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# The Homecumming

I had got home from work, and relaxing with a beer on the couch, and watching the News. I
heard the door open and to my surprise it was my daughter from Tennessee. I looked up at her
smiling, and asked “how is my baby girl?”

My daughter is 26 and very attractive and I had fantasized about her for many years. Lynn looked
at me with her sweet smile and said “I’m exhausted Daddy… It was a long, hot trip. I’m going to
take a shower and freshen up.”

I could feel a tingle in my groin area, This was not the first time, but I have to admit she struck
me as very beautiful, and I wanted to play with her. I told her that she knew where the bath
room was and to take her time while I made dinner. She said ok and went to her old room, which
because of my love for her I would never change.

As I cooked dinner, I thought about Lynn and how she looked coming through the door, how her
tits just flowed in front of her. I felt my cock growing and wondered Why?? This was my
daughter!! I had watched her growing up and had seen her naked many times as she got older,
but tonight when she came home; I knew there was something different.

When I was about half way done with dinner Lynn came in to the

kitchen. She wasn’t wearing anything but a towel and My gawd was I enticed by her looks, her
nakedness under that towel.

I looked at her in amazement and I think she noticed, because she got closer to give me a hug
and a soft kiss right on the lips. As I was starting to rise to my surprise, she noticed my growing

and looked at me with a sly look, “Daddy? Are you horny or are your cooking skills that good?”

She snickered. I looked at her and told her that she must go and put some thing on because I
was just a male, my thoughts were as a man and how she looked at 26 was awesome to me. She
looked up at me smiling and said “dad…come with me”

I looked at her and started to ask why when she reached down

and touched my cock with her hand thru my pants. Then the towel

dropped to the floor. I was amazed to see her awesome body, she was dripping from her pussy,
all wet and glistening.

Lynn smiled and said “Come on dad; we don’t want your cock to go down now do we?” With a
smile I couldn’t resist; my cock of 7 inches felt like 10, throbbing as though it was about to burst
out of my pants.

As we reach her bedroom we both smiled before entering, as if to tell each other it was fine and
we would just be richer for the experience. We entered and she turned to me and said “Daddy?
How long you going to keep your clothes on??” Lynn snickered and laid down on the bed.

I started to take my clothes off then noticed our pet Labrador mix, Max in her room. As I started
to send him out of the room Lynn said

“Oh daddy, he is fine, let him stay”, I just smiled and finished undressing.

I climbed on to the bed, a little reluctant at first, but growing with this cock of mine and seeing
my daughter so beautifully naked in front of me it soon passed .

She rolled over and gave me the wettest kiss (with tongue) I had ever had and it was so
passionate I thought maybe she had at one time wanted me to. She started to caress me as I
caressed her. Lynn’s tits were large, so large they couldn’t stand up all the way but they were so
beautiful. As I caressed her I found her pussy and played with it for some time. She was getting
so wet I decided to change positions and as I started to eat her pussy I could feel her

She arched then took my swollen cock into her mouth, I was ecstatic with pleasure. The thought
of this mouth on me being my daughters was so awesome as she took it sucked me deep into her
throat. I could have cum right then and now, but I knew at my age I had to restrain myself, so I
held back. We did this for quite some time as we both loved oral sex and we didn’t want to stop.
We were both getting excited as I licked her clit and stuffed my tongue as deep as I could in her
pussy, Lynn was lapping up all my precum and using her tongue to tease head of my cock till I
was almost cumming.

I heard her say “Daddy, Please..I want you to fuck me in my ass” I have wondered about that
sensation for a long time as was memorized I loved fucking a lady in the ass. It’s so tight. I told
her ok but she had to let me lay down first and then mount me. Lynn looked at me with a curious
eye then said ok.

We changed positions so I was laying on the bed with this enormous cock. To me, I have never
seen myself so hard. Lynn started to slowly work her self down on me. It was so tight I thought if
she wiggled I would cum but as she lowered her self on me she loosened and we were fucking so

She was riding me so hard. Many times I couldn’t keep track as I was way to horny to be thinking
that I was fucking my daughter As I was holding her tits and once in a while taking my finger to
her clit we would shudder to each other and moan. I could feel Lynn’s body shaking over me and
all I could do was arch my body and press my cock into her, so deep and tight.

It didn’t take but 45 minutes, and we were both cumming, shaking in orgasms as we met each
other all the way deep inside her ass. I was starting to feel my age, relaxing I pulled her back
toward me so that she was still on top of my cock ,which didn’t at that time seem to go done as
it does after a great sex session.

I was on my back with Lynn lying on top of me, my cock still hard and buried in her ass. I grabbed
Lynn by her tits and pulled her back against my chest. She sighed softly and told me how much
she loved me. I in turn told her how much I loved and this experience.

We started to drift asleep and I was finally starting to soften when I felt the bed move. At that
moment I could feel a very warm tongue on us; licking her then me. I was about to jump up, but
my urges wouldn’t let me, my cock was growing to it’s abnormal strength again. I could feel Lynn
getting wet again, her warm juices dripping. I whispered, “you feel that?” and she said “Daddy,
Max and I are old friends”

I couldn’t move, it felt so good. My cock still in Lynn, my daughter who loved her dad more than
he had thought along with this sensation of being licked so awesomely. I was getting hard again,
harder than before and I was about to cum again.

I could feel Lynn starting to shake at the same time the licking stopped and I felt like I was being
let down when all of a sudden I felt more weight on her as it came down on me. Max was
mounting Lynn, she moaned as Max knew exactly where to put his growing cock. I was in
amazement when I looked and saw the dog fucking my baby girl right in her pussy, and feeling the
pressure on my cock while it was in her ass, we all started rocking to Max’s thrusts, we were in
total ecstasy. I could feel his cock sliding back and forth where he was pressed against mine
inside Lynn. I was ready to cum again as I felt some thing hit me hard.

Max’s knot had just entered Lynn and they were tied. Lynn was moaning her pleasure and
bucking. Then I felt it. Max’s cum was starting to run out of Lynn as hers was dripping awesomely
too. They had both cum at the same time and those hot juices were now running down onto me.
But that was ok since I was about to cum as well. It didn’t take to long with that cum flowing
onto the base of my cock and my balls. It was so hot. I could still feel Max’s balls slapping my
upper ass and it felt so good I shot my load seep inside her ass again.

20 minutes later Max freed him self. Lynn’s pussy was full of cum and her ass was dripping from
my cum in her. We all lay there but Max got down to clean himself after cleaning us. What a
sensation!! Lynn and I looked at each other with big smiles and we both agreed to make this a
family outing as often as we could.

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