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# A Tumble in the Hay

In Paris Jackie extended her head out the window of her apartment on the Parisian left bank and
allowed he long auburn hair to dry naturally in the gentle breeze. Mom and Dad were right when
they suggested that after she finished her bachelor’s degree in elementary teaching that she
should go to Paris for the summer to unwind. Being a tall, 5’10” red head with a beautiful
shimmering complexion didn’t hurt. Although her mouth was a little wide, when she smiled her
crimson lips drove men to distraction. Café life was one of Jackie’s favorite pass times. She loved
the strong café and vin rouge and the fact that the waiters did not annoy you. One of her
favorite spots was a café on the corner near the Boulevard St. Michel where she could watch the
lovers kissing in front the streaming fountain. There were times when lovers would kiss even in a
downpour of the frequent Paris rains.

Today was going to be quite an adventure for Jackie and she had no forewarning of it. As she sat
at her usual table in the café she noticed that all the other tables were occupied. A swarthy
mature gentleman approached her table and said, “Do you mind if I sit at your table? You seem to
have an extra chair and I really don’t like to stand and drink my espresso. Besides it always
enjoyable to have a conversation with a lovely young American.” “Is it so obvious that I am an
American? How did you know? “I suppose it’s the way you sit so provocatively in you chair and
expose just enough to get a man’s attention.” The dark man replied. Jackie could not help noticing
the large bulge in his pants. So she nodded agreement and he sat down with her. His cologne was
faint but breath taking. Jackie moved her chair closer to him so that she could observe him more
closely. Her eyes drawn to the lump in his trousers and she dreamily though of all the beautiful
cocks she had seen in her young life.

When she and twin brother Billy were growing up she was the victim of real penis envy every time
they bathed together. One day when mom was out of the bathroom for a few minutes she
grabbed Billy’s pee pee to teach him a lesson. Billy immediately became hard and almost jumped
out of his skin. However, Jackie inadvertently began rubbing his cock that grew and grew before
her. Before, they knew what happened, Billy shot some white cream right into Jackie’s face and
mouth. It was like tasting ambrosia for the first time. Jackie could not believe how good it tasted
and bent over to lick up the few drops hanging to the head of Billy’s cock. Immediately, Billy’s
cock hardened and Jackie began to suck on it with all her might. At that age when cum is so
often and enjoyable, Billy in a few minutes filled Jackie’s mouth once again. The feel of the cum in
her mouth and sliding down her throat set Jackie on fire and it was then that she deep throated
Billy for the first time. After that Mom had no trouble getting Billy and Jackie to take their evening
bath together.

Like all children Billy and Jackie wondered if they were doing something bad. Jackie was a natural
born snoop and there fore, kept a close eye on the activities of her parents. She noticed that
some nights after she and Billy had gone to bed there were sounds coming from Mom and Dad’s
bedroom that seemed very strange. Mom was often to be heard moaning and there was also the
sound of the squeaking springs of the bed. Mom and Dad were not very careful about closing the
bedroom. So one night after they had all gone to bed, Billy and Jackie sneaked into the parent’s
room undetected. The room was very dark but as they waited their eyes adjusted and they could
make out their mother and father. Mom was sitting on the bed and was unbuttoning Dad’s
pajamas. Plop out flopped Dad’s pee pee and was it large! Billy’s was still very small in comparison.

In an instant Mom had Dad’s long hard cock in her mouth and her head was bobbing back and
forth rapidly. Finally, Mom got so excited that she swallowed Dad’s entire cock and licked his
balls. Jackie thought Daddy must surely have cum by now but to her surprise he removed his
enormous cock from Mom’s mouth and shoved it between her legs. Mom’s legs were spread as far
as they could go and Dad’s cock was in her pee pee up to his balls. It was now that Mom began
moaning and groaning as Dad pumped his cock deep and hard into her. While Mom and Dad were
really getting into a hot fuck, Billy’s cock was being sucked voraciously by Jackie determined to
keep pace with her Mom. However, when Mom lay back and allowed Dad to start fucking her
cunt, Jackie became confused. Billy being a bright boy slowly pushed Jackie back and she lay on
her back with her virginal pussy open for the world to see and Billy’s little cock. In a twinkling Billy
was on top of Jackie and was trying to shove his cock into her like Dad was doing to Mom. Jackie
was very tight and as Billy pushed he did not get very far. Then it happened Billy stiffened up and
shot his load right on to the outer lips of Jackie’s vagina. Billy was so excited that his cock almost
immediately hardened again. Now when he tried to push his cock into Jackie, his cum helped to
lubricate her and it was almost immediately was in all the way, At first, Billy’s cock was too big
and her pussy was too tight, but with his constant pressure something seemed to give way and
Jackie felt herself filling up with Billy’s cock. A little pain made the experience a little
uncomfortable but then something seemed to tear. Billy’s next several strokes were irritating but
then Jackie’s senses took over and she began to enjoy the first real fuck of her life. Billy
pummeled his sister’s cunt until he came again, while she orgasmed for the first time. Softening
up, Billy wanted to pull out his cock but Jackie whimpered in his ear to let it be where it was
because it felt so good. Billy and Jackie then turned their eyes on their parents who were fucking
with wild abandon. Dad’s back arched and Mom thrust her cunt up towards him as a gusher of
cum flooded her pussy. To the kid’s amazement, Dad immediately slid down and licked his own
cum from Mom’s throbbing pussy.

At the sight of this Jackie spread her legs and without any urging Billy went to town. Mom and
Jackie experienced their orgasms concurrently and screamed into their pillows. Billy and Jackie
then crept out of their parent’s bedroom on their hands and knees and fell worn out into their
beds. “Do you think they were wise to our little charade?” asked Mom. “I don’t think it even
occurred to them. You know how kids are at their age, thinking they know it all. However, since
you saw Jackie sucking Billy’s cock in the bath tub, I believe we did the right thing by letting them
watch two experienced lovers do it the right way. As Jackie grew older she saw her parents
naked many times, especially after they joined a naturalist club in New Jersey. Sometimes, these
clubs were really places where swingers congregated. One never knew what you might see in and
around the pool after the sun went down. Many a male dived in the pool, only to come up with a
pair of warm lips wrapped around his dick. This was another type of school for Jackie. When
Jackie enrolled at Slippery Rock University, she was no virgin, but she was incomplete in some
way. Looking for something new in her life, Jackie who was not very athletic, decided to become
a student manager for the football team. One of her many duties was to make sure that each
player had access to towels fort the after game shower. About the third game into the season,
Jackie went to locker room to begin the process of cleaning up after the players had left. Upon
entering thew locker room Jackie went immediately to work as she listened to her walkman. Due
to this she did not hear the water running in the shower. Some of the towels were heaped in a
pile in the far end of the room and Jackie proceeded their and bent down to gather them
together. Jackie did not here the shower being turned off, but to her great surprise saw a great
black stud of a man come out and go to his locker. She could not believe her eyes. Mon, Dieu.
What was that huge wand between his legs? It was her first glance of a black man’s large black
cock. Hanging there flaccid it looked enormous. This black piece of meat made Billy and Dad look
like midgets. Scooting down, she watched as the black man dried himself eventually coming to his
groin. Using his large hand he grabbed his beautiful ebony prick and began to slowly stroke it. To
her amazement, Jackie saw his cock get hard and then even larger than it was before. He left go
of his throbbing cock and it began to jump up and down in front of him. Gasping at the sight of
this masturbating giant, she slipped and knocked over the bench in front of her. The black
behemoth quickly turned and saw her and laughed. Holding his gigantic ebony cock in his hand, he
approached her smiling all the way. “Down on your knees, bitch! I’ll show you what you get for
spying on me!” With this he pushed Jackie to her knees and shoved his black sword into her
mouth. It was a good thing that Jackie always had a wide mouth and could at least engulf the
whole of his prick’s head. Although, she gagged, she loved the idea of having his hard dark meat
for a meal.

He wasn’t satisfied with just the head being in her mouth. “Deep throat me, you red haired whore!
I wanna feel my cock in you throat! I want you to lick my balls the hard way!” “Glub, Glub,” said
Jackie as she strained to take more and more cock in to her mouth and throat. Almost the whole
rampant monster was in her, when he left go with an enormous load of cum. The added
lubrication of his cum allowed his cock to go the rest of the way down her gagging throat! “Well,
Honey, how do you like sucking a black man’s big prick?” “It’s the most beautiful cock I have ever
seen. May I hold it and look at it more closely?” Surprised by her response he presented his now
limp prick for her inspection. Taking the black monster in her hands, Jackie began to look at it
from all angles. Truly a work of art, she finally had before her that for which she had been
longing. This thick black piece of ebony needed to be put in its sheath between her creamy white
legs. Reaching down Jackie took his balls in her hands and lifted them up to her mouth and began
to lick and suck them. His cock immediately sprung up almost knocking out her eye. “What do you
want, Baby? Would you like Big Daddy to slam dunk his big black snake into your little white
cunt?” “Oh, Big Daddy, it’s all I ever dreamed of. A cock as big as yours might finally fill me all the
way. I’ll bend over and you drive it home!” With this plea he stabbed his cum soaked cock deep
into her waiting pussy. Once again it started slow, but to his amazement her sloppy pussy took in
every bit of his 11 inches. With this encouragement he began to pound her ass for all he was
worth. “Fuck me you Black bastard. I want it all! Rip me apart inside. Harder, harder, don’t be a
pussy!” This encouraged Big Daddy enough that he practically drove Jackie up against the wall.
She could feel every vein in his bursting black cock and the big head deep inside the hot vagina.
Finally, the release came and both orgasmed at the same time. A beautiful sight it was with them
lying among the towels on the floor. The beautiful, lone legged, white skinned red head with the
large black cock in her pussy while the muscle on Big Daddy’s back rippled. After this Big Daddy
introduced her to many of his fellow Afro Americans on campus, but Jackie would only fuck the
ones with really huge black cocks. Although, her parents did not know it, Jackie wanted some
relief from all her college fucking and that’s why she wanted to go to Paris. However, Jackie still
did not satisfy all her needs. She was still looking for a cock big enough to satisfy her. This takes
us to the day when Jackie shared her table with the dark stranger in an outside café on the
Boulevard St. Michel in Paris. After a small espresso, Bernard asked Jackie if he could buy her a
glass of wine to brighten up her day.

However, after several glasses, Jackie was feeling warm and friendly and was squeaking peeks at
the large bulge in Bernard’s trousers. Before long the shadows of dust were getting longer in their
trips across the Boulevard St. Michel. Jackie was famished but was transfixed by Bernard’s
presence. “Jackie, would you care to join me for supper in a small private club I belong to here in
the Latin Quarter?” Bernard asked with flashing eyes. “I am very, very hungry, but I cannot eat all
the French delicacies. Snail, for example, leave me cold. Are there other entrees that are more
like American selections?” “You can have whatever you want at this restaurant and club. If you
don’t like anything we can always send out to a nearby restaurant.” “I cannot refuse your offer.
Your eyes tell me that you are someone I can trust. Let’s go. Bye the way what is the name of
the club?” “The Underground Riding Club is its name and when we get there you will soon see
why.” They walked several blocks towards Notre Dame and turned down onto the Rue de la Chat
Qui Peche. This street is filled with inexpensive Greek restaurants with waiters outside inviting
potential customers inside. In the middle of the first block, Bernnard led Jackie to a stair that led
down to an unmarked red door. He knocked on the door and as if they were back in the
prohibition era a small peek hole opened. Bernard showed a small card and they were immediately
admitted. The lights in the club were subdued. Jackie and Bernard were guided to their table by a
young woman wearing a leather mini and nothing else. It took Jackie’s breath away to see such a
perfectly shaped beauty and she believed that she noticed a small but definite movement of
Bernard’s bulge. They sat inside a cozy loge a deep red velvet plush sofa. Each booth had
curtains that could be drawn to give complete privacy. There was a small table before them
where their food and drinks would be served. “Will you trust me to order for you?” Asked Bernard.
“Nothing too hot or creepy, if you please. But go ahead and order,” she smiled. Bernard whispered
into the garcon’s ear and he disappeared in the gloom of the club only to return with a plate of
the daintiest sandwiches Jackie had ever seen. After a few finger sandwiches and of course some
more wine, Jackie began to look around the club. There was a center stage with red velvet ropes
cordoning it off from the audience. At this time it was bathed in a very subdued light. Around the
stage were perhaps twenty-five booths similar to the one in which Bernard and Jackie were
sitting. While they ate Jackie became more relaxed with a warm sensual glow drifting over her
body. She felt like reaching out and releasing Bernard’s monster from it lair. However, Bernard was
just a new acquaintance and Jackie did not know how he would respond. Bernard could not resist
any more. His dark skinned hand was now delicately massaging Jackie’s thigh. Reacting to his
overture, Jackie soon had her hand on his crotch and could feel the incredible cock inside. His
cock felt larger than any of her black jocks and that was saying something. Getting ready to
unzip his pants, Bernard told Jackie to wait because the show was about to begin. Jackie had not
noticed but almost all the booths were filled and the lights on the stage were being raised.
Hearing a noise to her left she looked and saw a rather large door being open. Out stepped a
petite woman and a rather tall rustic looking woman with a riding crop. They went to the center
of the stage and spread some hay on the floor in preparation for some entertainment. A horse
now whinnied from off stage and the larger woman went back through the door. She then led the
horse out onto the stage and began to lead him around so everyone could see for themselves
that he was indeed a stallion. She then blindfolded the stallion to prevent anything from scaring
him Jackie could see several cameras on tripods set around the stage in the booths. Now the
petite performer approached the stallion and reached under his belly. “Oh, my God, what is she
going to do, Bernard? ” Reacted Jackie. Bernard winked and nodded toward the stage so that
Jackie did not miss the performance. The stallion had a large cock before being excited but as the
woman stroked it the length just grew and grew.

It must have been at least two feet long and was bobbing up and down. Le petite femme soon
had slipped back the stallion to reveal a long cherry red head to the black cock. She now tried to
get as much of the stallion’s cock as she could into her luscious mouth. While, she could not
surround much of it with her lips the stallion obviously liked what was being performed on him.
Jackie could wait no longer and had Bernard’s rock hard prick out of this trousers and had her two
hands wrapped around it. It was still larger than her grasp, which surprised and excited her. By
this time Bernard was slipping his whole hand into her self lubricated pussy. It occurred to Jackie
that the other guests might be watching them so she looked around the other booths. To her
relief they were all looking intently looking at the stage in all kinds of sexual activities. On the
stage the petite femme had slid under the stallion and was arching her back so that her hairless
cunt was getting nearer and nearer to the stallion’s enormous cock. His cock had seemed to grow
even more since Jackie had last looked. Obviously, this was a job for more than one and the gran
femme was helping to guide the big black monster into the waiting pussy slick and wet from its
own excretions. While transfixed on this scene hardly noticed as Bernard lifted her on to his
bulging lap. When he placed the enormous purple head of his cock against her steamy vagina she
did become interested. To his great surprise and delight his cock began to slide easily into her
large pussy. Little did he know that Jackie had fucked some of the largest black cocks on the
college football team. Nor did he know that Jackie had a hidden urge for even larger cocks. The
head of Bernard’s cock slid slowly into the dark sweet pink interior of Jackie’s cunt stretching it as
it progressed. Jackie felt the huge tool impaling her and moved up and down on the monster all
the time getting further and further down on his crotch. Bernard could not believe Jackie’s
abandon and his mind swam as his felt her cunt accept the last inch of his bursting cock. As she
began to really ride up and down on Bernard’s prick she was gazing at the stage where la petite
femme was getting some of the stallion’s red tipped cock into her well stretched pussy. The gran
femme guide the stallion’s cock and made sure his did not hurt inadvertently la petite femme. She
now climaxed in a drug like rush and the stallion stiffened up and began to shoot an enormous
load of cum all over the women’s bodies. The two femmes began to lick up the expended cum
from the stallion’s shrinking dick and from each other’s bodies.

By this time she was crazy with sensual desire and was literally pumping Bernard’s cock into her
cunt with all her might. Bernard would never forget the sensations of Jackie’s cunt engulfing the
entire length of his long hard cock time after time as she bounced up and down in his lap. Jackie’s
eyes were closed and she was staining more and more to relieve Bernard of his cum. The he
stiffened and she knew the end was near and as she felt his huge wad of cum spraying into he
waiting vagina, she turned around and took his cum shooting cock into her mouth. While, his cock
was beginning to shrink, Jackie sucked all that was left down her throat and drained him dry of his
cum. After she recovered from this sexual, she dimly heard applause from all the booths. Looking
up from Bernard’s lap she saw that everyone was looking at them and clapping. This recognition
made her feel giddy and at the same time happy. Not till this moment did Jackie realize that she
enjoyed performing sexually in public. Perhaps she was aware the whole time that she was being
watched. It did not matter to her anymore she loved the adulation. The stage was now bare and
the performers had gone much to Jackie’s disappointment. “Is it over for tonight? I’d love to see
them perform again!” Wished Jackie. “No, there is usually another performance, but tonight the
petite femme has another engagement.” A devious dirty little idea formed in Jackie’s mind. “Could I
take her place, Bernard? I love the size of the horse’s big cock and would love to suck and fuck
it!” This statement really blew Bernard away. “Well, let me see what can be arranged, Jackie. You
certainly are a big surprise. Perhaps, you would prefer to be masked.” “Yes, Bernard, that would
make it even more daring.” When he returned he led Jackie to the dressing rooms where she
donned a loose fitting robe and long red boots. The mask she put on was mostly red sequins and
feathers. All the accessories went well with her fragrant unshaven red pussy.

After a few moments discussion with the gram femme, she was led to the stage by Bernard. La
gran femme followed with a pony much to Jackie’s disappointment. However, when Jackie looked
between the pony’s legs she observed a cock almost the equal of the stallion’s. With a squeal of
delight she immediately went under the pony and began to rub and suck his distended price. She
may have been going tot fast as it was hard to keep him in place. When the pony’s prick was
hard and ready for a good fuck Jackie whose cunt was a slippery as an eel opened up to receive
it. Unlike her predecessor on the stage she did get the complete head into her snatch. It went in
deeper and deeper until it could go not further. In fact, she had the entire length of the pony’s
black cock in her pussy. She felt like she was going to cough up his balls. Then finally another
sensation hit her from behind. Bernard had slipped behind her and began to drive his cock into her
tight asshole. Painful at first Jackie was soon driving her ass hole harder and harder on Bernard
cock while her pussy was taking deep thrusts from the pony. The pony came before Bernard and
quick as a wink Jackie had the pony’s cock in her mouth sucking with all her might. The cum had a
wild sweet taste. Different from a man’s but incredibly intoxicating in its own perverted way. As
she sucked the last drop from the pony’s still rampant cock, she could tell that Bernard was
having a real good time in her ass. He was driving her like a pile driver. Obviously, Jackie had
never had such a large cock in her ass before and it was tearing her apart.

But the combination of the pain and pleasure had her screaming at the tip of her lungs with tears
flowing freely from her soft blue eyes. As he began to cum in her as she pulled his cock out with a
pop, swung around and began to suck the shit stained cock of all its love juice once more to the
standing ovation of the awe struck audience. Early in the morning Bernard escorted Jackie to her
apartment leaving her at the door with the understanding her would return. Bernard was part
owner in the club and through his offices Jackie was allowed to fuck the horse and pony on the
stage in front everyone usually once or twice a week that summer. Eventually she actually almost
got the stallion’s entire cock into her cunt

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