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# Trisha’s Day

Since the kids had left for college and the need to take Randy for his morning run in the park Trish
had not had five minutes to herself. Randy was not her dog, he actually belonged to her in-laws,
Ted and Betty Luvsitt. They had gone on a two week vacation and not wanting the dog in
kennels had asked Trish to take him. Trish wished that her husband Jim was home but he was
away working in England. What the hell anyone would want to work in England for six weeks beat
Trish, but what the hell, he was earning. She thought about the dog, she had to smile, a woman
in her 30’s had been out walking her King Charles Spaniel and Randy had taken off after it. At
least that appeared to be the case but after nosing the spaniel Randy suddenly pushed his nose
up the front of the elegant lady’s dress. Trish apologised profusely, explaining that the dog was
not hers and was quite surprised by the woman who simply said. “Oh no harm done, male dogs
just love to play don’t they?”

Trish was about to sit down when she remembered the old cabin trunk from Grandma Willis’s
house. Grandma Willis was Trish’s mums mum and when she had passed away the month before
Elizabeth her mum, had asked her to go and help clean up the place. The cabin trunk was the last
of the items to be checked for ‘keeping or throwing’.

Trish thought fondly of her grandma, she was in her 80’s when she died, her husband
predeceasing her by about 5 yrs. Old Granddad Willis had been a pharmacist and Photographic
developed, he had owned a store in the next county but Trish did not remember that.

Trish walked out to the garage, and on looking at the trunk wondered what had made her promise
to check it out for her mother. it was huge, about 5ft long by 4 ft high and 3 ft deep. It was still
on the buggy where Jim had loaded it after unloading from the pick-up.

Trish wondered if it could be pulled into the house and to her relief found it moved quite easily.

Towing it to the couch was no problem but then Trish found that both hasps were locked. Thank
God the keys were still in her purse.

Kneeling by the side of the trunk Trish had to push Randy out of the way, the darn dog kept
nuzzling up to her. Finally he got the message and lay down on the carpet.

On opening the trunk Trish found it absolutely full. Boxed in one corner was a large film projector.
Opening the lid she saw that it appeared in perfect condition and the book on top was obviously
the instructions on how to use it. Next came round tins of what were obviously rolls of cine film.
Underneath were photograph albums and boxes of photographs.

Trish piled them neatly on the floor. It appeared that she had reached the bottom of the trunk
but it was obvious that the trunk was only half empty. Noticing two small tapes she pulled then
and a false bottom came away disclosing soft backed books and magazines. Trish picked up one
of the magazines, it had a very lurid front, the name FRISKY was emblazoned across the top and
the date MARCH 1938. Trish flipped a few pages and could not believe her eyes. She had not
realised that sort of magazine could be had in 1938. There were pictures of men with huge cocks
and women with their pussies on view.

Putting down the magazine Trisha picked up two of the books. “Grandmother Knows best” by Ida
Biggun, showed a young boy on the front having his cock sucked by an older woman and “Rover
goes on a Beaver Hunt” by Al Sation. On the front cover it showed a dog licking out a young
woman, on each side of her were two other women each older than the other sitting with their
skirts up and legs open.

Trisha sat back on her heels.” Jeez, fancy these being in grandma’s house, well well well. I wonder
if she knew or were they granddads. She soon got her answer in the first album she opened.
Trisha had seen photographs of her grandma when she was younger but not like this although she
was instantly recognisable.

Grandma was facing the camera and was very obviously being tongued out by another woman
who had a cock half in her cunt. Trish couldn’t wait another minute, she slipped off her panties,
picked up her skirt and sat back on the couch fingering her clit as she looked at the pictures,
Then Randy walked over…?

Trish looked at the dog, what would he do? Could he smell her juices? Trish shivered with
suppressed delight and anticipation. She was resolved to do nothing to entice the dog, but

Randy continued his approach and walked between Trish’s spread thighs. he sniffed; he moved
closer then suddenly out flicked his tongue licking from the base of her cunt to her clitoris. “Ooh ”
she said. The dogs tongue was warm and not as smooth as a human. It licked again and then
seemed to concentrate on her clit. “Oh my God, you’ve done this before you naughty lovely dog”
Trisha whispered. The feeling was marvellous, she could not help but open herself wide as his
tongue snaked it. Licking and slurping over the whole area of her cunt. She knew she was going
to ‘cum’ She knew it would not take long.

Then she was coming.”Ooh OOH argh aaaaaaaargh OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGAWWWWD
YESSSSSSSSSSS Jeeeeeeeeeeez I’mmm cummmmmmmminggggggggg.” Trish screamed out in
ectasy. Suddenly Randy put his front paws on the couch. Glancing down Trisha saw the dogs big
dick was out of its sheath. “Oh God he wants to fuck me” she said to herself. Trisha patted his
nose, “No no no good dog, good Randy. She noticed liquid at the end of the dogs dick. She
touched his dick with her finger. Then tentatively she put the finger to her mouth. It was more
salty than a human but not unpleasant.

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