Ariel and Patrice: Zoo Duo

Ariel wants her doggy’s cock. She wants more of his cum, the taste and the feel of it on her mouth is wonderful. Not only that, she also loves her dog to bits. See more wicked animal action only in

# Better Than a Movie

I walk in the door, still stressed from the week and depressed that it is a friday night and I don’t have a date. I
put my stuff down in my bedroom and greet Zeus, my giant mastif who comes bounding into the room happy to
see me. Zeus is a huge dog, about 150lbs and his head goes up to about halfway between my waist and
shoulder. I scratch his tummy and take off my clothes and head for the shower.

I turn the water on and step under the hot, pulsing water. The water washes away the weeks stresses and I
begin to relax. My muscles slowly untense and the weight of the world is lifted off my shoulders, and as the
wash cloth passes over my nipples, I shiver, reminding me exactly how long it has been since I have had sex.

I step out of the shower and put on an old oversized shirt that hangs to midthigh. Still horny, I search for my
porno videos and find my favorite one. The sight of big muscled men with huge dicks never fails to get my
pussy steaming on more than one night it has helped me get to sleep.

I turn the movie on and sprawl against the headboard at the center of the bed one leg bent up and out a little
bit. Zeus jumps up and lays on the edge of the bed and watches with me. Normally he is not allowed on the
bed but right now I am too horny to care.

The movie comes on and I fast forward through the first few minutes until just before the first fuck scene
comes on. Lazily, my hand strokes my thigh as I watch the actors strip each other. Unconciously, I pull my
shirt up to my waist and lightly run my fingers over my dampening pussy, making contact with my clit just as I
the movie shows the guy’s huge dick spearing in and out of the girl’s pussy.

images of that dick flood my mind as I shove three fingers deep in my pussy, fucking it to the tempo of the
fucking in the movie. There is movement on the bed but my eyes are glued to the movie as I finger fuck my
pussy. My eyes close and I concentrate on the images in my mind.

I feel something warm and wet against my pussy, nudging my hand away and I feel a tongue take a tentative
lap along my slit, making me moan, too far gone to realize that it was Zeus and not the actor from the movie.
The lapping grows more and more intensive as he gets into the taste of my pussy. Wanting more, Zeus sends
his tongue deep into my pussy for more pussy juice.

“Oooohhh…goooodddd…” I moan as the tongue shoots in and out of my pussy. My hands roam over my tits,
pinching my nipples between my fingers. The tongue changes its movement a little bit and now passes over my
clit with each thrust into my pussy, causing my body to shudder and ultimately cum with a loud moan, my
pussy flooding his magical tongue with pussy juice.

the man moves up and I open my eyes to smile at him and beckon him to thrust his dick into my pussy when I
realized that it was Zeus’s tongue that had been on my pussy. Horrified, I tried to struggle up to my knees
telling Zeus to stay.

ignoring my protests, Zeus moved toward me on the bed. I stared fearfully at him, seeing that licking my pussy
had turned him on. His cock was 8inches long and atleast 2inches wide…it was huge even for a human and a
dark red color with an even larger head. Turning around, I try to crawl away from him I’d almost reached the
head of the bed when I felt a tug on my shirt. Zeus had the tail of my shirt in his mouth and is using it to drag
me back to the center of the bed. Still struggling, I try to slip out of the shirt, still shouting at Zeus to stop
and let go.

as I struggle, I hear the sound of tearing cotton and the entire back of the shirt from the collar down is ripped
from my body. Stunned at Zeus’s determination, I hesitated for a moment before trying to get away again, but
it was one moment too long. Zeus got up behind me and wrapped his front paws around my waist before I
could move. His weight making it impossible for me to get away.

I could feel Zeus’s cock press against my pussy several times as he tried to find his mark. Then suddenly, it
surged into my pussy. All the struggling and horrified fascination I had felt as I had been trying to get away
had turned me on in ways I never knew possible. My pussy was so wet that Zeus’s cock slipped in with little
resistance and more juice was dripping down my thighs.

Zeus began thrusting in and out of my pussy with a speed and roughness that was superhuman. It was like a
steam engine was pounding in and out of my pussy and I couldnt help but moan in ecstacy with every
thrust…I had never felt anything like Zeus’s cock in my pussy. It was smoother and sleeker than a man’s cock
and certainly larger than any man I’d ever fucked. The sensations of fur scraping against my back and the long
tongue lapping against my throat caused my body to shudder and shiver in delight.

I hear grunts and growls from Zeus as he enjoys the tightness of my pussy and the clenching of my pussy
muscles around his dick as he fucks me. Suddenly, Zeus’s thrusts change, becoming more frantic and rougher,
there was no rhythm anymore. I could tell he was getting close.

Slowly, I could feel my body quaking from the inside out and intensifying with each thrust and suddenly, huge
waves of orgasmic euphoria crash through me. An animalistic cry erupts from my lungs as I wildly thrash under
Zeus, cumming like I never have before.

After several more thrusts, I hear a high pitched howl and feel Zeus’s cum flood my pussy and run down my
thighs as it overflows. but I also feel something strange, a huge swell rising in my pussy. The knot in Zeus’s
penis was rising to hold him in my pussy.

The knot was huge, ripping my pussy open slightly as it passed through the entrance. I moan in pain and
endure it, obeying Zeus’s insistant pushes for me to lean down so that his cum has the chance to impregnate
me…his bitch.

As Zeus calms down and his cock slides from my pussy and back into its sheath, we lay down and I fall into a
deep, exhausted sleep with zeus resting with his head on my lap.


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