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Woman Teaches Dog Hot Tricks

Ariel is a woman who loves her dog very much; she’s into bestiality too. Patrice, her dog, is both her friend and lover. Bestiality is taken to another level by this furry friend lover in her site

# Tiny

I want to tell you about my first bestiality experience. One Saturday morning I was starring out my bed room window when I
saw a very sexy woman with a nice ass walking a Great Dane which was defiantly not neutered. As the lady with the nice
ass passed my house she bent over to pick some thing up off the ground. As soon as she bent over the dog stuck his nose
up the woman’s skirt. She stood up instantly and scolded the dog and stormed off dragging the cowering dog behind her. I
couldn’t help bursting out in laughter. All I could think was “poor thing all he wants is some pussy”

All that week I kept thinking about the woman with her dog’s snout up her skirt. Every time I thought about it I would get
all wet and burst out laughing. About Wednesday I decided I would give the poor dog what he wanted. So that Saturday
when the lady walked by with her dog I followed her to her house. I made a mental note of where it was. Then that night
when everyone was asleep I put on a pair of dark sweats, black leather coat, a halter top and slipped out of the house. It
was so cold that night I could see my breath. I finally got to the ladies house and noticed a little ally way next to the
house. There was a brick wall on one side and there was no windows on that side of the house so I decided that’s where I
was going to make my entrance. As I jumped over the fence I noticed a “beware of dog” sine which I just ignored. I had not
walked five feet when I saw the Grate Dane bounding toward me. He hit me at top speed and knocked me to the ground
and started to lick my face. “Some guard dog” I thought as I pushed him off me. I could see his hot breath in the cold air.

I decided to get started so I sat on some boxes that were stacked in the ally way and I bulled my sweats down around my
ankles and off my feet taking my shoes with them. I was instantly wet and shivering because of the cold. The dog wasted
no time in investigating my pussy. He started to lick my soaking clit and sent me off on a fabulous orgasm almost instantly.
By the time I came down off my first orgasm of the night this terrific beast sent me off on another then another.

He made me cum 4 times before I made him stop. By this time we were both breathing hard, our breaths mingling in a
torrent of steam. I looked under my new friend and saw that his cock was already out of its sheath and 6 inches long. I
crawled under him and began to lick the tip of his dick. I could taste the pre cum leaking out of the tip. Finally I stuck the
entire shaft into my mouth. He apparently liked it because he began to hump my face like he would the pussy of his bitch. I
savored the taste of his pre cum in my mouth letting it leak out of my mouth and down my chin. Soon I began to feel his
knot growing in my hand and decided to get down to business.

I pulled the now 8 inch cock out of my mouth and got on all fours under my friend. I stuck my ass as high as it would go
into the air and felt the soft hair of the dogs crotch on my bare ass. The dog was already trying to hump me again and not
having much luck finding his target. So I reached around and grabbed hold of the dog’s cock and stuck it at the entrance of
my pussy. And with one thrust he rammed his enormous cock into my tight pussy. I had to bite my lip to keep from
screaming. The dog wasted no time in claiming his bitch. He began fucking my like he knew he could. I could see his breath
burst out in waves of steam in front of me as I felt his cock swell to 10 inches. I began to feel his knot welling at the
entrance to my body he was fucking and decided to let him tie with me.

When he thrust forward I pushed back with all my might and slammed his terrific knot into my dripping pussy. By this time
he had pumped so mush pre cum in me it began to run down my legs. I just stood there in ecstasy as I cam again and
again. His knot continued to swell inside my. It felt like I was going to rip I two. I began to press back to meat his thrusts
taking him deeper inside me. Then I began to feel something smacking me in the face. At first I thought I had been caught
but then I looked up and saw it was this terrific sex gods caller. In between orgasms I took the tag in my hand and looked
at the name. It read “Tiny” I began to laugh so hard I slipped and was dangling from my bustard’s cock for a few seconds.

When I regained my balance Tiny’s thrusts had changed in intensity they were becoming shorter and more forceful. Then I
felt the first glob of his cum shoot into my spasming pussy. Then with another grunt and thrust he shot another wad of his
cum deep inside me. This dog was cumming inside me. He must of pumped me full of his sperm for five minutes. He came so
much it leaked out around his enormous knot and down my legs. When he finally stopped filling me with his hot doggie cum I
reached down and got a big glob of my bastards cum on my fingers them licked it off tasting his seed. After another 20
minutes his knot went down enough that it popped out of me releasing a flood of his cum. It completely coated my legs.

I sat under my bastard and stared at his cum covered cock. It had grew to more than 12 inches inside me. I know this
because that’s how long the dick I sucked clean was and it was going soft in my mouth. After I was done Tiny backed up
and licked me clean and to 2 more orgasms. After I put my sweats and shoes back on. I gave my bastard a quick blow job
then hopped over the fence just in time to see the sun rise and the mail man turning the corner. I pretended like I was
jogging and ran home with my friends cum leaking out of me the hole way.

The next Saturday I was glued to my window waiting to see my new friend. And sure enough the lady with the nice ass
walked him past my house. This time when she bent over to pick up a $5 I had put there for just this occasion. Tiny again
stuck his nose where it didn’t belong the lady just stood there. I could tell Tiny was using his grate tongue. The lady had a
very pleased grin on her face. Then she stood up quickly and looked around to see if anyone saw her. When she was
certain no one did she patted Tiny on the head and quickly walked him past my house. Tiny was waging his tail and had a
big smile on his face. I just began to laugh as I thought of want must of happened during the week. I just yelled “right on

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Dog licks the yummiest pussy

Dog licks the yummiest pussyLooking at the pussy getting licked by a horny dog in this scene, I even feel a little envious. Damn, this shaven pink flower is one of the most beautiful that I have ever seen! Watch it get all wet and sticky at Ariel Dog Lover!

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Dog tongue-fucking a Latina

Dog tongue-fucking a LatinaMaybe this dog’s oral skills are not as exquisite as those of a real ladies’ man but… Its long tongue makes up for it! Watch it literally fuck its moaning owner’s juicy pussy with it in this classy outdoor scene from Bestiality Loving!

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Slut Will Cum for Dog Cock

She makes herself wet so the dog can slid in perfectly. Eager to taste dog cock, she gets herself off again and again. All this and more at, don’t miShe makes herself wet so the dog can slid in perfectly. Eager to taste dog cock, she gets herself off again and again. All this and more at, don’t miss lots of doggy porn!ss lots of doggy porn!

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