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# A Daughter’s Promise

It’s been some time since I’ve written about my own exploits. That is for two very good reasons.
Firstly, and as a direct result of having had my first three stories published at Literotica, I
have been contacted by dozens of people who have had their own incestuous experiences. Some of
them have been willing to provide me with evidence and details of these liaisons, which has
subsequently enabled me to write about their tales; often much more interesting than my own.

The second good reason for not updating my own story, is that things have become routine and
ordinary. Now for many of you reading this, the idea of a woman in her late twenties, who
regularly has sex with both her father and grandfather, describing the situation as routine and
ordinary sounds a little bizarre. But the fact of the matter, at least the way I see it, is exactly
that. Dad normally rings me on a Monday afternoon whilst my husband, John, is at work. He
confirms that he will come round to my place on the Wednesday afternoon, whilst Mum thinks he’s
out playing golf. Sometimes he will ask me to wear something specific, but more often than not,
he just leaves the choice of my attire to me; he’s basically happy just as long as I’m wearing a
pair of high heels. I go around to Grandad’s house every Thursday, with the idea of giving it a
once over with a duster and vacuum cleaner. More truthfully, it’s Grandad who gives me a once
over; or should I say a twice or even sometimes even a thrice over; he is a very virile old man.

Well, I should say, he was a very virile old man. Because, in November 1999, Grandad suddenly
died. And it was his passing that sparked off a chain of events that make the telling of another
chapter in my life worthwhile. I hope that you’ll agree.

It was on the eve of the funeral that I got a call from Dad. He may have been upset at the loss
of his father, but he was more concerned that he had lost a partner in our occasional family
threesomes. Dad said that watching the old codger banging away at me was as erotic an
experience as fucking me himself. Dad wondered if I’d thought of anyone else to replace Grandad.
Even before I’d had time to say that I hadn’t, Dad suggested that his elder brother, my uncle Joe,
might be a someone to consider. It was obvious that Dad had already done all the considering
necessary for both of us, because his next instruction was that I should attempt to seduce Uncle
Joe at the funeral tomorrow. Even if I had wanted to raise an objection it would have been
pointless; Dad had already hung up.

As the priest spoke of what a kind and gentle man Grandad had been, the assembled family and
friends sniffed and cried. They, of course, had never seen him riding his Granddaughter on his
dog’s bed, in the shed at the bottom of his yard. Had they been aware of that little secret, then
maybe the eulogy would have been a tad different.

We all trundled back to Grandad’s house for a quiet reception. Dad came over to me and said he
had just seen Uncle Joe go out into the garden on his own. He told me to go and flirt with him. It
was a bitterly cold day, and my heart was just as cold as I approached my uncle. It wasn’t that I
didn’t want anyone to join our little group; it was just that he was so unattractive. He was
smaller than Dad, yet about twice as heavy; and Dad was no athlete. He turned around as I got
close to him, and smiled kindly at me. We talked small talk for a while, and then I decided to make
my move. I worked it so that I was facing the house, yet unseen by anyone who happened to be
looking through the window, like my husband for example, because of Uncle Joe’s huge bulk. He
faced directly into the empty garden, so nobody could see his face. I told him that I would miss
Grandad, especially on Thursday’s when I used to come here and clean for him. It was then that I
began to undo the four buttons that held my black overcoat together. I parted the coat and
revealed a very inappropriate short, black dress, complimented by black stockings and high heels.
Given the temperature at the time, this was a crazy move, and it was thus, I hoped, obvious to
uncle Joe why I had done it. He gave me a long and unashamed look up and down. I took hold of
his hand and brought it close to my side. I knew he could feel my nylons on the back of his hand.
I moved my mouth close to his ear, and whispered that with all that time now on my hands, he
could always pop around and see me one afternoon. I refastened my overcoat, smiled coyly at
him, and walked back into the house.

The biggest surprise was, that by the time Christmas arrived, Uncle Joe had still made no move
towards me. I couldn’t have been any clearer with my message. Perhaps he just didn’t fancy me.

Mum had invited John and I to her place for Christmas Day. Dad phoned me up the week before
and told me to wear something to make me look like Mrs Santa Claus. So, telling my husband it
was all part of the festive spirit, I wore a red, off the shoulder blouse, a short red skirt, and a pair
of red pumps. When Dad saw me, I could tell from his expression that he was pleased.

We all had a celebration drink to accompany the present opening. Then, Mum went into the
kitchen to prepare the roast turkey lunch, and John went into the back yard to practice with the
camcorder that Mum and Dad had bought for us. As he opened the door from the kitchen into the
back yard, I heard a loud scampering noise, followed by Mum cursing and swearing. All of a
sudden, Rex, the large black labrador that had been Grandad’s pet dog rushed into the living
room. I had completely forgotten that Dad had agreed to adopt the pet rather than have him put
to sleep.

As soon as the dog saw me sitting on the couch, he made a beeline for me. He caused me to spill
my drink into my lap, and as I was about to stand up and go dry myself, he plonked his head into
my waist and forced me back onto my seat. His nose was buried in my skirt, and it was obvious
he was sexually excited. I asked Dad to get him off me. Dad looked down the hall and saw that
the kitchen door was closed, then made sure that he could see John in the garden before coming
over to me. I was pushing at the animal’s head, but to no avail; he was too strong for me. Just
when I was expecting Dad to grab hold of Rex’s collar and pull him away, he whispered to me
that I should pull my skirt up.

‘What!’ I exclaimed.

Dad told me to keep my voice down and do as he said. He said he wanted to see the dog going at
me. I shook my head in defiance. Dad gave me a look I had seen twice before. On both occasions
it had been followed by the back of his hand across my face. It seemed I had no choice but to
obey him.

Now the astute among you will be aware that my capitulation represented a shift in the balance
of power in my relationship with Dad, from that of our first encounter, when it was I who had
been in control. It would appear from the many contacts I have made that this is an almost
universal law. When a girl gives herself to a father, grandfather, brother or uncle, she almost
always surrenders any dominance that she may have started with. Equally obvious from the
evidence I have seen, is that when a man has tasted the delights of a female relative, he cannot
get enough; and nothing else is as good. The comparison can be drawn to that of the superstition
of man eating tigers in India; once they have tasted human flesh, they crave it all the more. I
mention this not because I am unhappy with my lot; far from it; incest is the most erotic and
stimulating sex I have known. No. I mention this as a precaution to any girl who may be reading
this and tempted to seduce someone in her family; it is an affair that will prove difficult, if not
impossible, to end. You have been warned!
Cautiously, I began to move my hands to the hem of my mini skirt. Then the strangest thing
happened. Almost as if the dog knew what I was doing, it moved its snout away from my lap. As I
slowly began to pull the skirt up my bare thighs, the dog’s cold nose dropped under the hem,
encouraging me to move faster. Dad was leaning over us both, salivating as my panties came into
view. Rex’s front legs jumped up either side of me, as he buried his face into my crotch. Dad
pulled him back by the collar just enough to enable him to see the long, wet tongue slurping at
my thinly covered pussy. Dad was still not satisfied, and he ordered me to move my panties to
one side and let the dog get at me properly. I could see that John was still in the garden, and
knew that the net curtains prevented him from seeing in. Mum could still be heard preparing the
food in the kitchen. So, I moved my right hand passed the dog’s eager mouth, gripped the thin
gusset of my knickers, and pulled them to one side. The dog went wild. Its nose pressed between
my labia, opening the lips just enough to get his tongue in. As he flicked and licked at my pussy, I
felt myself begin to swoon. As disgusted as I felt, I took hold of the dog’s head and pressed it
closer to my love box. From the bulge that had appeared in Dad’s trousers, I knew he was excited
by the sight of his youngest daughter being mouthed by an animal. As my head lolled back and
forth on the back of the couch, just as I was about to climax, Dad and I both heard the back
door open. With great speed and power, Dad grabbed the protesting dog by its collar, and pulled
him off me. I just had time to adjust my clothes before John came into the living room. I cursed
the over frivolous nature of the dog, and retired to the bathroom to remove the wine stain from
my skirt. As Dad led Rex back into the garden, it looked at me with what I can only describe as
canine desire. I couldn’t help but notice that its dick had slid out from its sheath, and was
dragging impressively along the carpet. It only occurred to me later that the dog saw me as its
natural partner now that its master, Grandad, had died; after all, he had witnessed me being
fucked many times, very often on the mattress it used to sleep upon.

After lunch, I was still feeling guilty about how turned on the dog had made me. But, overriding
the guilt was a sense of unfulfilment. As we all sat around watching TV, I stood up and
announced that I was going to wash the dishes. I made eye contact with Dad, who took the hint
and said he would help me. Almost the very second we were out of sight of Mum and John, Dad
had his hand up the back of my short skirt, and was feeling my arse. I told him that I wanted him
to fuck me; soon. As we did our chores, I came out with a plan that would enable us to be alone
for a while. Walking back into the living room forty minutes later, I stated that I was concerned
that I had not switched off the gas at home. And, as Dad was the only driver who had not had
too much to drink, he had offered to take me home and put my mind at rest.

With unparalleled enthusiasm, I put on my overcoat and went out to the garage where Dad
already had the car running. I slipped into the seat next to him, making sure that my legs were
uncovered and close enough for him to touch. By the time we cleared the driveway, Dad was
caressing them from my knees to the top of my thighs. As we approached the point that was a
minute away from my house, Dad told me to remove my panties; like me, he wanted to waste no
time. I slipped them off my legs and placed them on the car heater where they could dry off.

He swung the car quickly into my driveway. By the time I got out, with front door key in hand, he
was behind me, pushing me up the path like a sex-starved schoolboy. As the key turned in the
door, Dad forced me through into the hallway. In my high heels I nearly fell over. He pulled my
overcoat off violently, and turned me around to face him. His lips fell upon mine and we slavered
over each other. Dad placed his hands on my arse cheeks, under my raised skirt, and lifted me
onto the hall table. As telephone directories went this way and that, I heard the sound of a
zipper being undone. After ten seconds of unseen fumbling, and with a gasp that took my breath
away, his stubby prick pushed up my twat. I felt Dad’s nails digging into my butt cheeks as he
cruelly thrust into me. What the dog had started took Dad only one minute to finish. The
afternoon’s frustrations disappeared as my body shook with powerful orgasm. As Dad picked me
up off the table, I wrapped my legs around his ample waist, desperate to keep his meat in me. He
carried me over to the staircase, and dropped me gently down onto the fourth step; just the right
height for him to pummel me with maximum force. Two or three minutes late, I could tell by the
pained expression on his face, that he was close to emptying his load into me. It was then that
he spoke, or should I say growled, for the first time: ‘I want the dog to fuck you.’ I shook my
head negatively. Dad pulled my blouse down over my nipples and squeezed them until I cried. I
was still sobbing as he ejected his semen into my womb. But, by then, I had already said: ‘OK
Dad. The dog can have me; I promise.’

Back home, a week or so into the new millennium, I contacted one of my e-friends to ask his
advice. He was all in favour of the idea, and sent me some very useful information regarding
human/animal sex couplings. Sadly, I lost touch with him shortly afterwards. But the more I
thought about it, the hornier I became. I mean, sex with a dog!

I had determined that, even though I was coming around to the idea, I would leave it to Dad to
initiate the proceedings. Amazingly, he never mentioned it again for over a year. During Easter
2001, and still no hint of an interest from my Uncle Joe, one Tuesday afternoon whilst Dad lay on
top of me, having just arse fucked me, he said that he wanted to see me and Rex together. Dad
said that next week, instead of him coming to my house, I should go to his, and the dog could
have me in the shed. Mum and my husband would both be at work, of course. We made final
arrangements before he left me. He told me to dress sexily for the dog. What a whore I had

And so it was, the following week, I drove to Dad’s wearing the same outfit I had worn the
Christmas when it first happened. I figured that the dog liked the outfit then, so he would be
turned on by it now. In the living room, I went over the conditions I had made with Dad the
previous week. From the information my e-friend had directed me to, I knew that a dog didn’t cum
like a man did; all at once. A dog was continually dripping semen, which was thinner than a man’s
and very salty. So I told Dad I was not prepared to have the dog in my mouth. I had also insisted
that its front paws be taped up, so that it did not scratch me, and that its mouth be covered
with a muzzle. Surprisingly, Dad agreed to all my demands.

I was a little nervous as Dad pushed me down the garden path towards the wooden shed. The
dog must have recognised the distinctive sound of ladies’ high heels on concrete, because as we
entered the darkened, cobweb covered shed, he was already howling in excitement. Fortunately,
he was still tied up and could not get to me. I stood next to the old armchair that Dad had put in
there, and watched as he placed the sleeves of an old sweater around the dogs’ front legs,
strapping them securely in place with adhesive tape. The animal must have sensed that his luck
was in, because he was so well behaved throughout this whole process. Finally, Dad put a strong
looking muzzle over Rex’s mouth.

As Dad stood up, he ordered me to strip off. I undressed in the dingy surroundings knowing that
the males’ of two species were eyeing me with lustful intent. Standing there awkwardly in just my
five-inch heels, Dad took the black leather collar from around Rex’s neck, and proceeded to place
it around mine. He took the leash from the hook on the wall, tied it to the collar and said; ‘Let’s
show Rex what a good bitch you are.’ With that, Dad gave a strong and sudden downward jerk on
the leash. As I began to choke, he pulled it down to the floor, thus forcing me to kneel in front of
him. As my lips parted to accept the intake of air offered by the release of pressure around my
throat, Dad’s fat dick slipped into my mouth. It’s a sad fact, but the more Dad mistreats me, the
sexier I feel. As he thrust his hips to and from my face, and I got used to the rhythm of his prick
sliding over my tongue, my nervousness was at last replaced by lust. I glanced over to the dog.
He was standing on all fours’. His long, red, sausage shaped dick was again fully erect, a good
eight inches of animal meat ready to penetrate a woman’s vagina.

Just as I felt Dad about to shoot his load, he pulled his cock out of my mouth, and let his semen
splash over my neck and breasts. He told me to rub it into my skin; it would give the dog
something to sniff.

As ever, orgasm had made Dad’s legs buckle underneath him. As he recovered his breathing, I
could tell that the dog was becoming impatient to have me. I stood up and went over to the
chair. I sat down low, spreading my long legs over the arms. Dad took a digital camera from his
pocket. He said he was ready. As he walked over to undo the rope that had held Rex away from
me, the dog began to scrape one of its hind legs over the floor, like a bull about to charge. I
could clearly see the ‘knot’ that I had read about. An object the size of a fist that locks a dog
and bitch together for anything up to an hour. Apart from the fact that I didn’t want the animal in
me for that length of time, I was also wary of the pain that an object that size might inflict. So I
took the advice of my e-friend and decided that the dog would have to make do with the human,
‘missionary’ position, where I would have more control. Rex’s favourite ‘doggy’ style was out!

As Dad released the rope, the dog came bounding over to me. It jumped up, with its front paws
going over my head and onto the back of the chair. I could see its cock, leaking semen and
rubbing it over my pussy and belly. Dad was already busy taking photos of the perverted
encounter. My hands were on the dog’s belly, and I moved them down so that I could guide its
prick into me. It raised its head and let out a stifled howl as I first touched it. It was a handsome
weapon, and no mistake; thick and longer than any mans’ that I’d experienced. I moved my hand
slowly along its length. I think Dad could see the look of pleasure that was now on my face. And I
thought I saw the look of jealousy on his.

I guided the penis so that it was pressing against my soaking wet pussy lips. The dog sensed that
he was close, and lunged forward. I cried out loudly as it filled my vagina till I thought he would
rupture me. I had to constantly push against the dog’s underbelly to prevent his knot from
entering me. It seemed like that was the dog’s one goal. As the dog thrust his meat in and out, I
glanced at its hind legs. From this position, it looked just like a man was fucking me; albeit a hairy
man. The friction of this huge prick rubbing against my clit soon had me near climax. I was
breathing heavy, and talking to the dog in human encouraging tones. My feelings were not
contrived; they were expressions of natural desire for release. It was as if the dog knew that I
was nearly there, because it started to increase the speed of its thrusts. At one point, a
remarkable thing happened. In its desire to get the knot inside me, Rex’s prick slipped out. I
thought that I would have to manually re-insert it. But no; it just found its own way back up my
honey pot, and he continued banging me.

It was the over exuberance of my orgasm that was my downfall. As I approached the point of
ecstasy, waves of pleasure, the like of which I had never known, began to race all over every
nerve in my body. As I cried out in pleasure, my high heeled feet wrapped tightly around the dog’s
body, I let go the pressure I had exerted against him. Suddenly, a tremendous pain seared in my
pelvis. The huge knot at the root of the dog’s penis had been forced into my vagina. Dad was too
rapt taking pictures to help me. Then the dog became motionless. Gradually, the pain subsided.
Dad said he had seen enough. He left. He left me there fastened to an animal. Now I was no
better than a bitch. The excitement and arousal I had been feeling just moments earlier, were
now replaced by shame. I dreaded the thought that my womb was now being slowly flooded with
the semen of an alien creature.

After half an hour in this tied position, the dog finally slipped his dick out of me, and went back
over to his corner of the shed. I got dressed and went in to see Dad. He was already sitting at
his computer, looking at the thirty six shots of his daughter and his pet.

‘Good old Rex. I think we’ve found someone for our threesome.’ Dad said, with a cruel smirk on his
face. ‘I’ll go round and see Uncle Joe tomorrow.’ I replied. Dad always gets his way.


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