Excited Patrice Gets Some Boning

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# Blessed Longing

Lauren honked her horn as she glared at the long line of traffic in front of her. She had been
sitting in the same spot for over half an hour now, cursing the cars in front of her. She had hoped
to miss rush hour, for she had a meeting tonight with the CEO of the company she hoped to work
for. She had prepared for this for weeks, and hoped she would be able to reschedule due to the

She absently flipped through the radio stations, and settled on a smooth Jazz number with a
sultry beat. As the speakers pored out the tune, a vibration filtered through her seat, and she felt
the throbbing between her legs. After a few minutes she could feel the moisture between her legs
grow, and looked around at the surrounding cars, wondering if anyone would see her if…

She dismissed the thought, quickly, and began to read through her resume and references,
making sure everything was OK, and trying to ignore the increased throbbing of her now soaked
pussy. After a few minutes, she remembered that she had a mini vibrator in her purse, so she
pulled it out carefully, and slid it under her dress and between her thighs. She moved it in slowly
at first, glancing around to make sure no one could tell what she was doing. She moved her left
hand down to her clit as the right one eased the metallic cock in and out of her soaked center.
As her hands worked, she lost herself in the self-pleasure and propped her feet up onto the
dashboard, causing her dress to fall above her hips.

She was suddenly turned on by the fact that anyone who happened to glance down could watch
her fuck herself, so she raised her dress even higher, taking turns with each hand, rubbing and
pinching her swollen clit between her fingers, and then working the vibrator in and out of her
pussy. Faster and faster she rocked, feeling her juices cover her fingers as she slid the tiny cock
in and out, bringing herself closer and closer to orgasm. Loud moans escaped her lips as she
bucked her hips upward, clamping her lips around hand as she came.

Through the haze of ecstasy, she heard a knocking on her window and jumped up in her seat.
Embarrassed, she slowly turned her eyes upward, only to find a police officer standing there,
staring down at her. She slowly reached to roll down her window, her cheeks still flushed from her

“Y-y-yes, Officer…” she glanced at his badge, “Thomas?” She was still out of breath, and slightly
uncomfortable, but she felt her excitement grow as she peered at the officer’s protruding

Officer Thomas stared down at the woman, whose legs were still spread across the dashboard,
not knowing what to do. He wanted to see more of her, to find out what those pouty lips and
plump cunt could do to his cock.

“Ma’am, I am going to have to ask you to come down to the station with me,” he said, knowing all
he could legally do was give her a ticket for indecent exposure, and was counting on the fact
that she didn’t know that.

Lauren didn’t hide her smile as she answered “No, Officer, you can give me a ticket for indecent
exposure and let me be on my way” with a coy smile. She hated hurting his chances, and felt bad
when his face dropped, but was relieved to get her ticket so she could get home to her waiting

Lauren walked across her dimly lit living room after she got home, and she was not surprised to
find Darian sprawled across the couch asleep, their loyal dog and companion, Buck, curled up at
his feet. She kneeled down and looked at him for a time, admiring the way his full beard shaped
his handsome face. Her insides tingling as she remembered the way it felt running along her
smooth skin, causing her juices to collect in a sticky pool between her cunt and the thin fabric of
her nylons. She turned to position herself in front of the couch, legs spread wide across both
arms, as she began to run her small fingers across her wet pussy lips, working the coarse fabric in
between them, then bringing them to her mouth to taste her sex.

Moaning, she carefully peeled the nylons off and waved them gently in front of Darian’s nose,
causing his eyes to flutter open as he breathed in her tangy musk, and his mouth to instinctively
to take them in, sucking her nectar from them. She moved her hand back down to her soaked
cunt, parting her swollen lips with her one hand while the other exposed the button of her hard
clit. Darian leaned over to watch her fuck herself, his cock tightening against his jeans at the
sight; nothing was sexier than watching her pleasure herself, especially when her cunt was right
in front of his eyes, and Lauren loved putting on the show for him.

Gingerly she stroked her clit with her forefinger while the others slid along her dripping cunt as her
other hand opened her blouse to expose her swollen breasts. Faster she stroked, tilting her hips
upward until the only thing that separated his face from her sex was her juice soaked hand, and
Darian gently licked the sticky liquid from the back of her fingers as they worked her hot box,
gathering some of the juice in his hand and rubbing it on her tight, hard nipples. Smelling the
scent of sex, Buck stood above her and began licking it off of her breasts, causing Lauren to arc
upward in sheer ecstasy. Though they didn’t often incorporate Buck into their sexual escapades,
Lauren was glad that they did this time-she had been wet all day thinking about it!

Darian knew that she was getting close to orgasm, and he moved her hand away from her center,
burying his face deep within the folds of the soft skin, taking in all of her as her hips were grinding
her cunt against his face. Feeling the coarseness of his beard rubbing against her exposed cunt
made Lauren pick up her pace, bringing him deeper until she could feel the beard enter her slick,
open passage. Eagerly he lapped her cunt, completely engulfed in her essence. He knew it
wouldn’t be long before she came, and he couldn’t wait to feel it coat his lips and throat; nor
could he wait for what she would do after that. Violently she rocked, grabbing his head,
squeezing it and pressing it deeper and deeper between her folds. Then her body buckled and her
muscles hardened as she came with such a violent force that she nearly passed out, due to the
fact that not only was Darian drinking in her juices, Buck was lapping at her cunt as she came.

“I want to feel that hard cock in my cunt!” she moaned in a deep, raspy voice, and Darian quickly
removed his clothing and placed himself above her waiting form. Slowly he eased his hard shaft
into her hungry cunt, feeling it tighten around his thick wanting. He increased his thrust, not
wanting to go too fast or too slow, wanting to feel that electricity forever.

As the two fucked in a hot sticky frenzy, Buck laid down beside Lauren’s face, his canine cock
pointing eagerly toward her mouth. Hungrily, Lauren gulped in between her lips and began sucking
it down while Darian filled her pussy all the way with this own cock. The site of his love being
mouth fucked by his best friend was sent him on the edge, and he rammed her hot love box one
final time as he shot his cum inside her. It wasn’t long after that he felt her cunt tighten around
his shaft and her whole body shook as Buck shot his seed into her mouth, and she milked them
from both ends. After she turned her head toward Darian, he leaned down and kissed her
passionately, shuddering at the exquisite taste of their juices mixed, and Luaren positioned her
mouth below his, gently sucking her cum that had trapped on his beard, and came again.

For a long time they lay there in silence, reveling in the splendor of their love making. When
Lauren finally spoke, the only the thing she could find the words to say was “Boy, am I glad I got
stuck in traffic today and missed that meeting!”


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