Dog knows how to muff dive

Dog knows how to muff dive

Ariel Dog Lover has forgotten about men’s measly attempts to satisfy her orally and is now enjoying the oral treatment that her pet is giving to her to the max! Come see her toying her twat while her dog is tongue-fucking it!

# The Program: Expanding A Limit

After a light dinner on the lanai together, Ricki gave Tawny her instructions for the next day and a half. She had contacted Brad and tried to
get some hint as to what had occurred between Mistress Darla and Brad while they were gone. Brad was tight-lipped about what he would be
doing with Tawny over the next day, but he did offer that Mistress Darla had offered him a job with the Company. That did not surprise her
too much. She knew Brad was a talented male dominant and he had managed to dominate Tawny rather successfully at one time. If Darla felt
he had what it takes, than she would know best what to do.

Brad only offered that he would probably be seeing much more of Tawny and that Darla had wanted him to offer Tawny something very special
before Darla returned from her trip. Ricki knew already, when Darla returned, she was going to offer Tawny an opportunity to join the Company
and go into The Program too, so she surmised Tawny would be offered an opportunity to work through another limit. There were dozens left
for Tawny, but Ricki already had a suspicion as to what it would be.

“Remember honey, Mistress Darla would not be sending you off with Brad unless there was a good reason. He’ll be forcing something on you I’d
bet, so you’ll have to decide if it is for you. No matter what it is, remember we will always love you despite your decision to comply, but also
remember Darla wants this for you.”

That being said, Tawny and Ricki spent an hour or so appreciating one another in their bed before Tawny put on her knit halter, skirt, and
heels and set out to the car that had been provided for her use. The address for her meeting with Brad was on the North Shore. Tawny was
familiar with it. It was Brad’s house and she knew it was well set-up for his wide variety of BDSM tastes.

* * * * *

Two weeks earlier, Darla had summoned Brad to meet her on the lanai at The Kahuna, a stylish club on the beach in Waikiki. Brad was
surprised, almost to the point of shock, that Darla wanted to talk to him, but he was also smiling inside, hoping it would mean he would have
more opportunities to fuck Tawny. He had just seen his friend, Roger, leave the island in a rush, leaving much of his unfinished business to
others. If Darla had enough influence to make Roger react like that, then he had much to fear from this woman, Darla. He had not heard a
word from her after he was allowed that last all-night fling with Tawny nearly two months before. His first reaction was that he would receive
some of her wrath for the treatment he had given Tawny, but as he blurted out excuses for his behavior over the phone, he was silenced.
Darla, surprisingly, thanked him and explained the purpose for meeting him was a good thing for him.

Darla sat at a small table on the beachfront and saw Brad come in. She recognized him immediately from the videotapes he had produced,
fucking Tawny at Roger’s home a couple months back, before she had taken in Tawny as her submissive. Just like in his video, he was tall,
young, maybe 30, and very good looking. He had an air of confidence about him she easily identified as a common trait among dominant males.
Of course, she knew that among dominants, he had met his match with her.

Brad scanned the room, not sure if he would be able to guess who Darla was. He had only recently heard of her, but he was quickly impressed
with the understanding she was not the type of person you messed with. He knew he was looking for an older woman, in her late thirties or
early forties, and she was said to be very attractive with blonde hair and a “drop dead” body. He caught a vision of a blonde woman sitting on
the beachfront. She was tall, very attractive and was wearing a halter that pushed her round breasts up into an eye-catching cleavage. She
had on white shorts and a pair of sandals and as he looked at her, she looked toward him, removed her sunglasses and motioned to the chair
at her table. He walked to the table, unable to stop his eyes from taking in her natural beauty. She undoubtedly caught his glances, because
she smiled and leaned back a little, inviting his look and undoubtedly taking it as a compliment.

“Come sit with me, Brad.”

Brad smiled politely and offered his hand for a shake, but Darla leaned toward him, offering her cheek.

“Please, honey, I don’t shake hands with good-looking studs such as yourself.”

Brad was very surprised, expecting a colder, more formal reception from a woman of obvious power and influence. He smiled at her and began
gathering confidence. He bent, kissed her on her cheek and was stirred by her fresh aroma and the warmth of her presence. He sat down and
waited, unable to think of what to say first.

“How did you know it was me, Mistress Darla? I take it you prefer that form of address?”

“Thank you for being so polite, Brad. Yes, I do prefer that form of address, but, not here. Please call me Darla.”

She smiled, noticing his tenseness and being quite pleased with it, recognizing, despite his giant ego, he did recognize his place with her.

“You can relax some, Brad, you are among friends. I recognized you from your video escapade with my Tawny. You are quite the stud. Maybe
I should try you out some time.”

Brad looked embarrassed and frightened. At the time he made the video, he did not know Tawny was Darla’s girl, and her certainly never
thought her Domme would be watching it some day. Darla read his reaction.

“Not to worry. Technically, Tawny was not mine when you pulled that stunt. And you did quite well, so well, in fact, that I asked Ricki to set
you up with her a few days later, on her beach, and you did a very fine service for me then too.”

Brad wore a surprised and enlightened look.

“You were behind Ricki setting me up with Tawny? You know Ricki too?”

Darla smiled within, relishing her ability to enlighten Brad to many mysteries of the past weeks and the banishment of Roger. Roger and Brad
had convinced Tawny to serve them for a week at Roger’s house. Brad didn’t know it, but that little escapade of Roger’s had evoked Darla’s
anger, since she had had intentions for Tawny’s ownership herself. Darla had won in the competition for Tawny’s attentions, however, and
Roger was no more, at least not in the Islands of Hawaii. Darla owed much of her success to Ricki, whom she had planted in Roger’s company
to observe and help steer events as they unwound.

“Ricki belongs to me and she is Tawny’s sister now. Ricki was, in essence, my representative at Roger’s house the week that you two, let us
say, used Tawny so vigorously. Now, I expect you are just a shambles of thought about why I asked you to see me.”

Brad nodded. “Yes, I am, actually. I was afraid I may have offended you in some way.”

Darla smiled and took a sip of her drink.

“Please, have something from the bar. It is a hot day, isn’t it?” Darla summoned a waitress as she continued. “You certainly would have
offended me if I suspected you knew what you were doing when you helped entertain my Tawny at Roger’s place, but I know you didn’t.” “As
it turns out, I believe that you simply have a strong attraction for her and her natural submissive tendencies. I can hardly blame you for that.
And, if I understand all I have heard, you are quite the man. You certainly were in the video. You’ll have to tell me, or maybe show me, how
you stay hard for so long, and your ejaculation! That is quite an amazing sight.”

Darla smiled and ran her eyes over his frame. Brad received his drink, smiled while she boosted his ego, and continued to listen with interest.

“Brad, I believe I can find a place for you in an undertaking that I think you will find quite interesting. And if you decide to accept the offer,
then I would want you to express your pleasure by completing some training for my Tawny.”

Darla told Brad some particulars about the Company and informed him that if she told him more, his life would be at risk if he decided to share
his knowledge. He agreed to keep silent, so she proceeded to offer him an opportunity to accept a consultancy position with the Company’s
recruitment and training branch. She described the pay and duties. Brad was amazed. Darla told him that a Company existed that, among
many things, had a side business that sold women as sexual slaves and servants, a concubine service. The service was known as The
Program, and girls that volunteered to enter The Program served for a set period of time and thereafter, found themselves independently

“So as you can see, Brad, you would, essentially be fucking and using the most sensuous and beautiful women in the world on a regular basis,
to include, by the way, my Tawny.”

“So, Tawny will be joining? As a slave?”

Darla took a swallow of her drink and looked at Brad.

“I believe she will be quite anxious to join The Program. And if she wants it, I’m going to see that she not only gets it, but that she goes as
one of the all-time highest paid.”

Brad smiled and finished his drink.

“So, Darla, what do you want me to do? I’m in for sure.”

“Brad, Tawny will be back from her world tour trip in a week. I will be away on business, setting things up for her, by the way. She doesn’t
realize it, but this trip she has been on was a tool to show her off to the wealthiest potential buyers.

“I need Tawny to do something for me that will convince me she is truly loyal to me. I also need her to increase her potential value as a
pleasure slave. That means I want her to break another limit, and I want her to do it willingly, for me, without me specifically asking her to. I
want it to be from her heart.

If I understand things right, you have wanted her to break a certain limit too, but have never gotten her to do it without force. Your video,
the one you recorded with her at Roger’s certainly hinted at it. And, in fact, she has not had the pleasure, am I right?”

Brad put his glass down and swallowed, his heart pounded as he considered what Darla was implying. He had used the threat of allowing a dog
to take her sexually to get her sexual cooperation in making the video, but it had only been a joke, a counterattack, because she had insulted
him during a previous encounter. He knew she would never willingly submit to a dog. He had tried to coerce her to do that several times,
without success.

“You want me to get her to fuck a dog?”

Darla leaned back and grinned.

“Of course. Isn’t that what you’ve wanted to see yourself? Get her to fuck a fine stud animal. Allow her the opportunity to be a good bitch.
Make sure it is a well hung animal and I want her to do it all, oral, intercourse, you know, the knot and all, right in front of an audience so she
has to show off her willingness and overcome feelings of degradation and shame.”

Brad sank back and closed his eyes a moment, then leaned forward, smiling.

“I’m not sure she’ll go for it. She has always shied from it in the past and she went berserk when I tied her up and had her thinking she was
taking a dog while I was with Roger.”

“Brad, I think that you’ll find her attitude a little changed now. I’ve expanded her thinking a little, she is more, malleable now, or so I hope, so I
want you to give it a try. I know you can be… persuasive with her.”

“Ok Mistress, leave it to me then. I want that job. Will it still be available if I fail?’

“Yes, I think the offer stands, especially since I’ve already told you enough to get you into serious trouble. You see, the Company is very
protective of its secrecy, so now that you know, you almost have to be in. its one of those, if I tell ya, I’ll have to kill ya, things.” Darla
laughed. “I don’t want you to feel pressured to force Tawny, just encourage her, give her that little forceful push to put her over the edge.”

“In a week you say?’ Brad thought and then looked at Darla. “I’ll have a well-trained, hung stud ready and panting for her. And she will be a
fabulous bitch for him too. I’ve always wanted to see her knuckle under to one, I guess because she was always so fucking resistant to the

“Good boy. Now don’t forget, she must be willing. She is my servant now, so if she is told I want this, she will be more cooperative. You may
need to condition her, get her in a receptive mood, but she will know she is there at my request and she will be told that I want her to please
you and be a good girl for you. I want you to be sure this animal you get can do the job and not harm her in any way. I want no damage, no
harm, no forcing, but do succeed please. Then look me up about the position with the Company. Who knows, maybe you will be involved in
some further training for my Tawny.”

* * * * *

Tawny pulled the red sports car up into Brad’s yard. She applied the brake, cut the engine and slid out of the door, smiling at the car. She
loved the feel of expensive things and this car was worth about 50,000 dollars. She walked toward the gate that enclosed Brad’s compound. It
had been a little more than a year since she had been here. The last time, she was learning the D/S lifestyle with him and she was his bottom.
Now she was back, to bottom for him again, but under somewhat different circumstances.

His house was rather like a little fort, surrounded by a high, lava rock wall and consisting of several buildings all connected by narrow
walkways. In the center was an atrium of sorts, where she used to do her nude sunbathing and where Brad used to fuck her out in the
sunshine, if he had a mood to do something like that. The sunny part was not all that big, but it connected the four larger rooms of his house
because those rooms had no wall facing the center area. Thus the home had a big open, airy sense to it.

She looked through the gate and lifted the bar to release the lock when there was a sudden growl and snarl from a huge animal that rushed
the gate. Tawny slammed the gate back shut and stepped back, startled. It was a large beast, with short dark brown fur, a barrel chest and
a large, round head. The beast, some mixed breed dog, snarled and growled, then began to bark feverishly. Tawny stepped away from the
gate and began to wonder if she had the right place when she heard a high-pitched whistle and the dog backed off quickly. She looked toward
the house and there was Brad, at the doorway. He motioned for her to come in. Tawny hesitated, looking at the animal as it continued to
stare at her.

“Don’t worry about him, baby. He does what I tell him to do.”

Tawny cautiously opened the gate and stepped inside. She watched the dog and closed the gate behind her. Just as she did, the animal
lunged toward her and Tawny reeled back against the gate in horror. Tawny froze and the big animal came closer to her, smelling at her. He
had an evil look in his eyes and Tawny looked nervously toward Brad, wondering why he was allowing it to frighten her. For the present
though, the dog stopped growling and took on a friendlier look. He was almost as tall as her waist and his head came even with her navel. He
sniffed at her waist; then moved down, his nose touching the flesh of her thigh where her short skirt ended. Brad came over, patted the dog
and smiled at his toy for the evening.

“He seems to like you. Can you blame him? After all, he is a male.”

Tawny regained some composure. “I didn’t even know you had a dog.”

Brad stared at her, then reached toward her and slapped her face lightly.

“Let’s not forget our place.”

Tawny understood immediately that this was not simply a social visit.

“I’m sorry, Sir. I will obey and respect you, Sir.”

Brad smiled again and petted her cheek, then patted the dog as he continued to sniff at her thighs.

“You are doing a lot better than you were just a couple weeks ago. You know your place again, my bottom, my bitch! Hike the skirt up bitch,
he seems to take an interest in the same things I do.”

Tawny looked at the animal and then at Brad. She felt anger well up within her. Brad knew how she felt about mixing sex with animals, and
here he was, pushing his authority over her again. Tawny looked back at the animal and reluctantly, she reached down and pulled her hem up
until her bikini briefs were exposed. The animal pushed its nose into the triangular cloth patch that formed a covering for her venus mons.
Tawny stifled a tear as she let the beast nuzzle against her sex. Brad watched with interest.

“Oh yes, Tawny, the slave-bitch with limits. You don’t really go for wagging your ass for an animal do you? Too bad, because you’d make such
a fabulous fuck for an animal like this.”

“Brad, Sir, please. I, I don’t want to do this.”

Tawny cringed, but remained still as the big dog pressed his nose into her little triangle of fabric. Brad leaned closer to her and ran his finger
through her hair.

“Hey, I could let him just take you right here if I wanted to, but I haven’t have I? Now, tell you what, can you just let him have a little taste
of that fabulous cunt you have down there baby? Hmmmm? Doesn’t it turn you on at all?”

Brad leaned in and kissed her cheek, then licked up into her ear as his hand fell onto her breast and gently kneaded her soft breast through
her halter. Tawny started breathing heavily and the animal’s nose was pressing into her clit ring, giving her tiny spasms of pleasure.

“C’mon, Tawny, little bitch you, give him a sampling, will you? Tell you what, let him taste it and I’ll go easy on you when I tie your sweet little
ass up and whip your reluctant bitch ass!”

“Oh no, Brad, Sir, please, not this.”

“Oh, don’t let me pressure you, baby. I’m going to whip your ass whether you are friendly to him or not, let there be no mistake there. I just
know you’ll like it, so I’m trying to talk you into trying it.”

Brad leaned his face close to hers and glared into her eyes. Tawny knew the look, the glare of passion that came over him when he wanted
something from her. Tawny felt a tear form in the corner of her eye and turned her head so Brad could push his tongue into her mouth. He
kissed her deeply and squeezed her breast, feeling for the stem of her nipple and pressing it firmly between his thumb and forefinger. He
sucked at her tender tidbit of a tongue when she offered it and pulled it into his mouth. Her mouth went limp under his assault and he knew he
had conquered the submissive bitch yet again. He sensed her desire welling up in her loins.

He slipped his hand to her panty string that held the wet patch of cloth up between the dog’s anxious tongue and Tawny’s pussy. Tawny
began to breathe faster and put her hand over his as it worked down her hip, pulling her panty with it. She shuddered as she felt the triangle
fall from her mons and then shivered as the animal’s tongue reached in and rubbed along her wet crease. The tongue slid over her ring, pulling
at it and shooting her pussy through with waves of wondrous pleasure. Brad bit her lip softly and patted her bare ass with his hand, then
slapped her thigh, indicating he wanted her to open her thighs some.

Tawny shook and slipped her heeled foot to the side, opening her thighs and exposing her full, pink slit to the dog’s attentive mouth. The
animal licked and sniffed into her pink gash with enthusiasm. Tawny shuddered and reached her hands up over her head and grasped the bars
of the gate. The animal’s tongue pressed against the soft pink blossom of her cunt and worked it into her open slit, sliding in to taste the first
wines of her growing need.

Brad backed away a little and watched while Darla’s girl drifted off into hell. Her eyes pleaded with him one more time to save her from this
descent into depravity, because every passing moment brought her deeper into that familiar fog of desire. The animal felt good. She felt erotic
and she was afraid Brad would know how turned on she was. It was her darkest secret, the one she never wanted anyone to know about.
Brad pushed his hand up under her halter and felt out her nipple rings.

“Baby, I like this. I need to check out the improvements. You got yourself pierced I see.”

He tugged lightly at her nipple ring, one then another, and pressed his tongue back into her mouth. The dog lanced his tongue against her
pussy over and over until Tawny could not hold out any more. The thought of an animal touching her made her frightened but the erotica
overcame her fear and her pussy twisted inside her. Her labia flayed and a stream of warm wetness streamed through her pink gash and down
the insides of her thighs. Brad felt her shake and knew his bitch was juicing her cunt and broke his kiss. The dog backed away as Tawny
gasped for more air and her orgasmic tremor drifted away.

“See, I told you you’d like it. Now, if you’re a good girl, I’ll let you play with him some more. Now come in, and let’s get those clothes off. I
have some new toys and equipment to play with. Tell me about your new jewelry and then let’s see if it makes you even more of a cum bitch.”

Brad watched her as she released the gate with her hands and stood on her tall black heels. She stepped around the dog and followed her
Master for the evening. Brad reached the door, opened it and let Tawny walk ahead. She glanced back at the animal as she entered, still
surprised that he had simply sat down and watched her as Brad walked her away.

“Hey, I told you, I’ll let you play with him again.”

Tawny looked away, embarrassed, but she knew that Brad was onto her now. He had seen her little orgasm and he would surely follow that up
and exploit her willingness to take pleasure from the animal. Rather than deny that she was interested in the dog, she said nothing. She had
learned the hard way that she should never ever lie to Brad.

Brad sat in a chair and let her take a few paces into the middle of the room. Tawny turned and saw him sitting and watching her, and she
knew what to do. She had clothing on, and she knew he didn’t like that, so she slowly swung her hips and moved her arms, pulling her halter
tie, rolling it off her shoulders and then stepped out of her skirt while she moved her body slowly and sensually before him. She noticed that
he had left the door ajar and while she stripped, the dog followed in and sat next to Brad while he watched approvingly. When she was naked
except for her heels, she struck a pose and set her feet wide so her pussy was open and looked ready for him.

Brad patted the dog and smiled as he sat forward on the edge of the chair.

“You liked it, didn’t you?”

Tawny stared, and felt her emotions rise up in her chest while tears welled in her eyes. It had felt good, and he was talking about the dog
again and she knew she had to admit it to him. Darla wanted her to please him and she was so afraid he was going to keep pushing the dog on

“You liked it, didn’t you, bitch!”

He repeated himself with a firmer tone that demanded an answer. Tawny nodded and swallowed. Brad stood up, coming to her and grabbed
her hair in one hand, then slapped her firmly across her breast with the flat of his hand.

“You can take that one or a hundred with my taws, but you will talk to me, bitch, and tell me the truth.”

Tawny shuddered and blinked a tear from her eye that she knew he would just thrive on. He knew she was breaking down in front of him and
he thrived on it. She cursed herself for leaking that tear.

“Yes, Master, I liked it. It felt good.”

Brad slapped her other breast and it burned and stung her flesh. Then he took her right nipple ring in his fingers and pulled it out, stretching it

“I’d much rather use this for pleasure, but if you don’t stop your little Miss Shit antics, I’m going to make you wish you hadn’t come here

Tawny whimpered. Brad knew her far to well. He knew her every thought before she even did and he wanted her to confess all her darkest
sexual thoughts to him before he made her do them.

“I liked it, Brad, Sir. It felt good and it was, erotic and sexy and I wanted it to happen.”

Brad gave a victorious smile and sat back down and stared at her. Tawny looked at the dog and she shivered then patted her mons and the
dog went to her and his tongue came out and moved along her pink gash and Tawny moaned as she slowly swung her hips up and toward the
animal. It felt good and Brad watched her approvingly as the animal had his way, licking her pussy, a task for which Brad had spent the last
five days reinforcing, using the scent from the underwear that Darla had supplied at his request.

Tawny placed her hands on the big dog’s ears and stepped a little closer. The dog lapped and nuzzled, moving her clit ring up and down,
massaging her sensuous flesh, brushing her clit, and it wasn’t long before Tawny shuddered and her cum trickled out again along the inner
folds of her labia and the dog lapped it up, enjoying the feminine hint of something better to come.

Tawny lost her orientation through her second orgasm at the urging of this animal’s mouth. She felt dizzy, but then found her awareness
returning. She was setting on a pad on the floor, leaning back on her arms and Brad was there over her, pushing his cock into her mouth.
Tawny began to suck the familiar warm flesh and Brad’s hands added to her erotic feelings as his fingers pulled and kneaded her new nipple
rings. Tawny felt warm and sensual all over. She thought about Brad’s cum, filling her mouth and she sucked while his fingers excited her

Brad stopped touching her and grabbed her head, pulled his cock out so only the tip fit in her lips and then jerked while his cock spewed warm
streams of his cum into her mouth. Tawny sucked and swallowed, following her long-standing instincts that gave her extreme pleasure from
feeling male juices flow into her mouth. Brad smiled down, filling her mouth several times before leaning back and leaving her mouth empty. It
was time for Brad to began the next step in turning Tawny into his bitch for the evening.

“And you like that, too, don’t you, Tawny. Like feeling that cum in your pretty little bitch mouth? Tell me how much you like it, Tawny.”

As he spoke, he slipped his hand up her thigh and began to touch her clit ring, pulling it gently, filling her body with desire. He wanted to keep
her hot and full of sexual want and he knew, with practiced precision how to do it. Her pierced sex made the task all the easier and he used
the tools that Darla had given him to use. He knew this step would be the hardest, so he planned to use all the tools available.

“I love it, Sir, love to feel cock in my mouth, suck the cum, swallow what is male.”

Brad grinned with joy, he couldn’t hope to put more appropriate words into her mouth. Now he was ready to put maleness into her mouth and
make her literally eat her words. He felt his cock well again as he contemplated getting Tawny to do the one thing that he had always wanted
her to do and it seemed it would happen tonight.

Brad flicked her clit ring and then pushed the tip of his finger into her pussy, keeping her alert and hot, slowly masturbating her, raising her
level of sexual want. He turned his head, seeing that his stud had not moved. He glanced down, happy to see his cock protruding from its
sheath an inch or two. He clicked his tongue on his cheek and the dog rose and came to him.

Tawny saw the animal come. She looked at it, then looked under it and saw the cock peering from the sheath. It was large, large like a
human, but red and slimy looking and she thought about sex and touching it, but she dismissed the idea as too radical. She looked back at
Brad and knew immediately she had erred. He had seen her; she knew it and she held her breath as she tried to tell herself she hadn’t.

“Thinking about sucking something, huh, bitch?”

His words shattered her psyche. He knew what she had thought, but she would not do it, no she wouldn’t.

Brad watched her, measuring her reaction, judging her response. He decided to apply more force.

“What did your Mistress tell you about tonight, baby? Do you want her to get a good report? I’ll never ask you to do anything you don’t want
to do, you know that, Tawny, don’t you little, bitch?”

Brad watched her and tapped the dog’s hindquarters. The beast stepped forward, his cock swung in its sheath as he stood next to their

“Touch it, baby. It’s cock, just like any cock, male cock and you can touch it, just touch it for me now, I know you want to see it.”

Tawny looked at Brad, then at the red tipped rod protruding from the hairy sheath. He just wanted her to touch it, she told herself. That’s all,
she told herself. She could do that, for him, and for Darla, so she would be a good girl for Darla.

“Go on, Tawny, touch it, make him big and hard, take a look at that big hard cock on that beast. I know you’re curious as I am. It won’t bite.”

Brad made such sense and she was so hot. His finger tugged at her ring and she wanted him to fuck her so bad. The dog’s cock looked so evil
and red and she wondered how big it was. If she looked, and if Brad saw it and got horny, he would fuck her, she reasoned, and forget about
the dog. Tawny looked at Brad one more time and then lifted her hand and wrapped her fingertips around the end of the cock.

Brad watched, unable to suppress a look of relief and joy as her fingers contacted with the dog’s cock. She stroked it gently and, as the
animal was well trained to expect such contact, the appendage quickly swelled and slipped from its hairy sheath. Each motion of her fingers
produced another swelling throb and the cock swelled larger and thicker. Tawny watched with amazement. The animal’s cock grew rapidly in
her hand, making her feel somehow sexually desirable in a very earthy way. It was larger than she thought, thick, about 7 inches long outside
the furry sheath and she wasn’t sure it was finished swelling. The shaft began to move on its own, jerking like a small, motorized piston. The
dog panted and looked back at her, as though he was somehow detached from his pointed organ.

Brad slipped to the side, moving to her side and holding her near the animal. It stood motionless next to her and Brad sandwiched Tawny
between himself and the dog. He reached between her legs, keeping up the slow, steady manipulation of her pussy, keeping her hot and
sexually aroused. While he moved, he spoke to her in a low gentle voice, reinforcing her visual stimulation, telling her how big and sexy it
looked, so much like any man, so hot and sexy. He brought another hand to her neck, massaging it gently, moving her hair aside. He watched
Tawny and recognized the stare, she was in a cloud of sexual erotica and now is the time when she can best be convinced to follow her
erotic instincts. Brad launched his sales pitch.

“Big and erotic, isn’t it, Tawny? You want it, I know, you want to suck it, bitch, take it in your mouth and feel that warm sexy shaft on your
tongue, sucking it and tasting that maleness.”

Tawny shut her eyes, but the image remained. She did want to, wanted to suck it, but she didn’t want Brad to know, not that, it was her
secret. She struggled for the last time to keep herself from sinking to that level of sexual depravity. Then it happened. She felt it first, and
then she saw it. Hot wet liquid began to touch her hand. She looked and rivulets of clear, warm liquid began to spurt from the hole at the end
of the hard, red cock in her hand. Brad saw it too and he didn’t know if it would turn her off or turn her on. He had hoped it would come later,
but this animal was ready. He prepared to play his final card.

“Yes, bitch, look at that, so much hot wet cum, suck it, baby, suck him. You want this, Darla wants this for you.”

Brad had hoped she would do it for him, or for her own pleasure, but now it would be for Darla and Brad was sorry that she had more control
over her than he did, but at least she was sharing with him.

Tawny heard his words and needed no more encouragement. She wanted this, but now she had an excuse. It wasn’t her own desire; she was
doing this for Darla. She slid herself under the animal and pulled the shaft down. Her lips parted and the first spray of dog cum striped her
cheek. She lifted her body up, caught the cock in her lips and closed.

Brad watched and felt his cock swell again. He grabbed his cock and began to masturbate while he watched Tawny sucked on the big dog
cock stuffing her mouth. Her cheeks imploded and hugged the shaft while she sucked it deeper into her cavity. The dog gave a little moan of
excitement and began to piston his cock while she sucked it, swallowing every so often as the warm liquid flowed into her waiting mouth.

Tawny felt so sexy and hot. She knew Brad was watching her and could tell he was masturbating. The feeling was so erotic and dirty and she
was getting a thrill like she had never felt. Her mouth sucked and swallowed and the animal pumped more wet juice into her. She grasped the
base of the shaft and it grew in her fingers. The base grew, but not the cock and the more it grew, the more cum flowed into her mouth.
Tawny was totally turned on and grasped at her breast. That small stimulation set her off and she shook her hips as her pussy spurted the
warm flow of cum that marked each of her satisfying orgasms.

Brad looked on, mesmerized by the primordial eroticism evoked by what he saw. Tawny was clutching at the animal’s bulging knot, the
baseball-sized swollen section of cock located at the base of his shaft. She was moving her body around under the dog, her eyes were closed,
and her mouth sucked while her lips slipped up and down the hard red shaft. He pumped his own shaft, feeling the rock-like hardness of his
own cock, which was kept inflated by the erotic vision of this super-hot bitch cavorting in front of him. He gasped, held his fist still and
caught his breath just as a small trickle of cum slipped out of the open hole at the tip of his pole. He wanted to shoot his load, but didn’t want
to waste it without having his hot little bitch to shoot it into. He wanted to save it for Tawny.

Tawny slipped her mouth up and down the shaft and stopped, sucked and then slipped her lips back and off the dog’s cock. She looked at the
pulsing shaft and it was still and quiet. She wondered, had the beast finished its climax? Brad saw the confusion in her face and smiled,
stroking her cheek with his fingers.

“The calm before the storm bitch. He’s going to cum in just a little while. Where do you want it?”

Tawny shuddered. She felt foolish now. She had been sucking this animal and Brad was seeing it. She was hot, horny and she had loved it,
sucking a dog’s cock, and Brad had seen it all. The surprise pause in the action, when the dog stopped leaking it’s fluids, had broken the erotic
spell that had been captivating her and now she was thinking more with her head again instead of her pussy. But, the animal had not fucked
her and she grasped to a hope that she would not slip that far. Maybe Brad just wanted her to suck the animal. She hesitated and looked
down, afraid to look at Brad. She knew she had lost when he placed his hand on her head and turned her face toward him. Brad glared at her
and then pointed back to the large lounge chair behind her.

“Set your ass on that, close to the edge. You can’t leave a load like that in a partner. You wouldn’t want that, would you bitch?”

Tawny gave a dejected look and slipped her body back toward the chair. She thought about how good the cock would feel in her pussy and
how hot and sexy a flow of hot cum would feel filling her vagina. Brad already knew she liked it, so she knew she had to finish. She told herself
that it would be her little secret with Brad; but then she thought about Darla. Brad would tell her. Would Darla approve? A sting at her breast
interrupted her thoughts. Brad had her by her ring again and pulled her cruelly. Tawny followed her stressed nipple and found her face an inch
from Brad’s.

“I’m gonna whip your sweet little ass good for this bitch. Then I’m gonna fuck it.”

Brad gave her a wide grin, knowing that his punishment would seem like a reward for her.

“Now I better hear a fucking answer bitch, or I may never stop the flogger.”

“No Sir, I need to feel his load in my pussy. I want to fuck him.”

Brad let her nipple ring go and set his thumb and forefinger into the stem of her stiff nipple. He motioned to the chair. The dog was acting
impatient now, moving his body to and fro and his face occasionally dipped down to sniff at it’s bitch’s pussy. Brad watched her mount the
chair and watched her confused look.

“Take him on your back, his knot is too big to get into you now, so you’ll miss the real fun, this time.”

Tawny settled her ass into the chair, near the forward edge and opened her thighs, resting her heels wide apart and then lifted her hips so her
pussy swung up and open. She watched her pussy and felt sexy and dirty as she spread herself out while Brad watched and the dog came to
her pussy and licked at it. She had heard Brad say, “this time”, and felt a wave of anxiety as she came to realize that Brad was going to make
her fuck the dog more, maybe a lot more, until she could get back to Darla. She wondered if Darla knew.

“Yes, you heard it right bitch. I said this time. Now that I know what a dirty little bitch you like to be, I have a nice surprise for you. This is
just the practice dog. Your break-in partner. Later, I’ll show you your Master. You’ll really fuck for that one and you’ll want to be his bitch
forever, because he can fuck like nothing you’ve ever felt before.”

His words sunk in just as the dog mounted the chair over her. She closed her eyes and felt the cock swing and shake against her labia. Brad
gave a little assist with the aim and the eager animal-spear slipped into her ready and wanting slit. The animal paused and then jerked his
sinewy haunches, burying the 5 inches of cock below the bulging knot deep into her cunt.

“There it is baby, you are a real bitch now, just like you always wanted to be.”

Tawny listened to Brad’s dirty talk and shuddered as the dog-cock began to jerk and slip in and out of her horny pussy. Tawny was getting
close to her orgasm when the cock suddenly stopped moving and the dog gave a little growl and moved in close to her. The cock froze, tightly
pressed into her pussy and the dog began to pant above her face. Brad watched with sharp attention and Tawny opened her eyes, wondering
what she had done wrong. Just as she focused on Brad she felt it. It was like a hot flood of piss and she jerked her hips in surprise. Brad
squeezed her thigh and told her to be still. The dog growled and moved his hips in close again, pressing his big knot against her labia and
crushing her clit ring into her clit. Tawny moaned and shook her hip in small jerking motions as her orgasm grew from inside her. The flow of
hot liquid filled her pussy and began to seep out from around the knot pressed into her pussy lips. The feel of the hot cum flowing into her and
the erotic aura overcame Tawny and she began to groan and vibrate under the animal. Her orgasm flowed on and she humped her pussy up
against the animal over and over.

Brad grasped her thigh, holding her still and watched her as her own cum mixed with the animal’s and began to slip out of the joint between
pussy and dog-cock. The wet sex juice flowed along her crack, over her ass and dripped to the floor in a slow stream of sexual release. Brad
watched and his cock throbbed. He could not resist any more and quickly jerked his cock with his hand. After a few long, steady strokes, he
pushed his cock down and pointed it toward her face and spewed his cum onto her face and her neck. He jerked his cock again and more of
his cum flowed out and spread over Tawny’s face, neck and down her torso.

Tawny vibrated with erotic passion and sexual fulfillment. She rolled her hips, pushing her spasmodic pussy against the dog’s big knot and
reveled in the flow of hot male cum filling her pussy. Brad’s cum spewed out onto her and she spread it over her face and neck with her
fingers. She opened her mouth and sucked his cum off her fingers and moaned happily, rolling in the sea of cum that was enveloping her while
her pussy spewed out her own pleasurable climax.

Tawny lost track of time and mood, but found her senses come back to focus as she lay in the chair, legs spread and her fingers dabbling in
Brad’s cum. The dog was gone, but she still felt the warmth of his cum as it slipped from her wet slit. Now she was so glad that Brad made her
do all the things she really loved to do.

* * * * *

Brad sat across from her while she took the last bite of the light meal he had so painstakingly prepared in the microwave for her. Brad had
never been much of anything but a sex partner, so his cooking was certainly not the best. Throughout the short meal he had praised her for
her honesty and told her how proud he was of her, now that she had, at last, let him in on her sexually perverse desire to be a real kennel
bitch. He told her how hot he thought that was and how nice it will be to see her do it again. He told her that he’d want to get it all down on
tape, so he could watch it again and again. Tawny listened and felt the last vestiges of her individuality slip away. Brad told her it was all a
part of being a slave and reminded her that she never did anything she didn’t really like. Tawny admitted to him, that he was right.

“So, Brad, Sir, what will you have me do with this other dog, I mean, I have to leave tomorrow.”

Tawny searched for some answers to the questions she had been only guessing at. He was going to make her fuck another dog and he was
going to film it. The thought brought back nostalgic memories of when she could say no to these things, but now, she sat here, Darla’s jewelry
in her nipples and her clit and Brad dictating any sexual act he wished her to do and she would obey him. She was a slave and she was afraid,
but at the same time, elated and totally satisfied sexually.

Brad answered her with silence. He got up, placed his hand on her neck and squeezed gently and lifter her from her seat. He guided her
through a door and into his little BDSM room and started to bind her wrists together. He tied her wrists to a rope, ran it through a wall pulley
and pulled so she was secured over a padded bench. Her ass was smoothly displayed in a sexy curve over the bench. Brad then patted her
ass softly with his hand and reached down and swung a leather flogger with a threatening snap. Only then did he begin to talk.

“I believe you owe me a whipping Tawny. You need to remember your place. You need to remember to tell me everything Tawny. There are no
secrets between a slave and a dominant. No secrets and no hesitations. If it turns you on, bitch, you’re going to do it, no matter how
perverted or weird it seems. You are a fucking unbelievable fucking machine that has just got to be used.”

Brad guided the flogger down over her ass and let the heat and soreness grow slowly. He began swinging it harder and Tawny moaned and
flinched as the lashes fell repeatedly over her left ass cheek. Several more fell and Tawny began to whimper. Her pussy had begun to moisten,
but now the pain overwhelmed the pleasure and Brad kept up the lashes.

“Hurts now, doesn’t it bitch? It stops getting fun about now, doesn’t it?”

Tawny sniffled and looked back, tensing her ass, fearing the next swing. He had whipped her so many times before and he knew just exactly
what he was doing. She felt so helpless, unable to fuss or fake her real pain, because he knew, from experience, just how much she could
take and when the pain really began.

“Yes Sir, it does hurt now. I’m sorry for not sharing, for not talking to you, not telling you what I want.”

Brad let the flogger go again, slapping her three more times.

“Sure, you’ll talk now, it’s easy to say you’re sorry, but I want you to remember what I’m saying bitch. No hesitation, when you get hot and
horny, you show it and you always fuck like a hot little bitch, don’t ever forget that again.”

The lash came down again and then again and Tawny whimpered and shook as the flogger burned and stung into her memory. Brad knew
these last several were hitting her hard and getting to her. He hesitated and slapped the flogger down again and watched as her tears flowed.
He knew they were not false. He waited, raised the flogger and laid it across her left cheek one more time and watched her jerk her body. He
had made his point with her. Brad dropped the whip and stood behind her, his hands playing over the smooth cheeks of her ass. Her left cheek
was sore and sensitive, the right felt cool and sensual. Brad lifted his left hand and then pushed it between her ass cheeks, pressing his
fingertips against her puckered hole. It was cold and slippery with a lubricant and his middle finger easily penetrated. Tawny relaxed her
sphincter as his finger rolled around, coating her anus with the lubricant. Brad withdrew his finger and held her hips. She felt his cock lay on
her crack.

“Now I’m going to fuck you, like I said I would, and while I do, I’ll tell you what you’re going to do for me Tawny, and you’re going to do a very
good job. I still have your right cheek and your tits to whip if you don’t make me happy and tell me the truth about what dirty little sexual
dreams live in your slutty little head.”

Brad pushed his cockhead down between her cheeks and slowly and steadily slipped it into her ass. Tawny moaned and shivered as her ass
accepted his cock. He began to pull his cock out and then pushed it in, a little deeper, fucking her the way he knew that she loved to be
fucked, with slow, steady and forceful thrusts, deep into her hot sexy holes.

“You like this now don’t you Tawny? Like a big cock stuffed into your hot little ass, pressing against your clit from the inside.”

Tawny did love it. Brad always made her feel so submissive, so used and so well fucked. His cock was big and smooth and warm and he was
such a good fucker, always pleasing her so well. She moaned and begged him not to stop, to fuck her ass the way he was, because he was
so very good at it. Brad listened to her and reached over, untying her hands, then pulled his cock from her and motioned her toward the door.
He took her to his bed and laid her down and fucked her pussy until she squirmed and shook under him, on the edge of her climax, and he kept
her there, near her climax. Brad rolled her over, placing her on all fours and fucked her more, from the back. He fucked her pussy, fucked her
ass and then fucked her pussy some more. Tawny was a squirming mass of grateful pussy under his masterful handling, and then he began to
tell Tawny what he wanted her to do the following day. Tawny shuddered and listened as she fucked him and dreamed of what he told her
and fucked him more. Tawny sprayed her cum out as he filled her pussy with his hot fluids and she fell into a deep, satisfying sleep. In the
morning, she would do everything Brad told her and she would do it better than any bitch had ever done it, because it was sexy and dirty and
she was his slave.

* * * * *

Tawny woke up with the sun on her body. Brad rolled back off of her and groaned. She saw his cock lay against his thigh and slid her body
around so she could suck him awake. Her mouth moved toward his cockhead and her tongue darted out, wrapping under the cap and pulling
his cockhead into her lips. She sucked gently, pulling most of his deflated flesh into her warm oral cavity and ran her tongue along his coronal
ridge, feeling the sculpture of his penis in her mouth.

Brad hissed and placed his hand on her head, lightly massaging her scalp, then pulled gently on her hair, working her mouth off his cock.

“Good girl, but I don’t have time. Save it for your new partner. Now up and dress and have a little something to eat. Showtime is just a couple
hours away. I want you clean inside and out, shaved, oiled and ready. All the stuff is in the dressing room.”

Brad leapt out of the bed and wandered out of the room. Tawny had a moment to think. The room was familiar to her. She had used it as a
dressing area for Brad when she was his live-in 24/7. Now she was back, this time being called a slave and she had a list of instructions to
follow to prepare for the most sexually erotic thing she had ever done. Brad had secretly and otherwise wanted her to do this for as long as
he knew her and now she was going to go through with it, because she owed a loyalty to Darla. Tawny stepped into the shower and began to
soap her body. She confessed to herself, that Darla was not the only reason. Darla was her excuse. She was doing this because she wanted
to be sexy and admired, to be a more submissive person for her dominant partners and she liked sex and the dog made her feel real good. She
was going to fuck an animal for Brad’s collected audience and his camera because she was a slutty bitch, and the best slutty bitch he would
ever know, and it was going to be sexy and erotic and feel good too. This was why she agreed to serve Darla to begin with, to feel new
things and be the best of the best when it came to sex.

Tawny had bathed, inside and out and she gave her smooth pussy a final going-over with a fresh razor. She sat on a small chair and imagined
the thrill of this upcoming act while she spread a thin coat of fragrant body oil over her skin. She stood and looked into the mirror; pleased
with the sexy sheen the oil left on her skin and how it highlighted her feminine curves. She smiled to herself, thinking, the dog will never
notice, but her sexy body will arouse the audience when she sensually strips in front of them.

Moving back into the dressing room, she sat on a stool and spread her thighs open and picked up the red jar that Brad had left for her. She
opened it and a strong, pungent odor filled her nostrils. She turned her head away and then took a long, cotton swab and dipped it in the
liquid in the container. She took the soaked swab and pressed it into her pussy. She fed the long swab into her tunnel and then returned the
swab to the liquid. She did this several times, until she was certain her pussy was impregnated with the odor and then she sealed the jar. Brad
had told her this would give her the scent that would give the animal a raging impulse to fuck her. The thought made her pussy tingle. She
must smelled like a bitch in heat, she thought, and that was just the way she felt too.

Next, she took a pair of cur clip pliers and loosened her jewelry in her vulva, removing the two rings. She would go without for this show
because this partner would not understand restraint. The thought made her quiver again. Last, she lifted a pile of thin chains and began to
fasten them to her nipple adornments. She worked wire nipple clamps under her rings and fastened them snugly around the base of her
nipples, forcing them to swell and harden. She stood before the mirror and looked at her body. Her nipples were swollen and hard and chains
swung from her piercing rings, connecting her breasts with an erotic slave-look. Her pussy was clean and she knew that it would attract the
primal instincts of the animal she had not yet seen. Tawny pulled her hair up, clipped it in a bunch on her head, so it would not hang down and
disturb the show she would soon put on.

Brad walked in behind her and smiled when he saw her naked body was prepared. He lifted the red jar and shook it, gaining her assurance that
she had thoroughly swabbed her lustful tunnel for her partner to be. Brad tapped her arm and motioned her into the dressing area and began
to hand her clothing items to wear. There were heels, a garter belt, stockings, a lace lift bra, lace panties, a decorative blouse, a skirt, heels,
and jewelry. Tawny drew on the clothing and listened while Brad talked to her about his expectations.

“Just about everyone is here. There are ten; eight men, two women. I want them all panting by the time you’re nude. You know how to do it,
even for experienced people like these.”

He paused and watched while she stretched the last of her supports down and hooked them to the hem of her dark, fishnet stockings. He told
her to put her heels on next; he liked to see her in heels. Tawny stooped and obeyed him and looked back to him, assuring him she could still
strip like the best. Brad watched her while he taunted her with a description of her canine Master-to-be.

“Your mate is a mix; shepherd, Dane and something else big and ugly. He’s a big animal, weighs more than you do and you’ll like his equipment;
he has a big and hungry cock, Tawny. He’ll fuck you like you will never believe. I want a little foreplay, a little oral, just so they can see how
fucking dirty and slutty you can be; then get down on the mat and offer yourself. He won’t have much patience with your scent being so
strong, but I’ll be there to make sure he behaves. Once he’s in, enjoy it. He’ll probably fuck you for the better part of an hour, so make sure
you don’t panic or something stupid like that. I can get him off in an emergency, but be sure there isn’t an emergency. Just take him and he
won’t fuss. Once he’s in you, he won’t want to let go. Believe me, I know how he feels if he’s going to be fucking you. And if anything
intervenes on him, he could get very mean, so be sure you let him wet your trough as much as he wants so he’s satisfied. I know you know
how to do that, bitch.”

Tawny fastened her skirt and then pulled on her blouse, attaching the one snap between her breasts. Her chest flowed up out of the blouse
forming a pair of beautiful, full globes with a deep cleavage. Brad admired her then stepped close to her and placed his hands on her bare
waist, pulling her to him.

“I’m happy you are doing this for me. You re the hottest fuck I will ever know and I’ll miss you after this. If I do see you again, know that you
can always come to me if you need help.”

Tawny opened her lips as he leaned and gave her a long deep kiss. She felt special and was glad she was leaving him with a special memory.
It seemed right that she should go through this one last limit under his supervision. He had never displeased her sexually.

“Thank you Sir, Brad, Sir. I will miss you too. Thank you for leading me through my fantasies and helping me feel all the things I have dreamt.”

* * * * *

She strutted back and forth before the group of onlookers gathered in Brad’s little auditorium at the back of his house. She made eye contact
with each member of the audience and then she spun her body around and unfastened her blouse. The music started, a fast disco-type beat
that she found perfect for the moves she wanted to do. She shook her hips and spun, peeling her blouse away in a slow and sensual way that
she could see was keeping their attention. She kept her body in motion, moving back and forth, stepping over and around the rubberized pad
in the center of the room that she knew would soon be center stage for her display of primordial lust.

The skirt fell away and Tawny lifted her heeled feet out of the circle of fabric as she spun her body around. She turned, flipping the unused
piece of outerwear toward the crowd. Now she began to work on her bra and panties. She worked them off in measured motions, blending her
movements with the beat of the music until her naked mons was plainly in view and her chained breasts were swaying methodically for all to
see. Tawny slipped her heeled foot to the side and slipped her finger down to part her pink furrow. She tapped her finger into her cunt until it
was wet, and brought it to her nipple and moved it so the crowd could see her hard, aroused tits slicked with her pussy juices. She moved her
body, slid along the floor and rolled before them while she licked her lips and flipped her tongue over her stiff and sexy nipples. Her motions
were making her hot and excited and her mood became epidemic for the onlookers. Several men began to rub their cocks and one of the girls
pulled her hand up her thigh and began to finger herself while she watched Tawny’s sexual teasing.

Tawny looked to Brad and he nodded, smiling, and Tawny knew the time was near. She stood motionless, and then rolled her hips to the beat
of the music while she unfastened a stocking and slowly rolled it down her thigh. She repeated the performance with her other stocking,
removing a heel each time and returning the heel onto her foot. She rolled her garter belt off while she thrashed about on the mat. She was
nude now, except for her breast adornments and heels. She pinched her nipples and slipped the nipple loops off, followed by several strands of
her chains. The only adornment she now wore were her nipple rings, connected by a single chain. She stood still, feet wide apart and pushed
her hands up though her hair and then stretched her body. The spotlight glowed on her now, illuminating her flesh and reflecting off her softly
oiled skin. Her pussy was pink, her slit open, as though signaling her readiness to fuck, and the music stopped. She was a bitch and she was in
heat and she was ready to show Brad’s friends what a hot fuck-bitch she could really be. Tawny was ready to transition to another high point
in her lust for sexual pleasure.

There was a dramatic moment of silence and then another tune came over the sound system. It was a steady, primordial beat and it was
permeated with the howl and bark of a dog in the background. Tawny turned her side to the audience and the door to the room opened.

The animal was larger than the one the previous day. He stood erect and proud and tramped into the room, wandering around the edge of the
room a moment as he looked over the people sitting and watching. Tawny felt her pulse surge as she watched him pass into her field of view.
He looked aggressive and moved with precision. He was a muscular beast and had a proud look on his face. She felt trapped now and a feeling
of doubt filled her consciousness. It was a big beast and it had a menacing look about it. The dog made one more pass across the room and
then went directly to her pussy.

There was no hesitance or easing into it like the day before. He pressed his cold nose directly against her mons and his tongue immediately
began to thrash out and brush along her pink trough. He pressed against her pink blossom and worked his supple tongue into her, tasting the
sweet evidences of her readiness to receive him. He turned his head a little and jabbed his tongue out and she felt it rub across her lips and
up over her clit. Her hands went down, gently stroking the animal behind the ears and she sighed, rolling her hips slightly and pushing her
pussy forward, toward the animal’s probing mouth. Tawny felt her doubt melt as the animal dug his mouth into her pussy, igniting her desire
and making her feel sexy and desirable. She moved her hips delicately, hardly aware of an audience any more. She looked up a moment,
caught a glimpse of Brad, fussing with a video camera, and then watched the animal’s tongue lap and curl against her pulsing labia. His tongue
came out and lapped at her and she leaned back, arching her back and opening her legs further. She sighed a little moan of pleasure and the
dog began licking at her pussy in earnest.

Tawny patted the animal’s neck and moved her hips back from his hungry mouth. The dog broke the contact and Tawny quickly stooped and
rested her ass on the mat. She leaned back and then tilted onto one arm and reached back with her free hand and moved it along the animal’s
lower belly. The dog immediately moved close to her, turning his side to the audience. They could see her fingers now, sliding along the pointy
tip of the dog’s cock. The spear-like object began to emerge from the hairy sheath. Tawny carefully stroked it and it continued to emerge and
swell. She felt a wave of anxiety fill her again as it continued to slip out of the sheath. It swelled and fattened and she could see it was larger
than an average human’s. Her heart was pounding in her chest as it became apparent how large this animal was. As soon as it was fully
emerged, it began to drip a steady flow of clear liquid from the tip. Tawny thought it was an ideal size for her and she looked up a moment to
see if she could catch Brad’s attention and thank him with a wink. It was large in proportion to a human; red in color, and about 9 or 10 inches
outside the sheath. It was the diameter of a typical human cock of similar length. The difference was in the tip, which was pointed and a dark
red color. Tawny could already see that it was going to fill her pussy completely. She was 7 inches deep, but she knew that a determined
partner could stretch her to take 10 inches. That stretching gave her an extra rush and Brad knew that, so she guessed that he had selected
this particular animal for her based in it’s ideal cock size.

The flow of liquid coming from it began to coat Tawny’s fingers and it began to jerk in her hand, with the liquid spilling everywhere. Tawny
remembered that Brad had told her she would need to move faster. She had to do her oral before the cock began to swell at the base. She
thought about that as she took in the size. The bulge would take up a few inches, but that still left a good 7 or 8 inches to fill her pussy, and
that would be even if the knot didn’t get into her. Brad would do all he could to get it into her, so she was really in for a good fucking. The
thought made her pulse race.

Tawny moved her body a little, moving closer to the animal and the liquid spilling off her hand and fingers began to drip on her thighs. She
slipped her body down, pushed her shoulders under the dog, facing upward. Tawny opened her mouth and fed the end of the cock directly
into her mouth as it hung open, upside down. She began to suck and swallow as the stream of discharge flowed into her mouth. Tawny
wanted to make this clear to the crowd as none of the liquid was dripping from her lips. Tawny sensed the crowd was awed and that
sensation gave her a feeling of sexual fulfillment. She was showing Brad’s audience that she was enjoying what she was doing and the
movements of her cheeks and the animal’s continual pumping motions signaled that it was an equally pleasurable act for both.

Tawny pulled back and a jet of clear liquid sprayed on her cheek. The audience seemed to sigh in unison. Tawny caught a quick glance and
saw that several men were openly masturbating as they watched in fascination. The animal’s cock was beginning to swell at the base so
Tawny knew it was time to place herself in a position of availability for her partner. She shivered with anticipation and thought about this
animal fucking her for an hour. She took a deep breath and rolled her body over onto her hands and knees. Brad stepped up and set a small
stool in front of her, something for her to lean on if she wanted it.

The dog was acting very anxious now, strutting back and forth, his cock swinging loosely under his body, the flow of ejaculate flipping through
the air. Tawny could tell it was time and leaned onto the stool, grasping the legs with her hands. Brad came forward just as the animal
mounted her. His cock was flailing wildly between her legs and it began to growl. Tawny’s heart raced, and she was afraid for a moment that
something had gone wrong. She froze with fear and gasped. Brad gently told her everything was OK, so Tawny arched her back, pushed back
and down and then Brad gave the animal a gentle push just above his tail. Tawny lifted her hand to her pussy, using her fingers like a funnel
and felt the cock slip along her fingers and to her ready gash. The cock found the open slit and with one solid lunge, the animal thrust its
spear deep into her gut. The animal jerked his sinewy haunches and began to fuck her hard and fast. The animal lacked any pretense of
gentleness. It fucked like a machine, in a humping motion with machine-like regularity. Once the large pointed organ was in its bitch’s opening,
animal instinct seized the moment and he drove his pole into her with all the force of his 150 lb. body.

Tawny groaned as the thick hot rod filled her sheath. It shoved deep, knocking against her cervix and began to hit into her deeply with fast,
short pumping strokes. She felt an ache and then a sense of relaxation as the animal thrust into her relentlessly, stretching her vagina to
accommodate his size. She could hear the cock slurping in and out of her gash. The liquid continued to flow, filling her passage and slipping
down the insides of her thighs. She rocked her body a little, as the dog grasped at her ribs with his forepaws and rested his head on her
shoulder, panting and drooling.

Tawny was overcome with the erotic feeling and the primordial atmosphere. Her pussy twisted and she groaned through a tight spasm. The
first tingles of her orgasm began to spread through her body like ripples on a pond, each little spasm following the next until the ripples grew
and great rolling waves of passion took their place. Tawny felt hot streaks of pleasure roaring in from all directions to focus in her pussy where
the animal’s cock continued to jab into her without pause. Pain and pleasure chased each other through the delicate walls of her pussy, but
she groaned under her Master, a prisoner of her own pulsing need. Her pussy spewed out her own wetness, mixing with the already abundant
flow of liquid spewing from the animal’s cock.

The crowd fell silent, watching in awe as they saw Tawny shiver and groan through an orgasm only moments after first penetration. The
fucking continued in earnest and without pause. Tawny moaned and arched. She could already feel another orgasm gathering in her pussy
because the animal’s cock fit so tightly in her pussy and it slipped through the flood of ejaculate so easily that the stimulation was greater
than anything she had felt in her pussy before.

Tawny began to rock her body to the rhythm of the animal. The heavy beat of the music seemed to meld with the animal’s jerking cock and
Tawny fell into a steady motion of good, deep fucking with the dog. She began to feel dominated and adequate as his bitch and that made
her feel good inside. She rocked herself into another orgasm, shaking and wiggling under the animal until a low growl made her freeze again.
The animal was communicating with her, telling her to remain still under him. It was as though he wanted to say he would do the fucking. His
cock continued to move into her unabated. It felt like a gang-bang to her. The cock kept pumping into her pussy like a young teen’s and it
was completely unrelenting, even as she shivered and wiggled through her orgasms. She loved it; had never been fucked so aggressively for
so long.

Several minutes passed when the animal suddenly stopped and moved about with his hind legs. Brad had been watching the bulge at the base
of the animal’s cock swell and had been concerned about it being locked out of Tawny’s cunt. He wanted her to get the full fucking from this
hung beast, so when the animal paused, he was relieved. He knew it was time to help him get seated into her cunt before it got too big. He
took one hand and placed it on Tawny’s shoulder and another on the dog, just above the tail again, and pressed the two together. The dog
moved a little and pressed his swollen cock against Tawny’s puffy pink lips. Brad leaned to watch and pushed again.

Tawny had been feeling the fleshy lump slap into her clit with each thrust. She knew that something would eventually happen, expected to
feel a stretching in her labia, but that expectation and anxiety had all been lost in the excitement of the fucking up to now. Now Tawny let
out a audible groan as she felt her pussy stretched with a dull, painful ache. Brad had come to her, was touching her and she felt the animal
push against her, forcing his bulging knot into her pussy opening. She relaxed and the dog stepped forward. Tawny felt the movement in her
and the cock slipped further into her pussy, deep and aching. Her pussy ached from the stretching at her entrance and she had to
concentrate and relax to become accustomed to the larger shape in her pussy. Brad relaxed as he watched the bulge sink into her labia and
disappear into her cunt. Tawny’s pussy swallowed up the bulge, which had grown quite large, and the pressure from her elastic vagina held it
deep within her and ready to receive his seed.
Tawny grunted and moaned loudly, obviously in discomfort, then her head dropped and she moaned softly, pushing her body back toward the
animal. The crowd seemed to sigh in unison as Tawny shook and moaned. She shuddered and another orgasm filled her body, giving her
pleasure and discomfort as her pussy tried to move and spasm on the giant fleshy pole stuffing her insides.

The dog was no longer panting. His huge jowls were closed and he stared intently at the bare wall across the room. To the audience, the
animal appeared to be a magnificent picture of animal endurance and concentration. He was tireless. His strong haunches hunkered over the
soft curve of Tawny’s ass and continued to jerk in uneven spasms, pressing his cock deep into her and working his knot tightly into her tunnel.

Silence filled the room. Only Tawny’s heavy breathing could be heard as the dog stayed locked tight to his bitch. He moved a little every once
in a while, but Brad stayed on guard to be sure that the dog did not attempt to pull away or turn until his bulging knot had subsided. Minutes
past and Brad sensed a bit of unrest. He knew that the dog would begin to pump his seed into Tawny soon, but he didn’t know how soon. He
thought of something to do. He turned to the audience, asking if anyone cared to feel the lips of his bitch upon his cock. There was only a
moment delay before one of the men who had been masturbating came forward to offer his cock. He knelt in front of Tawny and pushed his
cock to her mouth. He must have been very close to an orgasm, because it was only a brief time after Tawny opened her mouth and wrapped
her lips over his shaft that his sperm-laden load gushed into her mouth. She swallowed and his cock slipped out of her mouth just as she

Tawny’s thighs shook again and the dog began a slow jerking motion. She breathed heavily as the animal began to pulse gushes of hot liquid
deep in her pussy, spreading out over her cervix. The hot wetness and the small motions from the dog’s cock tripped her into another orgasm.
Tawny didn’t feel any tiny ripples of pleasure this time. The hot dog cum flowing into her triggered an immediate wave of pleasure traveling
through her loins. Her hips vibrated and she broke into a soaking sweat as her pussy thrashed and grasped at the tight package locked into
her tunnel. The animal seemed to enjoy the feel, because it began to move and then jerked his hips a few times. Tawny felt more of the
animal’s hot cum spurt into her and then felt it drip down her thighs as it seeped out of the tight seal between his bulging knot and her
stretched pussy lips. The knot pressed tightly in her pussy, placing pressure on her clit stem from within. Every movement of the animal felt
like a vibrator pressed on her clit.

Several more minutes passed and the animal suddenly jumped back and his deflating cock slipped from Tawny’s well-used cunt. A stream of
liquid poured out of the stretched slit and gushed down Tawny’s legs and onto the mat. The release of pressure gave Tawny yet another
surge of erotic feelings and she grimaced and gasped as another tremor of deep-seated spasm rolled through her pussy. She had lost count of
the orgasms. It seemed as though she had had one constantly the whole time she bitched for this animal.

Brad let her stay motionless, panting and sweating as the animal’s excess cum continued to drain from her stretched tunnel and down her
thighs. He motioned to the audience to file away and they watched her as they walked by her, still amazed and aroused by her extraordinary
display of sexual eroticism. Tawny lost track of time, but at some point, Brad came to her and knelt next to her. He kissed her cheek and held
her arm and guided her to his shower and then his hot tub, where he treated her with kindness and appreciative gentleness. His last task was
to get her back to her Mistress on time along with the video record of her extraordinary performance as a true bitch.


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