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# An Incredible Experience

An event occurred that changed the way I look at certain aspects of sex forever. I have always
had this VERY healthy appetite for sex; but what happened on this particular day would be
incredibly shocking to some, and just down right sick to others. For me it was quite provocative
and sexual; and every time I sit back and think about it, I get extremely aroused.

It happened one afternoon while my husband was at work. I got up that day around twelve in the
afternoon and decided to clean the house. I didn’t put any regular clothes on. All I had on was a
short pink satin nightgown, with nothing underneath. I swept the floor, and cleaned the kitchen.
Before I tackled the bedrooms and the bathroom, I decided to sit down and take a break. As I sit
there on my beanbag, I started thinking about some of the sexual things I had done as a
teenager. For example, the time I was sitting in the very same beanbag, in my bedroom, and my
little dachshund mix breed come over to me and started sniffing at my crotch.

What happened next was weird but arousing. He started licking and rooting at my panties. It felt
really good. I was curious, so I decided to pull my panties to the side, to see what he would do.
He really went at me then, and he started licking me with such long deep strokes. I felt every
inch of his tongue lapping at it as if he was lapping water out of a bowl. It was a new feeling that
I’d never felt before, I started breathing heavily and I experienced a tingling sensation, that led to
my first explosive orgasm. Then it started tickling so much that I couldn’t handle it anymore, and I
pushed him away from me. This sticky liquid oozed out of me and it made me very wet down

As I sit there and thought about that particular incident, I started to get very aroused. What
happened next was just absolutely exciting. I had this big black chow named Bear. I guess he
sensed that something was going on with me, because he got up from where he was lying on the
floor, walked over to me, tilted his head a little to the side, and just stared at me for a minute. I
looked at him and rubbed my nipples until they felt like hard pebbles just sitting on my breasts.
They looked like two mountains with a wide valley between. I was incredibly aroused by the
thought of my childhood memory and the way that Bear stared at me. It was as if he knew what
was about to happen and sort of grinned. I pulled my gown up over my breasts and just kept
teasing and rubbing my nipples. I started to breathe heavily as I slowly ran my hand down my
body until my fingers lightly touched my pussy lips.

Bear eased around and lay his head on my thigh and wanted me to pet him. I put my hand on him
and petted his head lightly and he whimpered. I looked at him and he looked so content. He raised
his head and nudged my pussy with his nose and sniffed at me. Then to my surprise he started
licking me, I got so aroused by this, that I took my fingers and opened my pussy lips for him. He
licked me harder in a rhythmic motion, then with longer strokes from the edge of my asshole to
the top of my clitoris. “Oh god, it feels so good” I said. My pussy was so wet with that same
sticky liquid I’d had before in my younger years. I felt like I had gone back in time. In my mind I
was that young inexperienced teenager with a new desire all over again. As my fingers were
holding my lips open, I took the other hand and pushed his head against me harder. I moved my
hips in a circular motion against his mouth so that his nose was rubbing my clit, while his wide
tongue entered my hot wet opening; in and out it went. “Oh….. oh yes” I moaned. He started
suckling and nibbling at my hole and I got a little scared he was going to bite me by accident, so I
pushed his head out away from my pussy.

I leaned to the side of the beanbag and turned his body around, so that his rear was up near my
upper body. I raised up and started rubbing his cock with my hand and he whimpered as if to say
oh… yeah. I eased his sheath back as I pumped his cock with my hand lightly. Then I lowered
myself so that my head was tilted slightly under his torso. I licked the tip of his cock with my
tongue, and then eased my mouth over it and began pumping slowly. I could feel him swelling in
my mouth and I pumped him with my face faster. Then he starting humping against me and all of
a sudden I felt this hot liquid ooze into my mouth. It was pre-cum (a clear liquid that dogs have
just before they cum). I rose up out from under him and he whined loudly as if to beg me not to

He stepped back around my leg and wanted to mount me. So I reached down on the floor and put
a pair of my husbands socks on his front paws so that he wouldn’t scratch me. Then he jumped
up on me, (the thought of fucking a dog amazed me), and I took his cock with my hand and
inserted it into my pussy hole. I could feel the warm hardness as he went deeper inside me. As he
began thrusting into me I spread my thighs wider, wrapped my hands around his ass and pulled
him into me even deeper, and began pumping against him. “Oh god” I moaned loudly. He then
started to pump me at a different rate of speed that what I was used to, and then it got even
faster and harder. He whimpered loudly, soon I felt his cock get harder and bigger and his knot
started to go inside of me. It went in slightly and then came out. I had to put my hand down
there to keep it from going all the way in, because I was afraid of it getting stuck inside of me,
and at its’ enormous size, it would’ve ripped me. I felt that hot liquid again and pulled him out of
me fast, but he still was pumping at me. I grabbed his cock and let him ride me until nature took
its course and he came in big spurts all over my pussy lips and stomach. It even squirted up on
my breasts. I never realized that a dog’s orgasm had that much power.

After he finished we just lay there for a while in the same position, he lay his head down on my
chest as if to say “I love you” and whimpered again. I had a small orgasm when he was licking me
but I didn’t have one during intercourse because I guess I was very paranoid at the time, and
scared of getting caught. If I ever got a chance to do it again I would have a lot more fun the
next time and would probably even let the knot go inside. I hope that you enjoy reading it as
much as I enjoyed the experience. And yes, I got very hot and wet telling this story, and now of
course I’m going to go and masturbate myself.

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# The Breeders 3 & 4

Chapter 3

Carolyn sat with frozen horror, her eyes glued to the small movie screen at the end of the long dining room table, her fingers white from
clutching the edge of the thick wooden chair on which she sat.

On the white-beaded screen not six feet from her eyes, she watched herself being ravished by a great golden dog whose terrible pointed penis
dug holes in her body, plunging in and out, stretching the tender pink slit mercilessly. When the camera periodically zoomed in for a close-up,
she could feel her stomach churn up and she felt ill. She could see the soft inner lips of her vagina cling to the dog’s thick hard organ as it
rose and fell, leaped and lunged. She could see the muscles, her muscles, tighten and release around the animal’s awful penis, slowly,
deliberately milking it to climax. But worst of all, worst of all, was the awful look of wild animal passion on her own face, a look of anguished
need, of sexual need of such magnitude that she was fascinated and horrified at the same instant. She watched her writhing body raise
beneath the dog’s humping haunches, rising to meet him thrust for thrust until the bulge on his great organ began to swell toward climax. She
could see it growing, like a knot on a tire just before a blowout, see it grow as he pushed and pulled it in and out of her body until the swelling
was too great for the small vaginal orifice to release. And still he hunched frantically over her musky hole.

She knew she was going to be ill but still she could not force her eyes from the terrible pictures on the screen. As the great dog’s urge
claimed him, he humped her cunt so hard that his upward pulls lifted her hips off the bed. He humped her again and again, slamming the thick
trunk of his organ in double time, faster, faster. Suddenly Carolyn saw herself ‹ no, not her, some terrible unfortunate creature on the screen ‹
some girl writhe convulsively, forcing her body up the hot fleshy bone, skewering her body onto the dog’s humping haunches. The spasms
which racked her climaxing body squeezed the bulging organ and he, too, began the frantic race for release. Her climax burst within her,
exploding, ripping away the body from the mind. She lay spent and limp upon the deep blue velvet, a single thin red line welling from
somewhere within where the dog knot had torn the tender fabric of her body. The huge golden dog humped once, twice more, and then stood
still but for an occasional tremor, patiently waiting for the swelling to subside and release him from this used bitch’s body.

Carolyn suddenly leaned over, laying her head on her arm along the edge of the table and vomited, retching again and again until only dry
heaves shook her body.

Jason Benson smiled coldly and waited. When the heaving had almost ceased, he lifted the ornate water pitcher and poured a glass of water.
He tapped her arm gently to attract her attention and sat the ice tinkling glass on the table within reach.

“A cool drink of water will make you feel better, my dear,” he said in the same charming modulated voice that Carolyn had thought so
attractive during the job interview.

She raised her head and stared across the table at the calm dignified face of Jason Benson. How could she have been so wrong? Outwardly
Jason appeared the soul of trust, the soft voice, the cultured demeanor was really all a sham. It was all camouflage for a distorted mind. The
prematurely greying hair, the tanned country gentleman look, these were but subtle traps to fool the outside world. Here, inside the high walls
of this awful place, he became the base creature he really was. He was just … another of the animals of Royal Benson Kennels! The memory
of what she had just seen flooded through her mind like the sloppy backwash of a stagnant swamp. Her throat contracted, her stomach
broiled. She reached for the glass of water and drank deeply.

“Feeling better?” he asked, the cold smile fixed upon his face.

Just then the tag end of the rewinding movie reel whirred loose and slap-slapped noisily against the machine.

“Mario!” Jason’s voice was edged with contempt for the careless boy. “Watch what you’re doing. We wouldn’t want to damage that film. It
might not be quite so easy to get Carolyn to make another that … interesting.”

“Ohhhh, how could you?” Her voice was rimmed with hatred. “HOW COULD YOU?”

“How could I?” Jason smiled. “It was really quite simple, my dear girl. You are sexually inclined by nature and that enviable virtue combined
with your almost unbelievable naivete … well, suffice to say, it was a simple task to convince your subconscious mind that it was a devoted
lover between your legs.”

“How could you do such an awful thing?” Carolyn whispered hoarsely.

“Me?” Jason laughed. “You were the one who did the ‘awful’ things, Carolyn. You forced my poor assistant into some very degrading situations.
I was really quite shocked! Ah, but then, you shall judge for yourself. Mario, would you start the next roll of film please?”

Carolyn’s eyes widened and she flashed a quick look toward Mario. He grinned back and shook his dark head in mock disapproval.

“No!” she shouted. “No, I don’t want to see it. I don’t know how you made me do those terrible things … it was a trick of some kind, drugs or
something … but I don’t want to see it. Please. PLEASE.”

“Oh, very well.” He nodded toward Mario to stop the projector. The room was suddenly very silent without the hum of the machine. “I must
say I’m rather disappointed, though. It was a very … stimulating … experience watching that bit of film. You may pack away the reel, Mario.
Be sure to lock it up quite safely. Miss Vance may wish to see it again some day.””You’re the one who should be locked up! You’re crazy!” She
stared at the man across the table, her fingers gripping the chair so tightly that the tips were white and bloodless. “You really are crazy!”

“Crazy? … Like a fox, my dear Miss Vance.” The icy smile never left his lips. “Those films are my insurance that you won’t try to have me
locked up. Or anything else unpleasant. Should you try? I would have to tell the authorities that you used your position with Royal Benson
Kennels to try to blackmail me. I would have to show them the films I bought from you at exorbitant prices in order to buy your silence. It was
worth the $5,000 you demanded to protect the reputation of the Kennels.”

“They wouldn’t believe you. If it was true, you would have turned me over to the police right then and there.” “Not necessarily. Jason Benson
is known as a quiet sensitive man, an artist in his own right. They would understand why I wouldn’t want to go into court to testify against
you. It would mean publicity, the front pages of every paper. No, the police would understand why a man of my reputation preferred to pay
blackmail.” He leaned back in the chair and looked at her over the brandy glass cupped in his hand. “I feel quite confident that you would
prefer to assist me with my work and remain silent rather than spend ten years in prison for blackmail … should it come to that.”

“You couldn’t prove blackmail even if you wanted to.”

“Oh, but I could.” His voice was ripe with confidence. “You see, I withdrew $5,000 in cash from my bank today … in small bills … the cashier
who has long handled my personal account was quite concerned with my nervousness. Considerate girl, that, she asked me twice if I was sure
everything was all right.”

Carolyn stared in disbelief. This couldn’t be happening to her, not to Carolyn Vance from Tyler Corners whose major sins to date consisted of
using her mother’s credit card for gas and necking after the Saturday night movie. These things only happened to girls off the street, girls who
were looking for trouble and were disappointed if they didn’t find it. He couldn’t really believe she would stay here and work for him, not after

“And if you are still thinking about going to the police, Carolyn,” he spoke softly, “discounting the blackmail charges, do you think they would
believe you?”

“Of course, they’d believe me,” she answered incredulously. “No girl would do a terrible thing like that willingly. You forced me!”

“Did I?” The frozen smile took on a new malignancy. “There were no bonds holding you down, no one holding your legs apart for the dog. Do
you really think any person seeing the joy on your pretty face would believe you weren’t enjoying it? The way you reached up with your wet
little pussy and screwed yourself higher onto his big cock, you think anybody’s going to believe you didn’t want to fuck that dog?”

“And afterwards, Carolyn, when you and the dog had both spent yourselves so disgustingly, when the swelling went down and he pulled it out
and licked you clean … when you smiled and spread your legs and patted your hairy little cunt and tried to coax him back again … do you
realty think anyone in their right mind would believe you were forced into it?”

Tears welled in her eyes and ran unchecked down her pale cheeks. He was right. She had seen the awful spectacle herself. No one would
believe her, never in a thousand years.

“And the second reel of film, the one you didn’t want to watch,” Jason continued, “I’m sure it would convince the police of your unfortunate
perversion if the other one didn’t. You did some very, very naughty things to my poor Mario while he was tied up and unable to get away from
you. Oh, he struggled and tried to turn his innocent body away, but you forced your unnatural appetites upon him. Your unrestrained
molesting may have caused permanent psychological damage to the lad! It was shocking, shocking!”

Carolyn’s face was streaked with tears and she slowly moved her head from side to side. She couldn’t have, she couldn’t have done anything
like that.

“I can see that you don’t believe me. Perhaps we should run the film after all. Mario?” Jason taunted. “No … no, please!”

“Never mind, Mario,” Jason purred reassuringly across the table, “Don’t cry, my dear. If you stay and work for me as we agreed, no one need
ever know about the films. No one at all.”

Carolyn hung her head and stared into her tear-dampened lap. This awful man, this canine Jekyll and Hyde had forced her into a corner from
which there was no escape. How could she stay here in this house of depravity and work for a man whose mind crawled with evil? How was
she to know that he wouldn’t try to put her through another night like that? Or worse? perhaps he would force his own attentions on her.
Perhaps Mario would get to thinking about the things she was forced to do to him and his unstable mind might snap. She would be in constant
danger here … but the alternative was prison for blackmail. She didn’t have a choice.”What … what do you expect me to do?” she asked with
a silent sob in her throat.

“Why, just exactly what we discussed when you accepted the position. I merely want you to help me train these fine young animals. That’s
all, my dear, just train the dogs.”

“Train them? To do what, Mr. Benson? You never did say. Exactly what kind of training do the dogs require?” Her voice was haughty, cutting.

Jason lifted the heavy glass decanter from the center of the table and poured a generous amount in his glass. He lifted the bottle in her
direction. Carolyn shook her head. He replaced the stopper in the container, leaned back in the big wooden chair and sipped at the brandy
glass cupped in his lean tan hands. He looked at Carolyn from beneath the gently arched brows, half amused, half tolerant.

“I thought you would surely have figured that out by now, Carolyn …”

Chapter 4

It was inevitable, Carolyn thought, as she followed Jason Benson through the endless passages of the big house. She knew the time would
come when she would be forced to take part in the monstrous perversion but it had seemed so … so unbelievable that her mind had not really
accepted the situation in which she found herself. Not until now! As they walked down the long hall toward the kennels and the “indoctrination
tour” as Jason put it, Carolyn’s mind finally had to face facts.

The door which opened off the Royal Benson Kennel’s office was locked. Jason pressed a button beneath the counter top and the door slid
open with a soft whir. He gestured for Carolyn to enter, followed her through and pressed another button. The door whirred shut with smooth

Before them lay a wide carpeted aisleway flanked on both sides by identical cages of chain link wire, joined one to the other like the row upon
row of exclusive center city apartments which thrived in downtown New York City. Each cage was exactly like the next, a large chrome
feeding dish, an automatic fresh water bowl and a rectangular mattress pad covered in royal blue canvas. Each cage was occupied.

Carolyn self-consciously shied from the cages, only to bump into a similar row of dogs on the other side of the aisle. She jumped forward,
careful to stand in the exact center of the walkway. Her hands were trembling.

“No, no, my dear,” Jason explained impatiently. “You don’t understand. These are the show dogs, the famous Royal Benson Danes. Animals like
these aren’t used as toys for the rich, my dear girl, not champion stock like this. It’s taken years to perfect such fine dogs.”

He walked briskly over to the first cage and pointed to the pair of matched frames which hung one above the other on the cage front.

“Look,” he said enthusiastically, “Look at these pedigrees.”

Carolyn moved closer at his insistence, and read the small print on the forms. Royal Benson’s King Lear, sired by Royal Benson’s Black Emperor,
sired by Royal Benson’s Demon, etc, etc. The ornately printed pedigree went back five generations and each dog bore the kennel title of
Benson. She didn’t know much about Dane conformation but she knew enough about registered animals to know that an unbroken pedigree line
free from inbreeding was an accomplishment to be proud of.

“And here,” he continued, pointing to the second frame, “here is a list of every win the dog has made.”

He ran his finger down a long list of titles, pausing here and there to emphasize the enormity of the win.

“Best Champion of Show … Best Grand Champion of Show. And here, Best of Show! Do you realize how difficult it is to win a Best of Show out
of hundreds of dogs from all over the country?” He asked Carolyn, not pausing for her answer, “All of my boys end up there sooner or later.
What do you think of that?”

“It’s very … impressive.” Carolyn tried to say something to salve his ego but she was still in the cold numb state of near shock.

Jason walked through the cages, calling each great dog by name, scratching them through the wire, praising them in turn as one would
children. Carolyn watched him blankly. She had cried away all her tears of horror, the tears of fear … weeped herself dry of revulsion … there
was almost nothing left. She walked and talked and tried not to think. There was nothing she could do for the present except as she was told.
Jason had made that quite clear when he showed her the movie film of … she shuddered even at the thought … of that terrible dog at her
loins. He had locked her in her room overlooking the dog runs, a prisoner of the damnable electric locks, and let her absorb the awful truth.
Once she accepted the inevitable, he had said, it would be easier. And perhaps it was. She wasn’t sure. She no longer trembled at every
sound in the hall, no longer felt nauseous when a dog barked in the runs beneath her window. Perhaps he was right, now that she had
accepted the inevitable, the days had been easier.

… if only she could rid her dreams of the endless hordes of slavering dogs with giant cocks which hung stiff and heavy headed beneath their
stomachs, dogs which followed her everywhere sniffling at her wet slit and licking their eager organs. One night in her dreams they would
attack her, this army of rutting animals that crowded her dreams, and then she would surely go mad … if she wasn’t already …

Jason gestured toward the door at the end of the blue carpeted walkway. “This way, my dear.”

Carolyn walked slowly between the cages, taking care not to touch the wire sides. She had succeeded in controlling her revulsion thus far but
the touch of one of those great beasts, the hot wet tongue upon her hand might be enough to loose the panic she felt inside.

The door beyond Jason bore no handle, no means of access. Carolyn looked about for the electric button but the wall was clean. She looked
back at the door. There was a small neat plastic sign. “Hospital Area‹No Admittance.” She waited for Jason to open the door, and then she
suddenly realized that “no admittance” meant that behind that door … only a few steps beyond … were the other dogs. Her eyes grew wide
with apprehension and she backed away from the door.

“Yes, my dear, the Hospital Area,” Jason smiled at her reaction. “Rather appropriate, don’t you think? We like to think of our work as a
humanitarian service. You might call it physical therapy.”

Lines creased her lovely face but Jason’s suddenly clamped jaw warned them away, and Carolyn forced her features into impersonal repose.
She didn’t trust her voice to remain steady. She nodded her head curtly, keeping her eyes carefully averted from his.

“Never mind,” Jason’s voice was tolerant. “You will learn. The others did.”

“The others?” Carolyn’s eyes flashed back to his. It had never occurred to her that there had been others before her, others who shared her
fate. What had happened to them? What was going to happen to her when she was no longer needed?

“But of course!’ Jason smiled with amusement. “We have had six, perhaps seven other young ladies. Each of whom, I can assure you, learned
to enjoy her work with a consuming passion.”

“What … what happened to them?” She was almost afraid to ask. “Did you … are they…?”

“Of course not!” His voice grew impatient. “We didn’t dispose of them. You watch too many B movies! I simply meant that we had to terminate
their employment. They became, shall we say, too enamored of their work. They were wearing my poor boys out and overtraining is just as
bad as no training at all. Aahhhh, but enough of that. Come in, come in.”

Jason pressed the palm of his right hand firmly against the metal plate of the door. From somewhere beyond, there came the familiar
answering whir and the door slid silently open. Carolyn followed him around the elaborate folding screen which sheltered the room from view
when the door was open. Whatever she had expected to see in her mind’s eye, it certainly was not the sight which met her eyes. She stared
at the huge laboratory area. Everything was neat and sterile in appearance. She could hear the faint hum of the air conditioning unit and the
temperature was pleasantly cool. There was a fresh light scent of ozone in the air but, she thought with surprise, no doggy odor although
nearly half the area was taken up with wire cages. Each cage was immaculate, as those in the outer room had been, except that these cages
bore no pedigrees, no identification other than a small neatly lettered sign with each dog’s name she could read those nearest her ‹ Nero,
Baron, Casanova, Brute, simple names with no hint of Royal Benson registration. Yet to Carolyn’s untrained eyes they were as big and well
bred as the show dogs she had just admired.

She stared at the dogs, her emotions part horror and part curiosity. Fawn, black, harlequin-spotted animals, alert and obviously in the peak of
health. Some were young, gangly legged beasts with huge paws and clumsy manners, the canine adolescents. Some were huge
heavy-chested animals; virile, beautiful, terrible … and each one watched her intently. One immense dog in particular, a fawn-colored giant
with a black mask, rose from his haunches when she entered and had paced impatiently back and forth the length of his cage ever since.
Carolyn felt uncomfortable in his presence and forced her eyes away from his. She turned her back and left the area of his cage and still she
felt those eyes following her. She knelt before a separate cage of young puppies, letting them tumble over one another and chew on her
fingers; anything to avert her mind from the pacing dog behind her.

Jason watched with interest. The girl seemed to subconsciously sense the King’s presence yet he was certain she did not recognize him after
a cursory glance at a roomful of dogs. To the novice, one Dane looked pretty much like another. Interesting, Jason thought, interesting.

“Well, my dear,” Jason called her attention back to the business at hand, “Would you like to see how we train our dogs?”

Carolyn looked up apprehensively. Jason smiled, enjoying her discomfort. He crooked a finger at the girl. “Come here.”

She walked slowly over to a tiled top counter where Jason Benson waited. He waited until she stood beside him, then reached below the
counter into a small refrigerator and removed what looked like a baby bottle with a large old fashioned rubber nipple. He held it up for Carolyn
to see.

“This is one of our training aids … and a very effective one too, I might add,” he said with the odd secretive smile he seemed to wear so
frequently when he looked at her.

Carolyn looked at the bottle. It seemed like a normal feeding bottle, but she felt he expected her to say something.

“Do you bottle feed all your dogs? Don’t the mothers feed them?” she asked.

“Aaahhhh, but this is more than a bottle, my dear girl. Here, let me show you.” Jason unscrewed the rubber cover and held it in his hand,
nipple up. “It looks rather like a woman’s breast, doesn’t it?”

“Yes …” Carolyn wondered what he was leading up to. She had an uncomfortable feeling she’d rather not know.

Jason appeared not to notice her discomfort and screwed the rubber top back on the bottle and sat it down.

“Now,” he continued, “I shall get one of the young pups and show you how we use the bottle in our training program. I’m sure you’ll be very
interested since it will be part of your job in the future, a very personal part of your job.”

Jason Benson walked to the nearest puppy cage and took out one of the small animals. He sat it on the counter top, faced it toward her, and
inserted the milk-filled nipple between the pup’s teeth. Immediately the hungry dog began to pull at it licking and sucking and making small
happy animal sounds. Then suddenly the pup let out a whine and began pawing frantically at his mouth. He whimpered pitifully and looked up
at them with begging eyes.

“What’s the matter with him?” Carolyn asked, her voice full of concern for the baby animal. “It won’t hurt him.” Jason smiled coldly. “He just
learned an important lesson. You see, my dear, the nipples on these bottles have a two-fold purpose ‹ they allow a young dog to continue his
prolonged abilities to suck, but the nipples also have an unpleasant substance encapsulated between the two sections of rubber. If the pup
bites the nipple, his teeth will puncture the first layer of rubber. It’s a bitter mouthful! But the bitter lesson is the one first learned. The liquid
is composed basically of alum, cayenne and saline solution, nontoxic but thoroughly distasteful as you can see. After several such
experiences, our young friend here will learn to suck on the nipple if he wishes the reward … not bite … a virtue I’m sure you will appreciate
as time goes on.”

“You don’t mean these dogs are trained to … to …”

“To nurse at a girl’s breast?” Jason helped her finish the question. “Yes, that is exactly what I mean. It will be part of your job to see that the
lesson is learned well!”

She felt sick at her stomach. She knew that Jason Benson had more in mind than bottle feeding pups. The puppy on the counter top was
squirming frantically, trying to free itself of Jason’s hands and the empty bottle. Carolyn had the feeling that the small animal must somehow
sense that she would supply its succulence. A shudder ran through her body and she stepped back away from the counter. Jason only smiled
and returned the pup to the kennel.

“There are other benefits of bottle training,” he continued, “which are even more in demand. Would you like to see a demonstration?”

Carolyn shook her head from side to side, but Jason ignored the movement and flipped the switch on a small wall intercom. “Mario?” He

“In the kitchen, boss,” came the soft-voiced reply. “Would you come to the lab, please.”

“I’m cutting up meat for the dogs,” Mario answered, “Could it wait about five minutes?”

“I’m sure Miss Vance won’t mind waiting,” Jason chuckled into the speaker. There was an answering chuckle over the static background.

“I’ll hurry, boss, wouldn’t want to keep the lady waiting ….”

Jason flipped the switch down and the static was gone. He turned back to Carolyn.

“Mario will be down shortly … meanwhile, I think it’s time we began your basic training.” Jason gestured toward her dress. His voice was sterile
toned and clinical. “Would you remove your clothing, please?” Carolyn stared at him, not believing what her ears told her was true. Surely this
man could not expect her to casually disrobe before him?

Jason busied himself at the counter preparing another nipple-capped bottle. He poured in a meager amount of milk, held it up to read the
measurement, nodded curtly to himself and screwed on the plastic cap which held the rubber nipple tight to the bottle. Then he turned

“I thought I told you to take your clothes off.” His voice was harsh now, the painted-on smile of amusement gone. His voice cut into her
hesitation like a steel saber plunged deep in her belly. “What for?” Carolyn asked weakly, one hand clutching at the dress front.

“Never mind what for!” Jason’s eyes narrowed. His hand flashed out and cracked across her cheek, hard. “Ohhhh!”

“When a dog refuses a command, he is whipped.” Jason pulled the long braided whip from the wall and tapped it impatiently into his other
hand. “I hope it will not be necessary to demonstrate, Carolyn.”

“You can’t threaten me,” she sobbed, rubbing the red marks which scored streaks across her pale face.

“Take off your clothes, Carolyn.” Jason said coldly.

She cowered in the corner, trapped like one of Jason’s animals between the counter and the wall while he stood firm on spread legs blocking
the only escape. The whip slapped with clock-like regularity against his palm.

“Take off your clothes, Carolyn.” He repeated as he dropped the loose end of the long whip and laced it across the floor, making it serpentine
with soft scraping noises against the waxed gray tile. Suddenly he pulled the handle back and flicked the lash around her ankle with a jerk.
She fumbled for her balance and grabbed at the counter for support. The whip coiled around her ankle like a steel snake, leaving a red brand
wherever it touched, a brand that ran thick red blood and dripped upon the clean tile.

“Next time,” he said ominously, loosening the whip lash with a quick motion of his wrist, “next time … higher.”

Carolyn bit her lip to keep from crying out. There was a band of fire about her ankle and she could feel the warm drops pulsing out and
puddling on the floor. Surely he had known her resistance was only token. She knew, more important he knew, she had admitted defeat the
day she had watched those terrible films. Jason took advantage of every opportunity to nurture his cruel appetites. Carolyn refused to cry out
with the pain. She refused to allow him that pleasure … and she began to unbutton the blue dress.


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Excited For a Fuck

Masked woman Ariel wants to be banged pronto, and she has her dog Patrice to fall back on. It’s not a bad idea, because she’s deep into bestiality. See more of Ariel and Patrice’s world in

# The Breeders 1 & 2

The hand-wrought iron sign which hung over the heavy carved wooden doors of the main gate read: ROYAL
BENSON KENNELS. But to those who recognized quality, it said ‘expensive.’

Carolyn Vance pressed the call button and listened expectantly for the harsh ring of a bell somewhere within the
grounds. There was no sound. Perhaps the bell was out of order, or perhaps the buildings were soundproofed.
For a large commercial kennel, it was surprisingly silent behind those high walls. No dogs had barked at her
approach. There seemed to be no sound at all beyond the high-walled grounds. That was odd, she thought.

Then the faint static of an intercom called her attention to the intricate iron grillwork just above the call button.

“Royal Benson Kennels. May we be of service?”

The voice was definitely male, but veloured by good breeding and years of servitude, like an unobtrusive English

“Yes,” Carol answered in the general direction of the soft static sounds. “I’d like to see Mr. Benson please.”

“Mr. Benson sees no one after working hours without an appointment. I’m sorry. Would you care to telephone for
an appointment tomorrow?” the illusive voice said. “You will find a rack of business cards by the bell, the
telephone number is located in the lower right hand corner. Please telephone at your convenience.”

Carolyn raised an eyebrow. My, aren’t we exclusive, she thought.

“I do have an appointment with Mr. Benson,” she said politely, “a 7:00 o’clock appointment and it’s just 7:00

“One moment, please,” the phantom voice purred.

Carolyn sighed gently. It was such a relief to find a job after such a long time. She was tired. It had been a long
walk in high heels from the nearest bus stop, especially carrying a suitcase full of clothes, but she had walked
rather than spend her few remaining dollar bills on taxi fare. She leaned against the high wall with its cornice of
black iron spearheads. Attractive she thought, sort of ‘old worldish’ and elegant … though rather dangerous if
one of the dogs, or anyone else, were to try to go over the high wall.

Carolyn looked hopefully at the intercom and wished they would hurry. Her feet hurt and she wanted nothing
more at this moment to get the formalities over and be shown to the room which was to be hers while she was
employed by Royal Benson Kennels. Shouldn’t be impatient, she scolded herself, just be darned grateful you got
the job. It sounded like a marvelous opportunity to her when she first read the newspaper advertisement.
WANTED: Attractive kennel girl, must be single and unattached, 20 to 25 yrs. Experience unnecessary, will
receive specialized training. Room and board, plus $300 a month. Box 792 N.Y. Times.

Mr. Benson had been very sympathetic when he learned that she had lost her family several years ago and that
she was alone and friendless. New York could be a very lonely place without friends, Mr. Benson agreed. No
boyfriends? No neighbors to be concerned if she were to suddenly pick up and move? Yes, Mr. Benson had
understood how hard it was for a newcomer to break into the cold aloofness of a busy city’s social life. He
sympathized … and Carolyn was sure his kindly sympathy was responsible for her
getting the job. It must have been that, for he had turned down experienced trainers to accept a shy young girl
from out of town with no training, no money, no family and no where to go. She wished he had explained more
about her duties and what would be
expected of her. She asked about that, twice as a matter of fact, but he had been so concerned about her
unfortunate lack of friends that she was sure whatever was expected of her, Mr. Benson would be patient and
helpful. Just then the intercom crackled to life.

“Mr. Benson will see you now.” The voice purred once more. “Press the gate handle as the buzzer sounds.”

Carolyn smiled thankfully at the anonymous voice behind its iron grill. She wiggled her tired ankles and waited for
the buzz that would open the gates and bring her that much closer to her new job. There was a soft whir and
she pressed down on the heavy
black latch and the great door swung silently inward. She closed the gate behind her, hearing its lock click softly
in place.

It was a pleasant waiting area … a small inner patio of pebble- faced concrete squares, neat redwood benches
and flat wok bowls with exotic plants in them. Across the small patio was a second door with the same heavy
black latch as the outside gate .She heard the familiar whir of the electric lock release and hastened to open the
door while she could. It, too, clicked shut and locked behind her. Mr. Benson’s dogs must be very expensive to
justify such caution … and such lovely decor! She looked about the waiting room with its myriad of Great Dane
photos and locked glass displays of trophies, ribbons and cups. “Royal Benson’s King Lear,” a magnificent animal,
the black mask markings
cleanly defined against his light fawn coat. “Royal Benson’s Dominoe Doll,” a lovely harlequin female with perfect
conformation. “Royal Benson’s Goliath,” a huge animal with massive breadth of chest and good jaw. Carolyn was
impressed. She knew nothing of Great Danes and their intricate conformation but anyone could recognize the
magnificence of such fine animals. She hoped she would be working directly with these lovely show dogs.

A door opened quietly behind her and she turned to meet the smiling face of Jason Benson.
“Welcome, my dear,” his deep clipped tones boomed across the small room, “welcome to Royal Benson Kennels.”

“Thank you, Mr. Benson,” she smiled at the older man. “And thank you for giving me the job.”

He smiled at the petite girl who stood anxiously before him, a small purse clutched in one hand, a suitcase in the
other. Yes, she would do nicely … a small narrow body, ttractive to look at, long legs, well defined breasts which
showed their nipple points erect and proud beneath the blue cotton of her dress. She would do. He smiled.

“You must be tired. Here, let me take that.” He reached for her suitcase. “Come, I’ll show you to your room and
then we’ll have a quick cup of tea … something stronger if you prefer … and then you may retire. We want you
to be fresh and full of energy here at Royal Benson.”

Carolyn smiled gratefully and followed Jason Benson through the door and down the wide hallway to her room. He
unlocked the door at the end of the hall and nodded for her to enter. It was a large airy room spotted with thick
padded chairs and an end table
with a variety of magazines neatly laid out in order. Carolyn walked past the table and looked out the window.
Here were the dogs she had wondered about … some twelve or fifteen runs with chain link fencing between,
each with a door leading inside the main house and a second door opening into the concrete area in the center.
It was like looking down into a tiny gladiator’s arena, with its huge muscled canine contenders pacing back and
forth in their cells. Realizing her employer was standing at her side watching, she felt she should say something
about the many dogs below.

“Is that where the dogs are exercised?” she asked, “In the concrete area below?”

“No, my dogs are … exercised … in another area of the building.” He smiled at her as if he knew a secret no one
else knew. Yet. “But that’s for tomorrow. I shall tell you all about Royal Benson Kennels … tomorrow.”

He lifted her suitcase and laid it conveniently on the bed for her. “Have you eaten, my dear?” He asked. “Yes,
thank you.”
“Fine. That’s fine. I shall leave you to your unpacking and perhaps you’d like a refreshing shower.” He looked at
his wristwatch. “It’s a little after 7:00. Suppose I bring you something warm and soothing to drink about 8:00. It
will help you sleep soundly. What would you prefer? Tea, cocoa, or a glass of sherry, perhaps?”

“That’s very kind of you, Mr. Benson. I’d like that, a cup of cocoa if it isn’t too much trouble.”

“No trouble at all, my dear.” He nodded courteously and left her alone, closing the door behind him.

“And this was my Nero,” he laid one last photograph on top of the pile on the little end table. “Royal Benson’s
Black Nero,” my first dog … not my best, but I owe him much for it was his devotion to my deceased wife who
caused me to begin the small breeding business ten years ago which lead to the Benson Kennels and a rather
sizable income.”

Carolyn smiled and tried to concentrate on the photo of the big black Dane. It was so warm in her room. It was
making her sleepy, terribly sleepy. She yawned and was immediately embarrassed.

“Oh, forgive me, Mr. Benson,” she apologized, “I love to look at your dogs, really I do, I can’t understand why I’m
so sleepy all of a sudden.”

“Quite understandable, my dear,” Jason Benson stood up, a secretive smile touching the corners of his mouth.
“You must forgive me for not allowing you to rest on your first night with us. And do sleep in tomorrow morning,
it’s Sunday, you know, and the Kennels will be closed to all.” He gathered up the stack of photographs, wished
her good sleep, and quietly closed the door as he left.

Carolyn leaned back in her chair and yawned. She was so sleepy, so tired. She would rest here just a moment or
two, then crawl into the big inviting bed. So tired. She closed her eyes. So tired it felt like her body was
spinning, spinning. Suddenly her head fell limply back against the chair … the near empty mug of cocoa slipping
from her lax fingers. It made a soft rattle as it rolled under the edge of her chair, leaving a narrow dark
streak of chocolate across the blue carpet.
Chapter 2

From a room across the patio, Jason Benson watched Carolyn succumb to the effects of the tasteless drug
which he had stirred into the hot cocoa. Now, if she turned out to be a good subject for hypnosis as well, the
Royal Benson dogs would have a new mistress. Jason had already waited too long. The dogs were restless. But it
was difficult to find a pretty girl with no family or friends, no one to wonder what happened when she dropped
out of sight. Of course, there had been a few ‹ coarse, plain women that no one wanted, no one would miss ‹
but Jason preferred to mix business with pleasure. Perhaps the dogs didn’t mind a plain mistress but Jason found
the training sessions more stimulating when the bitches were attractive. He studied the still figure of the
unconscious girl in the lighted window across the patio. Yes, she was very attractive. He smiled in anticipation.
This was going to be a pleasant season. He was sure of that.

“I’ll get the girl ready,” Jason said quietly to his assistant. “You bring your camera equipment … and hurry. We
don’t want the effects of the drug to wear off before we have
arranged for insurance.”

Without waiting for a reply, Jason hurried from the room. Mario stayed by the window a moment longer, staring
at the limp figure of the girl. His face was passive. His hands strayed now and again to his crotch to rub the
head of the sleeping beast which lay there.

Mario bumped the door open with his knees. His hands were full of light standards, cameras and two cases of
film. Jason jerked around at the sound of the door banging against the wall and frowned.

“F’god sake, try to be a little more quiet, Mario.” “Hell, boss, she’s out like a light.”

“That may be, my young friend, but let’s not take unnecessary chances, eh?” There were times when Jason
Benson would like to have taken the plaited dog whip which hung in the exercise room and which could raise
bloody welts each time it laid across the skin, to Mario Serge but he needed him. He needed someone to help …
and Mario’s perverted sexuality made him perfect for the job. It took patience sometimes, like today, when
Mario’s anticipation overrode his good sense. He smiled to hide his feelings. “In an
hour or so, we will be finished. And then …”

Jason left the sentence hanging, deliciously dangling before Mario’s growing desire like a carrot before a hungry
ass. Mario’s eyes glittered and the bulge in his tight pants grew larger and more noticeable. He began scurrying
quietly around the room, setting up the light poles around the center island bed. Jason smiled faintly. The young
man had the insatiability of a sailor and the mind of a child. He could be led around by the prick.
Jason shook his head tolerantly, then began his own preparations. From the big cedar chest at the foot of the
bed he took a rich blue velvet spread and carefully arranged it on the bed. He glanced at the motionless girl, at
her flawless pale ivoried skin … yes, the color would be perfect. He walked to the movie camera on its sturdy
tripod and sighted through the viewer. He pursed his lips, looked up over the camera, then through the view
finder once more. “Mario …”

“Uhmmm?” He was having trouble with the height adjustment on one of the lights.

“Move the first two lights on the other side of the bed. I can see them in the viewer.”

“Okay, but you won’t get good lighting on her butt without any floods behind her.” Mario growled.

“You’re probably right,” Jason agreed reluctantly, “but we don’t want the bloody light pole showing in the pictures

“How about moving that screen behind the bed,” Mario suggested, “then I could put the light poles behind it and
we’d still get the effect?”

“Good, good.” Jason sighted through the camera, nodding his head as Mario made the suggested changes. “There
… there, that’s it. That’s fine!”

He raised up from the camera and grinned at his assistant. “And now the girl …” he said.
Carolyn had not moved since the drug had taken effect. She lay limply relaxed in the big overstuffed easy chair
facing the courtyard window. Jason walked quietly over to her and sat on the ottoman at her feet. He began
talking to her softly … very softly.

“You are very tired. Very, very tired. You are asleep, Carolyn Vance, sound asleep. You haven’t been able to
sleep for days and now you are sound asleep.” His voice droned on, toneless and void of all inflection. “As you’re
becoming deeper and deeper asleep, your breathing will become deeper too. Deep, deep from the bottom of your
lungs. Breathe deep, Carolyn, deep, deep.”

The sound of her breath was audible in the room now, her chest expanding and contracting with each breath.
Jason could hear the air rushing between her lips as she inhaled. He looked up at Mario and winked. Mario nodded

“You must sleep deeply, Carolyn, and then you will feel wonderful. You will feel just wonderful. Deep, Carolyn, a
deep, deep sleep.” Jason picked up one limp hand and began stroking it lightly with his fingers. “Imagine you are
in a cave, a deep, dark

quiet cave, Carolyn. There are steps in this cave, nice, wide, safe, steps carved out of stone and they go down.
Down, down, down into the cool dark cave. It’s quiet down there, Carolyn, peaceful and quiet. If you could only
walk down those steps and

into the quiet depths of the cave, Carolyn, everything would be wonderful again.”

Jason looked at the wide-eyed Mario and jerked his head toward the box on the table. Mario nodded. Jason
continued to stroke her hand softly, regularly.

“We are going down those steps together, Carolyn, into the quiet peaceful darkness. You can hear our footsteps
as we go deep, deep down into the darkness.” He nodded to Mario, who stood waiting with a flat piece of marble
in one hand and a small rubber headed mallet in the other. At his nod, Mario began tapping on the marble, holding
it lightly by one end so not to dull the resonant sound of the mallet. “Down, down, down into the cool darkness,
Carolyn, deep, deep, deep into the cave of your mind. Hear the footsteps as we walk down, Carolyn, deep,
deep, deep.”

The hand he stroked suddenly became even more limp, it was like a boneless mass of flesh that wanted to melt
and slip from his grasp. Jason smiled. He studied the heavy pulse at the base of her throat. It was pulsing with
heavy, even throbs. He lifted
Carolyn’s hand and dropped it on to her lap. There was no reaction. He looked at her from beneath his heavy
half-closed lids and smiled. This one was a fine subject, she would perform well for their cameras … and once
her performance was recorded on film, he would give her to his dogs, his fine canine progeny, his boys.

“Shall I get the King, boss?” Mario asked impatiently. “Or ya wanta start with me?”

Jason cocked his head and looked appraisingly at the pretty face of the girl slumped in the chair. He liked to use
the King first but sometimes the shock of it brought a subject out from under before they really had enough
insurance to prevent trouble. If there was any chance of that, he used Mario first. This time, however … He held
her chin up in his fingers, then let it drop abruptly. This time there would be no trouble. She was an exceptionally
fine hypnotic study. All he had to do was insure that he used the proper phrasings. A person under hypnosis
would not do anything violently against their principles. If you had unpleasantries to deal with, you never said
“shoot your husband”
… you said “you are frightened of snakes, there is a snake who will bite you, kill him” and killing snakes was not
against their moral fiber. Bang, you’re dead. Jason smiled. He was an experienced hand at hypnosis. Consciously
this shy girl would rebel at what he had planned for her, “tactfully worded” she would purr like a pussycat in

“Bring the King,” he said softly to Mario. “There’ll be plenty left over for you, my boy, there’s plenty for both of

Jason crossed his legs, leaned his chin on his hand and looked at the girl … it was a dirty business … but such a
stimulating one. Already he was feeling the first birth pains of a gigantic erection tingling in his loins. He lingered
amid the feeling of a painful need for a moment, then put it out of his mind as the sound of heavy footpads
entered the door of Carolyn’s room. He turned to face the King.

He was a magnificent beast, a full three and a half feet at the shoulders, with the chest of a bull and the proud
head of a champion. He pulled at the choke chain in Mario’s hand, leading the slim man at will, pulling him over to
where his master sat on the ottoman. Jason clouted him playfully across the muscled rump and pulled at his

“Hello there, King,” Jason said with pride in his voice, “How ya doing, boy?’

The dog rubbed against his leg and licked at his hand. Jason wooled him once more, then rose and took the
choke chain lead from Mario. “Here, boy,” he said with the tone of command and walked him to the side of the
bed nearest the camera tripod. “Now, sit.

The King squatted obediently on his great fawn haunches and watched expectantly. Jason removed the chain
from his thick neck and tossed it to one side. The King watched it slide on the floor. “STAY,” he commanded
once more. “STAY.”

“You want me to operate the camera this time, boss?” Mario asked.

“Hmmm, yes, I think so, Mario.” Jason studied first the girl, then the bed. “Yes, you do that. I’ll tell you when to
start the mechanism and when to cut. Is everything ready?”

“Yeah, all ready … ‘cept for the girl. She’s not undressed yet.” Mario looked hopefully toward his employer. “You
want me to undress her???”

“Not this time,” Jason smiled thoughtfully, “she’s too good a subject to overlook … let’s play this one by ear,
shall we?”

Mario grinned obscenely. This was gonna be one helluva night, he could tell. The boss was rarely this wound up
over any of the new bitches. And when he was, sooner or later the girl would wish she’d sewed her pussy shut
and pee’d out her ear. He watched Jason cross over to the girl and begin stroking her forehead gently.

“Deep … deep … deep. Carolyn, do you hear me, Carolyn?” The girl stirred and mumbled something.

“You can speak, Carolyn, but you will not wake up: Do you hear me, Carolyn?”

Her throat worked once, twice, then a small distant voice answered. “I hear you.”

“Good, very good.” Jason’s voice remained absolutely toneless and unemotional. “Something nice is going to
happen to you, Carolyn, something very nice.”

Jason watched the girl’s face carefully. There was no expression, no change of manner or mean. Her breathing
was regular and deep. The pulse point in her throat strong.

“Carolyn, you have finally found the man you love, a thoughtful considerate attractive man who has asked you
to marry him. You are deep … deep … deeply in love with this man. You are so happy that you cannot help but
smile.” Jason watched closely. The girl’s face broke open with a happy smile, her straight even teeth lying like
carved ivory upon the soft full red lips. Yes, she would look convincing on film. “And now, Carolyn,
it is your wedding night. Your new husband sits beside the bed. You are very happy. Deep … deep … deeply
happy. He has asked you to undress for him. He wants to see your beautiful body unclothed for him alone. Will
you do this for him, Carolyn?”

The girl in the chair nodded slowly, the happy smile still fresh upon her face as if she couldn’t stop smiling if she
wanted to because she was so happy. “Then get up, Carolyn. Walk to the bed and start undressing.” Jason
nodded approvingly to Mario as the girl slowly rose from her chair and walked to the end of the bed. “Now,
Mario,” Jason said softly in soto voice, “start the film now.” “Your new husband thinks you are very beautiful,
Carolyn. Why don’t you look at him and smile to let him know you love him too?”

The girl paused and looked toward the side of the bed with a shy smile.

“No, Carolyn, your husband is on the other side of the bed. That’s right, a little lower. He’s sitting down waiting
for you to finish. Smile at him, Carolyn. You love him, smile as if you love him.”

Carolyn turned slowly and stared toward the camera, fixing her eyes in the direction of the big Great Dane. Her
face was filled with happiness, eyes bright, her mouth parted and damp.

“Now undress, Carolyn, keep your eyes on your new husband and undress.” Jason coached tonelessly, careful
not to break the spell of the moment.

She began unbuttoning the front of her blue shirtwaist dress, looking toward the Dane with half-closed eyes, a
look of anticipation masked her lovely face. The dress dropped to the floor and she let it lay there. She reached
slowly behind her back and undid the clasp of her bra, letting her hands slide forward to cup the heavy breasts
and hold them up for his approval. “Mario,” Jason spoke quietly, “pan in on the King. He’s watching her …
he knows what’s coming … and he’s getting a real hard on.”

The small Bell & Howard camera swiveled smoothly on its tripod and aimed toward the waiting dog. The animal’s
eyes were on Carolyn’s every movement, following the motion of her hands, her body. His tongue hung out and
dripped saliva. “Lower, Mario,
smoothly now.”

The camera swung lower, following the muscular lines of the huge dog’s body, then pausing on the long hairy
sheath that housed the great canine penis. The camera whirred on, as Mario zoomed a slow close-up, so close
Jason knew that the sheath and its partially exposed organ would fill the frame of the picture. King panted in
anticipation, each heaving breath causing the pole-hard penis to poke in and out of its covering.

“Hold it there, Mario,” Jason spoke in a whisper, “I’m going to try something.”

Behind the camera viewer, Mario’s eyes were bright. His crotch heavy with anticipation. Staring at a stud dog’s
prick didn’t normally do much for the small Italian man, but now as he focused the camera on it at close range,
knowing as he knew that
it would be buried in the girl’s hot wet pussy in a few minutes, the expectation was almost too much. He tried to
put the thought from his mind. It wasn’t easy.

“Stay, King,” Jason spoke gently to the dog, “Stay. King, do you want to lick the girl, boy? Lick the girl, King?
STAY. Stay.”

The dog was near frantic with the promised goal. His tongue lapped hungrily over his jowls and his penis jutted
out at full staff length and bobbed gently up and down with its own weight.

“Jesus,” Mario said softly from behind the camera.

“Now, Mario, bring the camera slowly back to the girl and keep it on her until she’s on the bed and ready.”

The camera swung on a straight line from the dog’s stiff pointed organ to the now nude body of Carolyn Vance
and paused dutifully on the mouse-brown curls of her split. The camera angle was perfect, Mario grinned to
himself, GOD what a film this one
would be. The girl was gonna dirty her pants when she saw this one.

“Carolyn,” Jason’s voice was toneless, coaching once more. “Carolyn, your new husband can’t wait to make love
to you. Is this the first time you’ve made love to a man?” “No,” the faint answer came.

“Too bad,” Jason muttered softly to his associate, “it would have been damned effective to film the losing of her
cherry with the blood and all on the King’s big cock. Oh well.”

“Jesus wept, I guess!” Mario agreed, his eye still on the girl squared in the viewer. The camera whirred on. “Say,
boss, I’d better change film before we start the main event.”

“A11 right. Do we have enough footage to get her on the bed with the dog sniffing her crotch?”

“Hmmmm, I think so.” guessed Mario, “give it a try.”

“Carolyn, your handsome new husband is so much in love with you. He has asked you to lay down on the bed
and wait for him.” Jason watched critically as she sat on the end of the blue velvet-covered bed and looked
toward the imaginary bridegroom. “That’s
fine, Carolyn, now just lie back on the bed and relax. Deep … deep … deeply relax. You are so comfortable, so
happy, so very happy that you can’t help but smile at your husband when he kneels before you. Look down at
him and be happy.”

The girl on the bed raised her head and looked down the length of her naked body, her eyes fascinated by
something her mind said she saw there.

“Carolyn, you are deep … deep … deeply in love with your husband and he is starting to make love to you. You
are a passionate woman, deep … deep … deeply passionate woman and your body is beginning to fill with desire
for him. You are so anxious to feel his touch. Your body won’t lie still, you can’t make it lie still.”

Jason could hear Mario’s heavy breathing from the side of the bed. He looked at the girl on the blue spread,
writhing and contorting her body, spreading her creamy white legs until the red crevice split open like a sexy
smile. Jason looked longingly at the crack and wished for a quick moment that he could heave his crowbar into
its depths and pry it apart until all the goodies were spread open before his ravenous appetite. But that was for
later, later when they had their insurance packet carefully stored away, when they knew the girl could not,
would not reveal the debasements to which she was forced. There would be time, much time, to ease his
throbbing loins. He looked toward the panting

“Now, King,” he said softly, “now, boy, lick her clean. Get her, boy.”





Jason watched her every move. The whip laces hanging loose at his side, his eyes searched each curve as it peeked out of
the opening front of her dress. When the last button hung open, she shook her shoulders free of the material. It hung up
momentarily on the high thrust of her firm young breasts, then slid down over her hips to the floor. Carolyn bent over and
picked it up, looked about and carefully laid it over the back of a near chair. Jason watched the fat twin breasts swing
against her body as she moved. Just watching their pendulous action brought twinges to his loins and he rubbed the handle of
the whip thoughtfully against his crotch.

“Bra and pants too,” Jason prompted viciously.

Carolyn slid her thumbs beneath the panties elastic band and slowly, hopelessly, slid them down over the curve of her hips.
Jason watched the fluffy curls rise over the horizon of the sinking panties. He was tempted … tempted to strap this girl to
the dog stanchion and bury his mouth in the damp furry nest between her legs. She was unhooking the bra now, letting the
heavy globes escape. Beautiful! The full firm mounds hung like sweet ripe fruit from her chest … beautiful. He reached out and
cupped his hand, weighing the smooth plump goodness in his grip and rolling the nipple stem between his thumb and
forefinger. It hardened noticeably beneath his educated touch. She quivered under his hand and tried to pull away. Her face
said she was frightened and Jason liked that.

He laid the whip down on the counter and pressed her back up against the wall. One hand squeezed a breast hard, too hard,
while the other snaked across the pale ivory skin of her flat stomach and buried itself in the brown curls between her legs. His
face was a scarce inch from hers, his mouth hovering over her full lips like a vulture descending on a dying animal. He could
feel the dampness of the fur-covered lips below, warm and wet about his other finger, as the tight-clamped little slit pressed
back against the wall trying to escape the probing hand, holding itself shut to exclude the unwelcome invader. His lips came
closer and brushed lightly across hers, his tongue wetting her fear-dried flesh, softening them in case she willingly decided to

It was a temptation … but the thought of this haughty woman cringing beneath his dogs as she watched their dripping jowls
and their eager organs jutting out … no he would wait to taste her sweetness after the dogs had humbled her, after the dogs
had humped her pride into the ground and she had begged him for relief. Wasn’t this, after all, the best way to handle
women? Make them beg, make them know they were less than the animals which used them? Let the dogs know their
pleasures, let the dogs wet the bitch’s trough. When she had known the depths to which she could be forced, when she
could sink no lower in her own mind, then he would allow her the privilege of redeeming herself upon his body. Then … and
only then.

He pulled his finger from the damp well of her body, took his tongue from her tight lips and stood back. There was disgust in
his eyes. She was only another woman. Why should he give her the pleasure of his attentions? No woman ever cared for him!

Jason taunted himself often with the fantasies of his tormented mind. Until he had found ‘the dogs’ and made them great, no
one had known of him! He had been a lonely and much maligned gigolo, the handsome imported husband of a fat, rich and
very ugly widow. She had been but the last of many such women who paid for his attention with the insurance premiums of
hard-working husbands. Paid-for passion, that’s what he offered. The envied escort, a charming companion, a sympathetic
ear in the night … the night, the dreaded darkness when he paid for the daylight luxuries with whispered lies, reluctant hands
upon dissipated bodies, and the drugs which whipped his rebellious penis into shape for the plunge into the soft soggy depths
of their ancient stinking cunts! He had been made to feel like dirt, but that was over. Now he was the Master, and the Master
he would remain!

He picked up the whip from the counter and began the endless slap- slapping against his leg. Jason Benson scarcely felt the
light blows, yet it was whipping his mind into a frenzy. He knew what was happening to him. He wanted it to happen. He
needed to be lashed into excitement … for the years, the long tedious years of servitude to lonely old women had taken its
toll. He craved the cry of a woman punished. He needed complete degradation of a woman, absolute domination over her
before his lethargic penis would react and feel life. He looked at the bit of white cloth on the floor at his feet, the bra which
kept those beautiful breasts from his sight and he smiled his cold hating smile.

Carolyn shuddered inwardly at the sight of his icy smile. Jason sensed her discomfort and wallowed in it. Perhaps he could turn
the knife in her guts.

“It has always been my theory,” he began in the clinical tone which severed his mind from his acts of debauchery, “that the
human mind is highly inconsistent in its relationships with animals.”

He backed Carolyn into the corner again with slow deliberate steps and once more stood spread-legged blocking the only way
to freedom. She knew there would be no freedom for her, ever again. Even if she were to escape from this mad house she
could never wash away the terrible memory of what she had done … or what she would yet be forced to do. She stood naked
before this man and his whip, staring at the floor, expressionless, trembling with tension, numb with fear.

“Man subdued the boar to savor its flesh,” Jason continued, stimulated by her submission, intent upon her demise. “He tamed
the wild horse for transportation, made him docile and rode him for pleasure. For centuries we’ve taken sustenance from the
cow and the goat. Every school child knows the pleasure of a pet. Don’t you see, he has used animals for centuries, used
them in every way except the one function which is most vital!”

Carolyn didn’t see. She stood bare and bewildered before his tirade, her head down, appearing hardly more than a
domesticated beast of the field herself.

“Man is so damnably inconsistent! He’s so caught up in his own web of golden rules that he cannot see the pleasures for all
the puny penalties that warp his existence! Medical science has proven beyond doubt that the end-all motivation of mankind
is sex. SEX!”

“Hey, you’re playing my song,” came the flip reply from the open doorway. Mario leaned against the sill, arms folded across his
chest and let his dark eyes roam Carolyn’s naked body. “Sex is my favorite meal.”

Carolyn didn’t have to look up to know his lustful eyes were devouring her body. The red flush of embarrassment tinted her
pale flesh.

“Now, don’t you go blushing for me, baby,” Mario teased, “There ain’t nuthin’ I like more than a pretty girl, specially when
they’re bare ass naked and full of all that otivation jazz the boss man was talking about.”

Jason looked reprovingly at his young assistant. That was the trouble with youth, he though they hadn’t the experience nor
the patience to fully enjoy the sophistications of true eroticism. Hard cocks and soft brains, what a wasteful combination, he

“I was trying to explain to Carolyn about the psychological aspects of using animals for sexual pleasure,” Jason began, disgust
edging his voice.

“Psych, smych!” Mario grinned, “Let’s get down to the fuckin’!”

“Your intelligence is only exceeded by your tact, Mario,” Jason said insultingly. Some day he would lose all patience and use
the dog whip on that stupid boy. If he didn’t need him, he could think of a lot of clever innovations for Mario, but
unfortunately he did need him. “I was about to show Carolyn the advantages of bottle feeding our dogs, and…”

“… and you wanted me to demonstrate on, right?”

“That’s right,” Jason agreed coldly. “It’s time Carolyn learned to understand … and appreciate … what we do here in the lab.”

“Oh, she’s gonna appreciate it,” Mario chuckled and walked over to stand within easy reach of the girl. He made a great show
of unzipping his pants fly and fumbling around in the tight pants before hauling out his long limp penis. He grinned at the girl
and wiggled it at her. “Aren’t ya, baby doll? That hot little puss of yours really appreciates it. You goddam near drowned me
with appreciation before ya got the fuzzy thing fucked off!” Mario grinned as he saw the girl flush even darker at his words.
Maybe he wasn’t so suave as the famous Jason Benson, he thought, but the girls liked his youthful good looks and got
hotter’n pistols when he talked plain sex at ’em and hung his dong out to dry before their startled eyes. He skinned it back
and began the slow systematic massage which coaxed the long organ to life. Up and down, up and down.

“S’better than having a cocksuckin’ girlfriend, or in your case,” he nodded to Carolyn, “a breast fed boyfriend, cause there’s
eight or ten pups to a litter and they all gotta be fed! Good thing I got a long cock or it’d be a nubbin by now.”

Carolyn’s eyes widened as she looked at him. He surely couldn’t mean what he was insinuating. He was just trying to upset
her. It was childish, like a little boy putting worms down your back … childish, like a young man flaunting his stiff penis before
you. She watched him playing with it. He would shape his hand around the pole, slide it out to the end and back, skinning the
head clean, then he would take his thumb and rub back and forth across the coronal ridge. Carolyn could see the pink beast
moving in his hand like a thing alive. It seemed alive. Each careful stroke increased its growth with frightening regularity. She
could see a small drop of fluid ooze from its fat head and drop to the floor.

“I’m about ready, boss,” Mario said quietly to the older man. Jason nodded and walked over to the cage area. He looked up
and down the line of wire kennels, pursed his lips in indecision and frowned.

“How about Bravo?” Mario suggested. “He’s got a soft mouth like a girl.”

Jason shrugged his shoulders, picked up a choke chain from a rack of many, and walked to the third cage. The big
fawn-colored dog rose to his feet and danced about anxiously. Jason unlocked the cage, slipped the noose around his great
head, and led him
back to where Mario waited.

“Sit, Bravo, sit.” Jason said sternly. “It’s been several days since he’s been exercised this way. Would you rather prelim him on
the girl?” Mario looked at Carolyn and grinned.

“You wanna break him in today, baby?” he asked.

Carolyn’s eyes grew wider with fear and she pressed hard into the corner, her hands crossed before the nest of brown curls
at her crotch. Mario grinned even wider.

“No? All right, I’ll use him first. Tell ya what, though, I think I’ll wet it down with cunt first. Never heard of no dog ever biting a
cunt-soaked cock.”

Mario walked to the canvas-covered table in the center of the room and pulled the cloth from its lines. Carolyn’s wide eyes
followed his every move. She noticed the table before, but an examining table in a hospital area, even for dogs, was hardly
unusual. But this table was very unusual. She looked at it anxiously. It resembled the hourglass shape of a human body with
low stirrups at one end and to the sides. Several sets of woven straps with great silver buckles hung from its sides. The
plastic table itself, perhaps an inch thick, was supported by three hydraulic lifts. It reminded her of the service station racks
which raised and lowered cars for servicing. Servicing! She shivered. She could guess its use.

Jason stood to one side and gestured for Carolyn to move out of the comer and join Mario at the table. She couldn’t move;
fear had fastened her to the ground. She trembled where she stood. Jason tapped the whip impatiently against his leg. Mario
stood by the table, casually jacking up his big penis and watching the by-play. It amused him to watch the ‘Big Man’ whip
himself into a fury. It was quite a hang-up he had, couldn’t get a hard on until he had brought a woman to her knees one way
or the other. If it wasn’t the whip, it was the dogs. Mario shrugged. He could wait. Sometimes it was stimulating to see Jason
whip the new ones. He was a real master with the coil. Mario leaned back against the table, his hand still caressing the cock
he held. He could wait. It wouldn’t take long.

And it didn’t. When the girl didn’t move at his first command, Jason snaked the whip behind him and snapped it out with a turn
of his wrist. The slim tip flicked across the pink tip of Carolyn’s bare breast, biting a two inch cut into the soft flesh just
above the fat little tit.

“The table, Carolyn,” Jason’s voice sliced the silence as deftly as his leather whip had twice spilled her blood.

She looked down at the thin red line across her breast and watched the thick drops that welled from its length and ran slowly
down her side. This wasn’t happening to her, it wasn’t, it wasn’t. Numbly, she walked toward the table. As she passed the
dog who had sat through it all, he leaned his thick neck out and lapped at the drops which painted lines down her leg. Dazed,
she hardly noticed.

Mario watched her walk slowly toward him like a windup doll that falters with each step. He let his eyes slide down her bare
figure, pausing at the points of his own particular interest. As he studied the thick brown mat of hair between her legs, he felt
his own body respond. His long penis was getting fat now, well fed and heavy. He took it in his hand, aimed the bold head at
Carolyn like a bloody spear, and slowly rubbed the corona with his thumb. As she reached the table’s end, Mario made a grand
bow and gestured with his free hand toward the table top. Numbly, she watched as he pressed a button beneath the table’s
edge and lowered it to a level she could easily reach. His free hand pressed her down and she felt the cool plastic give
beneath her weight, shaping itself to her curves, wrapping up around her and holding her comfortably firm in its grip.

Mario dropped the fat organ in his hand and pressed her shoulders down with both hands so that the soft woven straps would
fasten easily. As he cinched the buckle down across her chest, the girl seemed to get control of her mind and began to

“What are you doing?” she yelled. “Don’t tie me down. Oh, don’t! Please don’t!”

Her forehead was damp with the cold sweat of fear. What in heaven were they doing? She could hear Mario’s suddenly
excited breathing. Jason had walked to the other side of the table and was fastening her other arm securely, bending it at the
elbow and buckling the straps to something beneath the table, forcing her arms back so the pectoral muscles pulled the big
breasts high and made them firm to the touch. Her aims hurt at the sockets from the backward pressure and she winced as
he pulled the strap tighter and tighter. She lashed out with her legs, trying to kick these human leeches from her tortured
body, but the two men only laughed. Each grabbed an ankle and forced her feet into the side stirrups and fastened the band
across her instep and behind her heels. If she could only get her feet loose now, she could reach them reach them both, but
the straining muscles failed to pull her feet free. Panting, her muscles aching from frantic efforts to free her body, Carolyn
finally admitted defeat and lay panting and quiet upon the table which cupped her body like a non-skid nest.

The two men stood over her looking down and each in their own way enjoying her helplessness. Mario rocked back and forth
like a cobra swaying and ready to strike, his blood-fattened penis flopping lazily from the gaping pants’ fly. He knew Carolyn’s
eyes were fastened on it in frozen agony. At first he stood hands on hips letting the heavy head bounce lewdly against her
bare flesh. He watched the wet spots dot the girl’s body, watched with delight as she tried to strain against the straps and
pull her body away from its touch but the binding straps held fast. His smile grew broader and he ran his stiff pointed tongue
back and forth across the white ridges of his teeth. He could feel the pressure building inside his cock. The slap-slap of its
heavy head against her naked skin was stimulating the need to squirt his juice. If he didn’t stop soon, it would be too late and
he would wash her pink nipples with sperm. Not yet, not yet … he wanted to do things to this pretty she- bitch, lots of
things … it wasn’t time to flood her guts yet. He pulled away from the table and winked at her wide staring eyes.

“Later, baby doll,” he spoke softly, pursing his lips as if mimicking her pouting mouth. “Daddy’s gotta feed the doggies first.
The big boss man wanted you to see how good we train our canine compadres. You watch now, you watch good, cause
pretty soon I’m gonna let you see if you can do it as good as the dogs can.”

He grinned lewdly down at her for a moment, then snapped his fingers at the dog.

“Ready, boy?” he asked the prancing dog, “Sit! Sit there just another goddamn minute while I soak it up juicy for you.”

Carolyn watched with horrified eyes as the slim young man patted the dog on the head, then walked to the foot of the table
to which she was strapped and pressed her legs even farther apart. He patted the furry little pad between her thighs and
pulled the puffy lips apart with his thumbs.

“Hey, there it is,” he whispered hoarsely, “such a cute little pink cubbyhole too.”

He leaned his body forward until the hot shiny head of his penis rested against the pink slit of her crotch. He frowned briefly
and leaned over to press the button just under the plastic edge beside Carolyn’s hips. There was a soft hum and the platform
raised up an inch or two. His stiff organ poked at the little opening, between her legs. He smiled. It was just right. He put his
warm wet palms on her white flesh and massaged, pressing and kneading the unwilling body, and all the while knocking at the
door of her pussy palace with his blood-red cock. Small drops of lubrication welled out its fat tip and wet the tender lips. Now
the oversized organ slid more easily. He pressed forward and it popped inside with a wet slurping sound … and he heaved
himself hard into her body, burying the shaft deep in her guts. “Aaahhhhhrrrggg,” he groaned loudly, “You’re strangling him in
that tight little hole. F’god sakes, let go some juice and wet it up a little!” He pulled it back experimentally.

“Jesus!” He slid it in gingerly and winced. “What the hell makes you so tight? You could a’swallowed a shetland pony the other
night you were so fuckin’ wet!”

“Perhaps she was,” Jason growled with exasperation as the boy hung up in the woman’s dry box, “but the King had made her
hot first.”

“You saying I can’t get a woman hot,” Mario spat at him, “that what you’re saying???”

“You were the one complaining, as I recall, not the dog.” “Why you dirty son of a bitch …”

The whip in Jason’s hand cracked loudly and the blood spurted from a gash on Mario’s cheek. Hell burned in Jason’s angry

“Don’t … you … ever … say a thing like that to me again!”

“Okay, okay,” Mario backed down, “I didn’t mean anything by it, fer Christ sake.” “I called you down here to demonstrate …
not to make a fool of yourself.” Jason reprimanded. “Now, DEMONSTRATE.”

“Alright, ALRIGHT.” Mario pulled his long hard penis slowly from between the girl’s legs. It popped free with a loud sucking
sound and Carolyn moaned with relief.

“Stand beside the girl,” Jason directed impatiently, “NO, stupid, not beside me, beside the girl! I want her to see how gentle
my boys are … how talented … how effective.”

“Aawwww, I don’t wanna go all the way,” complained the disgruntled Mario, “can’t I finish up on the girl?” “There will be plenty
of time for that later.”

Mario breathed heavily out through his nose and set his feet firmly apart, one hand on the table to steady himself. He
snapped his fingers at the prancing dog.

“Here, Bravo,” he called out to the dog, “Suck, boy, suck.”

The dog scrambled across the tile floor and stopped before the waiting man, his tail flailing the floor frantically, his tongue
dropping with anticipation.

“Easy, Bravo,” Mario cautioned, his hand grasping the dog’s snout and holding it shut, “EASY, I said.” The dog quieted down a
little. “Now, sit. That’s a good boy.”

Mario grasped his long wagging cook from each side with a restraining thumb and forefinger and held it rigidly upright. The dog
whined. Mario wriggled the pink pole before the dog teasingly. The animal stretched his thick neck as far forward as he could
and sniffed at the fat cock. Mario flinched as the cold black nose touched his warm prick and the hot air of the dog’s excited
breath tickled its tip. He held the cock in his fingers and waved it in front of the dog’s mouth. The long tongue lashed out and
licked at the human lollypop, flavored with its musky scent of a woman in heat. It was faint, the heady scent of female, faint
but it was there … and the dog was noticeably excited. His long thick tongue lapped the underside of Mario’s waiting organ
with long slow swipes. Mario’s reaction was one of instant pleasure. He pushed his loins outward, bowing his body toward the
anxious dog who responded with eager tongue. Mario closed his eyes and chewed on his lower lip.

Carolyn turned her face away from the scene of debauchery taking place less then three feet from her face. Jason watched
her reaction carefully. He had expected the sight of a full grown man deliberately stimulated by the dog’s dripping tongue
would have, at the very least, a lethal fascination. He took the leather wrapped handle of the dog whip in his hand and
pushed Carolyn’s face back toward Mario and the dog.

“Watch them,” he ordered harshly, “you must learn how these things are done.”

Carolyn watched. There was nothing else she could do. She watched Mario’s fingers subtly manipulate the firm flesh at the
base of his excited organ. She watched the intricate licking motions of the big dog’s tongue as it wiped the length of the
sensitive lower side of the man’s penis and then curled over the damp end. Mario gently poked at the huge dog’s mouth with
the end of his cock. Each time the long tongue would lash out, he pushed the fat head at the dog’s mouth. The fourth time
he probed forward, the animal seemed to understand what was expected of him and his rough red tongue wrapped itself
around the man’s penis and seemed to hold it motionless in his hot mouth. Carolyn was fascinated with the terrible scene
taking place within reach of her hand. The gaunt animal held Mario’s stiff cock in his mouth as if he were retrieving a bird from
the field. Mario was breathing rapidly now; his eyes half-closed, his lips open and straining hard against his teeth.

“Suck, Bravo,” he crooned to the dog at his loins, “that’s it, boy. Oh, that’s good. Good dog. A little more, just a little more …

Mario thrust his moving hips hard forward and the long stiff penis slid over the curved tongue and deep into the dog’s open jaws.

“SUCK, BOY, SUCK IT HARD!” He ordered in a loud firm voice, then smiled lewdly as his command was rewarded with watery
sucking sounds from the dog’s half open mouth.

Carolyn watched in horror as the dog’s thick rough tongue rubbed rapidly back and forth under Mario’s jerking cock.
Sometimes she could see the heavy headed penis squirting its white sperm onto the dog’s willing tongue. She was sure she
was going to be ill again, but she could not tear her eyes from the animal orgy at her side. Jason’s strong hand held her head
so she was forced to watch. She tried to close her eyes but she couldn’t. Her skin was flushed with shame, heated by the
outrage which roared in her mind. The dog’s attempt at sucking reminded her of thirsty animals sucking up water from an open
gutter. Perverse pleasures, inconceivable depravity, this was the gutter of mankind … and sooner or later, Carolyn knew she
too must wade through the contaminated gutters of this madman’s mind.

Jason’s pleasure twisted face never left the girl’s body. The expressions of grim horror on the girl’s face stirred life in his
dormant loins. Small tremors of pleasure played hide and seek between his legs and slid up and down his awakening prod. He
watched her helpless body for every … for any … reaction. He heard Mario’s first crude grunts of gratification before he was
rewarded with the subtle response of the girl’s open crotch. Her legs splayed far apart by the restraining straps, the plush lips
of her vagina spread wide, Jason could look into the open mouth of her bitch’s body. As she watched the jerking cock spew
out its tasty reward into the dog’s mouth, the fat pink lips contracted too … squeezing together, clamping tight shut around
the imagined organ poking at her vitals, milking it into the fire of her own loins. Spread-eagled before Jason, her ivory
buttocks opened for his eager eyes. The cheeks of her firm little ass closed over the wrinkled round hole. Closed and relaxed.
Closed and released. As Mario groaned his soul away, Jason watched several drops of thick liquid trickle from between the
hairy lips and grow sticky in the crease of her buttocks.

Jason smiled and nodded. Good. Very good. She was actively stimulated, then, by Mario’s performance with the dog. That
meant the sweet musky smell of her oozing vagina would be strong enough to attract the dogs. He looked down the line of
cages. Every dog was on his feet, pacing back and forth nervously, tongues dripping saliva, their red, pointed cocks sliding
out of their sheaths. Yes, they sensed the bitch in heat. He sniffed the air. He couldn’t smell it. He never could. But they did!
The dogs could always smell a warm cunt. He smiled obscenely and scratched his crotch. He had planned to start her with a
dog at each breast, licking the small pink nipples into swollen leaking tits … but the dogs were excited. He watched them
pace frantically in the confining cages, their heavy cocks swollen out of their hairy holsters and swaying loosely under their
bellies. Perhaps he should reconsider.

He looked down at the parted pink lips, the swollen button of her clitoris … she was ready for his dogs. He smiled. It would be
double exciting. She didn’t understand that the abject horror had triggered her own sexual responses. It would be no more
than a matter of minutes before the dogs would have her thrashing about, reveling in her own sensuality, pleading for the feel
of their giant pointed pricks rushing up her guts. And he would make her plead. He would make her beg!

His groin throbbed with the pleasure-pains of sexual need. The dogs were ready … and so was he.


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Horse Cum on Her Lips

Hardcore slut wants two things from a horse; its cock and its gallons of cum. She makes it happy by sucking and licking its cock like the expert that she is. And then he cums finally, filling her mouth! Watch more at

The Trade Fair

The redheaded girl Pippi Longstocking, (Who in this fic is 18), had taken to a trade fair in
Denmark, and to her big joy, there was balloons nearly everywhere in the big, and crowded hall,
and she felt so aroused by he sight and sounds of the many different colored and sized balloons.

Pippi, that lived alone, had a balloon fetish since she was a little kid, and she loved to
masturbate, while she played with her balloons, she loved the really big and crystal clear ones,
and sometimes, was Pippi, her ape, her horse, and her neighborboy Tommy gathered, to share
their fetish.

Pippi, who had been to that state fair for two years ago by herself, collected twenty free round,
and printed balloons without air, she would give some of the balloons to her monkey Hr. Nillson,
her white stallion, her neighbors Tommy and Annika, and their young mother.

Pippi got blown a round and red balloon up to the maximal by one of the owner of the stands, she
played with it the balloon in some minutes, and then she wandered on, as she joined the sight of
the balloons, that was beautifully illuminated by the thousands of lights in the big hall.

After Pippi had walked around the hall for nearly two hours, Pippi finally got outside, she was glad
to come out of the crowded and noisy hall, and she was so excited to play with her stallion, that
stood parked by a field, that lay some few miles away from the hall.

As the girl came back to her horse, she took a blue and round, double printed balloon from her
pocket, blew it up twice, the crystal clear balloon was very huge and beautiful, and the horse and
the girl got a very strong aroused feeling, as they played balloon with each other on the field.

After a break, Pippi began to give a red, and then a white balloon a double inflation, she blew the
balloons against the horse´s stomach, till the two balloons got big and hard enough, while she
masturbated, the wind didn’t blow, so they could freely play with their balloons outside.

Then Pippi just caressed the balloon in long time, ‘Squeak’, ‘Squeak’, ‘Squeal’ it sounded, as Pippi
rubbed the plaything between her legs, and rubbed it between her hands.

Soon, Pippi came two times after another, after she had rubbed the blue latex plaything between
her legs, and then she laid on the back of the horse, and relaxed some minutes, while she felt the
beautiful aftermath of the arousing balloon play.

Pippi took her three balloons with her, she tied them together in a bunch, and wandered up in a
field by a little prehistoric village, where some other horses lay, and after she had played balloon
with the horses in long time, she came again, and her white liquid ran down her bare legs.

The summer after, was Pippi together with her stallion in her garden, she had taken a green hot
air balloon with her, she haven’t inflated, and as she began to blow life in it, the little monkey
rubbed the stallion’s warm and long dick, and Pippi got the balloon quickly inflated to it’s limit.

It was the stallion’s birthday, so Pippi wrote very carefully ‘Happy birthday’ on the balloon with a
pen, that was filled with black ink.

Pippi and her two friends played in long time with the gigantic hot air balloon, and as Hr. Nillson
lay on the top of the balloon, and caressed it, Pippi took of her clothes, and rubbed the rock hard
stallion dick in few minutes, till the stallion released his sticky cum, that splattered out

Pippi was so happy for her stallion, she thought it was much better than Tommy, and soon, Pippi
came too, and ‘Splat, splat’, it sounded, as Pippi’s cum splattered out on the giant balloon, that
she cleaned with a Kleenex under a lot of loud squealing from the hardly inflated balloon.

The horse and the girl wasn’t finished yet, so Pippi rubbed her naked body against the squeaking
balloon, till she cum again, she dried her sticky hands on the balloon, while Hr. Nillson rubbed the
stallion’s large penis, and soon, the stallion shot out a very big glob again, that landed on the

Then the three friends laid down in the grass, after their balloon love, and they relaxed for a
while, and then Pippi deflated the giant balloon, that slowly felt together on the grass.

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