Dog Cums in Her Mouth

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# Bruno

This story is completely true. It’s about my first animal experience. It involves me a 5’11”, 140 lb., brown hair,
gray eyed male. Rienne a 5’6″, 125 lb., 35B with brown hair and eyes. Of course the star Bruno a 115 lb.
German Shepherd.

Rienne and I had been going out for a couple of months but still had not made love. Its not because I hadn’t
tried she kept saying no and I didn’t want to push things. One day I we went to a bar and I kept trying to
make out with her. She kept pushing me away every time my hands started to wonder. Finally she let in and
pushed me away for the last time.

She looked me in the eyes and said,” I know you want to fuck me and I’ll let you do it under two conditions.
One you drink everything I put in front of you.”

She ordered me a boilermaker. I agreed and asked her what the second condition was. She just told me not to
worry we would come to that later and just to drink my drink. She bought me three boilermakers that night. By
the time we got back to her place I was sloshed. She lead me over to a couch and laid me down. She then did
the best strip tease I have ever seen. Just use your imagination. She then undid my pants and gave me a
terrific blow job. Next she sat down next to me and told me to eat her out. I was in guy heaven. Then I heard
the sound of dog claws scurry up to the door. I stop eating her pussy and looked to see Bruno standing in the
door way with his cock hanging out.

Rienne then said,” remember that second condition I told you about. Well here it is. Before I could be your
bitch you have to be Bruno’s.”

I thought about it for a moment while Rienne fingered her clit just inches from my face. I was too drunk to
think straight so I agreed. Rienne told me to continue eating her pussy and to stick my ass in the air for Bruno.
A couple of seconds later I felt a hot tongue in my ass. The feeling was incredible. I arched my back to give
the tongue in me ass a better angle. Rienne, between her moans, asked me if I was ready. I said yes and she
got out from in front of me and left the room. I just laid there in ecstasy letting Bruno work his magic on my
“virgin” ass. A couple of seconds later Rienne returned with a bottle of K-jell. She then puled Bruno away.

She took one look at me ass and giggled,” I don’t think we will be needing to much of this on that ass huh
Bruno.” I looked back. She just smiled and said, “just kidding”

Rienne opened the bottle and pored some on my ass. It felt so good to my drunk mind. She then took a finger
and worked the K-jell into my ass. I nearly jumped out of my skin when she did. I had never had anything in my
ass before and it felt a little weird. But the more she wiggled her fingers the more I began to enjoy it. She then
worked another finger in then another. She was stretching my ass so it could take Bruno’s cock. She pulled
one finger out and pored some more K-jell in the hole filling it to the brim.

She pulled out all her fingers and said,” now its your turn. Rub this on his cock” when I hesitated she said,”
your going to have it in your ass you might as well touch it”

Still being drunk I took the bottle pored some into my hand (with a little help from Rienne) and began to rub it
on Bruno’s hardening cock. He seemed to enjoy it because he began to fuck my hand. Rienne smacked him on
the nose and yelled NO. Bruno stopped moving right away. When I was done giving Bruno a hand job Rienne
told me to get on all fours and get ready. I did as I was told. Rienne said something in German and Bruno
mounted me instantly. He was having a hard time finding my ass hole so Rienne grabbed his cock and guided it
to my ass. When Bruno found his mark he wasted no time in turning me into his bitch. His six inch cock rammed
all the way into my ass in one stroke. I can tell you that being fucked in the ass for the first time, even when
your drunk and your ass is stretched, hurts like hell. I tried to get away but Rienne reminded me of why I was
doing this and I just sat there and took it till the pain eventually went away. After the pain went away I
stared to enjoy it immensely. I had the biggest hard on in my life and I think Bruno did to because I could feel
his cock getting bigger as he pounded my ass. It was then I felt something swelling at the base of Bruno’s
magnificent cock. Rienne put her hips agents Bruno’s and pretended she was fucking me with Bruno’s now
seven inch cock. Then with one big thrust from Rienne the swelling at the base of Bruno’s cock entered my ass
and then I knew what the swelling was for. It was Bruno’s knot! For those of you that don’t know what that
means Bruno was now completely stuck in my ass. I couldn’t get him out if I wanted to. Then I started to feel
something really good. Bruno began to pump his precum in my ass. Rienne took this opportunity to slide under
me and my bastard Bruno and began to suck my cock. The feeling was to much and I came all the way down
Rienne’s throat. I collapsed right there with Bruno still pounding away at my ass. I just laid there and let my
bastard take his bitch as he knew he could. I was getting hard again from feeling Bruno treat me like the bitch
I was

Rienne started to whisper in my ear as she kissed me letting me taste my own cum in her mouth, “you want
Bruno to cum in your ass you bitch? You want it? Huh?”

All I could do was moan my yes. She then said something els in German and Bruno picked up his pace.

“He’s going to do it. He is going to make you his bitch forever. You want that?” she said.

I groaned a yes as I came a second time. Then Bruno slammed into me so hard I nearly fell over and stayed
there as I felt a flood of doggie cum fill my ass and run down my legs. Bruno kept pumping his hot seed into his
bitch for five minutes. It ran down my cock and joined my pool of cum on the floor. Rienne got back under us
and licked up every drop of Bruno’s fantastic cum off my dick and legs. After 20 minutes Bruno’s knot finally
went down enough that it came out with a pop releasing a flood of his cum all over my cock, legs, and MY new
bitch’s tits. I crawled down on top of Rienne and kissed her. Then licked my bastard’s cum off her tits. Bruno
was nice enough to lick his bitch’s ass clean with his magnificent tongue.

I have since married Rienne and the three of us have many nights of fucking fun. I love being Bruno’s and his
friend’s bitch and Rienne loves being all of ours. I even have a few bitches of my own. I am certainly glad I let
Rienne talk me into my first bestiality.


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