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# An Incredible Experience

An event occurred that changed the way I look at certain aspects of sex forever. I have always
had this VERY healthy appetite for sex; but what happened on this particular day would be
incredibly shocking to some, and just down right sick to others. For me it was quite provocative
and sexual; and every time I sit back and think about it, I get extremely aroused.

It happened one afternoon while my husband was at work. I got up that day around twelve in the
afternoon and decided to clean the house. I didn’t put any regular clothes on. All I had on was a
short pink satin nightgown, with nothing underneath. I swept the floor, and cleaned the kitchen.
Before I tackled the bedrooms and the bathroom, I decided to sit down and take a break. As I sit
there on my beanbag, I started thinking about some of the sexual things I had done as a
teenager. For example, the time I was sitting in the very same beanbag, in my bedroom, and my
little dachshund mix breed come over to me and started sniffing at my crotch.

What happened next was weird but arousing. He started licking and rooting at my panties. It felt
really good. I was curious, so I decided to pull my panties to the side, to see what he would do.
He really went at me then, and he started licking me with such long deep strokes. I felt every
inch of his tongue lapping at it as if he was lapping water out of a bowl. It was a new feeling that
I’d never felt before, I started breathing heavily and I experienced a tingling sensation, that led to
my first explosive orgasm. Then it started tickling so much that I couldn’t handle it anymore, and I
pushed him away from me. This sticky liquid oozed out of me and it made me very wet down

As I sit there and thought about that particular incident, I started to get very aroused. What
happened next was just absolutely exciting. I had this big black chow named Bear. I guess he
sensed that something was going on with me, because he got up from where he was lying on the
floor, walked over to me, tilted his head a little to the side, and just stared at me for a minute. I
looked at him and rubbed my nipples until they felt like hard pebbles just sitting on my breasts.
They looked like two mountains with a wide valley between. I was incredibly aroused by the
thought of my childhood memory and the way that Bear stared at me. It was as if he knew what
was about to happen and sort of grinned. I pulled my gown up over my breasts and just kept
teasing and rubbing my nipples. I started to breathe heavily as I slowly ran my hand down my
body until my fingers lightly touched my pussy lips.

Bear eased around and lay his head on my thigh and wanted me to pet him. I put my hand on him
and petted his head lightly and he whimpered. I looked at him and he looked so content. He raised
his head and nudged my pussy with his nose and sniffed at me. Then to my surprise he started
licking me, I got so aroused by this, that I took my fingers and opened my pussy lips for him. He
licked me harder in a rhythmic motion, then with longer strokes from the edge of my asshole to
the top of my clitoris. “Oh god, it feels so good” I said. My pussy was so wet with that same
sticky liquid I’d had before in my younger years. I felt like I had gone back in time. In my mind I
was that young inexperienced teenager with a new desire all over again. As my fingers were
holding my lips open, I took the other hand and pushed his head against me harder. I moved my
hips in a circular motion against his mouth so that his nose was rubbing my clit, while his wide
tongue entered my hot wet opening; in and out it went. “Oh….. oh yes” I moaned. He started
suckling and nibbling at my hole and I got a little scared he was going to bite me by accident, so I
pushed his head out away from my pussy.

I leaned to the side of the beanbag and turned his body around, so that his rear was up near my
upper body. I raised up and started rubbing his cock with my hand and he whimpered as if to say
oh… yeah. I eased his sheath back as I pumped his cock with my hand lightly. Then I lowered
myself so that my head was tilted slightly under his torso. I licked the tip of his cock with my
tongue, and then eased my mouth over it and began pumping slowly. I could feel him swelling in
my mouth and I pumped him with my face faster. Then he starting humping against me and all of
a sudden I felt this hot liquid ooze into my mouth. It was pre-cum (a clear liquid that dogs have
just before they cum). I rose up out from under him and he whined loudly as if to beg me not to

He stepped back around my leg and wanted to mount me. So I reached down on the floor and put
a pair of my husbands socks on his front paws so that he wouldn’t scratch me. Then he jumped
up on me, (the thought of fucking a dog amazed me), and I took his cock with my hand and
inserted it into my pussy hole. I could feel the warm hardness as he went deeper inside me. As he
began thrusting into me I spread my thighs wider, wrapped my hands around his ass and pulled
him into me even deeper, and began pumping against him. “Oh god” I moaned loudly. He then
started to pump me at a different rate of speed that what I was used to, and then it got even
faster and harder. He whimpered loudly, soon I felt his cock get harder and bigger and his knot
started to go inside of me. It went in slightly and then came out. I had to put my hand down
there to keep it from going all the way in, because I was afraid of it getting stuck inside of me,
and at its’ enormous size, it would’ve ripped me. I felt that hot liquid again and pulled him out of
me fast, but he still was pumping at me. I grabbed his cock and let him ride me until nature took
its course and he came in big spurts all over my pussy lips and stomach. It even squirted up on
my breasts. I never realized that a dog’s orgasm had that much power.

After he finished we just lay there for a while in the same position, he lay his head down on my
chest as if to say “I love you” and whimpered again. I had a small orgasm when he was licking me
but I didn’t have one during intercourse because I guess I was very paranoid at the time, and
scared of getting caught. If I ever got a chance to do it again I would have a lot more fun the
next time and would probably even let the knot go inside. I hope that you enjoy reading it as
much as I enjoyed the experience. And yes, I got very hot and wet telling this story, and now of
course I’m going to go and masturbate myself.

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