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Phil and Mike were out enjoying the nice weather hiking in the woods. Mike had brought along his dog who was
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to bring along some camping gear just in case they decided to stay the night.

They had been hiking for quite a while and decided to sit down by a little creek they had found to rest for a
while. Now max (the dog) went sniffing around like he had the scent of an animal he was hunting, the two men
weren’t worry because they knew he wouldn’t go very far. When they finally felt rested they called for max to
come on, but they noticed that on down by the creek, max had found something. They couldn’t tell for sure
because they where to far back to tell, so walking closer they stopped dead in their tracks not believing what
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pussy. The woman must have thought in her sleep that her boyfriend was trying to lick her pussy, so she
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in her dreams that it was probably her boyfriend, where was he, am I right? Well, he had decided to take a walk
while she was napping and he is lost.

Back to Phil and Mike and of course Max, who still can’t get to her pussy, but is trying so hard. The two guys
whisper so not to wake her up, let’s have some fun with this situation. They get some rope out of their
backpack and get a couple bandanas to gag her and blindfold her with, then one of them each get on one side
of her each and with one hand one grabs her arms and the other blindfolds her and gags her before she had a
chance to see what they looked like or holler out for help. They tie her arms and her ankles, deciding they need
to take her away from that place deeper into the woods. This way in case their was someone there with her
they wouldn’t catch them.

They decide to carry her with one holding her wrist and the other one with her ankles with her hanging
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down max once we get where we are going we will let you lick her pussy all you want. Now the girl didn’t like
that idea, so she was trying to get loose, they put her down on the ground thinking they had went far enough
and felt safe.

They got out the stakes they were going to use to put up the tent and put 2 of them spread out above her
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