Sodomized by her husky

What to do when it’s so sunny? To masturbate obviously. Madam sits on the wicker chair in the garden and starts her moment of pleasure. It starts with fingering. The bitch fiddles with his fingers deeply, until the arrival of a clebs probably attracted by the sighs of the girl, Or the smell of her pussy. In any case, the veil that gives licks where the bitch caresses. But the licks do not seem to satisfy her completely. Clearly, she wants more. Descending from her chair, she immediately imitates the dog. On four legs, she gets the tongue this time from behind. The husky is a very excavating animal. See how it passes its head between the legs to lick the whole genital and anal surface. He is so regular that his cock comes out of its scabbard and exhibits its red color. This is the starting signal for the girl. And the veil that she sets up for her cute pet: canine sodomy. Yes, it is well its hole of bullet that is pounded by the red and viscous piston. √but like a big carrot, the dick of the clebs sinks deeply into the ass of the girl installed doggy style on the turf. This slut is so fond of sodomy that she squirts the buttocks with the hands so that the red dick goes as deep as possible. After that, she thanks the brave animal by cutting a pipe. Not a little smack-smack at the tips of the lips, but a good jig with a tight and drooling mouth. With this motivation, it is not surprising that the clebs licks the purée fast enough, emptying the balls in the hot throat of the zoophile

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