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# And Dane Makes Three

Carol was upset today. Her neighbors decided to take a 3 week vacation and asked her if she would take their
great dane Butch in while they were gone. She was afraid of the damn thing. She tried to explain to them she
had no yard for the dog but they insisted he was perfectly fine in the house. They had done things for her in the
past so she felt obligated.

It was Monday, Her daughter was in school and Carol had no work today. Lisa wanted to stay home with her but
she made her go to school.

She was setting on the couch watching a Soap Opera when Butch walked over and started nuzzling under her
skirt. Crazy dog, get away from me. He was persistent but she kept pushing him away. All of a sudden he
growled and bared his teeth. Now she was scared. I’m going to call the dog pound, she decided. I don’t want
this dog here.

The phone was upstairs so she gently eased herself off the couch and started for the stairs. When she got
about 10 feet away she started running. She was at the top step when Butch caught her. She was on her knees
on the stair step afraid to move. Butch was behind her sniffing under her skirt like he did before.

Maybe if I just let him sniff he’ll go away. She slowly lifted her skirt exposing her back side to the Dane. She
could feel his cold nose sniffing her butt and then lower his head to sniff her panties. This went on, it seemed to
her, forever. Suddenly, without warning the dog had his paws on her back. He was mounting her. She tried to
pull away but he was to heavy and to strong. My god, she could feel his huge dick pushing on her pussy. Thank
god she had panties on, she thought. He was humping for 25-30 seconds when she felt a rip. He had pushed
thru her flimsy panties and his huge cock head was pressed against her cunt.

No, no!! This can’t be happening. She tried to struggle free to no avail. Then it happened. His cock entered her.
Oh my god, this dog is raping me in my own home!!

He was now thrusting forward and his dick seemed to grow in her with every thrust. What’s happening to me.
She felt herself involuntarily spreading her legs and her hips started pushing back with each thrust.

“Oh please Butch, get off of me,” she cried. But her desires were giving way to ever thrust. She felt something
swell up inside her. She was going to cum.

“OHHHHHHHH GODDDDDD,” she screamed.

She could feel her cum juice running down her leg. Butch continued his thrusting. Her hips slowly started pushing
back against his big dick again. She felt another orgasm building in her. “OHHH JESUS. she hissed.. She was going
to come again as the dog’s big cock fucked her relentlessly. I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” she screamed. She
thought she was going to pass out it was so extreme. She now was so weak she could hardly move. Butch
continued fucking her. She couldn’t take another one are she would pass out, she thought.

Suddenly she felt Butch quiver. His dick grew huge, his entire cock was buried in her. He was cumming. She felt
the gushing deep inside her. It was to much.

“Uhhgggggggggggggggggg,” she moaned as she collapsed on the stairs.

When she came to Butch was laying at the bottom of the stairs as if nothing had happened. She slowly got to
her feet and made it to her bedroom and fell across the bed to sleep.
She awoke. What time was it? My god, her daughter Lisa will be home from school in 10 minutes. She had to get
butch out of the house. he was too dangerous to leave in.

She went downstairs, got a leash and hooked him up. He followed her out of the house obediently. She tied him
outside to a tree. Lisa, Carol’s 18 year old daughter came in.

“Where’s Butch,” she asked. She liked the dog. He was good company and friendly to her.

“I put him outside and he’s staying there. Promise me you won’t let him in the house Lisa.”

“Ok mom. I just don’t understand. He doesn’t hurt anything in here.”

Carol was busy in the kitchen making dinner when she remembered they had no milk or bread.

“Lisa, where are you,” she yelled.

“I’m in the living room,” Lisa answered.

“I have to go to the store. You’ll be alright until i get back,” Carol asked?

“Why wouldn’t I be,” Lisa said.

Lisa was in her favorite spot. She liked to lay across their mushroom footstool and read magazines while they lay
spread out on the floor.

“I wish you would set in a chair like everyone else,” her mother said.

“Good by mom,” Lisa answered sarcastically.

The first thing Carol notice when she returned from the store was Butch was gone. Oh god, did he get loose and
run away. Then it hit her. Lisa never listens to anything I tell her. I bet she let him in the house. She hurriedly
gathered her groceries and ran into the back door.

“Lisa, Lisa, where are you at?”

She didn’t answer. Carol went into the living room and there was Lisa still laying across the footstool on her
stomach. Butch had mounted her.

“Oh my god get off her, Carol screamed. Are you alright Lisa? Talk to me.”

When she tried to go near the dog he bared his teeth. She went around so she could see Lisa’s face. She heard
this low guttural sound coming deep from her daughter’s throat. Her eyes were glazed over with lust as her lithe
body was keeping tempo with the dogs every thrust. Cum juice covered the floor under Lisa’s pussy.

“I’m cummmmmmminnnngggg again mom, her daughter gasped with loss of breath. Please help meeeeeeeeee!!!

My god, Carol thought, how many orgasms has this child had. Carol stood in front of Lisa watching her daughter
thrust her her little ass back trying to get every inch of that big cock.

Carol felt her hand sliding under her own skirt. Her panties were dripping from the sight of her daughter being
fucked by a dog. She stroked her pussy fighting off the guilt she was feeling.

Carol was now thrusting her hips forward seductively while she fingered her soaking cunt. She lay down on the
floor in front of Lisa, legs spread wide, and fingered her gaping hole.

“My God mom, what are you doing? Help me, I think I’m going to cum again!!

Carol was so hot she couldn’t stand it. She wished Butch were inside her right not. Butch’s big cock was still
thrusting deep inside Lisa.

Carol could stand it no more. She stood up, moved up close to Lisa, spread her legs and hunched forward until
her pussy was up against Lisa’s mouth. She was going to fuck her daughters mouth!!

She felt Lisa’s tongue enter her pussy. She grabbed Lisa’s head and ground her pussy into her daughter’s soft
lips. Sheer lust was driving her. She was muttering, almost incoherently, for Lisa to bite her clit.

She saw Butch stiffen, she knew he was getting ready to cum. So was Carol. It welled up inside her. She was
humping her daughters tongue like a madwoman. She was beginning to cum.

“God Damnnnn I’m cummmminnnng, she hissed.

She heard Lisa scream. “Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmm mammmma,” as her daughter slumped forward.

Carol dropped to her knees. she saw Butch withdraw and walk away. Her daughter lay limp across the footstool,
her face covered in her mothers cum.

“It will be alright Lisa,” she said, as she leaned over and began licking her own cum from her daughter’s
splattered face.

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