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# Horse Ranch

Lauren was going to visit Emily, her cousin, in the country for the summer. Lauren and Emily were both about
18 years old and were probably going to be around each other for the whole 2 months Lauren was there.
Lauren was especially anxious about the trip because Emily lived on a horse ranch and Lauren had never ridden
a horse but wanted to desperately.

Lauren and Emily had plenty of fun the first week together just hanging around swimming holes and talking
about guys. They couldn’t go riding at first because Emily’s dad had them out of town for the time being. But
the day finally came when her father returned and Lauren was going to get to go horseback riding. The animals
were larger than she imagined. They were tall and muscular. Emily took Lauren riding for three hours. When
they finished Lauren was exhausted. They tied the horses in the barn and sat in the hay for a rest.

They both started talking about boys again when Lauren asked how Emily ever got any with practically no boy
around the farm at any time. This is when Emily got a sly, curious smirk on her face as she looked at Lauren.
Lauren was confused by the silence and the awkward expression on Emily’s face. Emily then said that you didn’t
really need a guy to get off out here. You have to just use what you got. With this she walked over to one of
the stalls and let one of the biggest horses they had out and walked him to the center of the barn. He was big,
brown and muscular.

Emily then went to lock all of the doors in the barn and turned on the main light in the center of the barn. She
then brought Lauren out and showed her the magnificent beast. Lauren was still confused and asked why she
brought the horse out and why she was acting so weird. Emily didn’t say a word. She simply walked over to the
horse and rubbed its head and then its side. Then she did something Lauren couldn’t believe, she slid off her
summer dress, panties and bra. She got on the ground and crawled under the huge animal. Even so Lauren
could tell what Emily was going to do, she still couldn’t believe it. Then Lauren saw something that took her
breath away. Emily was sucking a huge 2ft long and at least 10in. round cock.

The site of this huge tool shocked Lauren to the point where she was speechless. The size of the cock wasn’t
even the most amazing part, but the fact that Emily was taking so much of it into her mouth and sucking with
all her might while bobbing her head up and down its length. She then slid the tool out of her mouth and told
Lauren to come and join the fun. At first Lauren thought she was crazy, but the sight of suck a huge organ,
much bigger than any of her city boyfriends had, sent her over the edge. Lauren slid her clothes off and
crawled under the huge beast with her cousin.

When Emily saw her cousin join her she slid the horse cock out of her mouth and told Lauren to take a swing at
it. Lauren took the organ in her hand and stared at it in amazement. She then tried sticking the head of the
throbbing cock in her mouth. At first she had trouble but she finally got the head in and started sucking it with
all of her might. As Lauren sucked the huge beast Emily started licking up and down the length of the rest of
the cock with her tongue.

The horse could no longer withstand the pleasure of two tongues on his cock and suddenly Lauren was
overwhelmed with her mouth being filled with cum in one blast from the horse climaxing. That same blast was
so huge it even pushed the cock out of her mouth. The next blasts all landed on Lauren’s face and tits. By the
time the horse was done, Lauren’s entire upper body and face was covered with cum.

After this was over Emily began to help clean up Lauren by licking the cum off of Lauren from her tits to her
face. Although Emily made a few passes over her cousins mouth while cleaning her up, she did not try to get it
on with Lauren. She had bigger fish to fry, much bigger.

Once Lauren was cleaned off and they both got a large meal from the salty cum Emily walked over and got
something from a pile of machinery in the back of the shed. It had been hidden in a old worn out tractor. At
first Lauren couldn’t tell what it was, but then a realization came over her when Emily tied the hammock like
sack around the horse hanging underneath it. As she did this she rubbed the horses cock to bring it back to full
size in no time at all.

After she securely tied the sack Emily told Lauren that she would get a shot later and that she should get to
feel the force of this beast inside her. Lauren was once again speechless but Emily brought her over and got
her in the sack she said to just hold on and enjoy the ride. Emily then took the horses cock and positioned it at
the entrance to her cousins pussy. She pushed it in slightly and rubbed it to help get the horse started.

The horse needed no encouragement. Once he felt the head of his cock enter the warm, tight confines of the
girls pussy he immediately started thrusting. His huge thrusts immediately penetrated Lauren’s tight cunt. The
brief moment of pain of penetration was quickly changed into pleasure as a foot of the horses cock was pushed
into Lauren’s cunt. As he continued to thrust he pushed the rest of his two foot cock into her pussy. Lauren
was feeling pleasure in places inside her she didn’t even know she had. She also couldn’t believe how much her
tight pussy was being stretched. It felt like two baseball bats being shoved into her. She cummed over and

The tight gripping of Lauren’s pussy set the horse off again as he shoved his cock all the way inside her and
held it. With this he climaxed and filled Lauren with gallons of cum. Lauren felt the warmth travel all throughout
her womb and some start coming out of her pussy because he had totally filled her up. The horse finally pulled
out after filling her and Lauren just about passed out in the hammock.

She felt the huge gap in her pussy from the cock even after he pulled out. It took a few seconds for her pussy
to close back up. Emily came over and helped Lauren out of the hammock and then put everything away. When
Emily came back she sat down with Lauren who was still laying in the hay totally worn out. Then she told
Lauren that this is how country girls get satisfied. With that they both giggled for a while.

There was other animal adventures during that summer but I’ll have to tell you that later.


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