s all wet for her puppy

She’s all wet for her puppyThe crotch of this masked redhead’s cotton panties is already almost dripping with hot pussy juice – just look at it! She’s anticipating the fuck with her doggy so much! Come see her enjoying it on inimitable Ariel Dog Lover!


# The Homecoming

I’m so elated! It’s been so long since I’ve seen Master, and finally the day has come for me to move near him. Following Him home is very
exciting, and I’m looking forward to having some time alone with Him. Pulling up into the driveway, Master stops and gets out of his car. I pull
up behind him and stop.

“I thought that you lived closer to the beach?” I asked puzzled.

“I do,” Master smiled. “This is your house. I found it in the paper, and rented it for you before someone else could get it.”

Master takes my hand and leads me into the house. It is much larger that what it appears on the outside, and sparsely furnished. What
furniture there is can be used for all sorts of different purposes. Smiling, I walk from room to room, looking at my new home. Walking into the
bedroom I look around. Master has already begun preparing it; I see eyebolts in the doorframe and in the ceiling by the bed. The bed is a
metal futon; chains have already been carefully attached to its corners. In the corner of the room is a large bag; some of its contents
carefully placed on a small table. Glancing at the table I see a gag, blindfold and my restraints. All of a sudden I feel a pull on my hair and a
bite at the back of my neck. My entire body becomes electrified with a sensual awareness.

“Take a shower and prepare yourself for me”, Master whispers to me.

“Yes Sir”, I reply breathlessly. “I will be back in a minute.”

“No need to hurry slave”, Master responds. “I have all the time in the world now to do what I please.”

“As you wish Master.” With that I leave the room. I find the bathroom and undress. Stepping into the shower I allow the pulsating spray to
wash my tension away. The anticipation has been with me so long that I’m not sure if I’m ready. Carefully I wash my hair and then my body.
Gently I clean my pussy and anus, inserting a soapy finger inside me. Smiling, I clean the inside of my anus knowing Master will make use of it.
Stepping out of the shower, I dry off and finish preparing myself.

Returning to the bedroom naked I kneel in front of Master with my hands on my thighs and palms up. You make me wait, kneeling in silence for
what seems like hours. Finally, You speak.

“Get on the bed and lay down on your back with your legs spread wide.”

“Yes Master”, I reply. Getting up, I do as Master instructs and lie down.

“You are to stay absolutely still and quiet on the bed. I don’t want you moving or making any noise whatsoever. I don’t want to have to bind
or gag you. Do you understand slave?” Master says to me.

“Yes Master, I understand”, I reply.
Smiling, Master leaves the room. A few minutes later You return; but You are not alone. Following You on a leash is a beautiful black Labrador.
I start to sit up but remember Your orders and lie back down.

“Good”, You praise me. ” Remember slut, no matter what stay perfectly still and quiet while you’re on the bed.”

“Yes Master, I’ll remember”, I reply nervously.
Bringing the dog towards me, You let him off of the leash. He bounces the rest of the way to me and immediately begins licking my wet cunt.
Remembering Master’s words, I stay perfectly still and quiet.

Feeling the dog’s tongue is like nothing I’ve ever felt before. With one long slow lick he can reach everything from my anus to the top of my
clit. Over and over he licks me, getting me wetter and hotter. Master then guides him to my tits, which he also licks. With every lick my nipple
piercings shift up and down making my nipples harder and sending wonderful sensations to my clit. By now it is getting very difficult to follow
Master’s instructions, but I do…barely.

Looking at Master I see You smiling at me, Your cock is hard and already dripping precum. You move the dog back to my pussy and order me
to suck on Your cock. Eagerly I suck, trying my best to concentrate on You and not the feelings coming from my aching cunt. As if that isn’t
enough You start pulling on my piercings, exciting me more. I feel Your cock sliding down my throat in stride with the dog licking my engorged
clit and You tugging on my nipples. When I believe I can’t take anymore You stop and pull the dog away. I am left alone on the bed, You
watching me from one corner of the room with the dog sitting next to You.

Looking at the dog I notice that he already has an erection. Gazing at his cock I hear Master laughing.

“I see my little slut is looking at his cock”, Master says smiling. “Come over here and get a closer look and maybe I’ll let you touch it.”

“Thank you Sir”, I reply, getting up to walk to You but you stop me.

“No slut,” You begin, ” you want to be with a dog, you will WALK like a dog. Now, COME HERE.”

Getting on all fours I walk to Master. The dog lays down in front of me, his cock within my reach. Looking at Master I smile and begin stroking
the dog’s cock. He lies there watching me, panting heavily. He then stands up in front of me, presenting his cock to me. Wrapping my hand
around it, he begins fucking it. I feel his cock growing within my hand. Faster and faster he fucks my hand, his cock getting larger and harder.
Finally I see the knot growing, and I know then he is getting closer to release. Positioning myself in front of him, I grasp his cock tighter
waiting for him to cum. Suddenly his cock begins to throb in my hand and shoots his cum all over my chest. He finishes his release, walks to a
corner of the room and sits down.

Laughing, You run Your hand down my chest. “Get on your hands and knees bitch!” You command.

I comply immediately. Walking in front of me You hold out Your hand. “Lick bitch.” Licking, I clean off Your hand swallowing all of the dog cum.
“Good girl”, You praise me walking back behind me.

Suddenly, I feel something wet coating the outside of my anus. You stick one finger inside, then two. Relaxing, I prepare myself for You.
Finally, I feel the head of Your cock at the entrance pushing its way inside me. Moaning, I push back, Your cock sliding deep inside me. You
begin fucking me slowly and deeply, thrusting Your cock deeper with each stroke.

“You’ve tasted it, and I lubed my cock with its cum. What does my bitch think of her new pet?” Master whispers.

“I like him Sir”, I reply breathlessly. “I want to feel his cock deep inside me Master along with yours.”

“You will, soon.” With that You grab my hips and thrust Your cock as deep into my ass as you can. Pounding my ass I feel you begin to cum,
releasing your load deep inside me. Pulling away You order me to stay. I comply waiting patiently.
A few minutes later I feel the dog’s tongue again, but this time from behind and only for a few moments. He then mounts me, pushing his cock
inside my cunt. Slowly at first and then faster, he fucks me, making me hotter and wetter. My pussy is aching so bad , needing release. The
dog is pushing his cock further inside me, making me moan louder. All these sensations have driven me to the brink.

“Please Master may I cum?” I ask.

“No bitch, you can’t cum until he does”, Master replies.

I try to concentrate on Master’s command, but it’s almost impossible to do. Feeling the dog fucking me and lying on top of me is almost more
than I can take. Suddenly, as if he heard me, he gives one big thrust and cums inside my pussy. Feeling his cock throbbing sends me over the
edge and I too cum. Screaming I push back burying the dog’s cock inside me up to the knot. We stay together for a few minutes and then he
releases his hold and walks off. I stay there, waiting for Master’s commands.

Walking to me, Master gently strokes my body, relaxing me. Smiling, He sits next to me and motions to me to sit down.

“You did well today little one. I’m very proud of you.”

“Thank you Sir, I’m honored that I can please you.” I reply.

“That you have little one. That you have.”


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