Woman Turned On By Dog

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# Animal Play?

Me and another, dressed in full pony gear. You and David sitting on a patio in chairs talking and
goading up to prance some more. Canter even! Both of you smacking crops to your own thighs
and laughing as one or the other lost footing. She and I, we were bound together by a harness
and then they came. The dogs, yes 2, bounding around us in circles. We were calling out to you
both to get them away. You both now sitting on the edge of your seats staring intently. The
dogs circling all the while as we pleaded for you come and scare them away.

The dogs seemed to recognize our helplessness and moved closer as we stumbled to our knees,
have tripped each other up in the struggle to get to you and David. I called to you, begging,
Master, please my love, please don’t let them come closer. She was calling to David as well. You
shouted out to me “settle pet, they are just curious” and David chimed in with “give them the
sniffs they want”.

You both together almost shouted in unison. “Silence and be still NOW!” We both obey,
whimpering as only we could hear each other. Looking at one another’s fear as the dogs moved in
on us from behind. You shouted “raise up your rears ponies” and we obeyed. Just then their noses
must have touched us at the same moment and we both jumped. You and David calling for us to
STILL! ourselves NOW! Deep breaths and we did, as their noses and tongues began their curious
search. Was so rough the touch of the tongue and so cold the probing nose. I wanted to scream
but held my shouts and only whimpered softly, hoping you wouldn’t hear.

The other dog started to mount my companion pony and was clawing at her back and mine as
well trying to gain entry. David started to get up and the dog backed off. I heard you say to
Rupert as he quickly sat down, “leave them, if we try to help, we may miss out on this perfect

Instead David called to his pony, “arch your back and arse in the air!” She obeyed and almost
immediately she screamed as the dogs cock had penetrated her. I could hear both you and David
and see you and your excitement. My pussy was filled with this dogs tongue and the swipes he
made we bringing close to the orgasm I knew you wanted and I did too. I was aching inside to
explode. Then he did it, this dog he jumped up with his front paws and mounted me. His nails
digging in and when I pulled he nipped me right on the back.

“I said stay still, didn’t I pet?” was all I heard from you as he rammed back and forth against my
pussy and ass. I was very thankful my harness held the butt plug in. Finally at your command I
too arched my back and raised my ass to this dog and just as with my companion, the dogs cock
filled me in one push. I thought I would die, the pain was unbelievable and I screamed and you
yelled again for my silence. The dogs now didn’t care as you both edged your seats closer and
closer to watch as we were raped by the hounds. My tears were rolling and falling to the ground
and my body was betraying my desire to stop this.

I was beginning to move my hips as my companion was and we were glancing to one another,
knowing neither of you would stop it and neither of us would either. God they just rammed and
rammed and we came and came even in unison sometimes. You and David more verbal or closer at
least we could easily hear your cheers for the dogs to take us, harder and harder. As the dog in
me neared his climax, I began to call for you to stop the incredible pain. You told me to be still,
and asked was he tied. I cried to you that he had to be and so she said was the other dog.

Both you and David approached, the dogs struggling a bit causing us only more pain and waves of
orgasms we had no control over. You stood in front of me, one hand reaching to settle the
struggling dog and the other taking your swollen cock and pushing it to my lips. David did the
same and there we knelt, tied and lunging back onto our dogs cocks and sucking our Masters
cocks. You were raping my mouth as the dog took my pussy and you knew it and loved the

I knew it and wanted only at that moment to taste your precious gift to me as you choked me
over and over again, taking your pleasure from my mouth. You held back at times, wanting it to
last till the dogs were about to release us and then you finally gushed deep into my throat and he
pulled from my raped pussy and I nearly collapsed but for the harness to my companion holding us
both up. You and David steadied us as the dogs wandered back to the kennels. You released our
harness and all the gear as well and we were carried to the showers. Washed and taken to our
beds. Held close in your loving arms I fell into an immediate sleep.


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