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Slut Sucks Man’s Cock Before Horse

This slut takes on her friend’s cock before sucking off a horse. A wild threesome ensues while man and beast compete for this slut’s expert mouth and pussy. For more videos like this, hot and horny sluts getting some dick from horses, watch Horsesandteengirls.com.

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Ladies’ man in doggy’s body

Ladies’ man in doggy’s bodyIt’s clear that Ariel’s pet is something bigger than just a dog – it’s a born lady lover trapped inside the body of a dog. Just see it yummying down on the masked beauty’s pussy at Ariel Dog Lover and you will understand it!

# Woman’s Best Friend

Rita poured herself a glass of wine, put a CD on repeat play, lit the fire in the fireplace, threw
some pillows on the floor and stretched out to relax. She didn’t lay there long before Tiger walked
in and gave her a wet kiss on the cheek.

Tiger was her dog. A two year old Labrador/Shepherd that she had raised from a puppy. She put
her arm around him and scratched his ears.

“Tiger you silly dog. You’re always here when I need you, aren’t you.”

Rita was having second thoughts about her decision not to go out bar hopping this evening with
her girlfriend. As much as she loved sex, at twenty-five she was getting bored with the bar scene
and the guys that she was meeting. If only she didn’t enjoy her freedom and independence so
much, she might consider settling in with one guy. That is, if she could find one guy that was

“Damn it Tiger, why isn’t this like the fairy tales? I kiss you and you turn into prince charming.”

Tiger sat down near her face and looked at her as if he was actually listening.

“Whadda ya think, Tiger? Is this bod good enough for prince charming?”

Rita stretched her five-foot frame out and admired herself. Even though she was lying on her
back, her tits formed excellent mounds on her chest. Her nipples formed distinct bumps showing
through the silk pajama top. She ran a hand over her taut stomach muscles then slipped her hand
down to the closely trimmed pubic hair. She could feel it through the material. She raised a leg
and flexed her muscle. Many years of dance class had assured that her legs were shapely and

She filled her glass again and drank the wine deliberately. She had a warm buzz from the drinks.
She dropped her hand to her crotch and lay back thinking lascivious thoughts. Rita was a woman
who was always horny, she didn’t need the wine to prompt her to begin masturbating but it
helped. Her nipples hardened as her finger rubbed softly against her clit. She began slowly
pinching a hard nipple with one hand while she massaged her button. She wasn’t about to get
herself off, just in the mood to feel good.

She stopped when she heard a thump thump noise next to her. She turned her head and saw
Tiger busily scratching himself. He was sitting facing her, one hind leg splayed out at an angle
while the other was busy scratching at his chest.

“Oh shit Tiger, not fleas again. I just got rid of the last batch.”

As she watched, she saw the red tip emerge from the dogs prick sheath. For some reason this
caught her interest. As the dog scratched rapidly the emerging cock hypnotized her. She
watched the large fuzzy sheath slap from side to side as the dog scratched. She watched his big
balls bounce up and down.

“Tiger, you’re just like a guy. You see me masturbating and start jacking yourself off,” she laughed
as she resumed fingering herself. The emerging red cock still held her attention and her pussy was
beginning to get very wet.

The red cock was about half way out of the sheath and Rita could see the large knot outlined in
the sheath. She remembered someone telling her about dog cocks and the wonderful knot. She
had just never taken it seriously before but now she was very interested. She contemplated the
cock. It didn’t have a flaring head the way a guy’s cock does; rather it sort of came to a point. It
looked shiny; probably all slick and ready to slip right into a waiting cunt she thought.

Rita was overcome with an urge to feel the cock. She rolled over and delicately touched the
scarlet shaft that was half way out. It was very hard and very warm. Not quite as slippery as it
appeared. She moved her hand down onto the sheath of furry skin that encased the remainder of
the shaft and the knot. She wanted to feel the knot. Tiger’s skin was soft, covered in silky fur.
She lightly touched the hard knot, unsure of what Tiger’s reaction might be. His scratching slowed
and she began to gently squeeze the bulge. It wasn’t soft like the balls of the men she had
fucked; it was very firm and solid feeling.

Rita began stroking the cock within the shaft. Tiger stopped scratching and stood up, but did not
move away. “Tiger you horny dog. You like that, don’t you? You know what baby, I kinda like it
too.” Rita’s pussy tingled slightly as she said that, her nipples rubbed against her pajama top. A
feeling of wantonness crept over her.

Rita positioned herself under Tiger and continued stroking the hard cock. The red dick got longer
as it came out of the sheath. The hard knot moved toward the end. Rita became very hot as she
watched the cock and knot respond to her hand job. She moved her hand to the red cock and
grasped it firmly and began jacking it off. The dog started humping his ass in response to her
activity. The knot burst out of the shaft and Rita marveled at the size of the cock and the knot.

“Damn baby, that’s as nice a cock as I’ve seen on any guy I’ve had. Ummm and I’ve had my

Rita wrapped both hands around the cock. She could get both her hands around it and there was
still an inch or so of red dick sticking out. Her fingers barely made it around the circumference.

“Shit, you must be a seven or eight incher baby. I bet you make a lot of dogs happy.”

Tiger continued humping Rita’s hand. She removed one hand from the cock and felt the hard knot
as she whipped the red shaft back and forth. Rita was getting very excited by this hard cock and
wanted to get the dog to cum. She stroked his cock rapidly for what seemed to be many minutes.
Suddenly the dog shot his cum all over her. He shot several times and she was amazed at how
much cum came out.

She got up to get a cloth to clean up the mess on her and the floor. On an impulse she dabbed a
finger in the sticky cum on her face and then licked it. Not as salty as a man, a slightly different
taste that she couldn’t place. A taste that was now registered in her brain as dog cum. Tiger sat
down and began to lick his cock. The red shaft disappeared back into the furry sheath. “You’re
the first guy that I ever did who finished himself off with his own tongue,” she laughed.

Rita cleaned up, sat down and poured herself some more wine.

“God damn,” she thought, “I can’t believe that I just jacked off my dog. That I jacked him off and
it was fun. Damn, I wish I could remember who it was that told me about dog cock. I’d love to
talk to them now.” Try as she might, no name came to her. She felt a need to share her
experience with someone who would understand, who might tell her more. A few more glasses of
wine and Rita was drifting off to sleep.

The next morning she felt a little bit guilty. It was just the wine she convinced herself. Tiger
came in and wagged his tail.

“Don’t get your hopes up pooch. That was a one-time thrill for us. You stick to fucking dogs and
I’ll stick to people.”

Tiger just wagged his tail and nuzzled Rita. She hugged the dog.

“Oh well, at least I know you won’t kiss and tell. That’s a big plus in your favor. And I gotta
admit, Tiger, that cock is as fine as any.”

The next few days were uneventful except that Rita occasionally would have thoughts about the
big cock on her dog. She remembered the taste of his cum on her finger. She had always been
sexually adventurous. She enjoyed sex with women as well as men and had experimented with
B&D and S&M. For all she had done and all the fantasies that she had dreamed, sex with a dog
had never occurred to her. Now it seemed that the door had been opened. Perhaps it was just
the fact that it was terribly taboo, perhaps it was just that she had become bored with her sex
life. Or, most frightening of all, perhaps it was something that was going to take her to new
sexual pleasures.

She decided to venture into that world again. This time she would not have her usual several
glasses of wine to blame. She came home from work with a definite intention to feel Tigers big
cock once again. To jack him off and taste his slick cum. She wanted to know why the memory
was haunting her.

After supper she showered and slipped on a robe. She kicked a few pillows into a pile on the floor
and sat down. She called Tiger and he gladly came over to her. She put her arm around him,
hugged him and petted him. He licked her face and wagged his tail. She slid her hand under his
belly and began feeling his firm cock inside it’s sheath. She ran her hand up and down the length
of it and then caressed his balls. They were large and hard and moved in response to her gentle
squeezing. How different than a man they were. No big sagging bag here, just taut skin holding
two large plums.

“Wadda ya think Tiger, d’ya like having your cock scratched? Fucked any good bitches in the last
few days? No? Then I bet you’ve got a helluva load of cum built up, huh?”

Rita grasped the cock more firmly and began to stroke it. As she ran her hand to the end of the
sheath she could feel the cock coming out. It was slick feeling and very warm. She lay down and
moved her head under Tiger. She wanted to watch as the big red meat emerged from its
protective sheath. She wanted to watch as the knot traveled down the tunnel and burst out. Her
loins were getting hotter. Without her even touching it, her pussy was starting to moisten. Her
nipples grew hard and sensitive.

She rubbed one hand over her hard nipples. She began pinching her nipples as she saw the thick
red dick half way out. She pulled her nipples and squirmed with excitement. This was better than
the first time she thought. She rubbed the knot in the sheath and tiger began to hump. Rita
began fingering her pussy rapidly. She grabbed the half of the ruby rod that was exposed and
squeezed it, stroked it. The big cock came all the way out of the sheath as Tiger humped happily.
Then the knot pushed it’s way into view.

Rita was rubbing her clit wildly with her thumb as she rammed two fingers in and out of her cunt.
She felt the cunt juice begin to dribble out of her. She worked her hips against her fingers. The
hot dog cock in her other hand felt enormous. Her body wrenched as she brought herself off. She
shot cum all over her fingers as the charge went through her body. She stared at the red boner in
her hand, at the big knot at the end of it, at the dog’s ass humping frantically for her.

“Ohhhhh, yaeeeeee, ohhhhh, godddd. Oh, that’s good.”

Her outburst startled Tiger. She quickly pulled her hand out of her crotch and wrapped it around
the dog and held him. The hand on the dog’s cock kept up the steady stroking. The dog stayed,
obviously enjoying getting jacked off.

Without thinking, Rita moved her head closer to the shaft and pulled it down to her lips. She
stuck out her tongue and licked the end. The strange taste was there. She licked all around the
pointed cock end as she stroked it firmly. She moved up so that she could get better access. She
licked the length of the long red shaft. When she got to the knot, she opened her mouth and
sucked at the knot, partially drawing it into her mouth. The feel of the knot on her lips drove her
crazy; it was like no cock she had ever felt. She had fucked and sucked one guy who had a big
round knob for the head of his dick. This knot was something like that but so much harder. To her
surprise, when she released her grip on Tiger’s hard shaft so that she could lick it up and down,
he continued to hump. He liked getting his cock licked! Damn.

Rita resumed finger fucking her wet pussy as she curled her tongue over the dog’s cock. Licking
up and down, always pausing to give that marvelous knot extra attention. Her cunt throbbed as
she rammed her fingers in and out. She was now wishing she had thought to have her dildo
handy, still, she was not going to stop now to get it.

Then as she worked her way away from the knot towards the end of the crimson cock she felt
the dribble of warm liquid on her cheek. The precum she assumed because she remembered the
volume of cum that Tiger was capable of shooting. This was just a dribble. When her mouth got
to the pointed end, she pulled the hard cock into her mouth. Now she began sucking and licking
the hot cock. Tiger fucked her face now, humping hard and fast as Rita’s mouth felt like a pussy
to him.

She felt the hard meat bang against her throat. She squeezed it with her lips as it slid in and out
of her mouth. She tasted the dog and loved it. She pushed her tongue into the pee hole and
could feel the tip of her tongue spread it open. Rita’s cunt was raging as she reveled in the
wanton act of sucking her dog, finger fucking herself.

Rita pinched at her clit and rolled it between her thumb and forefinger. She pushed her tits up
against the soft fur of Tiger’s chest and rubbed her nipples against him. The fur felt exquisite
against her sensitive nipples. Her pussy raged with fire. The hard cock rammed in and out of her
mouth. She felt the dog stiffen and then felt the warm cum flood into her mouth. She swallowed
as fast as she could as wave after wave of hot canine cum shot into her. The feeling of the hot
cum flooding her put her over the edge and she had a magnificent orgasm. She fucked herself
wildly with her fingers as she sucked at the cock. She banged her ass up and down on the floor,
fucking furiously as the orgasm tripped through her body.

She dropped Tiger’s cock from her mouth and relaxed. Her mouth was sore from the intense
sucking. She lay beneath the dog and admired the hard red shaft above her as he continued to
hump slightly. The long cock waved back and forth above her face. She reached up and kissed it.

“Shit, I must be crazy. Tiger, that’s the best cock I’ve ever sucked. You stupid dog, you don’t
even know what you have, do you? Ohhh, damn. This is insane.”

Rita lapsed into some serious soul searching. She was sure that some woman had told her about
fucking her dog, but she couldn’t remember who it was. Or did she dream it?

Well she hadn’t had any wine up to now, but she felt she needed a drink. Rita got up as Tiger
busied himself licking his cock. She looked at the long tongue wrap around the disappearing red

“Hell Tiger, with a tongue like that, you don’t need me do you?”

Rita poured a large glass of wine and flopped on the couch. Pandora’s box appeared to be open.
The first time was an accident brought on by the wine – maybe. This time she did it deliberately
and liked it. Where is this going to go, she thought. A little more wine and some more mental
arguing with herself until she fell asleep on the couch, she was exhausted.

When Rita awoke the next day she thought about her episode the night before. To her surprise,
she didn’t have any guilt feelings. She actually felt good; she had enjoyed it, why should she feel
guilt. The dog wasn’t hurt; in fact, he seemed to enjoy it. The only thing that bothered her was
the annoying recollection of some woman telling her something about sex with a dog.

At work that morning Rita had a difficult time concentrating. If she wasn’t thinking about Tiger
and his big hard cock, she was thinking about the woman. The woman.. it was a woman, she was
certain…. A red headed woman…..A rather plain looking red headed woman at a party….. Sally’s
Christmas party!…. That was it!….. The memory returned. She now recalled the woman being a
bit drunk and telling her in confidence that she liked getting fucked by her dog. Her husband had
interrupted them and pulled the woman away.

“Hi Sally. It’s Rita. Good and yerself. … Look, the reason I’m calling is that I’m trying to get in
touch with a lady I met at your Christmas party. I lost her number….. She was a sort of mousy
redhead about thirty. She was with her husband…..Yeah that sounds like her… Grace, huh… OK,
thanks for the number.”

That evening Rita called Grace. She wasn’t sure why. She just wanted some support or some clue
as to what she was feeling. She wasn’t sure what to say.


“Hello, is this Grace?


“My name’s Rita, we met at Sally Trent’s Christmas party, I doubt if you remember me.”

“Oh dear, I’m afraid I drank a bit too much, I can’t say that you sound familiar.”

“I guess we were all feeling pretty good that night. But you were telling me about your dog.”

“Oh no! I hope I didn’t say anything embarrassing. Oh dear…”

“Not at all, not at all. He sounded very special to you and I have a dog and I just wanted to talk
to another dog lover.”

“Oh my, that’s an interesting way of putting it. Is your dog a big dog?”

“Yes, he’s like a German Shepherd.”

“Hmmm, yes. That’s a very good size. I have a Doberman. Is there anything in particular that you
wanted to talk about?”

“Ummmmm, wellll, I was just wondering what you do when your dog gets frisky, I mean….”

“You mean when the dog gets horny. Have you been noticing your dog getting aroused?”

“Well, yes. But what you said at the party…. I thought that you…well….oh, maybe I was

“No, that’s all right dear. Look, why don’t you tell me what I said to you. I just don’t remember a

“Well, you said that you liked doing it…. I mean, you and your dog did….ahhm…oh, never mind.”

“Oh goodness, did I say something about sex and my dog?”

“Yes, yes, that’s it.”

“And now you’ve tried it with your dog or you want to try it?”

“Well yes. Sort of.”

Grace laughed “Oh my darling, welcome to the club. What can I tell you?

Rita was suddenly relieved, “Well I haven’t actually done it yet. I was just sort of wondering how
to go about it.”

“Why don’t you tell me what you’ve accomplished so far and we’ll take it from there. Believe me
darling, you’ll love what you have waiting for you.”

Rita filled Grace in on what had happened thus far. Grace then gave Rita some instructions on
how to teach Tiger to fuck her. She also told her about the joy of getting the knot into her, and
about getting him to eat her pussy. The knot and the tongue Grace had said.

That night, Rita sat on the edge of her bed, naked with her legs spread wide. Tiger watched as
Rita finger fucked her pussy until she was pleasantly wet. She called Tiger over and put her finger
to his nose. He licked her finger. She pulled his nose to her crotch and as the dog sniffed her cunt
juice, Rita reached down and began to stroke his cock. As she felt the furry dick and hard balls
she became a little more excited. The dog immediately began to lick at the pussy spread before

Tiger was catching on very quickly. As he licked Rita’s hot cunt, his cock began to come out. Rita
felt the shaft emerging as she stroked the cock. The tongue dug into her pussy. Rita contorted
herself to spread her legs even more so that the dog could better lick her hot opening. The faster
she stroked his cock the more her pussy pumped out juice, and the more juice, the more the dog
licked. Rita felt the big cock come all the way out of the sheath. She felt the solid knot at the
end of the hard shaft. She wrapped her hand around the hard meat and began stroking it in a firm
grip. The cock felt good in her fist as she worked it back and forth. She rubbed her thumb over
the end, feeling the hole, feeling the slick precum oozing out. Tiger dug his tongue into her pussy
as he sought the sweet pussy juice. No man or woman had ever buried a tongue so deeply into
her. She could feel the rough tongue search around inside her. The press of Tiger’s nose against
her clit sent shudders through her body. She wanted to get the dog to fuck her, even though this
pussy licking was so good that she didn’t want it to stop.

Tiger arched his back and humped the air as Rita yanked on his hot cock. The hard shaft slid in
and out of Rita’s hand. She grabbed the knob and squeezed it. Grace had raved about the knot;
Rita felt it with anticipation. Tiger’s cock was long and thick and seemed to get harder in Rita’s

The tongue was having a delicious effect on Rita. She felt herself approaching an orgasm. She
pushed her cunt into Tiger; his nose rubbed wildly against her clit. She could feel his teeth
rubbing against the lips of her pussy. The tongue deep inside, lapped at the walls of her cunt.
She resisted screaming as her orgasm came on. The dog went crazy at the taste of this rush of
hot cum. Rita’s ass ground into the bed as she felt the hot flash of her sexual peak.

Rita was now desperate to have that hard dog cock in her. She scooted her ass to the edge of
the bed. She pulled Tiger’s front legs up around her, drawing his cock closer to her waiting pussy
lips. She reached down and grabbed the hot cock and rubbed the end of it against her clit. The
dog started to hump slightly as she rubbed his dick around her pussy. He seemed to be searching
for her opening. Rita continued to enjoy the hard cock rubbing against her clit. Then she pushed
it down to her waiting hole.

Her pussy was wet from the licking of the dog and the secretions of her cunt. The big cock
slipped in easily. Once the cock was at the opening, Tiger pushed in. Instinct told him what to do.
He began humping his cock into Rita. His paws dug into her sides as he fucked her rapidly. The
cock was long and thick and filled Rita with hot motion. The dog fucked her harder than she had
ever been fucked before.

She felt the knot banging against her labia but unable to penetrate. The knot was large enough
that it rubbed against her clit causing her wonderful sensations. Tiger fucked furiously, without
letup. Rita reached down and felt the hard cock and knot that was banging into her. She felt the
cunt juice dripping out of her. The cock felt hotter now than before. The knot felt like a rock
trapped in the shaft.

Rita put her legs around Tiger’s ass and pulled him into her. She wanted that knot inside her. She
was insane with lust for this hard dog cock. She rammed her pussy into Tiger’s cock as he drove
into her. The dog fucked with enormous energy. Rita put her fingers around the knot and pushed
it into her cunt as she pulled the dog’s ass with her legs. She felt a rush as the knot spread her
cunt wide. She rammed her pussy into the knot and held the dog tightly as he continued trying to
hump her. She allowed him only enough motion to work the knot back and forth in her cunt. Rita
ground her cunt against the hard knot, the big cock deep inside her. The dog continued to fuck
furiously even though she allowed his cock to move only a short distance in and out of her.

The sensation of the knot was everything that Grace had said it would be. Rita was burning with
the hot passion of a great orgasm. She felt Tiger begin to shoot hot cum into her pussy. As
before, his cum gushed out. Enormous amounts it seemed. This flood of dog cum into her cunt
sent Rita into another glorious orgasm. And the dog’s cock continued to stay hard as steel in her
pussy. The knot ground against the walls of her pussy. Rita strained to have her pussy clamp
down on the hot animal cock inside her. She wanted to drain every drop of cum from this
magnificent tool. She worked her ass madly in response to the animal humping into her.

Rita lay back on the bed, her legs spread wide. Her pussy still agape after the big knot and hard
cock had pulled out. She felt the rough tongue of Tiger licking the cum and juice dripping from her
cunt. She was exhausted yet still the lightening bolts shot through her as the tongue danced
around her lips. She wanted him to stop; yet it felt so good that she could only lay there and
enjoy it. The dog licked the cum from her thighs. She looked down at him, she could see that his
crimson cock still hung from the sheath, still hard. If only she had the energy, she was sure that
he would gladly fuck her some more.

She lay there for a while, enjoying the glow of a good fuck. Finally she got up, showered, and
rubbed her aching pussy with soothing oil. Rita went to the refrigerator and removed a large
steak. She broiled it rare.

“Here Tiger, come here boy. You deserve this baby. Eat up now, I want you to have plenty of
energy.” Rita laughed to herself.

The next day she called Grace. She couldn’t wait to share her success with her. Grace
congratulated her, told her that some women have to try several times before the dog learns how
to fuck a woman.

“Some women?” Rita asked. “How many women do you know that are fucking their dogs?”

“Oh, quite a few” replied Grace. “A few of us meet occasionally and compare notes…..or compare
dogs.” she laughed.

“Do you think I could…..”

“Meet some others sometime? Probably, I’ll ask them and let you know.”

Rita thought about it. This could turn out to be a lot of fun.

The End

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