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# Carrie’s Long Hot Summer

Carrie Saunders had just graduated from High School, and was going to stay at her Uncle and Aunt’s Farm for
the summer. They had wanted to take their new RV out and travel for a summer, but didn’t have anyone to
watch after the animals on their farm. Carrie took this as a perfect opportunity to get out of the house, and
have some freedom for her last summer before college. Carrie excitedly arrived at the farm, and her mom’s
brother Merle helped her carry her things inside. Her Aunt Cindy greeted her with a big hug. They explained what
to feed the 4 horses, and how often. They showed her how to feed the pigs, and informed her how often to
collect eggs from the hen house.

Carrie realized it was quite a bit of responsiblity, but she also knew that she could have some fun. The house
was stocked with a lot of food, and she had everything she could possibly want. She waved goodbye as they
got into their RV and drove off. They would be gone for 2 and 1/2 months. She watched as the RV disappeared
from her sight, and went back into the house. Carrie got a joint out of her purse and walked onto the large back
porch. She sat on the porch swing, and lit it up. Carrie inhaled deeply, and she was buzzed quite soon. She had
just put it out, when all of a sudden, the large black labrador retriever jumped up onto the swing with her.

Carrie tried to push the dog off the swing, but it was pretty persistant. Carrie was wearing short shorts, and the
dog buried his face between her legs. His long tongue slithered across her thigh, and it tickled. Carrie giggled,
while still trying to push the dog from between her legs. Finally the dog jumped off the swing and ran across the
yard. “So, this is Shep?” she thought to herself. Shep was the family dog, and he pretty much had his run of the
farm. He had his own bedroom even. Her Uncle and Aunt never had children, and the dog seemed to fill the void

Carrie was very buzzed, and she decided to take advantage of the privacy and the warm sun. She went into her
bedroom, and quickly took off all of her clothing. She looked at her young naked body in the mirror. She looked
quite good with her semi muscular, yet small frame. Her breasts were small, and firm with large puffy nipples. She
pinched her nipples as she watched herself in the mirror. Her nipples stiffened, and her eyes wandered
downwards, and she looked at her hairy, blonde bush.

She had always thought about trimming it, but also realized that a blonde bush was a rarity. It was even
considered a delicasy by some men, and women, she guessed. She had never been with another woman, but
wasn’t at all against the idea. She fantasized about it quite frequently, and if a woman was to approach her, she
knew it would probably result in a hot hot night of passion. She ran her fingers through the thick blonde bush,
and felt the moistness of her pussy lips. She softly moaned as she rubbed her own swollen clit. She almost came,
and quickly removed her finger. She sniffed it, and found the musky odor to be quite arousing.

“Mmm, enough for now” she thought to herself. She grabbed a large blanket, and headed out the back door. She
spread it out across the large back yard, and flopped down on her back. She laid there totally nude, legs spread
widely. She felt the warmth of the sun as it shined upon her gorgeous body. She closed her eyes, and softly
drifted off to sleep. Carrie was having a very hot, erotic dream about some unknown girl, licking her pussy. It felt
so real, and Carrie’s pussy was so hot and wet. She woke up, and it still felt so real to her. Her pussy felt so
wet, and she could almost feel the girl’s hot breath against her cunt.

She looked down, and there was Shep, his long dog tongue was lapping hungrily at her pussy. She was on the
brink of ecstacy, and instead of pushing Shep away, she grabbed his head, and pulled him tightly against her. His
tongue slithered up and down the length of her pussy. Carrie grunted loudly as she orgasmed. Her pussy
exploded and her juices gushed into the dog’s mouth. Shep seemed to enjoy the taste, his tongue lapped even
faster, and faster, as he hungrily licked up the sweet pussy cum. Carrie moaned louder, cumming again. Shep
quickly moved away from her. “Come here, Shep, come here boy!” she yelled.

She didn’t want him to stop, she was so hot. Her pussy was on fire. She felt his long nails scratch her bare belly,
as the dog attempted to mount her. She pushed firmly on him, getting him off her. “No, down!” she yelled. She
noticed for the first time, how long and thick his cock was. It was pink and shiny, it almost looked wet. It was a
good 6 and 1/2 inches long, and as thick if not thicker than any man’s she had ever seen. Shep was humping
wildly against her, his long thick dog cock brushing against her thigh. His cock was oozing a massive amount of
precum, as he spread it all over her thigh, with the pointed tip.

“Wow, impressive!” she said, looking in amazement at Shep’s huge cock. “Come here boy, she said, patting the
blanket beside her. Shep quickly ran up to her. She reached out, and began rubbing his belly. Shep rolled onto
his back, and his large cock was only inches from her. Carrie reached out, and touched it. It throbbed in her
hand, and she lightly gripped it. She watched as the large baseball sized knot slipped from it’s hidden place, now
popping fully into view. “Oh wow!” she moaned. Shep furiously pumped into her hand, precum oozing wildly from
the funny shaped head.

Carrie gripped Shep’s cock with both hands, and slowly slid one over the large knot. She lightly cupped it in her
hand, and began jacking him off more quickly. Shep’s breathing became erratic, and he panted loudly. She felt
his cock pulsate in her hand, and it began shooting it’s hot clear cum. She rapidly jerked the dog’s large cock
,watching in great fascination as it continued shooting load after load into her hand. She jerked him until Shep
jumped from the blanket. He laid down on the grass, and began licking himself. Carrie’s hand was totally covered
in the sticky dog juice. She brought it to her mouth, and flicked her tongue against it.

“Mmm, not bad” she thought, comparing it to the flavor of a man. She licked all of the dog’s cum from her hand
and fingers. “MMmm, later I’m gonna try and suck you” she said to him. Shep’s ears stood up, almost as if her
understood her. “No, he couldn’t” she thought. Carrie was thirsty, and she went inside and got her a beer from
the refrigerator. She began drinking it, and decided to watch a little tv. She couldn’t find anything to watch, and
decided to see if there were any movies in the house.

She couldn’t find anything in the living room, so she went into her Aunt and Uncle’s bedroom. Beneath their tv, in
a cabinet, she found a couple of movies, they were homemade, and labeled, Cindy 1, Cindy 2, Merle 1, Merle 2,
and the final one said Cindy and Merle. Carrie grabbed the one that said Cindy 1, and took it to the living room.
Carrie wasn’t quite sure what she would find on the video, but as she inserted it into the VCR she felt a rush of
excitement. Carrie pushed play, and the video came on.

Her Aunt Cindy was on the screen, wearing only a bra and panties. She stared in amazement at her Aunt’s hot
body. Cindy quickly pulled off the bra, and her large breasts were swaying heavily. “Yeah, that’s nice” she could
hear her Uncle say. He was obviously the camera man. Cindy quickly stepped out of her panties, and her pussy
was shaved bare. Carrie felt her own pussy moisten up with excitement, as she watched her Aunt play with
herself on the video. Cindy flopped onto the large bed, and began patting it. Suddenly Shep jumped onto the

Cindy softly petted the large black lab, as the dog licked across her bare breasts. Carrie watched as the dog’s
long tongue swirled across each of her Aunt’s pink nipples. Cindy reached between the dog’s hind legs and began
massing his large soft cock. The camera zoomed in and she watched as Shep’s cock quickly stiffened, and his
large baseball sized knot slipped from it’s sheath. “Mmmm, you’re so big!” Cindy moaned. Cindy slid beneath the
dog, and began licking up and down his large cock. Shep really seemed to enjoy this. He thrust against her,
slamming his thick dog cock into her mouth.

Cindy worked on Shep’s large pink cock with her mouth, deepthroating it all the way to it’s knot. She held the
knot in her hand, gently massaging it while her tongue swirled around the thick shaft. Cindy was enjoying this
alot, her excitement was obvious. Carrie was now fingerfucking herself furiously. She moaned as she watched
the video of her Aunt and the dog. Cindy quickly pulled the large cock from her mouth, and it was spurting it’s
cum all over her. Cindy jerked and pulled on the dog’s enormous cock, as cum shot all over her face and her
breasts. Shep was panting heavily, thrusting into Cindy’s hand.

Cindy worked Shep’s cock until the last of the clear fluid shot from the pointed tip. Shep was still rock hard, and
Cindy quickly got on her hands and knees. Shep was obviously well trained, because he immediately mounted
her. He stabbed his large thick cock against Cindy’s back side, finally finding his target. The dog’s large cock
disappeared into Cindy’s pussy. Cindy grunted loudly, and Carrie watched in amazement as the large knot also
slipped inside of her Aunt’s pussy. Cindy moaned loudly, and thrust against Shep. The dog fucked her like no man

He drove his large pink cock into her pussy like a jackhammer. Cindy actually moved forward from the force of
the dog’s thrusts. From the look on Cindy’s face, this must’ve felt wonderful. Carrie was now furiously rubbing her
clit, as she watched her sexy Aunt get fucked by the large dog. Carrie came furiously, her juices gushing from
her sweet young pussy. “Oh yeah!” she moaned, rubbing herself with a finger while fucking herself with her other
hand. Cindy groaned loudly, and Shep barked. Suddenly he was cumming. Carrie could see his clear doggie cum
as it poured from her Aunt’s pussy.

Cindy moaned and groaned as Shep shot his cum inside of her. The dog was excitedly thrusting into her, filling
her with cum. Shep tried to pull away, but they were stuck together, knotted. Shep pulled frantically, trying to
free himself. They remained that way for a few minutes, and suddenly his knot began to soften, and he pulled
out of her. As the tip of his cock slid from her pussy, cum poured from her pussy. There must’ve been a quart,
Carrie thought to herself. Suddenly the picture went blank, and the screen was fuzzy.

“Guess I need another tape” Carrie said to herself. This time she brought all 4 movies with her. She quickly put in
Cindy 2. This one was filmed in a different location. It looked like it was being shot in the barn. Suddenly the
camera panned and zoomed into one of the horse stalls. There was Cindy, kneeling beneath the large horse,
holding what looked like a 2 ft long cock. She was stroking it, and it was already quite hard. The head was
shaped like a large mushroom, and Cindy’s tongue swirled all over the odd shaped head, disappearing into the
large slit at the end of it.

The horse made noises every once in a while, but Cindy continued licking and stroking it. Cindy was attempting
to put the enormous head into her mouth, and after some real work, it finally disappeared into her mouth. The
horse whinnied, and Cindy moaned, suddenly she gagged. She let the large head slip from her mouth, and the
horse shot the load of all loads. Carrie gasped as she watched bucket fulls of cum erupt from the horse’s huge
cock. Cindy pulled and stroked the large throbbing horse cock furiously with both hands, watching as cum
covered most of her body. “mmmmm, yeah” she moaned. Watching as the last of the white thick cum poured
from the huge head.

Cindy quickly got up, and walked towards the camera. She had cum from her chin to her toes. She rubbed it
across her body, working it into her nipples. She firmly tugged on her erect nipples, as she rubbed horse cum all
over them. She was now outside of the barn, and got a waterhose, and began spraying herself off. Carrie
watched as her Aunt washed the horse cum from her body. It took about 5 minutes of heavy spraying before she
got all of the cum off her. Carrie was so excited. Her pussy juices were pouring from her excited cunt. She was
furiously rubbing her self again. “Damn, she’s so wild” she thought to herself, watching as her Aunt danced naked
on the video, playfully spraying water towards the camera.

The movie stopped, and Carrie was horny. She couldn’t sit through another movie right now. She went into the
kitchen, and grabbed a large cucumber. She ran it under the warm water for a few seconds, and then walked
back into the living room. She laid on the couch, and began rubbing the large cucumber against her wet pussy.
She slowly pushed until the vegetable began to disappear inside of her. Carrie grunted loudly as she fucked
herself to an intense orgasm with the large cucumber. “Oh yeah” she moaned. She still had the images of her
Aunt and the dog in her mind.

Carrie came over and over again, as she thrust the cucumber into her soft wet pussy. “Mmmm, this is going to
be a long hot summer” she said loudly. Her pussy spasmed as she slid the cucumber out of it. “Oooh” she
moaned. She brought the cucumber towards her mouth, and began licking her juices from it. She sucked it like it
was a big cock. She then sat it down. She got off the couch, and went outside to get a buzz. She started to
light up the joint, and Shep came running. She now looked at the dog in a new light, she knew that as soon as
she was done smoking, she would have Shep inside of her mouth and pussy.

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