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# The Blind Solicitor And His Dog

It was a hot summer day in Phoenix. For the past eight days the temperature exceeded 103
degrees, not a record for this dry city, but miserable none the less Susan VanAllmen had just
returned from the convenience store with her bag of ice and lemons. Fresh squeezed lemonade
was a treat she was willing to put effort into, but only on days like today.

As she was driving down her street, she noticed a man walking his dog. The dog was a large
Golden Retriever. On any other day it would have seemed like a normal occurrence, but not
today, not this week. It was, after all, 2:30 in the afternoon, and the sun had reached its full
potential for the day, blistering the ground with rays that drove the thermometer to 110.

As she passed the man, she noticed that he had a full body harness on his dog, and that
something was quite wrong with this picture. The dog, as it turned out, was walking his man.
The man was tall, large shoulders, wearing khaki shorts and a white polo shirt. He was very
tanned, and his hair was dark brown, almost black, and cut just a little longer than corporate
length would dictate. She stopped her car at her street just as the dog and his man were
crossing in front of her. Now she got it. The man was blind, and his dog was in fact walking
him. The dog was his eyes, watching for traffic, watching for other people, watching for his

As the two of them walked past her car, she noticed that the man was very handsome, a man
who walked with confidence, the confidence he must have had, Susan thought, in his faithful
companion. The man appeared to be in his thirties, strong arms and legs, and was talking
softly to his dog. She was staring at him as he made his way behind his dog to the other side
of the street. She was watching him talk, and then watched him as he passed, paying close
attention to his backside. She could see clearly that the man was sweating, his perspiration
seeping through the white polo, a wet line running right down his back, and slightly darkening
his khakis. Must be from all the walking she thought, feeling slightly flushed as the car behind
her beeped to remind her to move on.

Susan made the turn as the dog and his man walked up to her neighbors house. She slowed
down to see if he was only visiting her neighbor. The man rang the doorbell while standing at
attention as his dog sat obediently by his side. Janet Coley came to the door, and within a few
moments it became obvious that Janet did not know this visitor. Susan realized that he was a
solicitor. A man on a mission, braving the hot Arizona sun for his cause.

Susan pulled into her driveway just as the man was nodding his head at Janet and turning
away. No ear there Susan decided. She got out of her car and was hit by the dry heat as the
cool, conditioned air from her Mustang was quickly absorbed into the days heat. Susan hastily
fumbled for her keys, opened the front door of her house, and retreated into a more humane
atmosphere. As she closed the door behind her, she glanced back at the dog and man as they
crossed the street to the home directly opposite hers. Would this handsome solicitor come to
her home seeking a donation? Susan hoped so. Susan’s lips formed a mischievous smile as a
rush of warmth filled her cheeks, although she had the thermometer set at a cool 75.

Susan sat on her sofa, looking out the picture window at the man and dog. She was hoping
that Mrs. Johnstone would not be home, since she would surely welcome this man into her
home, not to listen to his pitch, but to chatter aimlessly about neighborhood happenings, as if
he were there to find out the latest gossip. As she watched the man climb her four step porch,
she found herself staring at his back, and at his tight fitting shorts around his ass. Susan was
an avid ass watcher, her second choice as a man walked past her.

Susan was wearing a light colored sun skirt, with a white tee shirt fitting snugly into her small
waistband. Her bra was sheer, and her nipples were slightly visible through it, showing the
distinct dark circles through her top. Susan liked the way she looked, as did most men who had
the pleasure of meeting her.

As fate would have it, Mrs. Johnstone was not home. Susan watched the dog take the man
back down the steps, walking him down the sidewalk, stopping at the curb for a moment, and
crossing the street directly toward her house. “Oh goody” whispered Susan as she looked
around the room to see if it was tidy enough for a guest. Tidy enough? It could have looked
like a tornado passed through, and her guest would never know. She laughed, then jumped up
the put the newspapers under the couch anyway. She quickly went into her room to look in
the mirror, sweeping a brush through her long blond hair, realizing again that it did not matter
for this visitor.

The doorbell rang, and Susan slowly walked toward it to receive her blind solicitor. As she
opened the door, she was face-to-face with a man more handsome than she had noticed from
a distance. She was very pleased with his appearance, his mouth displaying two full lips, his
nose thin and chiseled, his complexion very dark, but she could not see his brown eyes from
beneath his dark sunglasses. His face was not clean shaven, but sported a growth of a few
days. His dark and moderately curly hair was wind blown, but not messy. She loved the rugged
look, and this man captured that look perfectly.

Susan was staring at him when he finally spoke. “Hello, my name is Jim Mallory, and this is my
companion Midas. We represent the American Foundation for the Blind. Midas and I were
wondering if you had a few minutes to talk about the tremendous benefits our organization can
offer to the visually impaired.” His voice was soft and friendly and not at all spoken by rote.
Susan was still staring at his face, watching the words form as they left his mouth. He stood
there for a moment, and then apologized for his intrusion and began to turn away, as Midas
stood up and moved in front.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Susan exclaimed, “I would love to hear all about your foundation, please, won’t
you and your nice dog come in out of this heat.” Susan opened the screen door and moved to
the side to let her guests into her cool home. The man thanked her graciously, as Midas turned
around and led his master into the living room. As the man passed by, his shoulder lightly
brushed across Susan’s hair, and the trailing hot breeze carried a faint citrus scent, making her
want to eat an orange or nectarine, or something even more satisfying.

Susan watched the man as he passed her, the retriever leading the way. She liked what she
was looking at, and his attributes were much clearer up close. Her living room was large
enough to hold two couches, a loveseat, and two matching chairs. The loveseat faced one of
the couches, with a cocktail table in-between. Susan invited the man to sit on the loveseat,
but quickly realized that she had to steer him to it. She reached out and lightly grabbed his
arm, moving him over a few feet to the seat. She immediately felt the heat radiating from his
arm, and felt the hard muscle in his forearm relax as he seated himself. Midas sat on the floor
next to him, and the man unsnapped the leash that was affixed to the dog’s harness.

The man began telling Susan about the Foundation, but Susan interrupted him, asking if she
could get him and his nice dog a cool drink. The man smiled, and told her how much it would be
appreciated. She walked to the kitchen and got a large Tupperware bowl and a glass, filled
both with ice, and ran them under the faucet until they were full. When she returned, Midas
was standing, tail wagging, his mouth panting as if he hadn’t had water in days. The blind man
began chuckling at the sound of his dog’s eager anticipation of his cool drink. Susan set the
man’s glass on the cocktail table, and called Midas to follow her as she walked back into the
kitchen. The man thanked her again, and began talking about the origin of the Foundation in a
voice that was soft and pleasant to listen to.

As Susan bent over to set the bowl on the floor, she realized that she was more sexually
aroused than she was aware, feeling the wetness of her pussy as she crouched down. Just as
she was placing the bowl on the floor, she was startled by the dog’s warm breath and cold
nose popping under her skirt, accompanied by two very long warm licks of his tongue directly
on her pussy through her white under pants. She let out a soft “whoa” and moved back
quickly. The man was still talking, and did not hear her gasp. She asked the dog what he
thought he was doing in a quiet voice, and the dog put his head down as if being scolded.
Susan was now on her knees, shocked by the action of the dog, but more surprised at what
she was feeling. The dogs tongue was so warm as she felt it brush across her clit so quickly,
and now her pussy was extremely wet, and not from the dog’s saliva. She felt heat between
her legs, heat that is usually brought on by intense masturbation, or from delicious oral sex.
The latter never accomplished by such an unusual suitor. She realized that Midas was still
sitting with his golden head bowed down, and she encouraged him to drink up, feeling a little
bad about scolding him for his sudden move.

Midas went to the water as Susan watched his long pink tongue lap up the icy cool liquid. She
was now sitting, her back up against the wall next to the kitchen, facing the blind man. He
was sitting about fifteen feet away, continuing his dialogue about the wonders of canine
education, and how the money donated to his organization aids in the specialized K-9 training
for the visually impaired. She chuckled softly as she listened to his educational pitch, staring
now at this extremely handsome stranger sitting in her living room.

As he continued to talk, Susan had inadvertently began rubbing her legs, moving up to her
thighs, very softly. The sound of his voice, the steady lapping of Midas at his water, and her
very recent experience had made her feel very aroused. Her legs were now open, bent at the
knees, and if this man were not blind, he would have had a perfect view of her panty clad
crotch directly in front of him. Her fingers made their way to the spot where Midas had just
licked and the resulting wetness that his tongue inspired. She was amazed at how soaked she
had become, and she could faintly smell her cum as her fingers began to rub circles around her
panties, right on top of her clit. Soon her fingers slipped into the elastic around her white
panties, and two fingers slid effortlessly into her very lubricated hole.

As she stared at the man, her fingers began to move in and out of her cunt, slightly deeper
with each stroke. Her fingers were almost dripping with her cum as they began to move deeper
and faster. She could feel her breathing getting deeper, watching the man’s mouth as he
spoke. He continued speaking in perfect rhythm. She realized that Midas had stopped lapping
his water, and was now sitting next to her, his tongue still panting from his mouth. She was so
turned on, and this unusual experience was something she never dreamed of. She was
fingering herself so deeply, and so fast, that she knew she would cum soon if she did not stop.
She removed her fingers and rested both arms against her knees in an effort to calm herself
and make this erotic experience last.

To her surprise, Midas moved close enough to sniff, then quickly begin licking the fingers that
were just removed from deep inside her pussy. She did not move her hand, but watched this
dog lick each finger as if they were coated in honey. As his warm wet tongue worked into each
knuckle and between the joints of her slender fingers, she felt the heat begin to move into her
pussy again. Her other hand now found it’s way to her clit, and began rubbing it quickly as she
watched his tongue lapping up the cum from her hand. Her mind was racing, her glances back
and forth from the blind man sitting on the loveseat, to Midas lapping her fingers.

The man continued to talk, but Susan noticed that his words were more spaced. He would
express a thought, then wait a number of seconds before speaking again. She was looking at
his legs and the space between his shorts and thigh. Her fingers were now licked clean, as
evidenced by the dog sitting next to her, at attention, eagerly waiting for what other sweet
tasting treats may await him.
Susan’s legs were now open very wide, and her panties were becoming a hindrance to her
finger movement. She lifted her ass and slipped them off, and set them next to her on the
floor. She now was free to reach down and up, without having to pull her under pants over.
Her pink pussy was open and inviting, directly facing the blind man across from her. Her clit
had swollen and was protruding clearly from the sparse mound of blonde hair around her

Midas began to pant again, his tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth. He was no longer
sitting, but on all fours, and began to move closer to Susan. Her pussy was puffy and wet, and
she needed more than her fingers to satisfy her craving. She turned her body slightly, just
enough to be facing the dog. The dogs head moved in and began licking up her thighs where
her wetness had now seeped down to. She leaned back against the wall and looked down,
watching the dog’s warm tongue lick closer to her offering. Her legs opened more as his long
tongue strokes began to move up. His tongue was now just touching the sides of her pussy,
and she saw his tongue lapping faster as her wetness was hungrily licked clean. Susan
deliberately turned her hips just an inch, and the dog’s tongue immediately angled down to
began lapping her slippery, cum soaked cunt.

She stared intently at the dog, watching his tongue go from just riming her ass, up and into
her soaked pussy, each stroke and lick deeper and with more pressure than the last. She was
moaning now, lifting her hips in rhythm to the dog’s tongue. As she lifted her bottom, the dog
was able to reach back farther, and the slight roughness of his hot tongue completely passed
across the opening of her ass. She felt her first orgasm coming, and as it did she lifted her hips
so that her ass was off the floor, her two feet holding her up. The dog instinctively put his
mouth right into her open pussy, and did not move away. She looked at him, and could no
longer see his tongue lapping, but felt it deep up her. His black nose was sliding across her clit
as his mouth was pushed into her opening, and she could see his bottom jaw moving as his
tongue was going in and out. She felt the heat concentrating deep in her cunt, and the
intense tingling sensations beginning in her toes. She was moaning loudly, while encouraging
Midas with groans of “oh yes” and “good boy, good boy, ahhh, oh…yes….”

As she was starting her orgasm, she realized that her blind friend was no longer talking. She
looked over at him, and saw something between his shorts and his thigh through the opening.
It was his erect cock. She was astonished at the size of his swollen dick, holding the pant leg
of his khakis up. She could clearly see the thickness of it. The head was huge, and shiny, and
almost purple from the amount of blood pushing through it. His hand was wrapped around the
shaft, through the cotton material, moving it back and forth. She could not take her eyes off
this sight as the dogs tongue was lapping up her cum, bringing her to a shattering orgasm.
Susan knew what she wanted next, and a moment after she saw it between the man’s
muscular legs, she began to cum.

She was moaning very loudly now, the definite sound of a woman getting it good, when the
man began to stand up. She watched as he lifted his pant leg, exposing the thick member. It
was fat at he tip, a large head that would feel so good sliding up her and stretching her tight
hole. It was long enough so that when his hand wrapped around the shaft, there was enough
cock showing to get it in enough to be pleasantly filled.

He began feeling his way to her with the other hand. His prick was being pumped slowly with
his hand, as his shorts were hiked up enough to let his entire cock protrude out. She watched
him approach her as he stood right above her head. He could hear Midas licking her out, and
her moans were enough to tell him that his training once again paid off.

As he stood over Susan, she got up on her knees, lifted her long skirt over the dog’s head to
assure his continued attention, and began licking up his strong, salty calves. As she got up,
Midas eagerly went under her skirt and continued his delicious feast. She kept her legs spread
open wide to give him better access, as her mouth traveled up his leg. She looked up and saw
his hand pumping faster, his cock so big as his fist was around it. As she was kissing and
licking his thighs, he stopped jerking it off, and pointed his swollen prick toward her face. She
saw the clear cum drops forming on the end of it, and her tongue flicked out and licked it off.
Before she knew it, she was savagely sucking it down her mouth, working most of it’s length
down her throat. She was now fucking him with her mouth and throat, sucking loudly with
each thrust. She reached up behind him and drew his ass into her, pushing his cock all the way
down her agile throat.

She was cumming in perfectly timed waves, each orgasm more intense than the last, and she
could feel the main one approaching as his dog exhibited his wonderful talent. The man’s dog
had his tongue so far up her hole that she knew he had reached the back and was licking the
slippery walls of her cunt. She could feel the man’s cock swelling in her mouth, signaling his
impending release. She milked it faster, reaching up and squeezing his full balls through his
shorts, wanting to ingest her creamy reward. He suddenly began to pull away, and in a
moment his cock was out of her hungry mouth and back in his pumping fist. “Not in your mouth
for the first one” he whispered, as he got on his knees.

He moved around to her backside, and Midas, the fully trained canine that he was, moved
away as his master took his place. His cock found it’s mark, and with one quick thrust, rammed
it so deep in her cunt that she thought she was going to faint from the sensation of being
stretched and so deeply penetrated. The blind man began fucking her so deeply and fast, his
entire cock save the head, coming out, and then in, with long hard strokes as he grasped her
hips for leverage. And if this wasn’t enough to satisfy her, Midas came to her front, and began
licking her perspiring face and neck. She reached down and coated her fingers with her cum,
which flowed profusely from her pussy as the man’s cock was buried to the hilt.

Her fingers, now soaked, immediately came up to her breast, and pulling her top and bra up out
of the way, she spread her cum across each breast and erect nipple. Midas knew what to do,
as his tongue went from her face to her nipples, licking them furiously. She was ready to
explode from the sensation of all this attention. She felt her last orgasm approaching, and
pushed her ass back into the man to pull the trigger. As she did, her pussy began to contract
and squeeze around his thick, hard dick, her orgasm at it’s peak. The man timed his release
accordingly, and began squirting jets of hot cum up into her hole. She bucked and rocked as
their juices mingled in her. He kept shooting his seed as she milked it from his cock and balls,
emptying it of it’s contents.

She had cum more strongly than she could ever remember, her body covered in sweat and
cum, which was now streaming down her thighs. Midas cleaned off her tasty nipples, and
finally laid down next to her. As he did, she noticed his large wet looking cock protruding from
his hairy sheath. She was thoroughly spent, as was her blind intruder. They both collapsed on
the floor next to the Golden Wonder. As the dog’s pink cock began to withdraw into his belly,
Susan began to imagine what other delightful tricks his master had taught him. She felt the
warm stream of his cum trickling out of her stretched pussy and down across her hips and ass.
They dozed off, renewing their stamina in the short nap that followed. And much more


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