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The Glories of a Snow Storm

It was a day I never expected. And it was a day that changed my life forever.

My trip was nothing out of the ordinary at the beginning. A three hour drive through the country. Down curving twisting roads.

This was the middle of January and you never know what to expect around here as far as winter weather is concerned. And about half way
to my destination the snow started falling. It didn’t take long before the roads were covered and slick. I was traveling a route I wasn’t really
familiar with so I took every curve with anxiety. With the blanket of snow that was quickly covering the earth it came as no surprise to me
as I began to slip and slide. All I remember about this part of my trip was that I was spinning.

The next thing I know I woke up and at least 3 hours had past. I was a little dazed. It took me a few minutes to realize what had happened
and that I wasn’t in my car any longer. When I opened my eyes and looked around I was in a room, it was fairly dark and hard to see any
detail. As I became more alert to my surroundings I realized I was tied to a bed and that I was naked. I yelled out for someone and was
greeted by a man entering the room with a video camera over his shoulder. “Oh, good our little pussy pie is awake! How ya doing there
sweet ass?” I asked where I was, who he was and why was I tied to the bed. He walked over put his hand over my mouth and said, “Listen,
bitch either respond to what you are asked or don’t speak at all, understand?” He said it with such force and I was still dazed, so I just
shook my head yes and bit my lip as I tried to pull my hands free. Then the man said how I might as well save my strength for what he had
planned because I would not be able to get out of the ropes anyway. Then the door opened again and another man walked in. They put a
piece of Duct tape over my mouth and turned to talk to one another.

“Well,” said the first one with the camera, “She is awake now I think that we can get some good video of her awake to go along with the
video of her passed out.” Then the second man said, “Yeah, that pussy was so tight I can’t wait to get back inside it.” Then it dawned on
me, These men had found me in my car which I must have wrecked and had decided that they would use my inability to run as a means to
have sex with me.

Next thing I know the one guy is at the foot of the bed with the video camera running. And the second guy climbs on top of me and spreads
my legs. Then without warning he slams his cock deep in my unknowing pussy. He started pumping in and out and I hear him saying things
like, “That’s it you bitch, Yeah you like my hard meat drilling your cunt don’t you. That feels good doesn’t it? Yeah baby I am going to fuck
you till you pop!”

Then he leaned over me and told me that now that I was awake he expected to hear some noise. With that he slammed his dick deeper into
me, without being able to stop myself I heard a moan escape my body. That just triggered these two. With one moan from me the man that
was fucking me started pounding faster and faster. His cock though not extremely long was rather thick and I tried really hard to fight the
orgasm that I could feel building inside me. But I couldn’t and as he slammed deeper and harder into me, my pussy began to clinch and grasp
at him in the throws of an orgasm… I tried so hard to not show it but I couldn’t help myself and I let out a big moan.

At that moment he began to come. He shot a big load deep inside me and then pulled his cock out and sprayed it all over me. As his last
drops of hot white jizz dripped on my the guy holding the camera told him to hurry up and take the camera because he wanted to take his
turn. So they switched places and the guy that I had seen first came over to the bed and turned me over on my back. Told me to get on my
knees. Not feeling like I had many choices I did what he said and as soon as I did, I felt him preparing to mount me, like a dog. And with a
couple of thrusts toward me he did mount me like a dog.

It didn’t take long to realize that his cock was as thick as the other guy but it was also long, I didn’t know how long then but after he
penetrated it deeper inside my already dripping wet pussy I came to the conclusion that it was at least 9 or 10 inches in length. I have to
admit even though this wasn’t something I agreed to originally, his cock felt good. Oh god did it feel good. It didn’t take long for me to find
myself pushing my pussy back against him, trying to get it deeper. I heard him turn to the other man and say, “Look at this slutty bitch, she
likes getting it doggy style. That is going to make the next part of our fun even better.” Then this guy spewed his hot sticky cum inside me
and all over my back.

Then the door opened again and I hear a whistling sound. I couldn’t see what was going on, I was on my knees, hands still tied to the bed,
and cum dripping from my body and from my pussy. Then suddenly I realized what the whistling was about. 2 German Shepherds and a St.
Bernard came flying into the room. They all jumped on the bed at once. The St. Bernard and one of the German Shepherds began lapping up
the oozing cum from my body but the other German Shepherd had another agenda as he stuck his nose in my twat and licked it a couple of

It sent chills through my body. Then I found myself being mounted again, not by one of the guys this time but by the dog. Apparently my
pussy tasted good enough to fuck. So suddenly I found myself being fucked doggy style by a dog. I was so humiliated. And there was
nowhere for me to go and nothing I could do. But my journey into my darker side was far from over. As this dog began fucking me with a
fevered pace I found myself having an intense orgasm. This dog’s cock was pounding away at me and it felt good.

The dog’s knot was building behind me but before it entered me one of the men stopped him and said now Shultz if we let you do that now
the other two would have to wait an awful long time. You can finish next time. Then Shultz pulled out and before I could blink the other
German Shepherd was taking his turn. Pounding my pussy again.

Oh God it felt good these dogs had cocks that were imense. I never realized how large a dog’s cock would get. I found myself doing as much
of the moving and pumping as the dog. I was a total dog cock fuck doll now. How did these two men know that I would end up enjoying this
so much. I guess they didn’t really care. As the second dog’s cock knot began to grow I found myself trying to push back far enough to get
it in. I wanted to know what it would be like to have that huge knot lodged deep inside my aching, hot, dripping twat. The men forced the
second dog to pull out of my pussy, but it wasn’t a second before the St. Bernard was preparing to mount me. I accepted his prick inside me
as quickly as I could.

And I rocked back and forth with him. I was moaning loudly and the men were both jerking off watching. The St. Bernard buried himself inside
me and rammed me hard. And it felt so good. He pumped it in and out , in and out, and I pressed back as best I could. I felt his knot begin
to form, I tried to hump faster so the men wouldn’t have time to stop him, harder and harder I pressed and the dog slammed it in. and the
knot grew and I wanted it, I wanted it all. And all of a sudden I could feel it begin t move inside me. It was stretching me more then I could

And I cried out as his know entered me . “OOOOOOOOOOO,” And with that penetration I had the most intense orgasm I had ever had. I was
shaking and writhing in ecstasy. The dog shot his load into me and we stayed locked together for about 10 minutes. As he pumped every
drop into me. The feel of the huge load of doggy cum filled me I found myself having another orgasm. When he was able to pull out the other
two dogs both walked over to me and began lapping up the oozing juices. So now I was getting my pussy eaten by these two German
Shepherd dogs at once. If you like getting your pussy eaten you can not imagine the intensity of a long dog tongue. These dogs licked me in
spots I didn’t know existed.

Then as I was enjoying that. One of the men walked over. “You are enjoying being our fuck slave aren’t you?” I shook my head yes. Then he
asked if he could take off my gag” I shook my head yes. As he did the dogs brought me to another orgasm with their tongues. “Oh, god that
feels so good.” Oh yes, yes! Fuck me fuck me!” Stick that dog tongue deep in there lap it up! Oh yes” Then I noticed that Shultz’s cock was
unsheathed again. He was humping the air. The men laughed and said well she is enjoying the tongue fucking too much to stop but Shultz is
ready to go again, What to do? What to do?” With that they directed Shultz to my mouth where he began humping my mouth, before I could
protest. He slammed it hard and Almost made me gag as he went deep in my throat. As he shot his load down my throat the other German
Shepherd was ready to go again too. They turned me back on my knees and let the dog go at me. He fucked me deep and hard. His knot
slammed into me and he exploded inside me.

The dogs went off to lick themselves clean and left me there dripping with cum from my mouth and my pussy. I was exhausted, but it had
been unbelievable. I found myself thinking about how I was going to get near another male dog so I could be fucked like this again.

The next day The men untied me and led me out of the house, I noticed my video playing as I left.

So that trip changed my life, because I am a total dog cock addict now. I have discovered neighbors that have dogs. They are always willing
to let me take their dogs for a walk, If they only knew that the dogs weren’t exhausted from walking but from fucking me hard, And from
exploding inside me.

I have also been back to visit Shultz and his friends a few times. After all they were my first experience and there is something special about
that first time.


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