Toying warmup before zoo sex

Toying warmup before zoo sexThe plastic banana that this masked babe in red wig has been ramming into herself mere minutes ago still tastes like her pussy and… It’s obvious that her dog loves the taste! Watch it lick the sex toy at Ariel Dog Lover!

# Dog’s Day Afternoon

Mark closed the pick-up’s door and walked into the woods, leaving the truck at the rest-stop. After driving the
interstate for so long, it felt good to stretch his legs. His German Shepherd, Nutter, walked up ahead sniffing at
the new surroundings and looking for a place to pee.

Nutter had a special attraction to nutter butter cookies as a puppy and over the past year Mark had shortened
his name to just, Nutter. He wasn’t a puppy anymore. He was a grown male with a shiny, soft brown and black
coat. Mark watched as he found a place to let go over a small bush, as a steady stream of pee sprayed the
plant. The tip of his cock escaped its dark covering and Mark felt a twitch in his own dick.

Instantly, Mark turned away and continued to walk a small, rarely used trail deeper into the mid-Georgia woods.
Nutter was by his side within seconds and licked Mark’s hand, which was his way of asking for a petting. Mark
petted his head, as he walked.

Even though he was covered by a deep canopy of trees he found he was beginning to sweat profusely. He could
smell the water from the stream before he saw it, an inviting smell that pulled him onward. Nutter raced ahead,
smelling the stream also.

Down the stream Mark found a small pond. He stuck his hand in the water to check the temperature. Nutter
proceeded to take a swim after lapping up a few mouthfuls of the cool water.

After checking all directions, Mark started peeling his sticky clothes off; first his t-shirt, his boots and socks,
bouncing on one foot to keep his balance, then double checking the edge of the pond, he took off his pants and
underwear. It was a relief just to have his clothes off, but then he slowly walked into the pond up to his chin
and finally felt comfortable in the cool water.

Nutter paddled around him and then headed back to the shore. He walked onto dry land and shook his body
violently to dry himself. Mark stayed in the water a couple of minutes longer.

From the other side of the pond the two were being watched. Not too close so that the dog would smell, but
close enough to see the two clearly. He knew he probably wouldn’t see much of anything since the man’s penis
would be away from him when he walked out of the pond. But what the hell, he’d watch anyway. The watcher’s
dick stirred in his jeans as he knelt in the tall bushes. His movements were very slow, so that he wouldn’t be
heard, as he gripped his crotch through the thick material.

Mark walked out of the water towards his stuff and Nutter. The dog came up to him and licked his wet hand as
they walked. Mark petted and stroked his head and Nutter spotted his exposed member and gave it a lick too.
Mark jumped slightly out of shock, but quickly realized the lick had excited him and his dick twitched
uncontrollably. He was still petting Nutter’s head and hadn’t pulled away so the dog continued to lick at his
swelling dick and balls. He opened his legs slightly to offer more surface area. Nutter’s tongue wasn’t as rough as
he’d thought it might be, rough, but not too rough.

The watcher on the other side of the pond had been disappointed when the fellow walked out away from him. He
wanted to see his dick bad. It was a pleasant surprise to see what happened next. When the large German
Shepherd started licking the fellow’s dick he decided to change positions so he could get a better view. This
would be one trip to the pond he wouldn’t forget.

He backtracked straight back quite slowly so he wouldn’t be heard. Then, he came back around so he could
watch from the south side, wanting to stay downwind of the dog’s nose. By the time he squatted, he was
delighted to find them basically in the same position. It was quite evident that the middle-aged, dark haired man
was enjoying the attention on his genital area. He kept one hand on the base of his back and the other close to
his dick, flipping it around the dog’s mouth every now and then.

The watcher’s own excitement grew as he watched the scene unfold. He rested his butt on the back of his feet
as he knelt in the thicket, pushing his feet open and closed to pull his ass cheeks apart and gaping his asshole.
He unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down to his knees, continuing to squat and being as quiet as possible.
He licked his palm leaving a slimy trail and grabbed his dick firmly and squeezed. He let up on the pressure as he
lightly stroked the head and shaft. “No need to get too excited too fast,” he thought. It wouldn’t take him any
time to cum if he kept watching the fellow with his dog.

Nutter stopped licking Mark’s dick and turned his head towards his own, maneuvering in such a way so he could
lick his dick and balls. Mark watched the dog and his spotted pink doggy dick, slipping out of its sheath even
further. Mark’s dick was rock hard when he grabbed it. His inner thoughts told him he should stop while he was
ahead and head back to his truck. But, another side, an eager side, was winning over his rational thoughts,
which were put on hold as he continued to get turned on watching his dog lap at his doggy dick.

Mark walked up the bank closer to the woods and onto a grassy spot and put his t-shirt under his knees as he
knelt down. Nutter bounded over to him offering wet kisses on his face. After accepting a couple, Mark made him
stop and instead focus his attention on his crotch. While Nutter eagerly lapped at his penis, Mark grabbed for the
dog’s dick, wrapping his fingers around the doggy dick. He was gentle, stroking the cock with even movements,
concentrating on the tip before pulling it out of its sheath and pumping a couple of times.

Nutter opened his legs wider and got a chance to lick Mark’s asshole when he shifted to one leg so that he could
get to Nutter’s dick better. Mark’s eyes flickered when the dog licked his ass. The feeling was wonderful as the
dog licked around the hole and tried to stick his tongue inside. Mark relaxed his ass muscles and tried to gape his
hole. The dog didn’t miss a beat and thrust his tongue in his nasty shitter. He pushed his ass muscles down in an
attempt to take in more of the eager tongue. It made him hot to just think about what he was doing.

He watched Nutter lap at his ass for a couple of minutes and was drawn back to the dick in his hand. There was
a glistening liquid drop at the tip of the dog’s dick. Mark only had to think it over for a second before he leaned
over and put the dog’s dick into his mouth. He laid down on his side to get under the dog. One leg stayed bent
up so that the dog could continue to lick him over.

At one point Nutter slid the head of Mark’s dick inside his mouth. The dog’s teeth scared him, but Nutter only
gnawed gently which sent multiple shivers throughout his mid-section.

The watcher noticed his mouth gaping as the fellow and his dog moved up the bank. Already his dick was
seeping pre-cum from its head. He wiped it off with his index finger, looked at it and licked it off his finger. He
swished it around with his tongue and sucked his finger sensually.

He looked around him on the ground and spotted several large pecans. He stuck one in his mouth and coated it
with saliva. When he withdrew it, a thick line of spit followed. Reaching around his backside with his free hand,
he pulled a butt cheek apart, opening his butthole and put the slimy pecan to the hole, wiggling it around slightly
before pushing it deep inside. He did the same thing with two more pecans and relaxed on his knees again. He
had to pinch his asshole muscles together to keep the pecans inside. He’d relax for a second, feel the nut sliding
out and suck it back inside before it came completely out. This made his ass extremely horny. Both his hands
worked on his dick, one at the base and the other squeezed his head.

The watcher’s mouth grew horny watching the fellow take the dog’s dick in his mouth. Without realizing it, the
watcher let a pecan pop out of his ass. A small squirt of pre-cum escaped his dick again. He wiped the pre-cum
off his dick and licked and sucked on it hungrily.

Nutter pulled his dick from Mark’s mouth with a slurpy sound and walked behind him. Mark sat up and leaned over
on all fours, allowing Nutter to mount him. The dog’s nails scraped at his back, but Mark felt he could handle the
slight pain.

Mark could feel the dog’s missed attempts to slide his cock inside and tried to relax his hole to make it an easier
target. Nutter got the tip inside and Mark twitched making it slide back out. He made two more failed attempts
before he found the tight asshole.

Mark felt the pressure in his ass as Nutter continued to push deeper. The dog pulled his pink dick from Mark’s ass
and thrust it back in before it could come out. Mark could feel himself tighten around the shaft on the outward
strokes, trying to keep the solid rod inside. Resting on only one arm, Mark pulled on his swollen member, tweaking
the head with pinches and then pushing it back towards the dog.

Mark didn’t realize he spoke till it was out of his mouth. “Good boy, Nutter. Fuck my ass, boy.” Hearing what he
said excited him and pre-cum streamed out of the tip of his dick and onto his hand. Quickly, before it dripped off,
he brought his hand up to his mouth and licked the come off. It had a salty, sexy taste that he discovered he
enjoyed quite a bit.

Nutter thrust his penis deeper and Mark’s masturbating hand stopped for a while. It seemed the penis inside his
stinky shitter was continuing to grow. He felt full up with dirty doggy cock. It was so big that Nutter had trouble
pulling it back out. The dog pumped harder and deeper. Mark closed his eyes, but opened them to look
underneath and behind, watching the dog’s legs and balls as they rammed into his ass.

Mark’s eyes were rolling with sensual pleasure as he yanked and squeezed his dick. He put his head and
shoulders to the ground leaving his ass up for Nutter to fuck, which he did quite nicely.

From the bushes the watcher let the pecans suck back and forth in his ass, working on his dick with both hands.
He had to force himself to slow down so he didn’t come before this experience was over.

The fellow and his dog were deeply into a good ass fuck. The watcher pinched his hairy tit as he heard a
distinctive wet, slurpy sound from the animal/human fuck before him. He had to slow his hand to keep from
coming and he did squirt a small amount before catching himself and put the brakes on in his mind’s eye. He
diverted his attention instead on the cum that had dripped from his penis. It sat on top of a freshly fallen green
leaf and it was inviting him to a taste.

Carefully, he lowered himself to pick up the leaf and drew it to his mouth. He looked to the fellow on the bank,
his butt hit back on the dog’s dick as he enjoyed the fuck. Again he heard the wet, sex slurping as the German
Shepherd gave his master a good ass ramming. As he listened, he licked the cum from the leaf. He took his time
so he could savor the taste in his mouth and touched the dark red, swollen dick dangling between his legs.

The dog started to pump faster and the fellow had to lay his head down. It was evident he enjoyed the
experience. He was greeting each of the eager doggy thrust with one of his own. At the same time, the watcher
noticed the fellow was pulling the skin of his dick back and forth. It was long and extremely hard and touched
the ground when the dog pushed deeply.

The dog started to moan and held his dick deep inside the fellow as his hindend quivered. He seemed somewhat
confused and tried to get down but the fellow reached back and held the dog in place.

Mark was enjoying the new adventure and found the experience rewarding on many levels, but mainly on a
primitive, sexual level. He could smell so many smells, the sweat as it dripped from his body, Nutter’s sweat was
very primitive and animal, but not offensive and the smell of the animal sex going on in his shitter. It all added to
his sexual pleasure as he thrust his eager ass against Nutter’s hard, knot swollen cock.

Nutter beat into his gaping hole faster and faster, starting to moan. Mark pulled on his hard cock and was near
exploding when he felt the hot gush of liquid traveling deep into his ass. It sent tingles of excitement through him
and he shot a huge load of hot, sticky cum on the grass underneath him. It didn’t stop as soon as it normally did,
but continued to squirt and squirt. He used the lubrication to force even more out. Nutter’s dick was still deeply
dug into his tighting ass and he had orgasm followed by orgasm. Unconscious words escaped, “Shit,
ohhh…yes…oh shit…oh…….godddddd…..yes…”. It felt so fucking good he felt he’d reached a new plane of
sexual pleasure.

Dog cum seeped from their joining and Nutter pulled out a little. The head was still swollen but was shrinking
inside his ass. He could feel the knot loosening its hold and it slide out of his ass. He stayed as he was and
clamped his ass together to keep the cum from dripping out.

Nutter bent over and licked thick juice from his cock and turned back to Mark’s ass before him. He felt the pink
tongue on his ass as the dog cleaned up. Mark slowly opened his ass and lowered it some, letting the hot juice
seep out. The dog was eager to eat up the remains, licking it into his mouth as fast as Mark could force it out. A
large amount escaped and the dog licked it with a quickening hunger. It felt good as the cum ran down his legs
and the tongue came right behind to lick it up.

Mark continued to fondle his cum soaked dick and found the cum an added pleasure. The smell was nice and
made him want to taste it. He raised his hand to his mouth and licked his cum off like a hungry animal, while his
dog licked doggy juice from his shitter. He didn’t know he’d like to have his ass rimmed this much.

He finally felt that the sexual high was dropping and he rolled over onto his back. The dog licked his dick clean
and his masturbating hand, before sniffing out Mark’s cum on the ground. He lapped at it for quite a while. Mark
noticed Nutter’s still swollen dick, but it was no where near the size it was in his ass. It was a good five inches
long and two and a half inches in width. Nutter’s head was swollen even larger. It glistened in the afternoon sun.
In spite of himself, Mark’s dick twitched with delight and his ass tingled with desire.

Mark got up and rushed to the pond to wash the new sweat from his body. Nutter looked up from where he was
licking up Mark’s cum and then put his head back down sniffing out more cum, while his dick jiggled underneath

The watcher saw the fellow come with thick squirts, one after the other. His face was fixed in one of utter
ecstasy as he shot off load after load as the dog held himself deep in the fellow’s ass. The watcher licked the
rest of the cum from the leaf and put it down where he found it and where he planned to put his own load. He
grabbed his dick and used a finger to pop the pecans back into his ass after letting them come close to

He returned the hand to his dick when he saw the dog pull out of the fellow’s ass. The dog licked himself and
then went back to the master’s asshole licking at it. The fellow really got off on feeding his dog ass juice and the
watcher was getting off as well.

Another pecan popped out of his ass exciting his swollen dick. He felt the gush of cum squirt. He tried to aim for
the green leaf but only got part of it on nature’s plate. He glanced up when he heard the fellow splash into the
pond but he was past the point of no return. His eyes closed and the last pecan popped out of his tight shitter.

Cum squirted out of his hot member adding to the cum on his leaf. He moaned as quietly as he could but he saw
the German Shepherd look up and start running up to where he hid. The dog sniffed the air before approaching,
sensed sex and not danger and slowly walked through the underbrush to where the watcher crouched.

Keeping his head down and shifting his eyes slightly to see the beautiful dog, the watcher bit his lip and pulled
the remaining tugs on his cock. He picked up the leaf as the dog watched, ears pointed and listening. He licked
off a thick mouthful and swished it inside his mouth before he swallowed. He laid the leaf in the direction of the
dog and sat on his ass to rest and touch his slimey cock.

The dog slowly approached, sniffed at the leaf and licked it onto his tongue. It stuck to his tongue, but he put a
paw on one corner and licked it clean. Head still down, he sniffed out the other cum on the ground and licked at
it too. The watcher’s dick was still hard as he watched the German Shepherd lap up his cum. It walked to the
watcher’s crotch and licked off the cum there and across his genital area.

The dog’s owner whistled and the dog gave the watcher one quick look before running back. The fellow had
dressed and picked up his stuff, ready to leave.

The watcher pulled up his pants and gave them a zip noticing his rock hard cock. He followed the two through
the woods. The dog knew he was there, stopping and looking back from time to time.

He watched the fellow get the dog’s bowl out of the car and fill it with food. He took another bowl to the
bathroom with him.

The watcher walked quickly into the bathroom and saw the fellow at the sink filling the bowl with water. Rinsing
his hands, the watcher looked the fellow in the eyes and nodded a hello. The watcher struck up a conversation
with the fellow and walked him back to his car and his dog, petting Nutter on the head.

They talked about cars, about women, decided to take in dinner together and much later that night they talked
about dogs.


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