Lovely Ariel Makes Her Dog Satisfied

Ariel knows how to satisfy men. She’s an expert when it comes to that. But she also has a way with dogs, since she’s an avid animal lover. Watch her make love to her very own mutt Patrice in

# Toto’s Nap

Toto. Sit, sit, sit. Down, down. Good boy, you wouldn’t want to ruin my dress and have auntie Em mad at me would you?

Ruff rrrUUFFFff

Just stop that Toto. Now just look what you’ve done! Gotten my dress all muddy with your paws. You’re just gonna have to
stay in your pen while I change into a clean dress. Now Toto! You’ve got just the strangest look on your face. Come on, let’s
go to my bedroom.

Toto scampered after Dorothy. He anxiously awaited his opportunity to see his girl alone in a more intimate setting. He
wanted to lick, suck and chew on her so badly that he left a trail of saliva from the family room to Dorothy’s room.

He’d managed to put the opium in her water on the night stand. It hadn’t been easy. He pushed a box up to the night stand
with his muzzle so he could get on top. It took him over an hour because the box kept falling off the bed, but he persisted
since he knew his time with his sweetheart might not last much longer. A willingness to do whatever it took to love and
protect her is what spurred him on. He’d even consented to wearing that ridiculous red bow on top of his head. No humiliation
was too much for him to endure for her.

Go to your pen Toto, I wanna take my tonic and change in peace. Now I don’t want to have any of your shenanigans either.

Toto walked to his pen, entered, and sat down looking back at her.

That’s a good boy.

She bent down, kissed him on the snout, and closed the door to his pen.

Toto tried to lick her, but she was too quick.

You’re so silly, why this is the first time this week that you’ve gone to your pen by yourself. After I change I’m going to have
to give you a special treat.

He jumped up and down inside his pen, anxiously waiting until he could give his sweet Dorothy her special treat.

Oh Toto, you’ll be out of there in a jiffy. Just let me change so we can go for a walk.

He followed her every move as if she were the juiciest steak in the world. His eyes darted from side to side as he paced the
confines of his pen.

The wicked witch of the east thought she’d put an end to their romance, but he knew it was just starting to heat up. His
human love for Dorothy had been transformed into an all consuming passion for her. His every waking moment was focused on
looking, smelling, touching, and tasting her. Above all he wanted to be the first and not just because the witch had told him
that was the only way he could become human again, but because his primal instincts urged him on.

Toto, settle down. You know I won’t let you out until I’m good and ready to.

Toto just looked so darned cute jumping up and down against the bars of his pen. She especially liked it when he jumped up
into the air, crashed against the walls of the pen, and tumbled over backward.

She loved Toto almost as much as Tom, his puppy like antics had been the only source of joy and light for her since Tom had
disappeared in the storm. A few days after the storm, she’d found Toto’s filthy scrawny body lying on the back porch. She
was horrified by the discovery and thought the dog was dead. His still, silent body looked like a mangled corpse. How could
anything that scratched, bruised, and battered have possibly survived let alone dragged itself onto their porch?

She was about to leave and get her Uncle to bury him, when she saw his tail slowly drag across the dusty floor. She then
yelled for Aunt Em to come so they could doctor him.

What should I call you, you mangy mutt you?

He could care less what she called him as long as he could still worship her. Her toes were just too tempting for him to resist
so he didn’t. Licking her toes as she sat on the bed gave him a warm fuzzy feeling.

Don’t lick my toes. No toes. No toes. Ummm. toes toes … I’ll call you Toto.

It was the strangest thing, Toto would only listen and come to her. He had to nuzzle against her chest and be hand fed or
else he would not eat. She found this to be very soothing. It reminded her of how Tom used to lay his head on her chest
while she told him all about the farm. When he’d rub his cheek in a certain way, she’d get a tingly sensation in her bosom and
her nipples would get all hard. She figured that was because Tom’s head was squishing her so much that just like the air in a
balloon, her squished breasts had no where to go but up.

Sometimes Toto would try to play underneath her dress by licking her panties. She’d learned it was no use to tell him to stop
it, he just didn’t pay her any attention. He kept licking and rubbing her with his nose. It was almost as if she had buried a
soup bone underneath her dress that he was just dying to get a hold of.

One time she had been lying on her back in her bed remembering Tom and the picnic at Jenkin’s lake. She’d packed fried
chicken, biscuits, watermelon, and lemonade. Tom had told her how swell he thought her spread looked on the blanket. After
they ate, he lay next to her stroking her hair. He’d told her to lay back so that he could help her relax. He began by taking her
hand in his and spreading out her fingers. He massaged her palm and loosened the joints in each of her fingers. He encircled
her arm with the strong yet gentle hands of a hard working farm hand. He loosened every muscle by kneading and stretching
her farther than she thought she could possibly go.

Tom asked her to roll over onto her stomach so he could start on her shoulders and back. Careful not to scare her off, he
thought it best to massage her with her sun dress still on. He put his hands on either side of her neck and drifted off in

He pined for the day when there would be nothing between his hand and her supple white skin. On that day he’d ask her to
guess how many freckles she had. He’d pleasure her by verifying her guess with his tongue as he counted and tasted each
one. Surely there were some freckles she wasn’t aware of that he would need to add to the total.

He’d spent every hour with her stealing glances to decipher what was hidden beneath her farm girl dress. In these brief
moments he added to the map of her body that he was charting in the inner recesses of his mind. Every contour, plane, peak,
and valley was undiscovered territory that he longed to explore. Despite his efforts, there’d been more than one awkward
moment when she’d caught him staring at her.

She thought Tom had the strangest look on his face, as if he were trying to spot a lost lamb from ten miles away. He kept
staring like he were walking the slopes of the hills and hollows with his dark green eyes to see if the slightest little bump could
be his wayward lamb.

Tom? Have you found it yet?

Tom felt the flush as he scrambled to answer her question.

Ummn oh, it huh? What did you say Dorothy?

Never mind silly, just help me put this old coat back up in the attic.

He gripped the sides of the ladder as Dorothy climbed into the attic. He felt more that a little guilty, but just couldn’t keep his
head down as she passed over head. Her cotton panties looked somehow different to him today. He couldn’t be sure, but it
looked like they were wet on the bottom in the middle. Didn’t know exactly what that meant, but she smelled different too.

Hold still, your dress is snagged on the ladder.

Oh my goodness, can you get it off for me?

Okay, but it might take a while.

Shaking, he inched his way up the ladder taking in her slender legs on the way up. He was right, her panties were wet and
looked sticky too. Funny they smelled good too, not anything like pee did. With his nose ironing her panties, he inhaled her

Hey watch it, you’re tickling me!

Sorry, but it’s stuck pretty good here in a couple of places too.

At first it was hard to tell, but now he was certain her panties were getting wetter. He positioned his mouth so that he could
catch the leaking fluid. Each drop was more yummy than the last.

eww ew umm …

Ignorance was bliss while he continued to lap her panties. Time and space had collapsed into a humid cotton jungle. He was
determined to explore and catalog every inch of it.

HHuuhhh aaaHH eeeEEE oooOOOoo uuuUUUhhh

Like the crow of a cock at the break of day, Tom was awoken by her cries and realized he’d better get a hold on himself. His
drawers were tight and slightly wet. A sign that he’d better get to his bedroom and towel quick.

I got it. You can go up now.

She didn’t hear him rather felt an emptiness inside because he was no longer rubbing against her. She was glad he couldn’t
see how red she felt her face must be. It was best not to answer. She couldn’t hide the love she felt for him from her voice.
A love that aunt Em said all women felt for their husbands just before they started to have a baby. She was glad Tom would
be her husband and the father of her child.

She didn’t think it strange that Tom hadn’t asked her to marry him yet, she just figured since they were fated to be together
it didn’t matter. They both knew they’d be married, it was just a matter of time, not choice or approval.

She tossed the coat in the back of the attic behind some boxes. Crawled into the attic, and sat down to savor the moment
she’d been waiting for all her life. She thought she’d never feel true love or be married. For goodness sake she was 18 already
and hadn’t been courted let alone married off. Her life’s purpose had been found. Destiny had not skipped over her nor was
God punishing her. The Lord had taken her parents away, but she was meant to survive the small pox so she could be a truly
loving, caring,and virtuous wife for Tom. Enraptured, she didn’t see or hear Tom come up.

Are you okay? Did you hurt yourself?

She smiled and beckoned him to sit beside her.

Tom, I’m finally glad we know.

His mind had been racing on his way up the ladder thinking of all the possibilities and how he’d go about convincing her not to
talk about it with her aunt or uncle. None of his ruminations had prepared him for what was going on now.

I’m very glad too.

When do you want to do it?

Whenever you think is best.


I’ll be okay with whatever place you pick.

Why Tom! If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you didn’t care at all about our wedding.

He had to catch himself on the rafter so he didn’t fall out of the attic to the floor below. The sound of his pounding heart was
deafening to him. Had he heard what he thought he’d heard or had he hit his head on the floor below after all? Turning to face
her, he was assured and awe struck by her angelic smile and outstretched arms.

They embraced, holding each other as tightly as possible, squeezing the air out of their lungs. He pulled as much of her to him
as he could. The feathery softness of her breast against his chest only made the tautness of her tummy on his remind him of
how he was rubbing his hardened member in the space between her hips. A struggle was waged between mind and body as to
whether he would loosen his grip on her to release her from his embrace or so he could grab her back side to hitch his horse
to her wagon.

Afraid to look at each other, they tried to wait until the other said something. They feared the dreams they held closest to
them were about to come true. If they exchanged even the briefest of glances they might wake up to a sobering reality.

The silence was like a black void sucking the life out of him, he needed to see good or bad if his love was being returned or
toyed with. Slowly, like flood gates on a dam, he opened his eyes to see Dorothy waiting for him with closed eyes and baited

Plans, ruminations, and fears all fell away from him when he looked upon her and saw his love for her reflected back at him in
her face. He placed his hands on either side of her head just behind her ears. The distance between their mouths seemed
miles, yet he felt like an eagle soaring to the top of a snowy white peak. His lips touched hers. She welcomed him with a force
and fire that released him of all doubt about the reality of their love for each other. He held her back from him and slowly
brought their lips together so they could feel the surge of emotion when lover touches lover. Her lips were soft as a fawn. He
ran his tongue all around them. He suckled her upper lip caressing and massaging it.

She would not hold herself back any longer, she broke Tom’s hold and forced her tongue inside his mouth. Like timid dance
partners, their tongues slid against one another as if they were miniature versions of Dorothy and Tom. Soon the beat
quickened and deepened as they danced in time to the music of their ardor.

Tom, stop it. We can’t do that now. We’ve got to wait for the rest until later. I’m so sorry I got your hopes up so soon. I
know how hard it must be for you to wait, but you’ll see it will all be worth it on our wedding night.

Startled, Tom released his grip on her waist and tried to focus on what she’d said.

Dorothy hugged him and gave him a peck on the cheek.

Darling, we’d better go to our rooms before anything happens that oughta shouldn’t happen does.

Tom didn’t want to go but knew he’d have to release his love elsewhere today.

I love you Dorothy, I’ll try to make you as happy as a preacher on Sunday.

He wanted to hold her once more before he left, but figured he couldn’t stop at that so he just turned around, went down the
ladder, and out the door. Started to run the five miles home. It seemed like a short walk to him. But most of all, he couldn’t
for the life of him wipe the smile from his face anymore than you could make a leopard change it’s spots. He was figuring it’d
be there for the rest of his life.

He didn’t notice that the birds stopped singing and even the crickets were silent. Didn’t even see the twister till it had sucked
him off the ground and out of Dorothy’s life.

Toto knew he didn’t have much time because the old crone down the street wanted his hide for the chicken he’d killed a
couple of days ago. He’d needed the blood, head, and entrails for part of the ceremony for returning him to his human form.
He’d drawn the pentagram in the dog house, laid out the charms as instructed, and thought he was home free. The witch told
him there was one more thing to do, he must initiate Dorothy into the world of women. He was confused at first until she told
him that people were kinda like the horses when it came to making children. If he didn’t break Dorothy’s seal, he’d be doomed
to live a dog’s life which would be cut short as soon as the crone came back with the sheriff.

He was relieved when like clock work, she drank her tonic.

Boy Toto, I’m feeling awful sleepy. Why don’t you come over here so I can put you in your pen. Toto! Come here right this
instant. I’ll get you Toto, mark my words and don’t think I won’t either.

If she caught me and put me in the pen, our love would be locked away forever too. I was starting to put some distance
between us as she continued to chase me around the room.

Uuuhhh… I’m getting kinda dizzy Toto….

She collapsed on the bed. I guess the best laid plans of mice and men can fail, but those of dogs can’t. Her legs were splayed
wide open and I could clearly see where I’d always wanted to be. Despite carnal canine urges, I was able to wait a few
minutes to be sure she was out. I paced the length of the room and pushed the door shut with my body.

This isn’t the way I wanted it darling, but this is just the way it’s gonna have to be if we’re ever to be hitched.

Toto crawled in between her legs and up to her panties. He gently tried to pull her panties down, but her weight held them
securely. Ended up having to chew his way through, but at last he had access. His prick had been out of it’s sheath the
minute she hit the bed. He now mounted her and put his prick inside the entrance to her womanhood. He though he’d be able
to slip right in with his skinny doggy prick, but she was much tighter than he’d ever imagined. He searched around the room
for something to hold it open with. He spotted a green apple. He could wedge it in with his mouth and then chew out a hole
for his prick to fit through. It was a struggle to get the fruit past her slippery entrance. He knew he didn’t have time to
waste, but he just couldn’t help but lick all of her juices off the bedspread, up her ass and to her pussy. He inserted himself
into the apple, but his prick barely reached the other side. Fortunately instinct took over, he started furiously humping her.
After a few minutes the apple turned to mush and he was ready to penetrate and open her seal.

A wave of black fear flowed over him when he heard the door opening…

Auntie Em, what do you suppose Toto is dreaming about?

He’s probably just chasing chickens again. Now you run along and pick up that feed over at the general store like I told you.

Okay auntie. Gee I’d sure like to say good-bye to Toto before I go, but he looks like he’s having the time of his life right now.
Wouldn’t want to spoil that.

Run along now dear.

Watching Dorothy ride off into the distance, Emma can finally let her sorrow show.

It’s better this way pa, that way Dorothy won’t have to see the Sheriff take him away.

I guess so dear, but it sure don’t seem right to me though.

I know honey, but the law’s the law.


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