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# The Perils of Sandra Oxhorn

My name is Sandra Oxhorn. At the time this story occurred, I was living in Santa Ana, California. Santa Ana is in Orange County, which is a
very conservative area south of Los Angeles. Santa Ana is the worst part of Orange County, home to all the Mexican, Asian and Black
street gangs and drug dealers. Santa Ana is also where the mall in question is located.

I was 18 at the time and, since you will wonder, here is my description: I am about 5 feet tall, 100 pounds, busty, I was dying my hair red
at the time, and I have baby blue eyes. I have freckles and I am white. Very white, I can’t stay out in the sun too long because I burn

I had been shopping for a new outfit for hours, but I couldn’t find just what I was looking for. The mall was about to close, so I decided to
come back and try again tomorrow. I just needed to stop at the ladies’ room before I left. They announced over the loudspeakers that the
mall was closing in 5 minutes and the clean restrooms were all the way at the other end of the mall. So I went to the bathrooms in the
nearby basement. They were filthy, but they were close by. As I walked up to the ladies’ room door, the door to the men’s room flew open
and really big, rough looking Black man came out. As he brushed past me, he quickly and rudely lifted my summer dress and slapped my ass.
He never even broke his stride as he just laughed and kept walking away. I was so shocked. I couldn’t say a word.

As I’m sure you know from my other stories, I have been used for sex by men since I was a little girl, but this guy was gross and just plain
mean-looking. I shook it off and went to open the ladies’ room door, but it was locked. A paper taped to the door read, “Out of Order. Use
restrooms on the other side of the mall.”

I really had to pee bad by now, and the mall was about to close. I took a deep breath and slowly opened the men’s room door. I looked
around and nervously said, “Hello, Anyone there ?” No answer. I went inside. The room smelled like stale urine. The floor was wet and sticky
and toilet paper was scattered all over the floor. I was trembling, but I really had to go, so I went into a stall and sat down. I groaned in
disgust. There was a big “Glory Hole” between the stalls with cum stains all over. As I sat there, I couldn’t help but read the smut on the
walls, some of the most disgusting things I have ever read.

I was just about finished when I heard the door slam open! Panicking, I pulled my feet up onto the toilet seat so I wouldn’t be seen. Then I
heard them.

“The girl’s room is locked, I know she came in here.”

“You best be right, we didn’t come down here for nothing!”

“Yeah, Homie. You best be right!”

Three men were there, and they knew I was there, too! I heard them walking around and then the stall door flew open. There I sat, my
dress around my waist, my panties around my ankles, my feet up on the toilet seat. One of them grabbed my panties and yanked my small
body off the toilet by my feet. My bare ass hit the cold, wet tile floor with a smack as the Black guy jerked my panties off from around my
ankles, removing them easily. I lay shivering on the floor, my summer dress bunched around my stomach and feeling wet. My feet and legs
were still being held up high by the one Black asshole. My braless nipples were poking through the thin cotton of my dress. Then the other
two Black rapist violently ripped my dress completely off. Then they suddenly dropped my feet, and as they hit the floor, one man sat on
my chest and pushed his thick 10″ Black cock against my clenched lips.

I tried to keep my mouth shut to avoid having to suck his cock, but another man slapped my thigh really hard and as I screamed in pain, the
guy on my chest shoved his thick cock in my mouth and began pumping in and out. He pumped hard and deep. I could barely breath. I
squirmed frantically in a futile attempt to break free as I felt hands and fingers poking into my pussy and ass. The man using my mouth
quickly pulled out and moved between my legs before I could close them. I tried to yell for help, but before I could do that, another Black
rapist gagged me with his big Negro cock as the other guy kept slamming hard into my poor tight little pussy. The third rapist took the
shreds of my summer dress and flushed it down the toilet. I was now wearing only my white ankle socks and white sneakers.

The man using my pussy pulled out and rolled over on his back. The third guy lifted my whole body easily and placed me on top of the guy
on his back. The guy on his back slid his Black cock into my pussy. Another man presented his dick in front of my face and ordered me to
suck. I obeyed and he grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth. That is when I felt a sudden sharp pain in my ass as the third Black
rapist roughly entered my poor anus. I tried to squirm away, but it was useless. Each of these men was well over 200 pounds and had a
strategic hold on various parts of my petite little body, so there was no way I could escape. They kept pumping away at me in this position
for over 30 minutes until I felt hot wads of cum spurting down my throat, and then splattering on my face. He wiped the excess cum from
the tip of his cock in my hair as the thick load he had just spurted dripped from my forehead into my eyes. I couldn’t see a thing! The
remaining two men using my ass and pussy slowed down, moved in and out together, then sped up, faster, harder, deeper.




Both of them lunged all the way into me together and shot their hot loads deep inside me, forcing me to scream in a violent forced orgasm.
My hips bucked and moved with them as they filled me with their cum. They came so much it squirted back out of my pussy and ass.

They then dragged me over to one of the urinals and flushed. They dressed, laughing as I sat there in the urinal, afraid to move. Then they
left without even acknowledging my presence.

I sat there in the urinal for over an hour, naked and wearing nothing but my socks and shoes. I was humiliated, weak, shaking, cold and
scared. Finally I struggled to get out and weakly wobbled to the sink. I washed the cum from my face and body, trying to clean myself as
best I could. Then I walked out of the men’s room, completely nude. The elevator had been turned off, so I climbed the stairs. I went into
the main mall area, terrified, and started desperately looking for an emergency exit (not to mention something to wear).

I was just under the big mall clock.

Suddenly, I heard barking. I looked up quickly and saw three large black dogs running towards me, barking and snarling at me! Oh, my God!!!
I jumped back, and put my hands out in a feeble attempt to protect myself. But one dog jumped up and tackled me to the floor. He growled
a demonic growl, his snout and long, sharp teeth were inches from my face as he and the other two guard dogs stood over me. Two more
giant dogs ran up to me and joined the pack. Five vicious dogs now surrounded my helpless naked body. The dog over my face started
growling less, then began whining and panting. For some reason, I glanced down underneath him and saw his alien-looking dog cock growing
bigger and bigger. I tried to push him away, but the other four dogs barked even more violently, causing my resistance to stop. Two of the
dogs bit into my hair and dragged me sideways. I struggled from the pain and somehow got rolled over onto my hands and knees. As I was
about to find out, that was the worst possible position I could have been in.

They let go of my hair, but then the first Rottweiler jumped on my back (he weighed more than I did!) and locked his front legs around my

His penis slid into my pussy easily and he started humping me at an incredibly fast pace. The Negro rapists in the men’s room were bigger
than this dog and it didn’t hurt, so I just knelt there and let him fuck me, as disgusting as it was. But then I suddenly tensed! I didn’t know
what was happening. The big dog cock kept growing bigger and thicker inside me. I tried to move away, but the cock had grown so thick
that it was literally stuck inside me! I tried to scream, but my voice was gone. It hurt horribly and seemed to last an hour before the guard
dog’s cock shot such a huge load of cum inside me that it seemed almost unnatural. I lay there exhausted and in too much horror to move.
It took about 20 minutes before the big dog’s cock shrank enough to pull out of my poor pussy. That’s how I found out about their knot.
The other dog’s were pacing around my face and their obscenely huge cocks dangled from their bodies like weapons of torture.

I thought one dog was going to piss on my face, but he must have thought that my human mouth was also a pussy, because he started
banging away at my face. I reasoned to myself that if I didn’t put his giant 14″ cock in my mouth, he would poke my eye out! So there I
was. Lying naked in the middle of the cold mall floor, one guard dog’s cock stuck in my pussy and another dog trying to suffocate me with
his jaw stretching cock!

After about 30 or 40 minutes of this torture, the dog cock in my mouth ejaculated with such a force that I was caught completely off
guard. Suddenly, my already stretched out cheeks and mouth were overflowing with scalding hot dog cum. My cheeks bulged out obscenely
and my eyes were so wide open they must have showed white all the way around! I gagged and choked and some of the thick, viscous dog
cum sprayed out my nose! He kept cumming and cumming. I was forced to swallow what seemed like a quart of the stinky dog sperm. As I
gagged again and again, the rest of his load (and it was a LOAD!) hit my face so hard it actually stung! It felt like a high-pressure hose. The
first Rottweiler disengaged himself from my abused little twat and that’s when I took the opportunity to try to escape. But I was much too
weak and worn out, and besides, there was so much thick coagulating dog cum in my eyes that I couldn’t see where I was going.
Resistance was futile.

I was mounted again.

Another giant guard dog wedged his thick cock into me and started humping wildly, whining as he pumped. On the outstroke, the cock
slipped out of me. I gasped and choked as I suddenly felt his torturous dog cock surge into my already sore asshole! I tried to scramble
across the floor, anything to avoid getting cornholed by this fucking beast. I couldn’t let him swell up in my ass! But my struggling was in
vain. His powerful front legs held me firmly around my waist. Then shortly, the knot in his cock began to swell and swell. The huge knot in
my ass hurt beyond my ability to describe. My arms collapsed. My face was pressed against the floor, my ass was high in the air with a dog
locked inside.

When will it ever end?!?!?!

After an eternity of pain, he filled my ass with yet another load of thick dog sperm, growling. Then another giant Rottweiler roughly mounted
my ass.

After enduring several hours of this dog gangbang (in which they all fucked my mouth, pussy or ass several times each) they all just laid
around me licking their soft doggy dicks.

I could do nothing but lay there in the middle of the cold mall floor, dog cum covering my naked body, in a puddle of dog cum that was
about 4 feet around!!! Some of the cum had already dried in my hair and various other places, forming a sort of off-white crust the
resembled the glaze on a glazed donut.

I must have passed out then.

I came to abruptly as I heard whistles blowing, and men’s voices calling the dogs. I felt so humiliated with myself that someone would see
me in this situation, but I was much too weak to move.

Then I heard the men (who turned out to be mall security guards) talking.

“You should see it, man! I recorded it all on the security cameras. I got the videotape! All 5 of the dogs got her! Those new cameras are
great! I even got close-ups!”

“Great, dude! We can make big bucks with that tape! But right now, let’s get some of this little girl ourselves!”

I tried to move, but it was like total muscle failure. I looked up at the two men in a daze. One was short and skinny, with his head shaved
like those street gang guys. The other was a fat, ugly Mexican man. They whipped their rock hard cocks out of their pants and took up
positions at my mouth and between my sprawled legs. They used my already abused pussy and mouth for about 20 minutes or so before the
fat man came in my pussy and, a few minutes later, the skinny guy shot several big wads on my crusty face. I was then pulled to my feet
and handcuffed behind my back. They walked me to the security office, took away my sneakers. Then they locked me in a little room, still
covered in dog and human cum, wearing nothing but my ankle socks. They came back into the room with 2 other security guards and forced
me to pose for photos with the 2 new guys in various rude sexual positions. They took a whole lot of pictures of my “facials”. This all lasted
a few hours.

Just as the mall was about to open, (Yes, this ordeal had been going on all night!!!) They marched me naked and handcuffed through the
now brightly lit mall. Oh, the shock and horror as I could see people in the unopened stores looking at me through the closed gates! They
finally walked me over to the far end of the mall that was under construction. They shoved me into one of the seating areas where there
were dozens of construction workers smoking and sitting around, waiting for the day’s work to begin. Many of them looked like wetback day

The handcuffs were removed and one of the security guards said, “She’s all yours, guys!”

I took a step backwards to try and make a run for it. (Where I would run to naked I have no idea!)

That was when 3 familiar men grabbed my arms. “Oh, you again, huh? You had fun in the bathroom last night, didn’t you? Good. There’s a
lot more for you now!”

It was the 3 Black assholes from the men’s room rape!

I was roughly pulled into the group of construction workers in a scene reminiscent of the film “Night of the Living Dead”. I was held down
and instantly filled with 3 cocks in 3 holes. I heard one fucker say I was airtight. My hands were placed around 2 more hard cocks to stroke.
I was forced to service 5 men at one time! On and on they fucked my various holes. Men passing by would see us and watch or join in on
the gang rape. I kept seeing flash bulbs going off as the crowd of strangers took many pictures of my rape. After a while, the ordered me to
kneel on in the dirt of the construction area while at least 20 of the men jacked off and ejaculated wad after slimy wad of cum on my
already disgusting face. I passed out several times, only to be awoken by a cock in my ass or a kick in my side.

The mall was now closing again, 12 hours after I was thrown in with the rape gang I was still being used! The same security guards showed
up and sent the construction workers and wetbacks away. Then they locked the mall up for the night. With me still being held captive, of
course. I was beyond being scared or feeling like crying. I was emotionally numb. I sat there on a seat in the main mall area and watched
the 4 security guards setting up several video cameras. I really didn’t like the looks of this! They walked me over to the middle of the
camera array and told me to sit. I obeyed out of fear. 3 of them left and returned with 10 new guard dogs!!!

I didn’t even have the strength to cry anymore, let alone try to run away. My thoughts drifted to my parents and how they must be
wondering what happened to me.

I’m sure my Father would enjoy watching my humiliation.

“Have fun! We’ll be back to get you in the morning, and we’ll do it all over again!”

They ordered me to start the bestiality video by sucking the 10 dog’s cocks. Then they took my ankle socks and I was left with the animals,
completely naked.

Happy now, Daddy??????

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The Fantasy Fulfilled

As she drove across town her excitement level grew. It had been growing steadily since she received the carrier delivered package at work
yesterday. Inside it had been a room key, and an address with a short note stating to be there by 9:00am. Nothing indicated who it was from
but she knew. In fact, her entire body had known just sitting there, holding that key.

Driving this morning she wondered what was in store for her. Her lover of the past 3 months was always creating new and exciting things for
them to do. Their opportunities together were few, since both were married. However, that only added to the excitement of being together.
She didn’t know much about his situation at home but hers was to the point of driving her made with boredom, that’s why he had been such a
find for her.

She arrived at the exclusive downtown hotel with a few minute to spare. Parking and walking to the lobby she realized the crotch of her
panties were soaked, just like he liked them. As usual she was in a dress and heels with thigh-highs and a set of undergarments that matched
the dress. Dressing for these sessions was important, it helped set her mood. The plunge bra that allowed her breasts to almost escape, the
matching panties that hugged her crotch. They just added to her mental mood to by naughty.

Riding up the elevator to the 6th floor she was alone. Her heart began to beat faster as she reached for the key in her purse. It was warm in
her hand, just like she know his body would be warm to her touch in only a few more minutes. Arriving at the door number corresponding to
the key, she inserted it, and heard the lock click. Slowly, she turned the knob, and crossed the threshold. Her senses smelled him before her
eyes found him. She loved the cologne he wore, and just the masculine scent his body put off.

Their eyes met, both smiling in greeting and he came to her, taking her in his arms for that welcome kiss she always looked forward to. He
wrapped his arms around her, hugging her close and they savored the pleasure of once again being together. The kisses continued as their
hands began that stroke and explore game they were both so good at.

He whispered between kisses how nice she looked, how good it felt to have her in his arms again, and how much he had missed holding her.
She craved this from him with a deep need for his attention and affection. He reminded her between kisses of her previous verbal statements
to him. The ones where she stated she wanted always to please him, wanted him to enjoy her company and the pleasure she provided him. He
questioned her if she had meant all those things she had said. Did she truly want to please him in every way? Her response was a fast and
sure “Yes”. His eyes looked into hers deeply, determining she truly meant what she said. Then, without another word, he walked to the phone,
punched in a number said the word “Now”, and hung up.

As she watched him with a puzzled look, he returned to her, smiling gently and whispering she was going to make him so happy today. She
was going to fulfill a fantasy with him that he had long had, but never thought would be realized. His actions and comments puzzled her but
didn’t frighten her. He was her lover, she trusted him completely.

Within 5 minutes there was a knock at the door. He stopped touching and kissing her and went to answer it. She was blocked from a view of
the door, but she heard him thank the person, and she thought she heard other noises too, possibly an exchange of money. Then the door
closed, and silence. She wasn’t kept waiting but a few seconds when he appeared around the corner, with a leash in his hand.

Attached to that leash was a beautiful fully grown boxer. His head was up and alert as he surveyed the new surroundings. Those beautiful
eyes were bright with interest. The dog had a firm, muscled body weighing approx. 60-70 pounds and was very well groomed. As she watched,
he lead the dog over to her, introducing him as Rocky. She smiled faintly, reaching out to allow the dog to sniff her hand, before she tried to
pet him. She commented on his beauty as she stepped closer to stroke across his back, asking her lover whose dog it was. He responded by
saying the dog belonged to a friend and was a very special dog.

She continued to stroke the dog’s back, waiting for her lover to continue his explanation of why he had a dog here. He explained to her that
dogs could be specially trained for pleasure. That in some situations, they could and had taken the place of human lovers. Her eyes became
big as she began to see where this conversation was leading. Apparently Rocky was such a dog. Her lover leaned across the dog to again,
deeply kiss her. As always, his kisses and attention created a reaction in her body. The dog remained between them, as they leaned into each
other. Without her realizing it at first, the dog had picked up her sexual scent.

Rocky’s boxer snout began to search out the source of it. She was startled slightly, when that snout pushed against her mound. She stepped
back, looking slightly embarrassed. Her lover guided her to the bed. They sat down, side by side. He whispered to her, asking her if she was in
her usual outfit under her dresses. Her eyes looked into his as she nodded. He smiled, telling her how much she pleased him. How much he
enjoyed her, her company and her body. Gently he pushed her back to a laying position. As he kissed her face, her neck, her lips, his hand
moved to her knee, and he stroked his warm hand gently up and down her thigh. As always, her body responded to his touch, her thighs
opening, allowing him access to that part of her body. She released a sigh, and circled her arms around his shoulders, completely forgetting
the other “male” in the room.

Her lover hadn’t forgotten though, this was exactly what he had wanted. Rocky sitting there so close, smelling that strong female scent,
watching them on the bed had walked over to be closer. His nose sniffing between the her legs, following that hand. Her lover stroked his
fingertips across her wet crotch, causing her to moan. He loved how responsive she was. Without her knowledge, he removed his fingers and
presented them to Rocky for sampling. Rocky eagerly used his tongue to clean them. The dog loved to play with humans, that was why he
was in such demand. As her lovers hand moved back up her body for a second sample for Rocky, he didn’t wait to be asked. Rocky moved
closer and used his own nose to find the source of that wonderful taste.

She was so caught up in kissing her lover, she wasn’t aware at first that the dog had joined into the pleasure. Her first knowledge was when
that wet nose bumped her clit through her panties. Her body jumped and she broke the kiss, giving her lover a startled look. He just smiled,
telling her, before the day was over, she wouldn’t be jumping from Rocky, but craving him. Her eyes got big, they looked down her body to see
the dog’s head buried under her dress, his stub tail wagging. Looking back at her lover she asked him if he was sure this was something they
would enjoy. His response was to question her if he had ever disappointed her, had he ever let her down sexually. She smiled, said “No”, and
he grinned back.

He told her to lay back again to enjoy the pleasure Rocky could provide her. Explaining to her how exciting this was for him. How she was
fulfilling a fantasy he had had for years. As he undid the buttons of her dress, freeing her from it, then her front closure bra, he went on to
explain how he had seen it once before, years ago but had not been a part of it. He stated he had wanted to try it ever since, but had never
had a female he thought would be open to the idea. It had been her eager response to all they had done and tried so far that had given him
the courage to try this.

As he talked, she became excited knowing it was an experience he had wanted to share with her. Rocky had not been idle either. The dog’s
tongue had been stroking against her panties and she had to admit she had never been wetter in her life. It must be the idea of how forbidden
it all was.

Looking into her eyes, judging her positive reaction, he told her he thought it was time Rocky got to enjoy himself a little more. She felt his
fingers again move to her crotch, this time, they slipped under the wet leg band and moved the crotch to one side. This gave Rocky his first
opportunity to truly touch her. Her gasp of pleasure from the feel of his first tongue stroke, caused her lover to smile. It also caused his cock
to twitch. He knew she had no idea how exciting it was to watch her laying half on the bed, the dog’s head between her legs, her eyes half
closed as she experience for the first time. She was such a sensual woman and apparently didn’t realize it, but he had. From their first
meeting, and her responsive reactions to everything he had done to her body since had indicated she would enjoy this.

As he looked on, hearing Rocky’s lapping he saw her hips begin to move. A smile crossed his face as he watched her hand slide down her body,
pulling her female hood back, exposing her hard clit for the dog to find. God, he loved how nasty she was at times. He outward appearance
was always a lady, but he had learned underneath that, she was naughty through and through. Her whimpers began to join her hip rocking
motions. He decided to help her along as he leaned down and began to suck and nibble on her breast.

A gasp escaped her then, a deeper moan. She whispered, “Yes, don’t stop”, but he wasn’t sure if that was to him, or to Rocky. Her
movements became wilder as the climax built within her body. She was working her hips against that tongue and from all indicates Rocky was
enjoying it as well.

The excitement in the room had her lover taking off his clothes as well, not wanting to be left out of the excitement. Without releasing her
nipple, he was able to work his body out of his slacks and briefs. The cold air of the room made him shiver as the precum on his cock head
made it seem colder.

He couldn’t decided what he enjoyed most, seeing the dog between her legs giving her pleasure, or watching her face, and her body’s reaction
to being pleasured. Before he could decide….. her moans got franic, her hips bucking wildly and he knew immediately, she had reached
orgasm. He smiled in satisfaction. It had been as exciting as he had hoped. Rocky didn’t stop and she just kept moaning and riding waves or

All that wonderful juice must have been more than Rocky could handle. The dog apparently decided he would take care of it with another
method. Suddenly the dog mounted her. She had scooted far enough to the edge of the bed seeking his tongue, that her hips were barely still
on it. Rocky’s long pink dick had precum dripping out of it and it was obvious he had satisfaction on his mind. He began to hump her, seeking
her pussy with his cock.

Her startled eyes flew to her lover. It was obvious she expected him to handle this situation. His decision was to join the dog. Crawling further
up on the bed, he straddled her chest, and presented his hard throbbing cock to her mouth. She loved sucking him, as he well knew, and
couldn’t resist closing her mouth over him. This gave Rocky the time he needed to find that wet drippy pussy with his hard dick. She gave a
grunt of pain as the point of that dick entered her.

However, that pain quickly turned to pleasure as the dog got his rhythm began to fuck her as she had never been fucked before. Her lover,
sensing her building excitement once again, grasp the back of her head and began to pump his cock in and out of her mouth, fucking it like the
dog was fucking her pussy. Her senses couldn’t stand it, and exploded in orgasm once again. Milking Rocky’s dick, and she sucked her lover’s
cock attempting to entice him to explode in her mouth. Again and again orgasms waved through her body. Rocky was like a machine, driving
fast and harder than she had imagined was possible. Harder and faster than any man surely.

Suddenly, her lover pulled her face hard to his cock one last time, burying it deep in her throat and feeding her his cum. His back arched, his
pleasure moan escaping him. This was almost a signal for Rocky. He exploded in her and she could feel her lovers cumin inside her, filling her
holes with cum. Causing her too to explode one last time.

Rocky withdrew his cock and jumped down from her body, moving to the corner of the room to clean himself. She turned and watched him,
smiling around the cock she still held in her mouth. That dog had been more than she had ever anticipated. Her eyes returned to her lover,
meeting his. Looking down at her and smiling he said, “You are such a naughty girl”, causing her to grin. As he grew soft, and slowing pulled
out of her mouth, he slid down her body. Laying on top of her, softly kissing and caressing. Knowing her body needed a rest and to be cared
for gently now. She was a wonderful find for him. There were so many things he wanted to sample, and felt sure she was the one who would
be willing to try them.

She signed deeply, whispering that she was tired from the workout. His answer was to tell her to rest. He informed her it wasn’t quite noon
yet and he had more plans for her and Rocky later. With a smile on her face, she scooted back up on the bed, turned over on her side and
drifted off to sleep, watching Rocky, and wondering how much better life could be…

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