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The Trade Fair

The redheaded girl Pippi Longstocking, (Who in this fic is 18), had taken to a trade fair in
Denmark, and to her big joy, there was balloons nearly everywhere in the big, and crowded hall,
and she felt so aroused by he sight and sounds of the many different colored and sized balloons.

Pippi, that lived alone, had a balloon fetish since she was a little kid, and she loved to
masturbate, while she played with her balloons, she loved the really big and crystal clear ones,
and sometimes, was Pippi, her ape, her horse, and her neighborboy Tommy gathered, to share
their fetish.

Pippi, who had been to that state fair for two years ago by herself, collected twenty free round,
and printed balloons without air, she would give some of the balloons to her monkey Hr. Nillson,
her white stallion, her neighbors Tommy and Annika, and their young mother.

Pippi got blown a round and red balloon up to the maximal by one of the owner of the stands, she
played with it the balloon in some minutes, and then she wandered on, as she joined the sight of
the balloons, that was beautifully illuminated by the thousands of lights in the big hall.

After Pippi had walked around the hall for nearly two hours, Pippi finally got outside, she was glad
to come out of the crowded and noisy hall, and she was so excited to play with her stallion, that
stood parked by a field, that lay some few miles away from the hall.

As the girl came back to her horse, she took a blue and round, double printed balloon from her
pocket, blew it up twice, the crystal clear balloon was very huge and beautiful, and the horse and
the girl got a very strong aroused feeling, as they played balloon with each other on the field.

After a break, Pippi began to give a red, and then a white balloon a double inflation, she blew the
balloons against the horse´s stomach, till the two balloons got big and hard enough, while she
masturbated, the wind didn’t blow, so they could freely play with their balloons outside.

Then Pippi just caressed the balloon in long time, ‘Squeak’, ‘Squeak’, ‘Squeal’ it sounded, as Pippi
rubbed the plaything between her legs, and rubbed it between her hands.

Soon, Pippi came two times after another, after she had rubbed the blue latex plaything between
her legs, and then she laid on the back of the horse, and relaxed some minutes, while she felt the
beautiful aftermath of the arousing balloon play.

Pippi took her three balloons with her, she tied them together in a bunch, and wandered up in a
field by a little prehistoric village, where some other horses lay, and after she had played balloon
with the horses in long time, she came again, and her white liquid ran down her bare legs.

The summer after, was Pippi together with her stallion in her garden, she had taken a green hot
air balloon with her, she haven’t inflated, and as she began to blow life in it, the little monkey
rubbed the stallion’s warm and long dick, and Pippi got the balloon quickly inflated to it’s limit.

It was the stallion’s birthday, so Pippi wrote very carefully ‘Happy birthday’ on the balloon with a
pen, that was filled with black ink.

Pippi and her two friends played in long time with the gigantic hot air balloon, and as Hr. Nillson
lay on the top of the balloon, and caressed it, Pippi took of her clothes, and rubbed the rock hard
stallion dick in few minutes, till the stallion released his sticky cum, that splattered out

Pippi was so happy for her stallion, she thought it was much better than Tommy, and soon, Pippi
came too, and ‘Splat, splat’, it sounded, as Pippi’s cum splattered out on the giant balloon, that
she cleaned with a Kleenex under a lot of loud squealing from the hardly inflated balloon.

The horse and the girl wasn’t finished yet, so Pippi rubbed her naked body against the squeaking
balloon, till she cum again, she dried her sticky hands on the balloon, while Hr. Nillson rubbed the
stallion’s large penis, and soon, the stallion shot out a very big glob again, that landed on the

Then the three friends laid down in the grass, after their balloon love, and they relaxed for a
while, and then Pippi deflated the giant balloon, that slowly felt together on the grass.


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