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# Tammie

Tammie was just a small country town girl. She had never really been out of her small town of Kentucky. She lived a simple
life with her two brothers Jake and Ron. She also had a father named Bill.

Well Tammie wasn’t what you would call a “virgin”. Since there was nothing much else to do, she spent most of her time
fucking the men of Archington, Kentucky – including her family. Well, one day while her brother Jake and Ken were banging
her brains out, there was a knock at the door. It turned out to be their cousin Herrie, form the Big Apple. They were all so
excited and they all wanted to hear about New York. Well Tammie was cleaning herself up, because she didn’t want to walk
out of her room looking like the slut she was. So she took her time making herself look nice.

By the time she was finished, Jake, Ron, and Herrie had taken the horses out for a ride. Well Tammie figured they wouldn’t
be back till later, so she decided to go and satisfy herself elsewhere. She went to look for her neighbor Jonas. Jonases wife
would be at work this time of time, so she figured she could go and get a quick fuck in. Well she walked up to his house and
knocked on the door. Jonas of course blushed, but eagerly let her inside.

After her and Jonas had fucked, Tammie let herself out and walked back home. She fell into a deep sleep in her bedroom.
She was awakened by her cousin Herrie. She looked at the clock and read 2:30. Herrie said he didn’t get a chance to talk to
her. Tammie and Herrie went outside to talk about things. Well, Herrie started off saying to Tammie, that he was real proud
of her. She sounded every bit of the cousin he wanted. Tammie blushed a little but then was flattered. Of couse the boys
had talked about it when they went riding.

Well Tammie politely thanked him, while she slowly slipped off her black g-string and bra she had on. Herrie’s eyes slighted
widened when he saw Tammie’s 34 DD breats bounce out of her bra. “Of course he hadn’t seen any of those that big back
home in the Big Apple.” Tammie thought smugly to herself. By that time she noticed a slight bulge in Herrie’s pants.

Herrie said, “I noticed you guys have quite a lot of animals around here, bet you haven’t put any of them to use.”

Tammie thought to herself, “What the heck does he mean?” Well she soon found out. Herrie took Tammie’s hand and guiding
her across the grass and into the horse barn that’s located right next to the house. Shep, Tammie’s 3 year old Shephard
Mix, greeted her happily. As Tammie turned to look at Herrie, she saw a excited look in his eye.

“Why don’t you sit over there Tammie?” Herrie motioned with his hand to a hay bale to his right.

“Okay.” Tammie said. Then Herrie grabbed some twine used to tie the hay together, and strapped Tammie legs to two posts
on either side of her, so she was sitting spread-eagled. Next he tied her hands together behind her back and gave her pussy
a little stroke.

Then Herrie said,” Shep here’s a little hungry, he hasn’t had anything to eat today. So right know he’s gonna get something
to eat.” Herrie guided Shep over to Tammie’s glistening pink pussy and spread a little peanut butter from a jar Herrie had
brought with him. Shep started licking furiously, casing Tammie to mean out in pleasure. Then Herrie slid under Tammie, and
stuck his hard dick up her ass. Tammie moaned even louder. As Herrie was pounding away in her ass, and gripping her tits at
the same time, Shep was licking her clit causing her to cum loads at a time. Tammie like this feeling, of being so full. It felt
like she was going to explode with ecstasy. After Herrie had shot his last load, and Shep lad down in a corner, Herrie slowly
untied Tammie giving her a warm sensual kiss. As Tammie fell asleep that night, she know that she was going to enjoy
Herrie’s stay in Kentucky a whole lot.


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