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# Moving On


The damn dog was barking. He probably wanted in. I guess I could not blame him; it was cold outside. Winter in
Maryland may not be an artic wonderland, but the cold drizzle at night left a lot to be desired.

I owed the dog quite a lot, actually. He got me off my ass and stopped me from thinking. For a moment, at least.
The thoughts were ones I knew better then to think, but that never stopped them from coming to me.

“Get in here Horse,” I said, trying to sound cheerful. The dog, a great beast of a Siberian Husky, happily trotted
in. He stopped only long enough to shake the mist off his coat and look at me with his doggy grin. My robe was
now wet enough to no longer be warm and comfy. I wanted to laugh and I wanted to cry.

I tossed the robe on the floor and made my way back to the living room. Then I was back on the couch, my legs
curled up in front of me and my pillow clutched in my lap. Horse sat before me and stared at me with a patience
known only to animals. I gave him a weak smile and let my hand drop over to his head. He nuzzled against it,
forcing me to pet him. Such a wonderful beast.

Horse had been my dog since he was a puppy, nearly two years ago. John had bought him for me, the bastard.
Well, he was not a bastard for buying the dog for me, he was a bastard for what he had done to me. For what he
was still doing to me. For what I was doing to myself.

Ten years. Ten wonderful (mostly) years. High school sweethearts and beyond. Happily together, living in bliss.
Not married, but eventually it was just understood that it would happen. Or so I thought. I had understood it, why
not him?

Now I was alone. John had just up and left. He needed some space, he had said. He needed some time to put
things together. He was 27 fucking years old, what the hell did he need time for! We had all the time in the world.
He was such an asshole. God I missed him.

Horse moved forward and snuffled against me, licking tenderly the tears from my cheeks. That tenderness put me
over the edge. I pulled the poor dog tight and let go. My tears and sobs were absorbed by the fluffy fur of his neck.

Sometime later I pulled myself together. I think I may have dozed off. I got up off the couch and noticed that Horse
was laying on the floor next to the couch, my right arm resting on him. As I moved and sat up struggled up as
well, staring at me and looking at me quizzically. Good old Horse.

The dog was the last thing I had of John’s. He had taken the cats – I hated the damned things anyhow – and even
the fish. You ever try to pet or cuddle with a fish? But I put my foot down when he asked me about Horse. He was
the only thing of John’s I had left. I probably should have gotten rid of him too, but I loved him. I loved them both.
God I wished I could hate him. Or them.

He called still. It had only been a couple of weeks. We spent too short afternoons together in the mall or the park.
Too long as well sometimes, when I would ask what was going on. When was he coming back. Was he coming
back. Then I would ask myself what the hell was wrong with me.

My friends, they knew I was stupid. They knew that John was gone, probably shacking up with some new blond
bombshell. He was a hunk, 6’2″, 220 pounds. Lean, mean, loving machine. Loving somebody else. Maybe even
this very minute.

Horse cocked his head to the side, looking at me as I scowled at the thought of John with some knockouts legs
wrapped around his ass, pulling him into her. I was no slouch. Kind of tall I guess, but I had the curves and the
figure to make it work. Definitely the figure. 42 – DD. All natural and all mine. And still defying gravity quite nicely.
What could some other bitch offer that I could not?

I fought back the urge to burst into tears again. Things had been so nice with him. So safe. So secure. No
worries, just us together, happy. The sex was good. Hell, the sex was great. I was open and uninhibited, though
lately it had seemed to be a little more infrequent and more tame. I had started a new job though, a different shift
then him, so we had to try and work around it.

Or so I thought. Maybe this was his way of working around it. By working around me. Another tear spilled down
my cheek. Horse would have none of it, he charged me, putting both feet up on the couch and ramming me with
his head.

I had little choice but to acknowledge the brute. I wrapped my arms around him to pet him and try to push him
back down. He would have none of it. His hind legs climbed up on the couch with me, pinning me to the back of
it. He settled down half on me, half on the couch. He panted happily then gave me a healthy lick on the cheek.
The beast.

I laughed. It was a sad laugh, but it was a laugh. I held Horse tight and hugged him fiercely. I needed something
to hold on to. If this was to be my bastion of strength, my lighthouse in the dark, then by God I was going to use
it. I know Horse liked the attention.

After a while my hand rubbed up and down his back, petting him and in the process relaxing myself some. They
say pets are therapeutic, I guess “They” might have something there. I shifted a little under his bulk, realizing that
even though I was built like a Viking heroine, there was only so much my ribs could handle.

I felt it then, and stopped suddenly. The strange familiarity chilled me, yet it could not be. With my left arm I
reached down to Horse’s side and slid it beneath, needing to be certain. My hand slid along his belly and my side
until I touched it. Sure enough, my dog was hot for me. He panted happily at me. I freaked out.

“Get down!” I shouted, pushing him off of me and sitting up in a rush. Horse hit the floor on all fours and spun
around to look at me, head canted to the side questioningly again.

My fingers and my side were hot. My face flushed. Here I was all alone and I was embarrassed because I had
just touched… I had just felt… Because Horse was stiff as a board and I had touched his doggy cock. It was
gross. It was disgusting. It was… Oh God, it had turned me on.

I was depraved. Normal people did not have those kinds of feelings. I convinced myself immediately that I was just
under a lot of stress and not thinking clearly. In an effort to put things together, I decided I needed to make a call
to the vet first thing in the morning. Horse needed to be neutered. We had always meant to do that, but just never
gotten around to it. John had empathized with him, and I did not want my precious baby to go through the pain.

I glanced down at him again, averting my eyes quickly when they came to rest on his still engorged red shaft
sticking out of his furry belly. It was shrinking some, at least. I got up off the couch and hurried back to our
bedroom. My bedroom now. Soon somebody else’s bedroom, since I could not afford the house on my own. I
grabbed a nice dry robe and put it around myself.

The clock said it was 12:30 in the morning. My little nap had refreshed me, and the adrenaline rush from Horse’s
surprise had left me wide awake. Late at night, nothing to do and not needing sleep, there was only one solution.

Sometimes I really hated the game. A computer game in which thousands of people played online simultaneously
and interacted with each other. I was not in the mood to play, but just to talk to some of my friends. As fate would
have it, none of them were on. I was bummed out. I really wanted to talk to one of them. Thorrik or Vasta or even
the guy who played the cute little gnome named Fizzulthorp. Usually the man behind Thorrik was drunk, but he
was a good ear and he made me smile. I sighed. I had no choice but to log off.

I figured a bath might do me some good. I went into the bathroom and ditched my robe, adding to the number of
robes littering the floor of our two bedroom house. My two bedroom house. Sigh. Somebody else’s two bedroom
house. I angrily blinked away the tears and cranked the water on as hot as I could stand it.

Several minutes later I was settled into the bathtub. I enjoyed being a tall woman. More then just tall, but athletic
and well built. Sometimes though, it got in the way. You ever try to squeeze a 6’1″ frame into a standard bathtub?
My breasts bobbed above the water, the cooler air in the house causing my nipples to pucker and harden.

I yelped in surprise when I felt a warm and slippery tongue slide across my nipple. My eyes widened and I lunged
forward, sitting upright so fast the water around my surged in waves that lapped at the edges of the tub. Horse
was sitting there, giving me that innocent doggy look that said, “Can we play now, Mom?”

How upset could I be?

The damn dog had surprised me. Yet at no point could I fault him for anything other then dog-like behavior. He
reminded me of John, always doing little things to try and tease me, then denying any such behavior on his part.
Damn dog.

His point was made though, I had soaked for long enough. I got out of the tub and found that I was indeed feeling
better, if only for a little while. My emotions surged in waves as far as John was concerned. Like any women, I
guess. One moment I missed him and loved him and pined away for him. The next I wanted to kill him. Oh, there
were occasionally middle grounds between those moods, but I like to think I am a women of extremes.

After toweling off I slipped into the bed, a giant king sized beast that we had bought each other as a 8 year
anniversary present. Without an invitation, horse hopped up with me and lay down at my side. Normally I have a
rule against animals on the furniture, but the big lug just looked so cozy and cuddly tonight, sort of like John
always seemed to be, that I had no choice but to let him stay. Especially when he circled around a few times
then curled up right beside me. My arm circled over his back and we drifted off into a pleasant sleep.

I awoke later from a pleasant dream. I was not sure how much later it was, but it was still dark. The pleasant
dream had involved John, of course. Now that I was fully conscious, the pleasantness of the dream wore off and I
felt my despair returning.

I was getting better though. I shrugged off the morose mood quickly by turning it into anger instead. I was pissed
at him. Not too long ago there had been an incident with him and another woman. He had not actually physically
cheated on me, but if I had not found out, I think he might have. I wondered if our most recent break up had
stemmed from that. That, or something like it.

I rolled over and found myself looking into Horse’s face. He blinked at me sleepily and raised a paw in the air at
me. It brushed against my shoulder in a casual manner. I smiled and rubbed Horse’s belly. Horse always seemed
to help me blow off steam.

As I rubbed his belly, Horse flipped over on his back and gave me full access. I have yet to meet a dog that would
turn down a good belly rubbing.

My hand busy, my mind wandered again. I thought of John and wondered yet again if he had some whore in his
bed. My mind always seemed to turn to sex, probably because I was not getting any. Or maybe it was because it
had always seemed to be so good between us until it had dropped off recently.

Horse whined in the pre-dawn light beside me. I glanced over, pulled out of my dark musings, and noticed that
somehow my rubbing had gotten him excited again. He was living up to his namesake, I noticed with alarm. And
here I had just named him Horse because as a puppy he showed promise of growing into a very large dog.
Prophetic naming, apparently, for he showed it in other areas as well.

I pulled my hand away, reluctant to get any where near his canine erection. My eyes remained glued to it though.
It fascinated me; my dog’s penis. I studied it from afar, wondering at the similarity between doggy cock and a
mans. Proportionally speaking, Horse had a good thing going. It seemed about 5 inches long or so, and only a
little thinner then John’s. No prize by any means for a man, but for a dog, well, I already mentioned Horse lived up
to his name.

I realized then that my hand had started to reach out. I jerked it back in shock. What the hell was I doing?! That
was a dog! My dog, sure, but still a dog. Not a member of the human race even!

I climbed out of bed quickly, throwing my robe from the night before on and heading towards my computer. A
push of a button, a flick of a switch, and voila, Welcome to Windows. Horse got off the bed with a soft “Woof” and
sat down beside my comfy leather chair. I stared at him for a moment before I finally let my hand reach down and
absent-mindedly scratch his ear. He tilted his head into it, jaw slackening as I gave him such simple pleasure.

I fired up my browser with my other hand and started to check my email and my regular websites. Nothing new or
exciting. What was I to do? The computer said it was 5:10 in the morning, no chance in hell that there would be
anybody I knew – or even anybody that spoke English! – playing Everquest that early.

I brought up a search engine then, typing in some seemingly random words that I did not fully believe I was
typing. Horse no longer had my attention, so he laid down beside me, resting his chin on the top of my left foot.
His soft fur felt warm and fuzzy and reassuring. It made everything all right.

I found some strange and terrifying pictures over the next several minutes. Pictures that grossed me out and left
me stunned. I could not believe women would do such things! With animals, no less! Sure, John and I did some
pretty wild and crazy stuff. One time we had even had a threesome with another woman and I enjoyed every
minute of it. The kind of threesome that saw equal opportunity to all parties.

But never a horse! A real horse, not a dog named Horse. The size of the horse alone made me shudder and turn
away. Then seeing it batter away at some sick woman’s mouth and pussy. It made me want to throw up.

There were pictures of women with dogs too. Lots of those. None that looked like my Horse, but a dog was a dog,
right? Those struck me as being terribly wrong too. Bestiality, a terrifying and disgusting fetish. What could
possibly convince a woman to do something like that?

Then I found a different sort of website. It was a veterinary one sponsored by some college or other. It explained
all sorts of things about animals, from a sexual point of view. There was nothing pornographic about it. My breath
caught in my throat when I read about how a lot of horses and thoroughbred dogs are used for breeding. They had
to be collected by people, in many cases. Collected. Their sperm. I shivered.

That meant that somewhere, maybe even right now, some woman was collecting some doggy cum. Collecting. A
politically correct term for jacking off. Somewhere someone was giving a dog a hand job.

I sat back and let my hands fall to my lap. With my hand in easy reach, Horse climbed back to his feet and
rested his fuzzy head in my lap, brushing against my hand. My hand moved on its own, gently patting and
stroking his head. I looked down and realized what I was doing and snatched it away, suddenly terrified.

I had only been petting his head! What was wrong with me? I looked down at myself and saw that my robe had
fallen open, displaying my naked body beneath. Self-consciously I hugged it back around me, cinching the strap
at my waist. I got up from the bed and went back to the couch.

The dog followed me. He was on his way to being a damn dog again, at this rate, and he had not even done
anything to deserve it.

Horse whimpered again once we were there. I stared at him, wondering if he knew what I had been looking at and
felt that I was teasing him. Silly thoughts, I reminded myself. He was a dog, not a human. There was no way he
could know what a depraved person I was. How wrong I had suddenly become, by thoughts alone.

I was proved right when he padded over to the door and whimpered again. Feeling foolish, I jumped up and let him
out. I stood by the door and watched as he wandered around in my back yard for a bit before finding a suitable
spot to relieve himself. He came back to me quickly, for it was very wet and cold and he had caught no scents to
keep him entertained. The cold air had left me breathless, among other things. The thin material of my robe
provided little warmth against the sudden rigidity of my nipples.

I moved back to the couch and slumped on it. Collapsed. I was a mess. What the hell was wrong with me? At
least having hot flashed over thoughts and dreams of John was somewhat acceptable. He was human, at least.

Horse took his position at my feet again, laying down and gently resting both paws on top of my feet. His paws
were wet and cold, but for some reason I was afraid to move them. He rested his head on his paws and looked up
at me, a strange animal patience in his eyes. Now I was attributing human emotions to him. Jesus Christ, I was
messed up!

I decided then and there that I was done with this silliness. I reached down and rubbed Horse’s ear again, the
petted him on his back. He rolled over, giving me access to his belly. I caught a strangled gasp before it could
escape and steeled myself. I needed to prove that I was no freak!

And so I rubbed Horse’s belly again. I bent over to reach it and rubbed my hand up and down his soft fur, reveling
in the feeling of it against the skin of my palm. I hypnotized myself a little, fascinated in the texture of Horse’s fur
and his soft skin underneath. Before I knew it I snapped out of my trance and found that the pink head of Horse’s
penis had left its furry sheath and was poking into my hand with every lower and lower sweep of my hand over his

I felt sorry for him then. Here he was, a fine symbol of masculinity, for a dog, and nary a female dog within 3 city
blocks. Or at least, not a willing female dog. Three houses down the Mackenzie’s had a miniature poodle bitch,
but on top of being fit for little more then drop-kicking, she was fixed.

What my poor boy needed was some relief. I was terrified suddenly. Was I actually thinking about doing what I
thought I was? My hand had stalled on Horse’s belly, resting a few scant inches away from the pink sausage
laying there. What would I think of myself? What would others think if they knew? What would John think?

“What would John think?” I said aloud, my tone bitter. Horse shifted as I talked, craning his head to look up at
me. It seemed to me that he had a begging look in his eye. The same one he used on me so successfully when I
was eating dinner and he wanted some scraps. Damn dog!

With vicious thoughts of John in my head, I stood up and called after horse to follow me. We went over to my
desk. I grabbed my digital camera and took it back to my computer. A direct link into the machine and I was
almost ready to go. I gave no direct conscious thought as to the entirety of what I was doing. Instead I let my
mind dwell on only each little step along the way. The road to hell beings with a single step.

Then it was all set up. I had the camera balanced on the computer desk, aimed just perfectly towards the couch.
It was even zoomed in and focused. I called horse back over to it and sat down on it. I took a deep breath and
called him up on the couch with me.

My mind shut down a little then. I refused to believe what was happening. What I was doing. What I had planned
and premeditated.

Horse lay on his back again and my hand rubbed his belly, getting closer and closer to his tool. Then I touched it.
His hips jerked a little and so did my hand. It was so hot!

My hand rubbed up and down it gently, feeling the texture. It felt so raw and sensitive, but little different from a
man’s. Hesitating no longer, I wrapped my fingers around it and began to very slowly jack Horse off. I was actually
doing it. I was beating off my dog. Collecting Horse’s sperm. Well, the collecting was a ways off yet, I had no idea
what to do when that happened, I was still dealing with everything in a play by play basis.

Horse’s hips began to buck a little then, trying to push himself into my hand faster. I grinned, forgetting what was
going on for a moment. I obliged him as best I could and sped up my pace, tightening every so slightly around
him. He started panting on the couch. He probably thought he was in doggy heaven.

And all the while my camera was recording me directly to my hard drive. It was so wrong. So disgusting. So sick.
So depraved. I was getting wet. I reached down with my free hand and untied the sash on my robe. I parted it and
slid my hand down between my legs. My fingers crushed the finely trimmed wisps of hair before parting my slit. I
was wrong, I was not wet. I was soaked. My God what was happening to me!

I moaned a few moments later, my fingers working themselves across my sex. I was so turned on I was afraid to
touch my clit for fear I would explode. I wanted more though. My fingers were not enough. They never were. The
toys were all the way back in the bedroom. They rarely did it for me anymore either.

Horse sniffed and started bucking under me. I backed off as I realized he was trying to get up. I let him, wondering
if I had hurt him. My hand slipped free of my pussy as I momentarily forgot about my condition due to my concern
for him.

He flipped over and got off the couch, sniffing at me and nuzzling his head into my lap. I reached down with my
hands to pet him. He would have none of it. He sniffed around and seemed to center on my hand. He licked out,
lapping my juices off my fingers. My mouth fell open in shock. What the hell was he doing?!

“Horse, stop!” I said, my voice barely more then a whisper. I hardly wanted him to stop, but I had to try. He, of
course, did not.

What I did next I did without thinking. Or at least I started it without thinking. Then once I realized that it really
was me twisting around so that my legs were both pointing off the couch, I forced myself to accept it. I turned to
the camera and stared at it. I slipped my robe off my shoulders and let it fall about me on the couch. My body
was displayed, from my died hair above to my ample and, so I am told, very pleasing breasts to my carefully
trimmed sparse triangle of hair below. My pussy was so wet it parted on its own, letting the smell of my sex
reach even my nose. God I was terrible!

“Horse, here boy,” I said, still staring into the camera but patting my pussy with my hand. Each pat brought
spasms of pleasurable agony through me. Horse followed the smell and the sound, snuffing his way between my

His tongue darted out, slurping into my slit. I damn near jumped off the couch. It was electric. It was fire. It was
ice. It was unbelievable! “That’s it Horse, eat mommy’s pussy!” I was gone then, intent entirely on the show I was

Horse obliged me. He slurped and licked away at me, driving me crazy with his soft yet rough tongue. I was
floating somewhere between heaven and hell. Cloud nine had a silver lining, but it seemed filled with potential
thundershowers. The lightning hit me then. I spasmed around Horse, my stomach muscles contracting so
powerfully with my orgasm that I curled up into a crunch, trying to get into a fetal position. My legs would not
obey me though, and remained sticking straight out, impossible rigid. Horse continued to lick my snatch.

I have no idea what made him lick my pussy. Whether it was the salty taste that woman have (trust me, I know, I
ate pussy once, remember?), or was he simply trying to please me? His tongue hit every sensitive spot I had,
from my asshole to my vagina to my clit, and everywhere in between. I spasmed and convulsed and forgot to
breathe. Then when I remembered to breathe I found that my lungs would not work. I was in trouble!

Somehow, amazingly, I pushed my dog away. I collapsed on the couch, breathless. Spent. Just plain tuckered
out. I lay there a few minutes at least, listening to the roaring of my heart pounding blood through my veins. I was
in decent shape, but I still wondered at the possibility of a heart attack.

“27 year old dies of heart attack while having her pussy eaten by her dog,” I muttered, imagining the impossible
newspaper headline. I laughed, unable to believe it. My reservations were momentarily forgotten.

“My god boy, that was great!” I said, sitting back up and rubbing his head appreciatively. “You can do that
anytime you want too!”

Horse panted happily, his tail wagging. He whimpered a little then and tried to put his head back in towards my
crotch. I saw his phallus hanging between his legs then, swollen and red and looking very much in need of relief. I
forgot to breathe again then. Was I really that thankful?

I must have been. My knees were on the floor and my belly and breasts pressed against the cushion on the
couch. I smacked my ass and called Horse over. He knew what to do after a tentative sniff and lick of my crack. It

sent shivers up my spine when he did that. Those shivers were nothing compared to the ones I got when his front
paws suddenly landed on either side of my ribs. His soft fur brushed against my skin on my sides and my back. I
was about to be mounted. Mounted and fucked like an animal. By an animal. I moaned.

It took Horse several stabs with his engorged cock to find me. He was humping air for a while before he finally
brushed against my leg. He oriented off that and was soon stabbing at my pussy. I reached back between my
legs and helped guide him in, feeling so incredibly naughty that I was turned on to a level I had never before

Horse was in me finally, the head of his cock slipping deeper with each quick doggy thrust. I grunted each time,
my pussy had gone unused for some time now and it was unready for such a vigorous invasion. Or so I thought. I
was wetter then ever before and I pushed back against him, trying to swallow his cock with my cunt.

It was quite possibly the most lurid and intense five minutes of my life, up to that point. Certainly the most vividly
recalled. Horse stroked in and out of my pussy as fast as his hips could push him. As fast as our hips could
push him. I groaned repeatedly, feeling my super sensitive snatch driven over the edge time and again. It was a
constant orgasm, waxing and waning in waves that crashed into me.

I sobered up slightly when I felt Horse’s cock beginning to thicken. I had seen pictures and read about what was
happening, I just had forgotten about it until then. His cock was growing, expanding in an effort to keep itself
lodged inside my pussy when he came so that his sperm would be trapped inside longer. It worked fine with
female dogs, but with me?

I pushed Horse off of me somehow. It took a few moments of frenzied pushing to get him away, since he was
such a big dog. An extremely horny big dog, at that. He whimpered and whined, thinking I was denying him.
Uh-uh. Before I could think about it too seriously, I pulled him around and forced him to the ground and rolled him

I am a big girl, hands down. Not big gross, but big tough. Big and strong and, I am told, big and sexy. It’s meat on
my bones, not flab. I hefted Horse up easily and laid him on the couch. He struggled and tried to get up until my
hand rested on his slippery cock. Our mingled juices coated it, making it slick. I knelt on the floor where I had
been a few minutes prior and stared at the camera briefly. My mind was still short circuiting. I was only thinking
on one track. I licked my lips suggestively to the camera.

Horse’s cock was in my mouth then. It tasted weird. I had tasted my pussy on John’s cock, on his lips and
tongue, on my own fingers, and even on my vibrators. That was not surprising. I even liked the taste of my pussy
when I was in the right mood. But the taste I experienced now was different altogether. It was my pussy juice and
Horse’s pre-cum. It took me all of half a second to realize I loved it.

Horse tried to drive his cock up at me with his hips. With no leverage he was largely ineffective. I helped him,
slipping my lips down around him as far as I could go. My mouth stretched painfully the further down I got on him,
what with the growing bulge that was beginning to spread up his doggy manhood. He leaked more and more of
his precum, more then I could handle given that I was fucking him with my mouth. It ran down my chin and my
cheeks, combined with my saliva.

On the plus side, Horse was short enough that I was able to swallow him all the way, his cock prodded against
the back of my throat and teased my gag reflex, but could not threaten to go any deeper. I had become a
practiced and talented deep throat artist at John’s request, but it really was easier to give head with my mouth
alone then my mouth and throat.

So give head I did. I did everything I could to make this blowjob the best one I had ever given. From twisting my
head to licking the slit at the end from which copious amounts of seminal fluid leaked. I fondled Horse’s furry balls
even, drawing some serious hip jerking reactions from him. The bulge traveled up the length of his cock more
rapidly now. I was almost sad it was over when it reached the tip.

I buried Horse’s cock as deeply into my mouth as I could. His soft fur tickled my nose, threatening to make me
sneeze. I forgot all about it a moment later though. Horse bucked hard, his hind legs flailing in the air. Thick
streams of cum flowed out of him. It was way more then I could handle. I knew I was going to drown if I even tried
to keep my seal on him.

So what did I do? I fought like hell. My eyes watered happily as I swallowed rapidly. Horse did not fire strong
bursts of semen like a man, but rather impossibly thick ropes of cum that flowed out. There was no break until it
was over. Some had leaked, running down my chin and throat, but by and large I was successful at swallowing
the majority of it.

My jaw was sore and my eyes continued to water, but I was happy. Elated. Ecstatic. I had just made Horse feel
like a thousand bucks. He lay happily below me for a moment longer, then started to struggle again.

I gave horse one quick last suck and pulled away from him. I sat up straight and watched him hop off the couch
and shake. I licked my lips and used my fingers to gather the dog sperm on my face and throat. I collected it. I
grinned and sucked my fingers clean, making sure the camera was recording it all.

There was just one other thing I noticed about the encounter. I was thoroughly hooked on the taste of Horse’s
cum! It was not nearly as bitter as John’s had been. Nor any man, for that matter. Much stronger and muskier,
but without any hint of bitterness. Not nearly as salty either, for some reason. The consistency was similar, and if
I thought about that to much it kind of grossed me out, but the taste overrode it. I loved it!


“Hi Sarah,” John said, sitting down at the table with me. We met at the same coffee shop we had been going to
for years. It was one of the few things we still shared.

“You’re looking really good,” he said, sounding a little surprised.

“Thanks,” I said, smiling. I was happy and it showed.

“No, I mean it,” he continued, not realizing right away that I believed him. “You always look good,” he added, “I
mean you look happy.”

I nodded and smiled some more. “Did I every thank you for getting my Horse?”

He cocked his head to the side curiously. “I think so. Yeah, you were crazy about him when we brought him
home. If I remember right, it led to some pretty great sex that night too.” He chuckled lightly at the memory. I just

“Good, because I really love him, he’s been such a help to me through all of this.”

John nodded, not having a clue. “That’s great, Sarah. I’m happy you are coping with this as well as you are. If
having Horse there to take care of helps you, then that’s even better. It makes me glad I left him with you.”

“Oh, he takes care of me too,” I said, grinning widely. John looked at me curiously, totally clueless.

I slid a manila folder across the table towards him. Looking at it he frowned a little then picked it up. He opened it
up and slid out the few pictures I had printed out. His eyes bulged as he saw what the content was. His mouth
dropped. The first pick was of Horse licking my pussy. The next one had me jacking him off. The next two had
him fucking me. The next to last one had me sucking Horse’s cock. The final pick was of me winking at the
camera while I was sucking Horse’s cum off my fingers and face.

The pictures fell from John’s hands. He stared at them, dumbstruck. I gathered them up and put them back in the
envelope and returned it to my purse. His eyes tracked up to me and slowly focused. His mouth was still open. I
got up and walked around the table to stand next to him.

Leaning over I whispered in his ear in the sexy voice that used to drive him crazy, “Thanks again for Horse, he’s

I gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked away then. Never looking back, I somehow knew that John just sat
there, staring at me as his brain fired as rapidly as humanly possible, trying to comprehend what he had just

As for me, I had an itch and a dog waiting at home to scratch it. Then later on I was going to go shopping for a
horse or a pony. Maybe I would name it Dog.


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