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# Boxer

The house was quiet, the only noise came from upstairs as Tricia wandered about. She was
preparing to go to bed, getting her pajamas on. She pulled her long dark hair up into a high pony
tail, then slipped the thin brief t-shirt over her head. It barely covered the pert swells of her
breasts. She wore as well, a silky pair of black panties, the thin strap of the panties rubbing
between her aching pussy lips.

Her dark eyes flitted to the clock, she knew that soon Dylan would be back from walking their
dog, Boxer. Boxer was a german sheppard, a very good loyal dog, and he enjoyed his nightly
walks with his Master.

A relaxed smile creased her lips as she settled back on the bed, leaning against a small pile of
pillows. She took the book which she was reading from the night stand and began to flip through
it once more. Her free hand wandered the plane of her taut belly, fingers lapping at the bare skin
there as her knees bent, heels pressing into the soft bed covers.

Dylan was back and that Boxer would be bounding up the stairs any second now dragging the
leash with him. She placed the book aside, laying it back on the night stand as she watched the
door for the dog to enter.

It was a nightly ritual, Boxer would come upstairs, give her plenty of kisses then Dylan would
usher the dog downstairs so they could sleep in peace. She swung her legs over the side of the
bed, hearing the scuttle of dog nails against the hardwood floor she knew that Boxer was on his

She patted her thighs softly, beckoning Boxer to her as he bounded into the room. Boxer’s thick
tongue lapped at her face, his paws brushing against bare thighs as the dog showed it’s love for
his Mistress. She giggled softly, always enjoyed the attentions which Boxer gave to her, he was a
very faithful and loyal dog. Boxer’s tongue snaked out, lapping at her face and her hands as she
petted him.

Dylan stood in the doorway watching, having seen it every night since the dog had come into
their lives. He shoved off the doorframe, tossing his jacket onto the chair into the corner, moving
to the bed. He crawled on the bed, wrapping his arms about her waist, bringing her close. She
canted her head back, smiling to Dylan, feeling his strong arms about her waist.

“Did you two have fun?” she asked as she looked between Dylan and Boxer. The dog had layed his
head against her thigh as she stroked behind his ear.

“No more than usual,” Dylan responded, his hands were slipping under her brief shirt to fondle her
breasts, circling her nipples playfully, “He had a nice run in the park, found a friend in a female
dog there. She was in heat and he wanted to mount her.”

She giggled, a soft blush staining her cheeks as she heard his words. “Did you let him?” she
glanced down at Boxer, his warm tongue lapped at her thigh softly, tickling along her knee, this
causing her thighs to part further, the thin strip slipping further between the folds of her pussy.
Her shoulders had arched as Dylan’s hands found her breasts, a very soft moan fell from her lips
at his attentions.

Dylan shook his head, his right hand kneading the flesh of her left breast, squeezing her nipple
firmly. “The owner didn’t want Boxer anywhere near his poodle,” he laughed, “Guess he didn’t want
a sheppard poodle mix.” His mouth descended upon her throat, kissing and nipping at her skin. His
free hand reached down and ruffled the top of Boxer’s head as the dog lapped at Tricia’s inner

“True, so true,” she murmured softly as she felt the kisses pressed to her throat, her long lashes
fell over her eyes as she moaned very softly. Her thighs parted even further, not realizing that
Boxer’s snout had started to sniff at her pussy. The dog’s thick tongue lapped at the thin cloth
barrier which barely covered her slit. This sensation made her jump. A soft squeak fell from her
lips as she looked to Boxer.

Dylan laughed as he saw the reaction of Tricia when Boxer started lapping at her pussy. She
looked between Dlyan and Boxer, the dog’s snout was wedged now between her thighs, his
tongue swirling about the thin strap of her panties, lapping at the flesh of her pussy. Dylan’s hand
slipped between her thighs, pushing aside the thin strap of her panties, allowing the dog to lick
freely at the sweet cunt presented to him.

“Dylan…” she spoke softly, biting back the moans that threatened to spill. Her words were
silenced as Dlyan claimed her mouth in a deep kiss, his fingers between her thighs parting her
sweet cunt lips allowing Boxer to lick at the juicy nectar which had swelled. Dylan bit at her lower
lip as his tongue invaded her warm mouth, distracting her from the work which Boxer was doing.

She soon forgot about Boxer who was lapping feverishly at her pussy, her hips had arched to
actually meet the dog’s tongue as it probed deeper into her wet slit. Dylan’s fingers rubbed her
clit, forcing the soft petals of her cunt to open so Boxer could feast upon her sweet hole. Dylan
broke the kiss, he could not help but laugh as he saw how aroused Boxer was now from this.

“I think that he likes your cunt, baby.” Dylan whispered in Tricia’s ear as his finger slipped into her
wet slit, seeing Boxer’s cock was protruding from the furry sheath which protected it. The tip was
jutting forth, glistening already with Boxer’s evident arousal.

Her eyes dropped slowly, seeing the sight which Dylan was viewing. She gasped softly, never
really having seen Boxer in such a state before. She scooted back on the bed, Boxer sat ever
obediently on the floor, his nose sniffing at her pussy once more. Her panties were soaked from
the dog’s tongue bath on her cunt.

“He is rather large,” she stated softly, watching as Boxer rooted his snout back into her crotch,
wating more of her pussy juice. The dog’s teeth nipped at her panties, as if telling them that he
wanted them gone from that sweet cunt that was calling him.

Dylan’s hands roamed over her breasts once more, feeling her skin grow heated with the
attentions which she was getting. The dog’s tongue was lapping at her cunt as if it was going to
be his last meal, he was making the most of it.

Boxer’s teeth snagged the silky material of her panties, tearing at it. They both could hear the
ripping noise as Boxer tore the crotch from her panties. His wet nose plunged back to her pussy,
sniffing and rubbing now against her clit. Her hips wriggled, feeling the dog’s cold wet nose glide
back and forth across her aching clit. She moaned loudly, it startled her and Boxer both, the dog
canted it’s head and looked to her.

“Oh Dylan.. I spooked him.. ” she whispered as she looked towards Boxer then to Dylan who
rested behind her. She reached her hand out and rubbed her palm lightly against Boxer’s head,
scruffing behind his ears. Dylan removed his shirt, his hand then rubbed across her shoulders as
they both watched Boxer.

“I think he was just surprised, baby. He probably listens at the door when we fuck and the sound
is muffled. So when you moaned as you did, it took him by surprise.” His hands were on her
breasts once more, squeezing the pert swells, her nipples raking across his palms as he did so.
“Why don’t you remove what is left of your panties and lay back on the bed and see if he does it

She simply nodded her head, easing up to stand before Boxer and Dylan. She first eased the brief
shirt over her head, tossing it down to the floor close to Boxer. The dog started to sniff and root
at the shirt, inhaling her scent. As Boxer was preoccupied with the shirt she shimmyed down what
was left of her panties, tossing them to the pile as well. She turned slowly, looking at Dylan now,
peeking down at Boxer from time to time as he lapped at the remains of her panties.

She eased herself back on the bed, laying close to where Dylan was sitting. Dylan smiled down at
her, reaching over her body to spread her thighs widely as her legs dangled one on the bed and
the other part off as to entice Boxer to feast once more. Her eyes drifted down to see Boxer’s
cock protruding further from the furry sheath. It was bright red and glistening. Soon Boxer grew
bored with her panties, turning his head to face her as she layed on the bed. His tongue dangled
out the side of his mouth as he panted softly.

Dylan’s hands roamed along her soft flesh, parting her pussy lips once more, fingering her sweet
slit until it was ripe and glistening with her juice. She moaned very softly, feeling Dylan’s finger
fuck her aching cunt, wanting so much more, his touch always arousing her completely. But this
night it seemed, she was to be Boxer’s little fuck toy. Dylan’s hand slowly withdrew from her
soaked slit, he moved from the bed removing the rest of his clothes.

Boxer took this opprotunity to move his muzzle forward, his thick tongue lapping at her sweet
pussy once more. More and more of her juice flowed as the dog’s tongue was now buried in her
slit, probing her tight hole. Boxer’s hips began to buck, he was dry fucking the bed cover as he
eased himself up on his front paws to get a better vantage point to eat her pussy.

Dylan moved around the bed, watching as Tricia was getting totally turned on by Boxer eating her
snatch. Dylan’s hand stroked the length of his cock a few times, it was already nice and hard
from watching his girl writhing on the bed from the dog’s tongue.

“That’s it baby, let him eat that sweet cunt of yours.” Dylan said, returning to the place on the
bed close to her head. His throbbing cock was right by her head, he was still stroking it, pre-cum
was glistening on the tip. He lowered the mushroom tip of his cock down to her lips, knowing his
slut loved to drink his pre-cum.

Her head craned back, her tongue was more than eagerly lapping at the swollen tip of his cock.
Her pink tongue slithered across the engorged flesh, knowing soon more would come if he allowed
her to suck his thick cock. Soft moans fell from her lips as her hips undulated, Boxer’s tongue had
snaked deep into her snatch, drawing out more of her juices with each and every lick.

Dylan moaned very softly, his girl was a good slut, obedient like Boxer was and she knew how to
please him. He kept stroking his cock as she licked at the tip, more pre-cum dripping from the tip
into her mouth. His eyes moved to Boxer, the dog’s cock was fully from it’s sheath, he was
humping madly the bed covers as he kept licking Tricia’s slit.

“Reach down and touch Boxer’s cock, baby. Stroke it for me.” Dylan spoke softly, he continued to
stroke his own cock slowly, it swelled to it’s full length. The thoughts of watching Boxer fuck his
slut was driving him mad.

He scooted off to the side, giving her enough room to move around. He patted the bed to call
Boxer up on it. The dog hopped quickly up on the bed, Boxer’s tongue was now lapping at Tricia’s
face, she could smell the musky scent of her pussy on the dog’s breath.

Dylan moved down between her thighs, spreading them once more, fingers playing over her clit as
he watched her. This made her hips rise once more, Dylan knew the places to touch on her that
made her writhe. She moaned softly, the combined sensation of Boxer’s tongue on her breasts
and Dylan’s fingers playing over her cunt was making her insane.

Her small hand reached out, fingers coiling slowly about Boxer’s cock. She slowly began to stroke
the long red cock, it slipped easily in her hand as it was glistening with the dog’s arousal. Boxer’s
hips responded to the sensation and began to buck, sending his cock slipping in her hand.

Dylan’s middle finger plunged roughly into her cunt, pumping and churning her pussy as if he was
making butter. His slut was so wet, more so then ever before. He kept fucking her sweet hole,
wriggling his thick finger in her slit, hearing her soft moans made him pump even harder and
faster. He knew soon she would beg to be fucked.

“What do you think baby, I think Boxer wants some relief. Perhaps you should fuck him.” Dylan’s
finger kept slipping in and out of her tight quim, more and more of her sweet juices flowed,
coating her inner thighs and his entire hand. He saw that Boxer’s cock had swollen enough to
produce the large knot at the base.

Her fingers kept stroking Boxer’s cock, she could feel the dog’s cock throb from her attentions.
She looked between Boxer’s enticing cock, and then down at Dylan between her thighs. She was
so horny at the moment she didn’t care who fucked her. She nodded her head, breasts bouncing
as she layed prone on the bed.

“Yes, Dylan.. I want him to fuck my pussy.” she had moaned breathlessly as the words passed her
lips, a dreamy smile on her mouth, her eyes were glassy with desire. Boxer’s hips were bucking
frantically, his cock slithered in her hand as she stroked him still. Her own hips undulated as
Dylan’s finger pressed so deep in her trembling walls.

“You want to suck my cock while he fucks you?” Dylan asked as he took his finger from her pussy.
Boxer’s head bobbed down and started to lick the folds of her cunt once more. She cried softly
out as the dog’s tongue found one of her sweet spots.

“Yes… yes… yes…” she panted breathlessly as Boxer’s tongue fucked her pussy once more, her
hips arched from the bed, pressing her cunt to the dog’s mouth. “Oh god Dylan… yes!” she
screamed softly out as she felt the dog’s thick tongue probe her pussy once more.

Dylan leaned back on the bed, propped up on the pile of pillows behind him. His cock was standing
erect and ready to be sucked by her mouth. He patted her hip softly, nudging her to move. “Get
on your hands and knees, baby.” His hand stroked along his cock as he looked down at her sweet
slit, it was dripping with her juices. A smirk creased his lips, knowing she was such a slut and
would do anything for him.

She pushed Boxer’s head from her crotch, moving about on the bed, shifting to settle on her
hands and knees. His cock bobbed inches before her face, her ass was thrust high behind her as
her thighs parted widely, exposing her cunt to Boxer.

Her tongue extended from the warmth of her mouth, lapping at the underside of Dylan’s cock.
Trailing her tongue all the way up to the very tip of his cock, warm breath caressing his rigid
flesh. Dylan’s hand rested to the back of her head, revelling in the attention which she gave to
his prick. He moaned softly, his hand wrapped about the base as her mouth moved up to the
swollen tip.

Boxer moved about on the bed, finding his way behind her as she was kneeling on the bed the
way that she was. His nose sniffed at her pussy once more, his tongue slithering between the

seductive cleft of her ass, tickling at the rosy ring of her bottom. She moaned very softly, feeling
Boxer’s tongue lap at her once more. Her lips parted further as her tongue danced over the
swollen tip of Dylan’s cock, lapping at the pre-cum which had risen once more.

As if by instinct, Boxer lifted up, his large paws falling across her back, his hips pressing forward
trying to guide his cock into her slit. She closed her eyes, feeling the dog’s paws scratch over her
back, the pain was just enough to turn her on. Boxer’s hips began to piston again, his cock thrust
against her thighs, slipping between her cunt lips and then up against her ass.

Boxer whimpered struggling to nock his cock into her pussy, finally with one last thrust his cock
found purchase deep in her soaked slit. His hips began to piston, sending his cock deep into her
wet slit. The dog was in heaven, she was so tight and so willing. Howls of delight fell from Boxer’s
mouth, his tongue was dangling out of the side of his mouth as he kept pumping his cock into her

Dylan’s hand slipped along the back of her head, pressing her mouth down further on to his cock
as he watched Boxer fuck his slut. Dylan moaned as her mouth reached the very base of his cock.
Her mouth was so sweet and wet about his rigid length, her tongue flickered against the aching
flesh of his shaft. Dylan’s hips lifted as he met her thrusts with thrusts of his own. Her breasts
rubbed against Dylan’s inner thighs as her mouth slithered down along his cock. She moaned very
softly feeling Boxer’s rapid thrusts, sending his cock deep into her wet slit. Her juices coating his
cock and her inner thighs.

Boxer’s knot slipped further along his cock, pressing against the tight hole of her pussy,
threatening to enter her. The dog kept pistoning his hips, his cock plunging deep inside of her. He
growled low as he nipped at her back, capturing her long dark ponytail briefly in his maw. His
curled tail was swishing back and forth, the dog was totally enjoying this.

Her hips kept undulating, beckoning Boxer’s use of her feeling his rigid cock slip deep into her
cunt. She was amazed how full she felt with Boxer’s thick length jammed into her slit. Boxer
howled once more, his very thick knot glided into her cunt, locking them together now as his hips
kept pumping that pink pussy of hers.

Dylan’s cock was buried deep in her mouth now, she kept thrusting fast and furious down his
entire length, her lips wrapped firmly about the throbbing length of flesh. her small hand moved
between them as she stroked his balls, cupping them as she sucked his cock like the good slut
that she was. Dylan moaned softly, feeling himself so close to cumming down her throat, her
mouth was exquisite she knew what to do and how to use it.

“That’s it baby, suck my cock.” Dylan grunted out as his hand rested still to the back of her head.
His other hand found her breast, squeezing and kneading the tender flesh of the soft swell,
twisting her aroused nipple.

She moaned softly as he twisted her aching nipple, soft tremors coursed down Dylan’s cock until
they reached the very base. She jerked forward on the bed as she felt the thick knot thrust deep
into her pussy, stretching her further than she had been stretched before. Boxer kept fucking her,
his hips churning quickly, pulling her back and forth on his cock which he has now impaled her fully

Dylan’s cock was buried deep in her mouth, and Boxer’s was plunged deep in her pussy. Her head
bobbed in Dylan’s lap as she moved her mouth even faster down upon his cock. His shaft was
glistening with every delicious thrust she gave to him. Several short fast thrusts were given, her
lips wrapping tightly about his throbbing length. Then several long slow thrusts were relished upon
his cock, savoring the delightful tease of pleasuring him.

“Oh yeah baby… that’s it… suck it nice and hard, you slut.” Dylan murmured as he watched Boxer
continue to hump her from behind. Boxer howled softly again, the dog was approaching his
orgasm, a fury of harsh thrusts were given to her quivering cunt, the knot forced deeper within

Dylan’s hand pressed hard to the back of her head, shoving his cock deep into her mouth, gagging
her from taking so much of his length into her mouth at once. She choked upon Dylan’s thick
cock, her pussy muscles clamped tightly down upon Boxer’s cock as the dog buried it so deep and
tight into her cunt. Boxer howled even louder, feeling the tight muscles grasp his cock. Boxer’s
hot jism filled her abused cunt, showering her hot womb with his seed, so much that it trickled
down the inner part of her thighs.

Dylan released his hand from the back of her head, allowing her to bring her mouth up from his
cock to breathe. Dylan wrapped his hand about his throbbing cock, and began to stroke his
length. He moaned as he felt his balls tense, he was so aroused by his slut and their dog, he was
about ready to cum. Her tongue lapped at the head of his cock, desiring to taste his cum.

She panted softly, moaning quietly as Boxer’s thrusts slowed, only to quicken once more, forcing
the knot deep in her pussy, then almost out as he kept pushing into her cunt. This movement of
Boxer’s cock, made her cum, her sweet juices mingled with Boxer’s sticky jism. This made the dog
thrust harder even still, stretching that sweet pussy with his throbbing cock and knot.

She was moaning softly, basking in the afterglow of the fucking which Boxer gave her, when
Dylan seized her hair, thrusting her mouth back down on his cock just as his cock was erupting,
sending thick streams of his own cum down his slut’s throat. She eagerly gulped the cum which
shot to the back of her throat, suckling softly upon Dylan’s quivering cock. Dylan’s hips bucked a
few times more, as she milked his cock of all the cum he could give her. He affectionately petted
the top of her head, stroking his fingers through her dark curls.

“Such a good slut you are, my little pet.” He spoke softly, between low moans. His eyes closed as
her tongue lapped at his still twitching cock, cleaning it like the obedient slut she was.

Boxer’s hips finally slowed, the knot was resting just within the stretched hole of her cunt. She
whimpered softly, her body was on fire. Her mouth finally left Dylan’s cock, she pressed her small
body to the bed, her hips rolling very slowly. Her inner thighs were soaked with Boxer’s cum and
her juices.

Finally, the knot gave free with a resounding pop. Boxer eased himself slowly from her, lapping at
her well used pussy, tasting her nectar combined with his cum. She quivered on the bed, a series
of soft whimpering moans fell from her lips as the dog’s tongue slithered across her aching slit.
Soon Boxer moved to the end of the bed and hopped down, finding a place on the floor to clean

Dylan gathered her in his arms, bringing him close to her. He embraced her to his chest, fingers
stroking over her face and down her back as he rocked her back and forth. He could feel her still
quiver, a smug smile creased his lips, knowing she enjoyed it fully. A kiss was pressed to her
forehead, then he tilted her head up, claiming her lips in a deep kiss. The kiss lasted for the
longest time as she melted against him.

He broke the kiss, laughing softly as he spoke, “Perhaps next time, Boxer will want to fuck that
sweet little ass of yours.”

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# The Letter Ch. 3

I was excited. I thought Heather was going to have Bruno mount me. To my dismay she made him sit by the couch and then she walked
behind me. Suddenly a television screen just above my head came to life. I was looking at the vulva of a woman, a woman who appeared to
be ready for sex, her legs wide open, her vulva was in a very aroused state the labia engorged the clitoris red and protruding from its
sheath.- THEN, I realised, I was looking at my own cunt.

“Like the show, darling?” Heather asked, I nodded, “I assure you it will get better, you see.” she said.

Then she called Bruno over and he started to lick the inside of my thighs, licking at the juices that had flowed, the nearer he got to my labia
the more excited I got, soon he was licking my cunt. His tongue curled around my clit and I almost exploded, I saw the image change on the
screen, at first I could not work out what I was looking at the picture was a little fuzzy then it cleared and i realised I was watching Bruno’s
dick emerging from its sheath. It was extending growing, to an amazing length and a female hand was gently rubbing it, a hand that
had obviously frequently wanked Bruno. I had obviously believed it to be Heather’s hand but she had long blood red nails, this hand was of a
younger woman, short clear nails. I shrieked, I saw the ring, my daughters ring, my daughter was playing with the dick of the dog that was
tonguing her mothers cunt. Did she realise it was me, Had she been mesmerised, hypnotised, blackmailed into this act? No, I looked away from
the screen into the smiling faces of Heather and a young woman who could only be her daughter. Both women were totally nude.

“How are you enjoying Bruno licking your cunt, are you near to cumming? Would you like Bruno to fuck you before that errant daughter of your
brings him off? Heather asked. God I was in a quandary, what was my daughter doing here, seeing me in this state and yes, I wanted Bruno to
fuck me.

Then I heard my daughter Lena. “Oh Heather, of course she wants Bruno to fuck her, I told you she would, let her enjoy his tongue a little
longer, perhaps she can tongue Francine at the same time. I shall just make sure Bruno is ready, perhaps you had better put on his boots

Francine had not waited for me to speak but just before her auburn haired muff was lowered on to my face I saw a sight that did almost make
me cum. Lena was sucking Bruno’s cock and it was very large indeed.

I inhaled the sweet musk scented odour of Francine as her open cunt descended on my waiting tongue. I lapped and licked and sucked her clit
it was heaven, I then realised that nothing was licking at my cunt. I felt a warm weight on my lower body I stopped licking to look at the
screen and I tensed as I watched my daughters hand steer that big prick into my waiting cunt. I had watched juice drip from the end but
there was no slow anticipation, an easing in of cock to cunt. As soon as he felt my cunt chose around his dick that dog started to fuck. he
slammed the whole length of his dick into me, the shock made me cry out, I wanted him to stop, no i wanted him to keep fucking, I did not
FUCK, FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME. And Bruno was, suddenly I felt myself being opened more, I knew what it was, he was tieing me to him.
The know was in me and it was swelling, I looked at the screen, all i could see were the dogs powerful haunches as he fucked me incessantly
– suddenly I was cumming, and cumming and I felt blocked, I was tied to Bruno, he had been cumming from entering me but now he started to
shoot streams of hot cum up me, its was hotter and I had never felt such powerful jets almost as if the dog was peeing.

He stopped fucking and just lay on me panting. His cock still tied to my cunt. Only Francine was watching and smiling. playing with herself as
she watched. Glancing across the room I watched as heather placed the bulbous head of a large black dildo at the entrance to my daughters
cunt as Lena shouted out for her to give her a good fucking.

Bruno then dismounted, as his cock left my sore and stretched cunthole gallons of thin clear dog semen streamed from me. I watched in
surprise as Bruno started to lick his prick. I touched my finger between the lips and then took an experimental lick. yes, it was not unpleasant.
More salty and stronger than a man but not off putting. I was too tired to join in any more sex games at that moment but I turned my
attention back to Francine. I could have saved myself the effort. Heather was now a sandwich. She was fucking my daughter whilst he own
daughter had somehow managed to introduce another dildo into he mothers cunt and they were all fucking on the floor.

I knew that before Lena and I left that house we would fuck each other for the first time. What I didn’t expect having sampled the size of
Bruno’s cock that I would watch him fuck my daughter…

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