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Ariel wants love from her loyal doggy Patrice! She gives him loads of loving and kisses, which Patrice approves. Later on they’ll be indulging on more banging and sucking. See more Ariel and Patrice action at



# The Honeymoon

Tears were streaming down Sam’s face, “What’s happening?” he thought to himself. The older black man who spoke to him earlier sat down
next to him and brought to what appeared to be a glass whisky and put it up to Sam’s mouth.

“Here, Sam, I think you need this.” Sam gulped down the booze. “She’s one fine bitch, isn’t she?” he said to him. Sam just looked over at him
and coughed from the liquor. “Man, I can’t believe the way your wife was pumping her body up there, and those tits…their fucking sweet. I
would sure love to get my hands on them.”

He continued to humiliate him. “I hear the next act she’s going to do is really nasty.” Sam looked away from him and lowered his head. “Oh, by
the way, Sam, don’t forget about the 100 grand you owe and enjoy the rest of the show.”

Sam’s coughing subsided as he looked around. Most of the men were talking about what they had just witnesses and anxious for Lisa’s return.

Sam jerked his head up as the lights from above the stage came back on.

To his amazement, his wife was being pulled across the stage, strapped in some sort of contraption. It had four long, thick ropes, which hung
down from the stage. Lisa was laying on her back with arms tied to the two front ropes that were behind her and her legs were spread wide
open as her thin ankles were tied to the other two thick ropes in front of her and her back was supported by four horizontal straps

The five black men moved her to the front of the stage and knelt down around her. The contraption was lowered until she was a couple of
feet off the ground. Her big breasts were still strapped in their leather harnesses and her plump red nipples were sticking straight outward.

Sam then saw a red object that was about five inches long and three inches wide and it was hooked to the center ring of the leather strap
around her hips. The object laid directly on top of her spread open pussy.

The black curtain opened and the sixth black man came forward holding onto a long steel chain that was attached to large German Shepard.

Sam tried to tear himself free from the chair but the ropes held him too tightly and he couldn’t move.

He then heard a voice from up front, “No shit, look at that…she’s going do it with a fucking dog.”

The big Shepard was panting and his large thick tongue was drooling salvia all over the stage floor as it moved closer to the tied newlywed

The big animal was brought around a few feet in front of her. The big dog slopped his big tongue and lunged forward at her when it saw the
red object. The master of the dog held his chain tight pulling the animal back. He snapped his fingers and the animal sat still, looking up at
him, panting, and then over at Lisa with her legs spread wide.

The master reached down and removed the thick chain that held the four-legged beast. The animal continued to sit still as he panted and
drooled. Lisa laid still with her big brown eyes gazed over seemingly unaware that this heated animal was right in front of her.

The master of the dog snapped his fingers again and the big animal began to move in between her legs going right for the red object and
slopped his big, rough tongue onto it.

The dog moved its big head downward and began to lick the red object with slow long strokes. Lisa looked down at this hairy beast as it
stroked its wet thick tongue back and forth over the red object on top of her sweet pussy.

Lisa was staring wide-eyed at the animal. Then the black master snapped his fingers again and the dog began to lick faster. The loud slopping
sounds from the dog’s wet tongue over her pussy was heard by everyone, and the whole room went silent.

The big four-legged animal was moving its wet tongue from side to side over the red object. Lisa let out a short moan and pulled her head
back. The hard, fast licks from the animal’s thick tongue push the red object away from her wet excited pussy.

The black master snapped his fingers again and the animal began to move its tongue down faster over her now exposed cunt and Lisa’s flat
stomach began to jerk up and down as the dog’s speedy tongue licked on.

Lisa’s short quiet moans grew louder. The men kneeling around her started moving their big black hands across her quivering stomach and up
over her leather strapped breasts. She turned her head from side to side as her flat stomach jerked faster up and down.

Lisa began to raiser her hips upward moving her wet pussy into the dog’s rough wet tongue as it licked her. Her wide big tits began to sway
from her jerking movements.

The ropes holding Lisa’s ankles were pushed out further spreading her legs wider allowing the big hairy Shepard to move his body closer to her.
She bucked her hips and stared down at this animal as she bit her lower lip, and threw her head back and moaned out. “Ooohhhhaaa, ooohhh,

The five men were sliding their hands across the sides of her curved waist and around her pushed-up tits. Then they slid their long tongues
across her hard nipples and around her wide areolas. Lisa gripped tightly to the thick ropes that bound her wrists, and pushed her arms back
behind her head as the animal licked harder onto her wet horny pussy. The dog’s tongue started to move in between the folds of her pussy
and down to her inner thighs and up in between her tight ass cheeks.

Lisa started shaking all around and moaned over and over as her legs were pushed out even further as the heated animal rapidly moved his
rough tongue all over her hot pussy. Her heavy tits were violently tugged at and the black leather harnesses were removed around her shaking
breasts and they bounced up and down.

The four large ropes swung forward and back from her shaking movements. She whipped her head from side to side; moaning loudly and
started cuming as dog’s thick, rough tongue as it licked her widely. “Oooohhhhhhh, ooooohhhhhhaaaaa, ooooooohhhhhhh.” Lisa lifted her body
up in the air screaming out in sexual heat as her pussy kept cuming over and over.

The dog’s black master snapped his fingers again and the big animal slowed its pace. Lisa quivered and moaned as the dog was roughly pulled
away from her ravished pussy and taken back behind the black curtain.

Lisa laid there, tied to the swinging ropes, breathing heavily. Her body was drenched in sweat. Her big grown eyes rolled back and the five
men rubbed the cum from her pussy around the folds of her cunt and over her heated clit.

Her wrists and ankles were finally untied and she was picked up to her feet and her legs shook as she stood. Lisa’s wide 38D tits swayed as
she gained her balance.

Sam sat there in absolute devastation from what he just saw.

The black men began to move her down the short steps of the stage, taking her out onto the floor closer in front of the horny men.

The six white men in the front row watched, as this recently tongue-fucked beauty, moved right in front of them. She was stopped in front of
the man in the center chair. He could see the sweat dripping off her big tits down to her stomach.

She was bent toward him and her hands were placed on this stranger’s shoulders. He looked to be in his 50’s. He stared at her as Lisa’s heavy
tits swayed in front of him. Her thick nipples were erotically extended upward, and he reached up putting his hand around her neck and
brought her sweet full lips onto his mouth and started kissing her hard and deep. Lisa opened her mouth and he stuck his tongue in and she
sucked it back and forth. He moved his mouth around her soft, wet lips and sucked back on her tongue.

Then one of the black men moved directly behind her and started sliding the head of big black cock up and down between her ass cheeks and
over her heated pussy. Lisa let out a small whimpering moan as the white man played with her rock hard nipples and sucking on her sweet lips.

Tears shed down Sam’s face as he saw this big black man rubbing his cock on her pussy about to take her. He knew what going to happen
next. He has known her for 6 years now, and other than himself, she’s only been with one other man and that was when she was a Junior in
college and he wasn’t black. As far as Sam was aware, she never even kissed a black guy before let alone about to have one fuck her.

The black man began to push the wide head of his thick cock into her soaking wet cunt. Lisa let out a short whimper as this black intruder
jerked his hips forward and pushed more of his big black shaft into her.

He looked up at his five fuck mates, “Oh, man, she’s fucking tight,” and he started pumping his wide hips forcing his thick cock deeper into her
throbbing love hole. His big thighs slapped hard against her smooth ass cheeks

Lisa’s hands were taken off the stranger’s shoulders and moved upward as her legs were pushed outward. The white stranger’s face was
directly in front of her sweat-beaded belly button and he stuck out his wet tongue and licked all around it, pushing his tongue harder. Then he
moved his tongue up her flat stomach and inched himself higher from his chair and moved his tongue across the bottoms of her thick breasts.
He slid his tongue over their wide sides, reaching her plump, red nipples and sucked them hard.

“Ohhhhaaaa, oohhhhh, God, ooohhhaaa. Lisa moaned out as this white man sucked as hard as he could on her thick plump nipples, and the
black man fucked her harder, lunging her forward into the white guy.

His black cock in Lisa’s tight pussy picked up it’s pace, penetrating deeper and deeper. He grabbed her hair pulling her head back and then
thrust his hips forward and her tits shook all around.

He increased his plowing of her pussy with his hard black cock and held tight around her hips and yelled out spraying his hot semen inside her
pussy. Lisa pumped her body as it filled her entire tight cunt. He slowly pulled his cock out of her and slapped it across her firm ass as more of
his cum pumped out.

He stepped away from her, as the next black cock was ready to take her.

Sam was in complete shock seeing his wife about to get gang banged.

The next black man stepped behind her and wiped the cum from her ass cheeks and stroked it over his fat ten-inch cock and slowly pushed it
into her pink pussy. He inched that big cock deeper. She threw her head down and pulled back her hand, trying to push his big thigh back, but
her hand was quickly shoved away and he lunged forward slamming his cock all the way in her.

The white man in front of her was now stroking his hard cock and pushing it across her stomach. He stroked it faster and stood up and
sprayed his cum all across her stomach. Lisa’s hands were placed onto her stomach, spreading his cum around and then pushed up over her
breasts, covering her 38D breasts with his cum.

The black man’s ten-inch cock pounded away at her tight pussy. Lisa moaned louder, as she started to cum on it. “Ooohhhhh,

Then one of the other white men walked up to her. His cock was jerking up in the air and her grabbed her hand and she started stroking it.
Then another from the front row walked up and put her hand onto his stiff dick. Lisa was stroking both cocks at the same time while the black
cock in her cunt pounded faster.

The two white men were so excited seeing her getting fucked by this black guy’s ten-inch cock, they both started to cum and her hands
pumped up and down over their cocks.

Lisa was moaning as the black guy grabbed her hips and rocked her ass up against his hard stomach. He groaned out and pumped his steaming
seed into her throbbing pussy. He withdrew his semi-hard cock and wiped it in between her slick thighs.

Lisa was then lowered onto her hands and knees. Another of the six black men knelt down behind her and slid his thick cock into her loosened
pussy and pumped it back and forth driving her over the edge.

The other three white men in the front row got up and surrounded her. They started stroking their cocks in her face. Lisa started sucking on
each of them. Her head was bobbing up and down as the men forced each of their cocks down her throat.

The black guy fucking her from behind pulled his cock out of her deep hole and came all across her back. Lisa was immediately brought up to
her feet. The third black man laid down facing the other men in the room and stroked his huge wide cock in the air.

Lisa was moved over him and lowered down onto the black man’s hardened cock. He guided her hips holding his thick pole as her wet,
steaming pussy slid right down on the wide shaft until it was buried deep inside her. She cried out in heat as he pushed his hips up in the air
bouncing her ass up and down on his thick thighs. Lisa braced her hands on his chest, were legs were spread wide and she ground her hips
feeling every inch of that thick black pole.

He held on tight to her hips and shot his hot load inside her pussy. Lisa’s body shook as the other white men around her mauled her big heavy

Lisa was pushed back up and then thrown down over the next black man. He grabbed her firm white ass and shoved his cock her pussy. The
other white men moved in on her pushing their cocks into her face. Her head was turned from side to side as she sucked on them.

Most of the other men in the audience were now standing on their chairs trying to get a better view of this hot wife fucking and sucking cock.
Sam could hear shouts from the audience “That’s it…ride that cock, baby.” “Suck those cocks.”

The black man fucking her started to slap her ass. And then another of the black men slapped her other cheek hard. “Mmmnnnn, mmmmnn,
oooohhha.” Lisa moaned from the slaps on her ass as her mouth was filled with cock.

Then another man in the audience stood up and shouted…”Fuck her in the ass, man.” Then another joined in, “Yeah, fuck that sweet ass.”
Then all the men started chanting, “Fuck that ass…fuck that ass…fuck that ass!”

Sam started screaming, “NOOO! NOOO!” He twisted all around in his chair unable to get himself free.

One of the white strangers getting his cock sucked by Lisa’s hot mouth pulled out and came on her open mouth. The rest of them came on her
tits and stomach. Lisa moaned out with each orgasm as she pumped her curved his up and down over the long hard cock in her cuming pussy.

Cum was sliding down over her firm round tits and stomach. The black guy lifted Lisa up off of his cock and pushed it in between her ass
check and slid it up and down until he came. His cum shot high in air and sprayed all over back and ass.

Lisa was covered in semen as she knelt over this black guy. Her big brown eyes stared down at him and she moved downward and started
sliding her big tits, covered with cum, back and forth across his big chest. She was moaning and panting and her ass started to get slapped
again. She let out short seductive whimpers as these two black hands whack across her firm ass.

The men started shouting, “Give her more.” “Come on, fuck that the hot ass!”

Lisa was pulled up, and four of the black men grabbed her arms and legs and lifted her in the air. The other black men laid their hand under her
back and she was carried through the first row of chairs.

Chairs were being thrown aside making a path as they carried her to the center of the small room. Lisa was slowly lowered down until her back
rested on the black men’s forearms and thighs. Her thin ankles were grabbed and spread extremely wide, exposing her expanded pussy for
everyone to see.

A couple of onlookers went over to where Sam was seated. They grabbed the rope that bound him to his chair, untied his hands and then his
legs. Sam twisted and pulled but the two held him tight, dragging him over to where Lisa was held.

Sam tried to look away but they grabbed him by his head and neck, keeping him from turning. “Now, we don’t want you to miss any of this,”
said one of them.

The one of the two remaining black men that hadn’t fucked her stood in between her spread out legs and stroked his cock until it grew to
nearly twelve inches long. The head of his black cock was four inches wide.

Lisa’s glazed, big brown eyes were fixed on this huge cock being stroked in front of her. He was leering down at her. Lisa’s eyes locked on his
big pole as he knelt down in between her. He spread her soft thighs further apart as her soft pink pussy lips were open obscenely wide.

He took one of his long black middle fingers and slowly slid it in between her slippery cunt lips and rubbed the top of her clit. He then slid his
wet finger up her body until it reached her pouting lips and moved it back and forth until she opened her soft pink mouth and slid it in. She
closed her lips around it and he stroked his big black finger in and out and Lisa’s eyes began to roll.

She sucked his finger like it was a cock. He then slid his finger out from her sucking mouth and dragged it back down between her thick full
breasts and across her flat sweating stomach until it reached her throbbing pussy.

He took his fat thumb and slowly rubbed it around and over her hard, moist clit. Lisa let out a soft whimper and he slid it in. He then took
another finger and slowly rubbed it up and down on her virgin butt hole. Lisa looked at him seductively and raised her hips and he slid the tip
of his thick finger into her ass hole.

“Mmmnnn, ooohhhhaaa.” Lisa moaned feeling that finger go deeper into her ass hole. He then moved it slowly in and out and pushed it further
in until his second knuckle was inside her. Lisa lowered her hips and threw her head back as he stroked both fingers in and out of her pussy
and butt hole.

One of the blacks holding her slid his tongue up to her mouth and shoved it in. He pressed his thick, black lips down on her mouth kissing it
hard. “You like that finger in your tight ass, don’t you, baby?” Lisa looked over at him in her erotic state, and then down at the fingers inside
her two holes and started rotating her hips.

Lisa now had all of the men huddled around her. “That’s it, girl, fuck those fingers. Show us how much you like it up your sweet ass.”
“Ooohhhh, yeeaahh, aaahhhhhaa, mmmnna.” Lisa cried out listening to the men talk dirty to her.

The black man stopped and removed his black finger from her cum-drenched pussy and butt hole. He then spread her tight ass hole with two
of his fingers and started to insert the tip of the four-inch head of his big cock in.

He held it there, waiting for her hole to adjust to its size. She was biting her bottom lip and whimpering seductively as the head of his cock
disappeared in her butt hole. He held it there again. Lisa’ eyes grew big as she felt her ass hole stretch trying to accommodate its massive
shaft. Her hands tightly gripped onto the arms holding her. Her short seductive moans grew loader as he slowly inched his cock further in.

This married beauty handling this massive dark meat in her ass turned everyone on. “Come on baby…take that big cock,” one of them said.
Sam wasn’t alone in getting turned on. He embarrassingly glanced down looking at the bulge in his pants.

Then he pushed the rest of his big black member into her until his black pubic hair pressed against the inner sides of her smooth thighs and
she let out a load cry. “aaahhhhh, aaahhhhhhhaa, ooooohhhhhhhhhaa.”

He pulled it halfway out and started rubbing his thumb across her wet clit. Lisa’s hips started to jerk up and down as he fed his cock back into
her hole.

He then adjusted his hips and began rotating them in a short fast rhythm. Lisa threw her head back and cried out in repeated long moans.

The last of the six blacks walked behind her, standing over her stroking his cock and pulled her head back under her chin and he moved his
long black dick down into her hot open mouth.

He moved it up and down, sliding his wide cock down her throat. “Mmmmnnn, mmmmnnnn,” she moaned on it and he took it out of her mouth
and slapped it on the sides of her sweet face.

“Come on baby, I know how much you want this cock.” He was teasing her with it. He brought his long cock back over her mouth and then
pulled it away. The black man moving his hips pulled back and slammed his cock all the way in her ass. Lisa cried out and the other black man
shoved his cock down her throat.

“That’s it, suck on it! Suck my big cock!” Lisa was moaning over and over while the black anal intruder pushed his body hard up against her ass
cheeks. Her body shook up and down. She had at least ten guy’s hands sliding up and over her big tits, pinching her nipples and pulling them

Lisa was in a sexual frenzy. She shook back and forth as some of the men starting cuming on her. Lisa had more of that black cock down her
throat. She swayed back and forth as her ass was getting banged harder and harder. She was sucking on that black cock making loud slurping
sounds. She pulled her mouth from that big cock and cried out in sexual pain as her hard nipples were tugged and pulled. She whipped her
head from side to side and felt her pussy explode in orgasm, loving that black cock in her ass.

She pushed her body upward, allowing the other men to squirt their hot semen across her stomach and tits.

The black man taking Lisa’s ass for all he could, held on tight around her hips and yelled out, and sprayed his thick cum inside her ass. Lisa
bucked up and down as the men continued to cum on her. He then pulled his still hard cum-spent cock and pushed it into her pussy and held
it there as Lisa continued cuming.

He finally pulled away from her. Lisa looked up at all the men around her. She kept moaning and panting as her big tits heaved up and down
covered in cum.

The two men that held Lisa’s husband finally let him go and he fell to the floor holding his head in shame.

Lisa’s cum drenched body was lifted and carried back up across the stage and behind the black curtain. Sam was roughly dragged back to the
long hallway and he felt another blow to the back of his head.


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