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# Aurora

My name is Aurora, I’m 28, and tall, with large, full breasts and long legs, and long, red hair. This is the story of
my erotic life.

From the first time I was seduced when I was fifteen years old, I have loved all kinds of sex. I’ve done all kinds
of things imaginable, and this chapter will contain a few of the wilder things I’ve ever done. It is not for the faint
of heart.

The first thing I’m going to tell you about is one night with my ex-boyfriend Gary. He was a well-off
self-employed businessman who was pretty wild sexually. One night we were out on a date, and after a nice
dinner, with wine and dessert, he told me he was going to take me shopping. I didn’t question him, he was
unpredictable and a lot of fun. We went into a grocery store in a nice neighborhood, and I turned a few heads as
we walked along the produce isle.

Gary told me to pick out a very nice, big zucchini, the biggest one I could find. He said he wanted to fuck me
with it. So I found a very nice one, but he told me, no I want one bigger. I blushed and put it back, and got
another one. He said no, that’s not big enough. I want to really make you feel fucked like you have never been
fucked before, and I want a huge cock for you. He walked over and picked one up himself. At this point there
was a guy looking at us next to me, and I think he figured out what was going on. I blushed, and said “O.K. let’s
get out of here.” Gary loudly said, loud enough for the other customers to hear, “This is what I’m going to fuck
you with tonight.” I couldn’t believe he said that, but he just laughed and said let’s go.

When we got to his place, he got me another drink, and we put out some blankets and pillows in front of his
fireplace. He lived alone, and had a really beautiful house. He told me to get the zucchini, then take off every
stitch I’m wearing, and start sucking it. I laughed, blushed, and then did everything he said. It was huge in my
mouth, and I could barely get my lips around it. Gary egged me on, saying “I know you can take more, come on,
open that delicious mouth of yours. Swallow that cock like the cock-sucking slut you are.” I must admit this
turned me on, and I was able to get more of it in my mouth. Suddenly he took it away from me. He got out some
lube, lubed it up, and started rubbing my pussy with it.

This zucchini was really long, thick and hard, and was about thirteen inches long, and almost three inches wide. I
have never had anything that big inside me before. I was a little scared, but Gary was very gentle and rubbed
and fingered my clit while he gently but persistently opened me up and fucked me with the zucchini. It hurt going
in, but also felt incredible, and soon I had the zucchini way up inside me, I was gasping, and incredibly turned
on, and close to cuming. He said don’t cum yet, I’m not through with you. He just left it in my cunt for awhile.
My cunt felt almost painfully full, stretched as wide as it could go, but very erotic.

Then Gary gently took it out. It made a gushing noise coming out, and I felt very empty when the zucchini was
gone. With a devilish gleam in his eyes, then Gary told me to turn around and get on my hands and knees and
spread my ass for him. I protested, I said “Gary, no way, that will not fit up my ass.”

“Just do it.” I turned around, and put out my ass for him. He said bend down and spread your legs wide, wider. I
did, it actually turned me on more, I was so close to cuming. He rubbed my clit, and he talked nasty to me while
he fingered my ass. He put one finger inside me, then two, and then started working the huge zucchini in. It hurt
unbearably at first, but he kept up, and told me, “Relax, you slut, open up for me. I know you can take it, you
love your ass filled all the way, don’t you, you slut.” With a groan he pushed it deeper inside of me. It hurt, but it
felt very intense, and soon the giant cock was spreading my ass wide, and filling me like I’ve never been filled
before. “That’s it, I knew you could do it, take it all, take it, you slut.”

It was incredible. I was so close to cuming, and I started begging him to let me cum, so he pushed one final
push. The whole zucchini was deep inside my bottom. I was gasping and aching and extremely turned on, and
then he said “O.K. cum now.” He rubbed my clit furiously and my body exploded around that cock. It was one of
the most intense orgasms of my life, it was a delicious combination of intense pleasure and pain, and I nearly
passed out.
When I had calmed down, he said “Good girl.” He gently took out the zucchini, and then told me to suck and fuck
him now. He lied back, spread his legs a little, and I sucked him for dear life. His cock was as hard as a rock.
Then I climbed on top of him, and fucked him like a mad woman. Soon I came again with him as he unloaded a
huge stream of cum deep inside me. My cunt and ass were so sensitive from being stretched so wide. It was as
if I had been opened up completely for the first time, in both my sex holes for his intense pleasure, and mine. I
came twice on top of him, and he had another huge climax, and then we just rolled over and hugged without a
word. We were both kind of shaken up by the intensity of it all.

After a long time he told me that was the best fuck he’s ever had.

My cunt and ass were sore from being stretched so wide, but it felt good. It was tender for a couple of days
after that, but it was a good kind of pain, and I told him about it and he laughed. He smiled every time he saw
me try to sit down and flinch for the next couple of days.

The next thing I’m going to tell you happened one night with Gary and his friend and his friend’s dog. I sometimes
fantasize about sex with a dog, or someone forcing me to have sex with a dog. There is something very nasty
and forbidden about it that really turns me on. It’s my “foolproof” fantasy. I can think about this when I
masturbate, and almost always cum soon afterwards if I concentrate, no matter what kind of mood I’m in.

Gary has a very good friend who has a dog. He was a beautiful male golden retriever, not his friend, the dog;
very clean and sweet-tempered, and we would sometimes hang out with his friend and his dog at Gary’s place.
One night we were all four of us there, Gary, his friend Ed, Ed’s dog Charlie, and me. We had had a lot to drink,
and I was feeling pretty loose. I was sitting on the floor, and the dog was sitting in my lap, he was very sweet
and I loved him almost as much as I would a dog of my own.

Gary said well, it’s getting late. I didn’t want the night to end, we were all having such a good time. Gary looked
at me with Charlie, and said something to Ed that I couldn’t hear. Ed started laughing, and then Gary asked me
“Have you ever touched a dog’s cock?” I threw a pillow at Gary and said, “Of course not!” Gary said Charlie is
very clean and loves women. “See how much he likes you? Just try touching it once, let’s see what happens.”

Ed said, “Charlie would never hurt a flea, he’s very gentle.” I had to admit I was curious. I have always been
interested in all kinds of penises, including those of horses and dogs. So I started to rub his stomach, and then I
gently started to rub his cock. Charlie rolled over on his back, and his doggy cock became erect and I played
with it in my hands. “Look, he likes you, Aurora,” Gary said. I held Charlie’s cock, and stroked it like you would a
human cock. It felt very erotic in my hands, and I found myself getting very turned on, and disgusted all at
once. It was as if I were connecting to the animal in the dog, and the animal in myself. I stroked and stroked it,
and then Gary started to undress me. I didn’t stop him, I was getting very turned on and wanted to be naked
next to Charlie, just as if he were a man I was with.

Soon all my clothes are off, and I’m rolling around hugging Charlie, stroking his cock, he’s trying to hump me, and
I rub and rub until he came in my hands! I was very surprised, excited, disgusted and curious all at once. Gary
got me some paper towels and helped me clean everything up, and then I hugged Charlie, who sighed, rolled over
and went to sleep, just like a man would!

After that I got up and took a hot shower, and Charlie and Ed went home. Gary and I ended up having a huge
fight soon after that, and I stopped seeing him, but I will never forget all the wild things we used to do together.



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